Chapter 135: Matter of Minutes

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"I didn't know that master was trying to offer me guidance and acted inappropriately before you. I seek your forgiveness!"

Upon entering and noticing Zhang Xuan who was seated at the center of the room, Ling Tianyu felt slightly apprehensive.

His attitude towards this master teacher yesterday was indeed inhospitable, even doubting the goodwill the master demonstrated. It was already a blessing that the other party was willing to allow him entry.

"There's nothing for me to forgive!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands. "I'm not that petty!"

Sun Qiang's eyes widened.

You left the other party outside for an entire night to be drenched in dew, only allowing him entry after consuming your breakfast slowly. You call that not being petty?

"Yes, yes!" Ling Tiangyu's face flushed. He was about to continue speaking when Zhang Xuan extended out his palm and looked at him calmly. "Do you know why I had you wait outside for an entire night?"


Awkwardness showed on Ling Tianyu's face.

Isn't it because you feel that I had slighted you, so you wanted to put me in my place?

I admit my mistake, alright?

"Do you think that I am purposely making things difficult for you?" Zhang Xuan looked over.

"No, of course not!" Ling Tianyu shook his head hurriedly.

"There's no need for you to deny it. It is normal that you would think so!" Zhang Xuan didn't seem to be angry. Instead, he said earnestly, "Actually, it is for your own good that I had you wait outside for an entire night!"

"For my own good?"

This time, not only was Ling Tianyu perplexed by his words, a bizarre expression had also emerged on Sun Qiang’s face.

Making someone wait at the door was for his own good?

What kind of theory is this?

"If I'm not wrong, your wife should be severely ill and is on the verge of death, and the reason why you are looking for me is for me to save her." Zhang Xuan gazed at Ling Tianyu.


Upon hearing the other party mention his motives, Ling Tianyu jolted.

"If you want me to save her, you would have to bring her over to me. However, you had come into contact with the Southern Blood Jade yesterday and the vitality-consuming aura was still lingering in your body. If I were to agree and you had come into contact with her once more, she probably would have died before you managed to get her here."

Zhang Xuan sighed and continued on, "Thus, I had you wait outside for an entire night so that you can cleanse yourself of that aura. At the same time, you wouldn't hurry home, thus preventing a catastrophe from happening. Of course, if you refused to listen to my words and left, your wife would have died and you wouldn't have to come back. Even a master teacher didn't possess the ability to resurrect the dead."

After hearing these words, Ling Tianyu's expression changed and he began to ooze cold sweat.

In actual fact, he was raging within as a result of the other party's actions of making him wait outside for the entire night. Even though he didn't dare to speak of it, he had felt great displeasure.

A master teacher wasn't just about the strength he holds and his ability to guide others, he should be magnanimous as well.

In his view, this master teacher was trying to humiliate him on purpose.

After hearing those words did he realize that... He was truly mistaken. The other party truly had his intentions at heart.

Despite treating the other party so insolently, he still paid such careful heed to his matter...

Truly the disposition of a master teacher, impressive!

He felt like a hypocrite for doubting the intentions of a gentleman.

While he felt gratitude toward the other party, relief surged through him as well.

It was fortunate that he had managed to hold on yesterday. Otherwise, if he had returned back home, he would have truly regretted his actions for life.

Sun Qiang, who was still standing by the side, had his eyes opened wide with astonishment.

As expected of a master teacher, every single move of the old master was profound.

He thought that the old master was intentionally trying to humiliate the other party. Only now did he realize that the thoughts of the old master weren't something a person like him could fathom.

"Thank you, master!"

Ling Tianyu bowed deeply.

"Send someone to bring her over to me so that I can take a look. If she is too ill, even I might be unable to do anything about it." Zhang Xuan said.

"Yes!" Ling Tianyu's eyes reddened in agitation. He hurriedly took his leave alongside Master Cheng Yuan.

After the two of them left, Zhang Xuan turned to look at Sun Qiang.

"Xiao Qiang, I have promised you to help you to help you break into Fighter 4-dan and I do not renege on my words. Execute a punching routine so that I can see your condition!"

"Yes, old master!"

Hearing that the old master was going to help him break through, Sun Qiang nodded his head in excitement.

Soon, he completed the entire punching routine. However, not only wasn't Sun Qiang pleased by it, he was even slightly embarrassed. "Old master, I was injured yesterday... My body has been weakened significantly and I might not be in the condition to break into Pigu realm today..."

To achieve a breakthrough in realm, one would have to be in tip-top condition. Yesterday, Sun Qiang was beaten up and he sustained quite a few injuries on his body. No matter how incredible the old master was, it was unlikely for him to break through his current realm in such a state.

He hadn’t really noticed it before, but the moment he started executing his punching routine, he felt an aching pain all over his body and his zhenqi didn't flow as fluidly as it usually did.

"Don't worry!" Zhang Xuan interrupted him with a smile. "The reason why you have been stuck at the Zhenqi realm for so long was because the zhenqi you had cultivated was too impure. As such, it was unable to pass through your meridians to nourish your body. In such a state, one's zhenqi might even stagnate. Putting aside being unable to achieve a breakthrough, one's strength might even deteriorate."

"Yes!" Sun Qiang nodded his head.

In the past two years, he felt that his stamina had been on a decline and that his realm was slowly deteriorating as well. If not for him persistently cultivating to remain at his current realm, he might have even fallen to Zhenqi primary stage.

"At Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm, one's zhenqi would surge through one's body and nourish one's flesh and bones. Usually, it would be difficult for your impure zhenqi to surge through your entire body. However, the current situation is different. After yesterday's beating, your body was damaged, causing the stagnated zhenqi from before to be jolted back into action. At the same time, the blocked passageways of your meridians had been cleared significantly..."

"Old master... had others beat me up... for my own good?"

Before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, Sun Qiang's body shuddered due to intense emotions and tears of gratitude streamed down his face.

Old master had Ling Tianyu wait at his doorstep for his own good. Initially, I thought that it was a mistake on his part that I was beaten up but... To think that it was for my own good as well!

Yet, I mistook his kind intentions...


Seeing tears streaming down the face of his plump butler, Zhang Xuan was confused.

I just wanted to say that your injury does not affect your training, why... What were you thinking of? Did you brain spasm…

However, this is good as well. All the more, this can help to build my prestige as a master teacher...

"Cough cough!" Zhang Xuan coughed and said, "Indeed. At the very least, my efforts weren't in vain since you were able to understand them. Alright, put these aside, if I'm not wrong, Ling Tianyu should have given you medicine to cure your wounds!"

"I..." Sun Qiang's face flushed.

For my sake, old master was even willing to be misunderstood. Yet, I shamelessly took the other party's medicine...

I am truly unable to compare to him...

"It's not a big deal. As long as you work for me loyally, it isn't really a big deal for you to take some things." Seemingly guessing the thoughts in his mind, Zhang Xuan interrupted. "Take the medicine out. Prepare yourself, you will try to break into Fighter 4-dan now."

"Right now?" Sun Qiang didn't expect things to progress so quickly. "Old master, is there no need to look for a quiet chamber? Also, if I were to try breaking through now, I'm afraid that Lord Ling would return before I can even succeed. If so, I would delay your affairs..."

"There's no need for it. It is just a matter of minutes, why would you need a quiet chamber?" Zhang Xuan waved away his concerns.

"Matter of minutes? Break through... in such a short time?"

Sun Qiang was taken aback. Looking at the old master, his eyes widened in disbelief.



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