Chapter 134: The Doubtful Du Yuan

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Ignoring Ling Tianyu who was waiting outside, Zhang Xuan continued to work on opening his Pixue realm acupoints.

After toiling for the entire night, he opened another thirty acupoints in one go. In total, he had already opened more than fifty acupoints.

His zhenqi strength had also reached 70 ding.

Along with the 90 ding from his physical body, he could wield up to a total of 160 ding of strength with ease. Putting aside Pixue pinnacle experts, he would be able to match up to even Tongxuan realm experts easily.

In the Tongxuan realm, one opened the most important Tongxuan Meridian in their body, unleashing the body’s true might. At the primary stage, one would possess 100 ding of strength. At the intermediate stage, 200 ding and in such a manner, reaching the pinnacle of the Tongxuan realm, one would possess 400 ding.

Currently, Zhang Xuan wielded 160 ding of strength in total, which is slightly stronger than a Tongxuan realm primary stage.

It was unimaginable for a Pixue realm to possess such strength; it would definitely cause an uproar if word were to spread out.

Everyone knew that there was an immeasurable difference between the Pixue realm and the Tongxuan realm. In the entire Tianxuan Kingdom, there probably wasn’t another person like Zhang Xuan.

After stretching his back, Zhang Xuan pushed open the door and walked out.

"Old master, Lord Ling had already been waiting outside for an entire night." Sun Qiang walked over.

"An entire night?"

He was so engrossed in training that he forgot about that fellow.

"Then..." Zhang Xuan tapped his finger on his forehead, seemingly thinking about something.

Based on the old master's attitude, Sun Qiang thought that he was going to let Lord Ling in and stared expectantly at him. Then, he heard the indifferent words of the other party, "I think... I'll eat first!"

Sun Qiang staggered and fell to the floor.

The head of Tianyu Merchant Firm, a billionaire, had waited outside an entire night, yet his master wanted to eat first...

However, as a subordinate, he dare not criticize his master’s actions, quickly getting the servants to prepare the meal.

To speak with honesty, the servants and maids hired by Sun Qiang were impressive. They prepared quite a huge spread that also tasted good.

After finishing his breakfast, Zhang Xuan strolled around the courtyard. Looking at the morning sky and gauging that it had reached ten, he finally got Sun Qiang to open the gates.


Du Yuan was the young master of Du Clan, which was one of the Four Great Clans of the Tianxuan Kingdom. All along, he had been a unambitious profligate, an incomparable playboy.

Usually, all he would do was to walk his dog, play with his birds and hang out in red light districts.

He was already twenty-four, but he was only in Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm. Among the scions, he could be considered as trash among the trash.

However, it was not because he wanted it to be so, it was because he had no choice on the matter!

Initially, his father was the most suitable candidate to become the clan head. However, for some reason, he contracted a major illness a decade ago, causing his meridians to be damaged and his acupoints to be blocked. His prowess plunged from being a Pixue realm expert all the way to a mere cripple.

His competitors took advantage of this opportunity and oppressed his successor.

Du Yuan had inherited his father's talents, also possessing the lawful rights to vie with the others. However, after a decade of oppression, his father's influence had weakened and if he were to display his talents at such a moment, he would definitely evoke further acts of repression.

Helpless, he could only play the role of an unambitious scion and live aimlessly day after day.

When he woke up today, the sun was already hanging high in the skies. Only then did he lead his beloved canine out of the door to linger the streets.

"Un? Isn't that... Lord Ling Tianyu of Tianyu Merchant Firm?"

He stopped his footsteps abruptly.

A familiar figure had appeared before him.

Ling Tianyu was one of the few truly powerful figures in Tianxuan Royal City, possessing massive wealth and that very few dared to offend him.

Although Du Yuan was a dandy, he still was a member of the Four Great Clans. As such, he came into contact with the upper echelons in the city on a regular basis. This Ling Tianyu had an extensive business relationship with his Du Clan and he had met him several times.

This person was of equal standing to his grandfather, why would he... be standing beside the road? Not to mention, he was soaked in dew and looked like a mess. It was as though he hadn’t returned for the night.

"Whose mansion is this?"

Soon, he noticed what was wrong about the situation.

This Lord Ling Tianyu seemed to be waiting outside a mansion for the owner to open his gates.

He often loitered on this street and knew this mansion had been empty for a very long time. Besides, even if someone resided within, what kind of identity did he possess to be able to make Lord Ling wait out here?

"I've heard that Lord Ling had been waiting here since the last night!"

"Indeed, I've seen it for myself as well! It seems like Lord Ling wants to meet the owner of the mansion, but the other party simply ignored him. A butler came out and told him that he could either continue waiting here or to never come back..."

"The heck, are you serious? Who is he? To make Lord Ling Tianyu wait for an entire night? Furthermore, with such arrogance?"

"I've no idea as well... Thus, I came here early in the morning to take a look. To think that he really waited for an entire night..."



Just as he was perplexed over the matter, he heard the conversation that went on from afar.

"Waited for an entire night?"

Du Yuan gasped.

Only those who had come into contact with the upper echelons would know exactly how powerful Ling Tianyu was.

Although he was a mere businessman, he was well-acquainted with the clan heads of the Four Great Clans, as well as the nobles and the royal family. Every year, he would donate a substantial sum to the national treasury. Even Emperor Shen Zhui treated him as a money tree and dared not to offend him.

For a person of such status to wait outside another's gates for an entire night...

If he hadn’t witnessed it personally, he would have never believed such rumors.

Are you for real?

Who is the owner of the mansion, to be capable of such incredible feat?

"Do you all know who the owner of the mansion is?

Du Yuan couldn't help but approach the few chatting onlookers.

"I've no idea. He seemed to have just moved in yesterday!"

"He caused quite a commotion. Right after moving in, he recruited dozens of guards, servants, and maids!"

"I have seen the owner of the mansion. He seemed to be a middle-aged man in his forties and his face is slightly yellowed and emaciated. I have never met him previously!"

A few who knew the details spoke.

"Middle-aged man? Recruited dozens of guards and servants?"

Du Yuan was even more perplexed after listening to their words.

"Look, the gates are opening..."

At this moment, the firmly shut gates opened slowly. Jiyaaa! A plump man walked out.

"Sun Qiang?"

Du Yuan recognized the plump man.

This fellow ran a realtor agency in the Tianyu Merchant Firm. Back then, he visited his agency to look for a residence for his lover. After the other party knew of his identity, he assumed a subservient attitude immediately. He was a typical streetwise vendor.

Why is this fellow here?

Could he be a servant here?

Just as he was pondering, he saw Sun Qiang gesture grandly, "Lord Ling, our old master invites you in!"

His voice was devoid of courtesy, as though he didn't think much of the other party at all.

A small vendor of the Tianyu Merchant Firm actually dared to speak to his big boss like this?

Du Yuan thought that Ling Tianyu would get angry, but contrary to his expectations, not only was he not enraged, gratitude even appeared on his face. He stepped forward and stuffed a bunch of items into the other party's hands, "Thank you Brother Sun for your help. Here are some tokens of my appreciation, hold on to them first. I will definitely send a generous gift in the future!"


Du Yuan's eyeballs were about to fall out of his sockets.

The heck... Can anyone tell me what was going on?

What he had just seen was completely incomprehensible to him. He felt as though the entire world had gone wrong.



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