Chapter 131: Master Cheng Yuan

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The mall that was bustling just moments ago turned completely silent.

Is this for real?

Am I hearing things?

This fellow not only smashed Lord Ling's stone lion but also cursed his entire family?

Isn’t he way too daring...

Sun Qiang staggered and he was barely able to keep himself from running away.

Old master, you are a master teacher! Are you intentionally trying to do me in?

Lord Ling does not know you, so you can simply turn around to leave. However, all of my family members live in Tianxuan Kingdom...

"What did you say?"

He had already been suppressing his rage. Upon hearing such words from the other party, Ling Tianyu almost exploded.

We don’t know each other, yet you proceeded directly to curse my entire family. This isn't a just provocation anymore but an obvious attempt to insult me, to humiliate me!

"Oh? Didn't get my words? Then I'll phrase it in another way then. Are the physical conditions of your family members still alright?" Even though the other party looked as though he was about to explode at any moment, Zhang Xuan remained impassive.

"There's no need for you to bother about whether my family is doing well or not!" A cold gleam flashed through Ling Tianyu's eyes and it appeared that he would burst at any moment.

"There's no need for me to bother? I was thinking that saving a life would bring me good karma but since you don't need it, let's just forget it then!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"What... do you mean?"

"Nothing!" Zhang Xuan gulped the tea down. "Southern Green Jade is truly a good material. Not only is it beautiful, it can boost one's blood circulation and soothe one's meridians if carried frequently. However... The matter is completely different for Southern Blood Jade."

"This material devours one's vitality as nourishment to evolve into a Jade Spirit. Your cultivation has reached Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm primary stage and given your rich zhenqi and powerful physical body, there's no need for you to fear. However, the same cannot be said about your family. If I'm not wrong, you coming into contact with it daily could bring its aura back home. Most probably, someone at home is already ill down to the bones and is on the verge of death."

"Alright, Xiao Qiang, let's leave!"

Finishing his words, Zhang Xuan put down his cup, tidied his appearance and stood up. Ignoring the other party, he slowly strolled from the mall with his hands behind him.

Sun Qiang hurriedly followed behind him. He looked around in fear that someone would beat him up once more.

"Sir, please wait a moment..."

Just when everyone thought that Ling Tianyu would stop that arrogant man to chastise him and teach him a lesson, they witnessed his towering figure tremble faintly as he shouted out hastily.

Zhang Xuan stopped.

"Sir, are you saying that... the stone lion isn't made of Southern Green Jade but... Southern Blood Jade? Yu Rou... Yu Rou's illness is because of this?"

With a pale face, Ling Tianyu asked.

Most people knew that he was a billionaire and even officials had to treat him with respect. However, only he himself knew that after withstanding half a year of undulating anxiety, he was about to collapse.

Yu Rou was his wife.

When he was poor and struggling to make a living, this virtuous wife of his would always starve so that he could have another bite, claiming that she had eaten outside.

Later, his business gradually grew bigger and his cultivation realm rose rapidly. However, he knew very well that without her, he would be an unwanted pile of bones in the wilderness right now.

That was precisely why despite his fortune, he didn't philander outside and instead, stayed dedicated to this wife who had accompanied him through thick and thin.

Yet, the heavens are unpredictable. Half a year ago, she was suddenly afflicted with a severe illness. She could only lie weakly on the bed and now it is possible for her to pass away at any moment.

He searched the entire Tianxuan Kingdom for physicians, even inviting Master Yuanyu to diagnose her condition.

Yet, all of them ended up with the same conclusion, that the illness had penetrated deep into her bones and all she can do is to wait for death.

Especially in the past few days, she seemed to be unable to hold on any longer and could really stop breathing at any moment.

He had been keeping vigil by her side ever since she fell ill. It was due to important matters to settle at the trading firm that he had no choice but to come. With the issue with his wife, he was already feeling irritable. Upon hearing that a stone lion had been destroyed by someone for no apparent reason, he rushed here in a rage, losing the calm that a successful businessman should possess.

He thought that the other party was simply causing trouble. He didn't expect that he would say such words.

To be able to tell that his family member is sick...

Saying that the stone lion is not made of Southern Green Jade but Blood Jade...

"Your wife should be an ordinary human with a cultivation realm of at maximum Fighter 2-dan, am I right?" Zhang Xuan said impassively without turning around.

"How... How did you know that Yu Rou is my wife? Furthermore, how do you know her cultivation realm?"

Ling Tianyu was astonished once more.

He had only mentioned Yu Rou but the other party knew that she was his wife immediately, even able to point out her cultivation realm instantly. His judgment was simply too accurate.

"The Southern Blood Jade devours one's vitality to nourish itself and those who are Fighter 2-dan and below do not possess any resistance against it. If they were to be afflicted with it, their body functions would rapidly deteriorate, hair would turn white, the skin would loosen and speech would become indistinct... They won't be able to live beyond half a year!" Zhang Xuan said calmly.


Ling Tianyu's eyes narrowed.

The other party's description fitted the symptoms of his wife perfectly.

"I was just passing by when I saw this thing. In order to prevent it from bringing harm to anyone, I ordered my butler to crush it. If Lord Ling found my action rash and inappropriate, I will have my people send compensation over tomorrow!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hand, unwilling to say anymore. His tone was neither happy nor sorrowful and he didn't seem to be furious due to the other party's misunderstanding. Just that, his tone was bleak, "I believe that with Lord Ling's ability, you should be able to find my residence, so I doubt that you need to fear me escaping!"

At this point, he simply walked away.

"Old master..."

Seeing that his old master was leaving right after saying a few words, Sun Qiang was dazed for a moment before hurriedly chasing him.

"Lord, do we need to stop them?!"

Seeing that the two of them were about to disappear into the horizon, the head enforcer walked over and asked.

"There's no need!" Ling Tianyu stood rooted to his spot. His expression changed rapidly, paling in one moment and turning green in the other. It was unclear what went through his head.

He was a merchant, unlike the innocent teachers and students, Zhang Xuan had met before who easily believed in others. After going through innumerable ordeals, he no longer believed in anyone that easily.

Even though the middle-aged man who popped out of nowhere was spot on with his words and left him surprised, he didn't charge forward with agitation to stop him.

After all, he had consulted many physicians about his wife's illness and it was easy for one to look into the matter.

"Get Master Cheng Yuan here!"

Master Cheng Yuan was the appraiser in Tianyu Trading Firm.

Even though he wasn't yet an official appraiser, he was a true high-level apprentice appraiser who was much more capable than a fraud like Yang Mo. Most of the treasures bought by the trading firm had to be appraised by him beforehand.

It didn't take long for Master Cheng Yuan to appear.

"Brother Ling, for you to request for my presence so urgently, is there something wrong?"

As a high-level apprentice appraiser, even Ling Tianyu could only be considered of equal standing to him.

"Please help me to check whether this stone lion is made of Southern Green Jade or Blood Jade!"

Ling Tianyu pointed to the fragmented stone lion on the floor.

"I have already appraised it, it is Southern Green Jade!" Stroking his beard, Master Cheng Yuan chuckled.

Naturally, this sculpture had to have been appraised by him beforehand before it could be brought here.

At which, he walked forward and lowered his head to look at the fragments of the stone lion. His eyes instantaneously narrowed and he staggered backward, "This... This... How is this possible?"



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