Chapter 133: Shut Outside

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Seemed like Ling Tianyu became aware of the fact that the old master was a master teacher, that's why he rushed here.

As such, his own standing rose as well.

However, that was to be expected. After all, he became the butler of a master teacher, a figure whom even the prime minister of the kingdom had to fawn up to. No matter how impressive Ling Tianyu was, he was just a merchant. What was there to fear about him?

With such thoughts, all of Sun Qiang's fears disappeared. He straightened his back and with a haughty aura, he said, "I'm sorry but the old master has already slept. He gave clear orders that he would not meet anyone. My apologies, but Lord Ling has made a wasted trip."


It was simply too exhilarating!

All along in the past, he had always spoken to Lord Ling with subservience, not daring to say anything excessive and, less to say, to reject him. Not even to mention, to be able to do it so brazenly and openly?


The corner of Ling Tianyu's mouth twitched.

He had come chasing after them just a short moment after they had left. There was at maximum a three to five-minute delay between them, and he had fallen asleep within such a short period of time... Who were you fooling?

Looks like he had really offended this master teacher and that he was infuriated with him!

To offend a master teacher... Putting aside the fact that he was just a merchant, even Tianxuan Kingdom's Emperor Shen Zhui would be unable to survive his wrath.

Besides, his wife is on the verge of death now. Since this master teacher was able to tell the symptoms of her illness without even diagnosing her, he had to have a solution. No matter what, he mustn't give up.

Thus, Ling Tianyu began to speak with prudence, "My subordinates had acted rashly, causing Brother Sun to be wounded. Here is some medicine that is highly effective for healing injuries. These too. I don't mean anything, I just hope that Brother Sun can help me convey my request..."

At which, he retrieved a jade bottle and a stack of notes.

Sun Qiang didn't attempt to receive the gifts and instead, lowered his head to take a look, squinting his eyes involuntarily.

As a merchant, exploring the commercial city was a daily affair and hence, he had a decent eye for goods. The pills inside the jade bottle were called 【Wound Restoration Pill】 and it was a truly divine medicine for treating wounds. This was a treasure that only official apothecaries of the Apothecary Guild could forge and every single pill was worth over ten thousand gold coins.

Yet, the other party gifted him an entire bottle...

Most importantly... The notes in the other party's hands were in denominations of five thousand and there was a total of twenty to thirty of them. That was to say, just for reporting his presence to the old master, he had made over hundred thousand gold coins!

The heck!

Was there a need to be so generous?

However, even though he was astonished, he knew that the reason for the other party’s attitude and gifts were out of respect for his old master. It pretty much had nothing to do with him. If he were to accept them and the old master were to get angry, like bubbles, everything would burst and disappear into thin air.

As such, he gritted his teeth and replied, "I'm sorry, but please show some self-respect! The old master has already personally ordered that he wouldn't meet anyone so there isn't anything I can do. If the lord really wants to pay a visit, I think you can try again tomorrow!"

Suppressing the ache in his heart, he gestured grandly, seemingly contemptuous of the other party's action of trying to bribe him.

There was no other way. From today onward, he would be the butler of a master teacher and his standing would be different from what it used to be. As such, he should adopt befitting mannerisms.

He must also learn to act suave!

If he were to be bribed by this small amount of money and just a few pills, how would the others look upon him?


Ling Tianyu had an awful expression.

It was unsure whether his wife could survive through the night. If he were to really wait until the next day, perhaps only a corpse would be left.

"I plead Brother Sun to help me. I really have urgent matters to seek your old master."

Ling Tianyu took out another stack of bills and pushed it over with an expression full of sincerity.

"I'm sorry, but there's genuinely nothing I can do."

Seeing how much money the other party took out, Sun Qiang found himself on the verge of caving in. Thus, he waved his hand and walked back in, "Close the doors!"

After which, he walked into the courtyard


The doors closed.

"Brother Sun..."

Ling Tianyu shouted hurriedly. Even though he was Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm while the guards were only Pigu realm, he dared not to barge in.

"Brother Ling..."

Master Cheng Yuan was at a loss for words.

"Sigh, it's my fault. If I had stopped the master just now, things wouldn't have ended up like this." Even though the other party shut the doors on him, Ling Tianyu didn't get angry. Instead, he only sighed and shook his head.

If anyone were to be blamed, it would be he himself. He insisted on verifying the other party's identity, incurring the displeasure of the master teacher. In a way, he brought this all upon himself.

"Then, what should we do now?"

Master Cheng Yuan asked.

"I'll wait! Even if it takes an entire night, I'll wait! I have already missed the opportunity once, I don't want to miss it a second time!"

Determination was reflected in Ling Tianyu's eyes.

It was precisely because of his will of steel that he was able to become such a powerful tycoon from a nameless poor kid. Besides, if doing this could save his wife, he was willing to wait here as long as it takes for the other party's anger to be appeased.

In fact, even if it were Shen Zhui, the emperor wouldn't utter a single word of complaint if he was hindered at the door.

Master teachers had the capability and standing to do so.


"Did I really just shut the doors on him?"

Walking into the courtyard, Sun Qiang still felt as though he was dreaming. His entire body felt light.

Who was the person outside?

Ling Tianyu!

Even if he wasn't the richest person in Tianxuan Royal City, he wasn't far from it. He was undisputedly a true billionaire.

Even a prime minister or powerful official would rush to welcome him when he came to visit, keeping their haughtiness in check. Yet, he kept him outside the doors... Just the thought of it felt unreal.

Yet, not only did he do so, the other party didn't even dare to show a hint of dissatisfaction toward his actions.

Given how he was able to shut the gates on such a person, did it mean that his position will simply grow higher and higher, eventually becoming an esteemed person in Tianxuan Royal City?

It seemed like abandoning his store to serve as the butler was the wisest decision that he made in his entire life.

"This is... a true master teacher!"

At this very moment, every single hint of doubt on his old master's identity vanished.

Previously, when the other party said that he was a master teacher, he remained a little doubtful of his identity. However, witnessing how respectful Lord Ling behaved, he understood that it was true. Only a true master teacher had such charisma and means.

Aren't you formidable?

So what if you're formidable?

Before a master teacher, everyone else is trash.

"Let's go look for old master!"

After indulging in his glee for a moment, Sun Qiang proceed toward the main hall once again. He saw that the light inside the room had not been extinguished and the old master sat quietly, yet to turn in for the night.

"Old master, Ling Tianyu came."

Stepping forward, he clasped his hand respectfully.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan replied casually, not paying much heed to it.

"He wants to... meet you..." After a moment of hesitation, Sun Qiang couldn't resist speaking of the affair.

"Let's talk tomorrow. If he can't even wait a single night, tell him that he doesn't need to come anymore."

Zhang Xuan said calmly.

After touching the stone lion, he knew that the material wasn't Southern Green Jade and naturally, he knew of its dangers.

The Library of Heaven's Path did not display the method to resolving the issue, but it did describe the symptoms an ordinary person would face when their vitality had been sapped by the blood jade. For the time being, his wife was still safe. Since that was the case, it wasn't a big deal for the other party to be waiting outside for awhile.

With this billionaire waiting outside his mansion, his reputation would soon spread far and wide.

He had no choice but to do so to earn twenty million in nine days.


Sun Qiang nodded his head and departed from the room.



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