Chapter 137: Touching Your Wife

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"Ma, ma... Master teacher?"

Du Yuan shivered.

Everyone knew as a fact that Tianxuan Kingdom was one of the weakest kingdoms and had no master teacher to assume command. When did one arrive? Furthermore, one that allowed this fellow to become his butler?

No wonder Ling Tianyu was willing to wait for an entire night and had acted so prudently around Sun Qiang…

Even if it were just a lowest level, 1-star master teacher in the mansion, it would nevertheless be an existence Emperor Shen Zhui dare not to underestimate.

For such a man, not to mention a single night, even if Ling Tianyu had to wait for half a year, he wouldn't dare to have a single word of complaint.

In fact, if his grandfather knew, he would definitely rush here to pay respect to him as well.

A master teacher can raise or destroy an entire country and his words are akin to gold.

This was his status!

If his father could receive the guidance of a master teacher, the trauma he had sustained might be able to be dispelled and perhaps, he might even revert to the genius he was previously.

In that instant, Du Yuan was filled with envy for the man before him.

Sun Qiang used to be just a lowly figure in the commercial city. He had to bow respectfully whenever he saw Du Yuan, afraid to offend him. Yet now... Du Yuan was the one who had to speak carefully so as to not get on the other party's nerves.

Otherwise, even without the master teacher making a move himself, a single word of Sun Qiang's could send countless experts, who were looking for an opportunity to fawn over him, to teach him a lesson.

"Yang shi... When did he arrive in the kingdom? Why hadn't I heard of him?"

Suppressing the astonishment within, Du Yuan asked.

If a master teacher were to really visit Tianxuan Kingdom, the entire capital would have shaken in an uproar and everyone would have been aware. But why was it that he hadn't heard of such a matter?

"The old master likes to keep a low profile, so he doesn't want others to know of it. It is enough that you know of it, don't go spreading the word. Alright, I still have things to attend to. If Du gongzi doesn't have anything on, it would be best for you not to loiter around here. Otherwise, if the old master were to see it, it might cause unnecessary misunderstandings. It would be troublesome then."

After the incident with Ling Tianyu, Sun Qiang had regained his confidence. As a result, an air of superiority started to grow around him, and his tone reflected so.

"Yes, yes!"

Du Yuan nodded his head hastily.

After finishing his piece, Sun Qiang turned around and went back to the gates. Not long later, a carriage arrived and Ling Tianyu stepped down from it. Two guards entered the mansion and fetched a palanquin.

"Lord Ling, please enter!" Sun Qiang welcomed him.

"Thank you, Brother Sun!"

Ling Tianyu clasped his hands to return the greetings. Then, the few of them entered the mansion together.

"I've heard that Ling Tianyu's wife is sick. It seems like he knows that there is a master teacher here, that's why he stood here for an entire night to plead with him to save her..."

Instantaneously, Du Yuan managed to fill in the gaps of the story.

Master teachers were not only capable of guiding one's cultivation. Pill forging, medicinal skills... There wasn't a single occupation that they weren't adept at. That's also the reason why they were able to stand at the peak, above all other occupations.

It wasn't a secret among the upper echelons of Tianxuan Kingdom that Ling Tianyu's wife was sick. Du Yuan had also heard of it and according to the rumors, even Master Yuanyu was unable to do anything about it. Upon hearing that a master teacher had arrived at the capital, it was natural that he would want rush forward at first minute's notice.

"If this master can treat an illness that even Master Yuanyu was helpless about, then doesn't that mean that there is a hope for my father as well?"

Du Yuan's eyes lit up instantaneously.

The moment such a thought occurred to him, all thoughts of leaving vanished from Du Yuan's mind immediately. After a moment of hesitation, he walked toward the tea stand opposite of the mansion.

I'll drink tea there. After all, I can't possibly offend a master teacher!


"This is my wife, Yu Rou. I beseech Yang shi to save her!"

In the room, the guards left right after placing the palanquin down. Ling Tianyu kneeled onto the floor to plead with Zhang Xuan.

