Chapter 129: Southern Green Jade

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As usual, Tianyu Trading Firm was bustling and large streams of customers were flowing in and out continuously. With his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan walked in.

"Old master, Lord Ling's office is just in front..."

After walking a distance, Sun Qiang pointed to the front.

Zhang Xuan lifted his head and an extravagantly decorated lounge appeared before him. There were two green jade stone lions standing before the door. They were towering and exuded majesty.

The eyes of the stone lions were pitch black and filled with spirit, making the lions seem life-like. With a single look, one couldn't help but feel intimidated.

"I’ve heard that Lord Ling had specially invited a 6-mo craftsman to create this pair of stone lions. The material used is the 【Southern Green Jade】, the best jade in Tianxuan Kingdom! Furthermore, given that it was crafted by a 6-mo craftsman, just a single one of these lions is worth several million."

Sun Qiang eyes glimmered with burning passionate.

Many wealthy people place valuable items before their door to showcase their wealth and prestige. At the same time, it serves as an auspicious symbol for fortune to roll in. It seemed that even this Ling Tianyu was unable to escape from this tradition.

"Several million?" Zhang Xuan was surprised.

Previously, Zhang Xuan thought that he could be considered rather wealthy with a single million in his possession. Upon hearing Sun Qiang's words, he realized that he was nothing more than a beggar to those who were truly wealthy.

"Old master, why don't I enter first to report your arrival to Lord Ling so as to have him welcome you?" Sun Qiang looked over.

In his perspective, even though Lord Ling Tianyu's wealth could rival an entire national treasury, his standing was still beneath that of a master teacher.

A master teacher was a powerful figure whom even Emperor Shen Zhui dared not to offend, not to mention that Ling Tianyu, despite his wealth, was only a merchant.

"There's no need for that!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands. "I will just take a casual look."

Strolling slowly, Zhang Xuan approached the two towering stone lion and touched it.

Cool and smooth to the touch, it was an extremely comfortable sensation. It was clear that it was top-quality jade.

His fingers retracted right after contacting it. Zhang Xuan continued to view about, touching the objects here and there. Only after a long period of time did he stroll back with his hands held behind his back.

Looking at his old master who acted as though a countryside bumpkin who had never seen the world, Sun Qiang was filled with doubt.

"Let's take a seat over there!"

Ignoring the queer expression the other party gave him, Zhang Xuan chuckled softly.

There was quite a number of resting spots in Tianyu Trading Firm. There was one nearby and upon taking a seat, Zhang Xuan ordered for a pot of tea.

Sun Qiang stood by the side, thoroughly confused with the situation.

His old master said that he wanted to look for Lord Ling, yet upon arriving, he refused to enter, even stopping him from announcing his arrival. Instead, he chose to sit here to drink tea. What was he up to?

"Are you curious why I chose not to enter the room to meet the Lord Ling you spoke of?" Seeing through his thoughts, Zhang Xuan smiled faintly.

"Your servant dares not to speculate the thoughts of old master!"

Even though his thoughts were exposed, Sun Qiang did not dare to confess to it.

"There's no need to be nervous, just say whatever that is on your mind!" Knowing that the other party was just holding himself back due to his identity as a master teacher, Zhang Xuan said.

"I... only find it weird... Old master is a master teacher, he would not reject you if you were to demand to meet him..." Sun Qiang couldn't help but say.

"If I were to reveal my identity, he would not reject me, and he wouldn't dare to either. However, do you believe that... even without revealing my identity, I can make him come to me on his own accord!" Zhang Xuan said.

What a joke! Revealing my own identity to meet a merchant is unbefitting of the status of a master teacher!

An astonishing impact could only be achieved if the other party willingly ran over and discovered his identity through various speculations.

"Without revealing your identity?" Sun Qiang did not think that what Zhang Xuan said was possible. "That should be impossible. Lord Ling is only a merchant, but given how he is able to open such a huge trading firm, he must have a powerful backing. In fact, nobility and influential figures might not even be able to meet him as they please. How can you possibly meet him without revealing your identity?"

To be able to open such a huge trading firm in the capital, where every inch of land is equivalent to gold, he must be backed by the royal family. Even though he is only a merchant, he isn't a person that we should underestimate.

If he revealed his identity, the other party would definitely come knocking. But without doing so... why would he make an effort to welcome him? If Lord Ling were that carefree, he wouldn't have been able to build this business empire of his.

Even though Sun Qiang was a shop owner of this commercial city, he knew that his standing wasn't sufficient to earn the lord's attention.


Chuckling softly, Zhang Xuan lifted his cup with elegance, "Whether you believe me or not, I will make him appear obediently before me today. However, before that, you are to follow my every command, and not to disobey in the slightest!"

"Yes!" Upon witnessing the old master’s overwhelming confidence, even though Sun Qiang remained full of doubts, he couldn’t help but nod his head and agree to it.

"Good. Knock down the head of the stone lion on the left for me." Zhang Xuan said.


Sun Qiang staggered, nearly fainting on the spot.

He thought that the old master would think of some incredible plan. Yet... this?

Lord Ling valued the stone lions, which were worth millions, highly. If he were to knock the head off, his head would be knocked off his neck soon after!

"Old master, I don't want to die yet..."

Sun Qiang was on the verge of tears.

"I am here, you won't die that easily. Rest easy!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands to usher him over.

"..." Sun Qiang's mouth twitched.

Of course, I won’t die that easily, they would get me to pay for it first. How could they let me off so easily by simply just killing me? But... even if they didn't kill me, I would be crippled at the very least.

"Why? You dare to disobey the words of your old master?"

Zhang Xuan frowned and authority exuded from him.

He was already used to being a teacher and now coupled with his slightly withered and yellow face, it brought out an imposing disposition.


"Rest easy, if you knock down the lion’s head, I will help you break through Fighter 3-dan when we get back later. With me here, there won’t be any problems. Not only will that Ling Tianyu not blame you, he will even thank you and send you gifts."

Knowing that the other party feared that Lord Ling, it was indeed preposterous to have Sun Qiang do such a thing. Thus, Zhang Xuan waved his hand majestically and promised him some benefits first.

"Er... Alright!"

Upon the promise and recalling the fact that his old master is a master teacher, no matter how incredible Lord Ling was, the lord would probably not dare to be too audacious. After hesitating for another moment longer, Sun Qiang clenched his jaws and hardened his determination.

He had been stuck in Fighter 3-dan for too long. He had tried all kinds of methods but to no avail. He thought that he would never be able to take another step forward. Now that an opportunity had presented itself before him, he would do anything to grab hold of it.

That was precisely the reason why he didn't hesitate for long when the other party invited him to be his butler.

With the determination of a soldier marching to his death, he turned around and walked over to the stone lion by the left. The zhenqi in Sun Qiang's body surged and a powerful aura gushed out from him.

Despite looking plump and weak, he possessed incredible strength. The wind rustled alongside his fist and, with incredible might, he hammered straight across!

One couldn't be considered as an expert at Zhenqi realm, but he would still possess a strength of 450kg upon reaching pinnacle. Even though this jade lion was made of a resilient material, when the mighty fist landed, it crumbled like fragile glass with a crisp resonance.


The head of the stone lion that was worth millions fell to the floor and shattered into fragments.



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