Chapter 138: Treatable

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You want to touch my wife before me? Furthermore, I am to lift her for you...

Even though you are a master teacher, you can't humiliate me like that!

Ling Tianyu clenched his fists tightly and the sound of him grinding teeth resounded in the room. He was on the verge of going on mad.

Hearing those words, Sun Qiang, who was watching the situation by the side, nearly fainted as well.

As expected of the old master, he sure is domineering!

To have the husband help up his own wife for you to touch...

As a master teacher, he could have all the women he wanted. Yet, to think that he would have such an interest. Looks like I have to hide my wife from him in the future...

Of course, I have to find a wife first...

"Forget it, it is better not to lift her up, given her condition. I will go over and touch her myself!"

As Zhang Xuan's sight was fixated on the lady lying on the floor, who was dressed in elaborate palace attire, he was oblivious to the two’s expressions. After seeing no one move into action after saying those words, he gestured with his hands to renounce his previous order.

Given the lady's situation, it was best not to lift her up. If she were to die from the movement, Zhang Xuan would be in trouble.

"You will go over and touch her yourself?"

Ling Tianyu felt that the other party was trampling on his dignity mercilessly.

Since I won't help you, you are going to help yourself?

To not even spare a lady who is in a coma, you are unbefitting of the title of a master teacher. You are a beast!

As he was on the verge of losing control of his temper and about to enter a rage, the other party was already before Yu Rou and had stretched out his hands toward her wrist.


Even if it would spell his death, he was unwilling to allow anyone to defile his wife’s dignity. But just when he was about to get violent, such a scene unfolded before him. Ling Tianyu was stupefied.

The heck, what is going on?

Didn't you say that you are going to touch’ her?

Could it be that the touch' you spoke of refers to feeling her pulse? There are acupoints on one's wrist and a teacher would often come into contact with a student's wrist when guiding them on their cultivation. However, that is what you call touch too?

Do you need to act so darned misleading?

Brother, let me tell you. If not for your identity as a master teacher, you will be beaten to death if you speak in such a manner outside...

Sun Qiang's mouth was also twitching.

Old master's ability in linguistics is really... atrocious!

Everyone thought that he had vile intentions in mind when he said that he was going to ‘touch' Ling Tianyu's wife. Yet... To actually mean this...

Why did you have to make such a proper and upright matter sound so wretched…

To make me misunderstand your intentions as well...

Feeling one's pulse was also called touching one's pulse. Zhang Xuan spoke casually and he didn't think that his words would cause such a huge misunderstanding. He was also oblivious to the fact that the physicians in this world did not 'feel one's pulse' while diagnosing the patient. Rather, they operated just like the Western doctors in his previous life, conducting all kinds of test to analyzing the patient’s condition instead.

Thus, when Ling Tianyu heard him say touch, it was impossible for him to fathom that he meant touching his wife's pulse, as there wasn't such a practice in this world. This was also the reason why such a misunderstanding was generated.



Zhang Xuan didn't know that their minds had gone through a roller coaster ride. Rather, he was pondering over the idea that had emerged in his mind just a moment ago.

The Library of Heaven's Path other ability —— Appraising Treasures!

Back then, when he competed with Master Mo Yang, he had used such an ability. As long as it was a tangible object, he could compile a manual on its weakness just by touching it. Right now, this lady was deep in a coma and her condition was not much different from a dead person. As such, it was impossible for her to execute a punching routine...

Was it possible for a book on her to be compiled by touching her?

That was the reason why he wanted to touch the other party. Of course, in his mind, he simply thought of this lady as a tangible object.

If Ling Tianyu were to know of his true thoughts, he would probably vomit blood.

His wife wasn't dead yet... And to be treated as an object...


The moment his finger came into contact with the other party's wrist, the Library of Heaven's Path, which had remained inert for quite some time now, jolted and a book appeared before him. Zhang Xuan almost leaped into the air due to intense joy.

It was only a conjecture on his part. To think that it would truly work!

He turned his attention to the book hurriedly and the words 'Yu Rou' was written on the cover.

Flipping over, the details of the other party's life and her flaws were written within.

