Chapter 128: No One is Coming

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After instructing them to cultivate their personalized cultivation techniques properly and informing them he might be out for a few days, Zhang Xuan left the academy.

He found a remote alley, and when he emerged on the streets once more, he had already transformed into “Master Teacher 'Yang Xuan'.

There were still fourteen days before the start of the Freshmen Tournament and he has to make every second count.

In just a moment's time, he was already approaching the mansion. Before walking up, he could already see two guards standing gallantly by the door. Their strength had already reached Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm.

"Not bad, looks impressive!"

The two guards were dressed in uniform. It didn’t look extravagant but had a unique style, giving the impression that they were guards of a powerful clan.

To be able to hire guards and prepare everything else within such a short period of time, it looks like that Xiao Qiang's ability to complete tasks was not bad.

"Old master!"

Upon seeing him walk over, the two guards hesitated for a moment before shouting out in unison.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Looks like the butler Xiao Qiang had already informed them of his appearance and dressing. Otherwise, it should have been impossible for them to recognize him in one glance. This way, he managed to avoid the awkward situation of being unable to enter one's own home.

Upon entering the residence, he realized that the interior was tidied spick and span. The surroundings were filled with flower pots and upon stepping in, fragrance surrounded him.

"Old master!"

"Old master!"

The guards and maids drew closer and paid their respects to Zhang Xuan.

Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction and he walked majestically toward the lounge.

"Old master, following your orders, I have already recruited the necessary personnel. There is a total of 30 maids and 5 guards..."

Even before reaching the lounge, Sun Qiang ran up to welcome him. The glee of one who had successfully completed the missions delegated to him could be seen on his face.

He was probably the only person who could gather so many people of quality within this short period of time.

"Not bad!" Zhang Xuan complimented. "Have you spread the news that I asked you to yesterday?"

"Rest easy, old master. I have already spread the word. It won't take long before everyone in Tianxuan Royal Kingdom will know that I am serving a master teacher." Sun Qiang looked at him in reverence.

He didn't know why his old master wanted to publicize his identity as a master teacher, but he must have his reasons for having him do so.

"How did you spread it?"

"I made a commotion out of me selling my shop and told everyone in the commercial city that from today onward, I will be a butler at the mansion of a master teacher. The commercial city is filled with many nosey people, I believe that it won't take long for everyone to know of it."

Sun Qiang quickly replied.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan responded.

Indeed, that was the best way to advertise. Not only did it seem not intentional, the news would also spread fast. Of course... It would be hard to tell how the results are at this point.

"Old master, is there anything else that you need me to do?"

Seeing that the old master was satisfied with him, excitement flashed across Sun Qiang's eyes as he asked.

"Nothing else..." Zhang Xuan pondered for a moment. "You should have spent quite a bit of money hiring those maids and guards, do you still have sufficient money?"

He only gave hundred thousand to his butler. The rent of the mansion took up fifty thousand already. In total, thirty maids and fifty guards were hired, so it was likely that the remaining fifty thousand wasn't enough.

"It is more than enough. The moment they heard that they would become the guards and maids of a master teacher, they charged forth to take up the offer. They were willing to accept low wages, some were even willing to work for free. Fifty thousand is more than enough." Sun Qiang said.

At this point, Sun Qiang still found it hard to believe the prestige that a master teacher possessed.

There were quite a few people who did not believe that he was truly serving as a butler to a master teacher. Even so, quite a few guards and girls rushed to him and expressed their interests to serve his old master.

No other occupation possessed such rallying power.

Putting everything else aside, just a casual pointer or two from a master teacher could be equivalent to years of their training. Just this itself was sufficient to cause countless people to go frenzied.

"Bring me a cup of tea."

Knowing that the news is already out, what he had to do now was to wait for people to come knocking. As such, Zhang Xuan went into the lounge, sat on a chair and waited patiently.

Soon, a maid brought him a cup of tea.

This maid is around sixteen to seventeen year old and her name is Wan-er. She has a beautiful appearance and her eyes are exceptionally bright. Initially, upon seeing Zhang Xuan, her movements were a little restrained. However, after realizing that he wasn't a hot-tempered person, she heaved a sigh of relief and ease returned to her actions.

Knowing that panicking is futile, Zhang Xuan waited quietly for someone to come knocking while sipping on his tea.

He waited from morning till afternoon. The sun was about to set but still, no one had come over. There wasn't even a single person who had gathered outside out of curiosity.

"Old master, do you need me to hang a sign outside saying that 'a master teacher is here'..."

Sun Qiang walked over, appearing very anxious.

"..." Zhang Xuan was speechless.

He would only look like a true expert if someone had learned of the fact unintentionally. If you hang a sign outside, it would seem as though I am running a business. How can I act as an unworldly expert like that?

Furthermore, 'a master teacher is here'... Why does it feel like 'a dog is on the premises, please enter with caution'?

"Looks like no one will be visiting today. Let's go out for a walk."

Ignoring the words of the other party, Zhang Xuan stood up.

Even though Sun Qiang had put out word that there is a master teacher here, a large portion of people still chose not to believe it.

After all, given the status of a master teacher, there was no way one would come to Tianxuan Kingdom and, not to say, live here.

Furthermore, even if one were to really live here, he should reside in an extravagant place like the palace. Renting a mansion and hiring you as the butler, you must be dreaming...

"Go out for a walk?"

Sun Qiang blinked in surprise. "Then... What if someone visits in the meantime?"

He understood that this old master of his was trying to make a reputation for himself within the shortest period of time. After waiting for an entire day, if someone were to come knocking while he was out, wouldn't his effort of having waited the entire day go to vain?

"Tell the guards to stop everyone at the door. Regardless of who it is, without my permission, they aren't allowed to enter."

Zhang Xuan said.

A master teacher must have dignity befitting of one. Regardless of who it is, even if the person were Emperor Shen Zhui, he wouldn't be allowed to enter without the master teacher’s permission!


Sun Qiang nodded his head vehemently.

"Let's go!"

Since waiting is pointless, he might as well go out to look for opportunities himself. After today comes to an end, there will only be thirteen days left to the Freshmen Tournament and nine days for the arrival of the medicines. Time waits for no one.

Walking along the street, the crowd moved to and fro by him. The sun was about to set in the west and the sky was dyed with a shade of orange. It was already autumn and the wind that blew felt chilly.

"Of everyone you know, who is the richest?"

After taking a few steps, Zhang Xuan turned around to ask.

"Reporting to the old master, it is the boss of Tianyu Commercial City, Lord Ling Tianyu. His wealth is equivalent to that of the national treasury and he is a true billionaire!" Deep admiration could be seen in Sun Qiang's eyes.

"The boss of Tianyu Trading Firm? Billionaire?"

Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. "He'll be it!"

His reason for impersonating a master teacher was to earn easy bucks. Naturally, he had to pick out wealthy targets.

"Where does he live?" Coming to a decision, Zhang Xuan asked.

"Reporting to the old master, during this period of time, Lord Ling has been living in his trading firm. Do you want to meet him?" Sun Qiang asked doubtfully.

"Un, let's go take a look!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head and with an impressive wave of his arm, the two walked toward Tianyu Trading Firm.



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