Chapter 130: Is Your Family Doing Well?

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The stone lion had been conspicuous from the very start. Upon being smashed, a ring similar to the resonance of a bell echoed in the air, further attracting the attention of countless other people.

"What happened? Did someone smash the lord's stone lion? This..."

"That fellow... Is he sick?"

"Lord Ling considers the stone lions as his treasure and caresses them a few times every day. Yet, he dares to smash it? Who is this? He must be tired of living!"



The crowd which was strolling in the mall was shocked.

Before the utterances ceased, an enforcement team on patrol walked over and upon witnessing the situation before him, fell into a state of disbelief.

These two stone lions were highly treasured by Lord Ling Tianyu. In addition to the fact that each of them was worth several million, the pair was unique commodity that cannot be found on the market. Yet, this fellow smashed it with his fist...

The heck, are you that sick of living?

"Don't let him get away! Grab him, Lord Ling will reward all those who helped!"

After a momentary period of shock, the head enforcer shouted.


Without any hesitation, the crowd, resembling a pack of wolves, rushed to surround Sun Qiang. They pulled up their sleeves and cracked their knuckles.

"So fast?" He didn't expect the enforcers to arrive so quickly. He was blocked before he could return to old master's side. Sun Qiang was terrified and his expression changed, saying in a hurry, "Can I... explain it? Actually..."

"There is nothing to explain, beat him up!"

"Let's talk after pummeling him!"

After several roars, countless fists came raining down on Sun Qiang.

To dare to break the stone lion before their eyes, you must be insane!


Looking at the innumerable fists above him, Sun Qiang almost puked a mouthful of blood out of indignance.

Old master, didn't you say that it would be alright? So you are a fraudster...

Actually, the enforcers couldn't be blamed for going on a violent frenzy. They were in charge of resolving disputes and protecting the properties and fortunes of the trading firm. The stone lions were Lord Ling's favorite object, yet one of it was destroyed before them. If he were to pursue the matter, they would probably all be fired. It would be abnormal if they weren't angry instead!


Zhang Xuan, who was sipping on his tea in wait of Sun Qiang’s return, upon realizing that no one came back after such a long time, turned around to take a look and in an instant, his eyes widened.

This was too fast!

Shouldn't they have reported to Lord Ling before settling the matter?

Why did they... start beating him up without first trying to clarify the matter?

"If I were to head there, I would probably be beaten up as well..."

His mouth twitched and Zhang Xuan sat motionless on the spot.

What a joke! Even though he wasn't weak at all, it was impossible for him to handle such a large mob! It was best to pretend to not know him at all...

"Old master..."

Watching his old master avert his gaze, Sun Qiang, who was being frenziedly pummeled on the moment, was on the verge of tears.

Old master, didn't you confidently claim that I would be alright?

"Hold it right there!"

Just as the patrolling enforcers were getting satisfied hitting Sun Qiang, a loud bellow reverberated and a dignified middle-aged man walked over with large strides.

Upon reaching the entrance and noticing the stone lion shattered on the floor, the corners of his mouth twitched. It was apparent that his heart ached at the sight.

The head of Tianyu Trading Firm, Ling Tianyu!

After the lion was destroyed, someone had rushed to inform him. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to appear that quickly.

"What happened?"

Ling Tianyu glanced coldly at the enforcers.

"Lord Ling, we were patrolling when this arrogant man here destroyed lord's lion in a single strike. After which, he tried to escape, but we managed to grab hold of him..." The head enforcer stepped forward and quickly explained.


Killing intent appeared in Ling Tianyu's gaze as he stepped toward Sun Qiang.

At this point, Sun Qiang had already suffered innumerable blows and his clothes were in tatters. It was fortunate that he had managed to protect his face.

"Sun Qiang?"

Ling Tianyu recognized him and with a cold voice, he said, "If you don't give me a good reason, I will dump you into the river to feed the fishes right now!"

"I..." He shivered in fear involuntarily. After hesitating for a moment, he gritted his teeth, "It was my old master who made me smash it!"

"Your old master? When did you start serving someone?"

Ling Tianyu was taken aback.

As the boss of a trading firm, he didn't have the leisure to bother about the affairs of insignificant figures. Even though Sun Qiang created an uproar when he sold his shop yesterday, it wasn't sufficiently important for someone of his identity to bother himself with.

"I met my old master yesterday, my old master is the person sitting over there!" Sun Qiang pointed.


Ling Tianyu frowned. Looking over, he saw Zhang Xuan sitting with his back faced to them and he was slowly sipping on his tea, indifferent to the commotion going on here.

"Old master!"

Upon given a chance to explain that it was his old master who made him do it, Sun Qiang heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to Zhang Xuan.

"Were you the one who ordered him to smash my stone lion?"

Walking over to him, Ling Tianyu frowned and glared coldly at Zhang Xuan.

As though oblivious to his presence and words, Zhang Xuan continued sipping on his tea, clearly disrespecting this Lord Ling.


"How dare you refuse to answer Lord Ling's words, you are seeking death!"

"To have ordered his subordinate to break lord's stone lion, this fellow is in for a ride of misfortune..."



Upon seeing the fellow ignore Lord Ling's question, not even standing up to face him, the enforcers became furious and swore at him.

Where did this fellow come from? This wasn't the place for you to be masquerading!

To be acting so arrogantly, did you think that we dare not kill you?

"May I know sir's name? Why did you order your subordinate to smash my stone lion?"

Ling Tianyu was a worldly person who had seen the world. He waved his arm to stop everyone's criticisms.


Zhang Xuan continued to sip on his tea, not even lifting his eyelid to look at Ling Tianyu.

Sun Qiang hurriedly ran over to fill an empty teacup.

Upon seeing his actions, Ling Tianyu's rage flurried once more and his face darkened to a fearsome point.

The other party's actions indicated the level of respect he had for him. He was allowed to drink tea alongside him, but wasn't worthy of having the other party to pour tea for him!

He had built this giant Tianyu Trading Firm from scratch and became a powerful figure in Tianxuan Kingdom. Even prime ministers and wangye had to regard him as a peer, not daring to act haughtily before him. To treat a person of his standing in this manner, that fellow was way too arrogant!

However, the more it was like that, the harder he tried to suppress his anger.

Since the other party dared to do so despite knowing his identity, he must have some background. If he wasn't even able to keep his temper in check, he would have never been able to build Tianyu Trading Firm to its current size.

"I wish to hear a rational explanation!"

His eyes narrowed as he took a seat opposite to him.

Zhang Xuan remained impassive to his questions and continued drinking his tea calmly, as though the other person's rage was invisible to him.

The tea was scalding hot and he sipped on it for an entire minute. Just as the other party was about to lose his patience and Sun Qiang was about to wet himself did he slowly put down his cup, raise his head and look at Ling Tianyu.

He looked to be in his forties and his pitch-black eyes gave him a dignified disposition. Judging solely by his appearance, it was clear that he was a person who had great achievements.

Without saying a word, Zhang Xuan gestured to Sun Qiang.

"Old master, this person is the head of the trading firm, Lord Ling Tianyu!" How could Sun Qiang not understand the meaning behind Zhang Xuan gesture? He quickly stepped forward to introduce the other party.

"Oh!" Zhang Xuan answered. Then, he picked up the teapot and slowly poured tea into the cup, "Ling Tianyu..."

"Is your family doing well?"



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