The man and his wife together had been through thick and thin and they had an extremely close relationship. As long as he was able to save her, no amount was too great a price!

Clearly, he had heard of Zhang Xuan's 'name' from Sun Qiang's mouth.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan stood up. Upon seeing the lady on the palanquin, he frowned.

The lady seemed to be around Ling Tianyu's age, but time didn't seem to have left many scars on her face. Even though she wasn't exceptionally beautiful, she exuded a natural disposition that induced trust and tranquility in others.

However, such a blessed woman was lying motionless on the palanquin with her eyes tightly shut.

"Her condition seems to be worse than I have expected!"

Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

He had only come into contact with the Southern Blood Jade and from it, he knew that the object could cause nearly irreversible damage to ordinary humans. Initially, he thought that as long as he destroyed the blood jade and nourished the body of the patient, she should recover swiftly. However, upon catching sight of the lady, he knew that he had underestimated the severity of the matter.

It was clear that the other party had fallen into a coma. If she didn't receive treatment soon, even Zhang Xuan might find himself powerless to save her.

"I was still thinking that... If she was awake, I could ask her to execute a punching routine so that I can compile a book, find the flaws and treat her. But now... What should I do?"

Zhang Xuan was in distress.

He had thought the matter out too simply previously. If the other party was awake, he could have her execute a battle technique and the Library of Heaven's Path would compile a book, from which, he would be able to learn how he should treat her!

This way, even if he wasn't able to find a clear remedy for the matter, he would still be able to say some things about her condition and perhaps, come up with some solution to alleviate her condition.

However... her lying there was no different from being a corpse, how could he go around doing it?

It was impossible to get her to execute a punching routine...

Sigh, it sure isn't easy acting as an expert! It is getting harder and harder to make a living nowadays!

"Yang shi, can my wife be treated?"

Seeing that the other person had walked several rounds around Yu Rou, Ling Tianyu's frown deepened and anxiety was displayed clearly on his face.

"Don't be so anxious, I'm still observing her condition!"

Zhang Xuan was already feeling extremely stressed. Now, upon being questioned by the other party, he felt even more dispirited.

He had already boasted about his abilities. It would be embarrassing to fail at such a crucial moment.

If he were to fail with the very first customer, not only would all of his preparations be in vain, his reputation would also be shattered. His prestige as a master teacher would be shaken.

By then, it would truly be a dream to earn twenty million gold coins in nine days.


Upon hearing that the other party mention that he was still observing the situation and not that there was no cure for his wife, Ling Tianyu heaved a sigh of relief. Even so, he couldn't help but rub his hands together nervously by the corner.

"Flaws... flaws! Why won't you come out..."

Circling another two rounds, he kept shouting such words in his mind. Yet, the Library of Heaven's Path was totally unreactive, as though it was dead. Zhang Xuan felt so depressed that he could have spat a mouthful of blood.

It looked like... Just like how it was the many other times before, the library could only compile a book of weaknesses when a person was executing a battle technique. He circled around the person, shouted in his mind, gritted his teeth and scratched his head furiously...

But... As expected, it was all useless...

"Looks like I have really failed at such a crucial timing..."

He circled a few more rounds and confirmed that there was truly no movements in the library at all. Just as Zhang Xuan was about to helplessly declare to the other party that he was unable to cure her, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

He stopped and lifted his head to look at Ling Tianyu with a look of excitement.

"Yang shi..."

Seeing his movements come to a halt, Ling Tianyu's nervousness surged once more. He understood that the other party had arrived at a conclusion and intended to tell him about it.

Life or death, his wife's fate hinged on this moment!

"There's no need to worry. The situation isn't that bad yet!" Upon seeing his nervousness, Zhang Xuan consoled him.

"Yang shi, you can just speak the truth. I can bear the truth, no matter what it is..."

Ling Tianyu gritted his teeth.

"There's nothing much I can tell you now. How about this, you lift your wife up so that I can touch her!"

Zhang Xuan said.

"Touch... my wife?"

In an instant, Ling Tianyu's face became as dark as ink.

-laoshi is an address for normal teachers whereas -shi is an address of master teachers.



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