Chapter 132: The Proud Sun Qiang

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"What's wrong?"

Upon seeing the abrupt change in expression on Master Cheng Yuan, Ling Tianyu lowered his head hurriedly to look at the fragmented stone lion as well.

At the section where the jade split apart, blood-colored lines could be noticed. Under the reflection of light in the surroundings, it looked exceptionally savage and terrifying.

As the lines were within the jade and the Southern Green Jade wasn't transparent, it was impossible to see it without smashing the lion apart.

"Is it really Southern Blood Jade?"

His face darkened. Even without Master Cheng Yuan's reply, he knew that it was impossible for this object to be Southern Green Jade!

He sent a palm down at the stone lion.


The remaining body of the stone lion was blown into smithereens and scattered all over the ground. Casually picking up a piece, he saw blood-colored lines on it.

"It is Southern Blood Jade, my judgment was off!"

Upon seeing the blood-colored lines densely filling the surface of the jade, Master Cheng Yuan looked as though he had aged ten years in an instant.

He was extremely confident in his discernment abilities. That was precisely the reason why he possessed an exceptional standing in the trading firm, becoming brothers with Ling Tianyu even.

Yet, to think that he appraised the largest and most valuable object in the trading firm erroneously.

"These lines were all concealed within the jade, to the point that one was unable to see it from the outside. Probably even the craftsman sculpting it wasn't aware. It wouldn't be weird for you to appraise it as such!" Ling Tianyu didn't blame the other party. Instead, he turned to look at him and asked, "Right now, I would only like to know if the Southern Blood Jade can really devour one's vitality?"

"I have read about the Blood Jade in the books and even though I haven't seen it for myself, that was how it was stated in the legends." Master Cheng Yuan nodded his head.

"So it's real..."

Ling Tianyu's face paled once more. He lifted his head to look at the head enforcer, "Do you know who Sun Qiang's old master is?"

"I'm not sure!" The head enforcer shook his head. Then, he suddenly recalled something, "Oh, right... Yesterday, Sun Qiang made an uproar while selling his shop and said that he was going to serve a... passing master teacher. We all thought that he was bragging and we laughed for quite awhile afterward. How could a master teacher possibly allow someone like him to wait on him..."

"Master teacher?"

Ling Tianyu staggered backward. He felt his kneecap weaken and he nearly fell to the ground. At this moment, he felt so regretful that he could knock his head against the wall.

The other party was a master teacher?

It was no wonder he was able to keep his calm upon seeing him and identify the material as Southern Blood Jade when Master Cheng Yuan wasn't able to, even accurately listing the symptoms of his wife...

Yet, he didn't believe the other party and hesitated to ask him for help.

This hesitation had caused him to miss out on a chance in befriending a master teacher and saving his wife.


Upon seeing the expression on the lord, the head enforcer seemed to have come to a realization. His face changed, "That old master... a moment ago, it can't be that he is a master teacher?"

"He must be!"

Upon recovering, Ling Tianyu hurriedly commanded, "Hurry up and look into where they are living. Prepare the carriage, I will visit him now."

He had missed out on the opportunity once, he couldn't let it pass him by the second time.


Upon hearing that the middle-aged man from before was a master teacher, all of their faces paled from fright. They carried out their orders with great haste.

There wasn't a single master in Tianxuan Kingdom. Even the Guild Leader Huang from the Teacher Guild was only a high-level apprentice master teacher.

To think that a master teacher would pass by them and that they would be unable to identify him, even almost attempting to batter him...

Just with such a thought in their mind, cold sweat streamed down their backs and they felt that they could faint any moment.

Before leaving yesterday, Sun Qiang had emphasized on where he was going to live, so it wasn't hard for them to find their residence.

"Let's go!"

Knowing the residence of the other party, Ling Tianyu immediately headed out without any hesitation.


"Old master, where are we going?"

Sun Qiang was drenched in cold sweat walking out of Tianyu Trading Firm. Only upon seeing no one obstruct their departure did he heave a sigh of relief. After he had finally calmed down, he couldn't help but ask his old master.

"We're returning!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"Just like that?" Sun Qiang was perplexed.

When the old master first headed out, he said that he wanted to look for Lord Ling. Initially, he thought that he would be discussing something with him. Instead, all they did was to go there, destroy the stone lion that the other party treasured, say a few words and leave...

He found the situation a little inconceivable and he was unable to make sense of it.


Zhang Xuan didn't bother explaining it to him.

Their residence wasn't too far away from the trading firm. It didn't take long for them to return.

"It's already late and I want to rest. Regardless of who comes over, block them at the door and deny them entry!" Upon returning back to his room, Zhang Xuan commanded.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang nodded his head despite having some objections deep within.

No one came despite waiting for an entire day. Now that the sun had set, who would come?

Departing from Zhang Xuan's room, Sun Qiang was about to find a place to treat the wounds from the beating, which he suffered previously, when he saw the guards rushing toward him.

"Brother Qiang, there is someone seeking an audience!"

The guard said.

"Seek an audience? Who?"

Not expecting that anyone would come knocking, Sun Qiang was taken aback.

"It is... Lord Ling!" The guard replied.

"Lord Ling? You mean Ling Tianyu?" Sun Qiang shuddered and almost fell to the ground.

When the old master mentioned someone coming over, he didn't take it for real. To think that it would be true, not to mention... It was Lord Ling Tianyu whom they just met!

Could it be that he could no longer wait and wanted to demand compensation for the stone lions today?

"Hurry up and welcome him, I will call old master over..."

After saying so, he suddenly recalled Zhang Xuan's command and his body froze, 'Wait!"

Old master had just said that regardless of who it was, block them at the door and deny them entry.

It was clear that he knew Lord Ling would come. His intentions were also clear... He refused to meet him!

Refusing Lord Ling's audience?

If it was on any other occasions, Sun Qiang wouldn't dare to do so even if he had ten times his guts.

In the past, he was always the one crying for an audience, only to be ignored. This time, the other party was taking the initiative to come over to meet his old master...

Should he bring him in or refuse his request?

The heck, the worst that could happen was death. Just listen to old master's commands!

Gritting his teeth, he came to a decision and said.

"I will follow you to the gates!"

Since he was already beaten up and he had offended the other party, regardless of what intentions the other party had visiting the mansion, he could only obey old master's commands to the very end.

Soon, he arrived at the entrance.

As expected, he saw the imposing Lord Ling standing at the gates with Master Cheng Yuan behind him.

Upon seeing him, the two smiled delightfully, "Brother Sun, may I trouble you to tell your old master that Ling Tianyu seeks an audience?"

"Brother... Sun?"

He had prepared himself to face an angry Ling Tianyu pursuing the matter of the smashed lion and demanding compensation. Never in his dreams did he expect that the other party would treat him with such an amiable attitude. Sun Qiang couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

As a small merchant who had a store in the commercial city, he had to live subserviently. Any single enforcer could simply walk up to him and demand money from him... When did he gain the honor of having Ling Tianyu address him as 'Brother Sun'?

In the past, even if he were to kneel before the other party, the other party probably wouldn't spare him an additional glance!

In an instant, he felt a surge of heat through his heart, his face turned red and his body felt light as though he were floating in the air.


Yes, this is exultation!



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