"Yu Rou, 43 years of age, a citizen of Tianxuan Royal City, the wife of Tianyu Merchant Firm's boss, Ling Tianyu, Fighter 2-dan primary stage..."

"Flaws: No.1, the meridians within her body are weak, making it impossible for her to practice profound cultivation techniques to generate zhenqi! No.2, her talent toward cultivation is lacking, her ability to sense spiritual energy in the air is too weak... No.8, the body had been corroded by the aura of the Southern Blood Jade, causing her Eight Extraordinary Meridians to be blocked. The specific locations where the eight meridians are blocked are..."

Several pages of the book were densely filled with such information.

All of Yu Rou's flaws were detailed within.

"Looks like it is only a problem of blockages in her meridians. This is easy..."

After reading the book, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Initially, he was still worried that he would not be able to find a remedy if her illness turned out to be difficult to cure. If that happened, he would just explain the problem to Ling Tianyu and send him away. At the very least, he was able to account the situation to the other party. However, since it was only a blockage of her meridians, things became so much simpler.

It was similar to the problems that Liu Yang, Wang Ying and Zhao Yan faced and it wasn't complicated to resolve.

Of course, that was only to him. Anyone else, even if it were a Fighter 8-dan Zongshi expert, would also find it unfathomable to solve such problems.

The meridians of a human's body are inherently weak. Once it becomes blocked, one could only try to penetrate through the blockage through consistent effort over long periods of time.

However, Zhang Xuan was different.

As he cultivated the Heaven's Path Divine Art, his zhenqi was completely pure and free from contaminants. With as such a zhenqi infused into one's body, any kinds of blockages, even if it were due to a thin and narrow meridian, could be broken through immediately. There was no problem whatsoever.

This was also the basis for why he was able to help Zhao Yanfeng and Sun Qiang break through so quickly and resolve Wang Ying's problem so easily.

"Yang shi, how is it?"

Upon seeing him done feeling his wife's pulse, Ling Tianyu's anxiety started to surge once more.

"It is not a difficult matter to solve your wife's illness!"

Zhang Xuan returned to his seat and gestured majestically.

"Not a difficult matter?"

Ling Tianyu's eyes narrowed. His tightly clenched fists finally loosened and he kneeled to the floor in agitation, "Yang shi, I beg of you to save my wife!"

He had gone through all means to save Yu Rou, but even the number one physician in Tianxuan Kingdom, Master Yuanyu, was helpless before her illness. He thought that it was all hopeless, but the heavens had left a path for him. This Yang shi was able to treat her!

The exhilaration he felt at this moment was clear to see.

"Death is abhorred by the heavens. If I did not intend to help you, I wouldn't have interfered in your affairs ar Tianyu Merchant Firm!" Zhang Xuan waved his hands and had him stand up. However, a frown soon appeared on his face, "But..."

Even though it wasn't difficult for him to treat her, if he were to make a move so easily, wouldn't all of the efforts he made before be in vain?

"Regardless of what that is needed, as long as it is something Yang shi speaks of, I will definitely fulfill the requests even if it means my bankruptcy!"

Ling Tianyu said.

Seeing how cooperative the other party was, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Indeed, a businessman's instincts are sharp! Just a single word and the other party understood what he was hinting at!

"Your wife's body had been corroded by the aura for an extremely long time. It is not very possible for her to be completely treated within a short period of time. It will probably take ten days... nine days. Furthermore, you will have to spend quite a sum of money to purchase expensive medicinal herbs for her treatment every day!"

Initially, Zhang Xuan wanted to say ten days but recalling that one day had already passed, he immediately changed his words.

Actually, given his pure zhenqi, it would only take a moment for him to treat her completely. As for the reason why he said that it would take nine days... Of course, it was to make more money.

Facing a lack of money, he had no choice. Even though her treatment was dragged out, at the very least, she would be saved. This was much better than watching her die!

"Yang shi, what medicinal herbs do you need? I will go and buy them now!"

After hearing that Yang shi could treat his wife, Ling Tianyu had already regarded him as a deity. He wouldn't fuss over how long it would take and how expensive the medicinal herbs were.

However, the moment he said those words, the calm Yang shi suddenly looked over with a darkened face and a cold glare.



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