Chapter 139: Great Loss

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It was no wonder why Zhang Xuan wasn't happy. Even though he had said expensive medicinal herbs, it was actually an excuse. Given how his pure zhenqi was more than sufficient to open up her blocked meridians, why would he need medicinal herbs?

If the other party were to buy it himself, how could he earn his money?

Just as he was thinking about how he could get the other party to fork out the money obediently, Ling Tianyu slapped his forehead suddenly and grinned, "Yang shi, actually, I am not really knowledgeable about medicinal herbs. I'm afraid that you would have to buy the required herbs yourself!"

After which, he presented a stack of bills.

It was not that he understood the meaning behind Zhang Xuan's actions. Rather, all fighters had their own secrets. Since this master teacher is able to treat his wife when even Master Yuanyu found himself helpless before her, he must have his own exclusive secret treatment formula.

Wouldn't he be exposing the other party's secret treatment formula if he were to buy the medicinal herbs?

It was no wonder he was displeased!

As such, he immediately changed his words.

"Un!" Just by reflecting briefly, Zhang Xuan understood the reason by the changes in Ling Tianyu's actions as well. Without explaining in the least, he gestured for Sun Qiang to accept the stack of bills.

How could a master teacher personally grab that stack of money personally? It is unbefitting of his position!

"Alright, I will begin her treatment now!"

After successfully laying his hands of the gold bills, Zhang Xuan didn't dawdle any further. He walked over to Yu Rou, whipped out his silver needles, and inserted it at the points where her meridians were blocked.

Simultaneously, zhenqi was infused into the other party’s body.


The pure zhenqi swept through her body and all the shackles in her body disappeared instantaneously.

Ying ning! The unconscious Yu Rou slowly opened her eyes.


Ling Tianyu and the others present in the room were astounded.

Didn't you say that it would be difficult to treat her... That it will take nine days of effort along with an exorbitant sum?

Yet, in a few moments, she was already awake. Furthermore, it looked as though he had merely placed a few needles on her…

"Crap, I made a blunder..."

Clearly, Zhang Xuan didn't expect that the other party would awaken so quickly as well. Zhang Xuan nearly threw up blood.

If she woke up so quickly, how could he continue to suck money off Ling Tianyu?

The Library of Heaven's Path only detailed flaws on a person's body. It didn't record what would happen once those flaws were resolved and as such, Zhang Xuan wouldn't have known the unblocking of which specific meridian would help her regain her conscious. Initially, he had intended to spread the workload over nine days, clearing a few areas of meridian blockage every single day. This way, he would be able to drag out the treatment and earn a greater sum from Ling Tianyu. Yet, he didn't expect that just by clearing a few points, she would awaken.

Cough cough.

She woke up too quickly... It felt as though there was no difficulty in his treatment at all. How could he dupe the other party's money like that?

Zhang Xuan felt dismal.

"Incredible, Yang shi!"

After the initial astonishment, Ling Tianyu felt completely impressed by the other party's means.

Even though it looked like he had just placed a few needles on the other party's body, it was actually an extremely profound art. It contained secrets that outsiders would find hard to comprehend. Otherwise, why wasn't Master Yuanyu able to do the same? On the other hand, this Yang shi was able to cure his wife in an instant through this art.

Clearly, this was the disparity between their capabilities!


Initially, Zhang Xuan thought that the other party would feel as though he had wasted his money for naught. Contrary to his expectations, the admiration in the other party's gaze simply deepened. Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief, waved his hands casually and said, "The first day of treatment only helps her regain her consciousness. I will look for some special herbs to help her nourish her strength. After I'm done, I will send someone to bring it over."


Ling Tianyu hurriedly nodded his head.

"Un!" After which, Zhang Xuan didn't speak any longer.

"Then, we shall not disturb Yang shi any longer..."

After which, he gestured for his subordinate to lift the palanquin and prepared to leave.


Before the two subordinates could even lift the palanquin, the lady on the palanquin spoke and slowly stood up.

"Your body is still weak. Quickly, lie down..."

Seeing her stand up, Ling Tianyu hurriedly walked over.

"There's no need for that. My entire body has gone numb after lying for half a year. I want to walk about..."

Under the support of her husband, even though Yu Rou's body was still weak, walking did not pose a big problem.

"This is Yang shi. He's the one who treated you."

Ling Tianyu quickly introduced.

"Yang shi? Master teacher?"

Yu Rou's eyes narrowed and she quickly bowed down, "Yu Rou thank Yang shi for saving my life..."

"It’s just a small thing."

Zhang Xuan was weeping within, but on the surface, he maintained an indifferent and casual expression.

Witnessing his attitude, Ling Tianyu and the others felt even more impressed.

This is a true master teacher!

After solving a major problem, he didn't bother vying for compliments or demand rewards. His attitude was truly admirable.

It was laughable that they misunderstood him just now... To think that they evaluated such a gentleman by their standards.

Soon, Ling Tianyu brought his wife out of the courtyard. After which, Sun Qiang immediately presented the gold bills in his palms.

Taking a casual glance, Zhang Xuan was astonished within.

There were ten notes of a hundred thousand each in there. In total, it added up to a million.

Yang Mo had to dupe innumerable people in order to earn that much money. Yet, a master teacher was able to receive that much in just a single treatment session... It was truly frightening.

However... After the initial astonishment, Zhang Xuan's head hurt once more.

A million may seem like a huge sum but to his current situation... It was an insufficient and meager sum.

He wanted to stall the treatment for an additional few more days to earn a little bit more money. Yet... Not only did the other party regain her consciousness, she even walked out of his mansion herself. It wasn't wise for him to drag it out under such a situation.

"The condition of Lord Ling's wife was something that had left the entire Tianxuan City stumped. Yet, with a moment of effort, old master was able to get her to regain her consciousness. In fact, she even became well enough to walk. Incredible..."

Sun Qiang muttered under his breath excitedly. His admiration for the old master overflowed from within and appeared in his words and expression.

However, hearing those words, Zhang Xuan felt even more depressed.

It wasn't easy for him to ensnare a billionaire. Yet, due to his lack of knowledge on the treatment’s effectiveness, he failed to grab a huge sum from the other party. Just the thought of it caused sadness to well up within him.

"Forget it, a million is still money anyway!"

Since he was unable to drag it out, he might as well get it over and done with. Zhang Xuan passed Sun Qiang a gold bill, wrote a list and had him go out to buy some herbs.

As a person who became an apothecary through Pill Debate, Zhang Xuan was unable to forge pills. Even so, prescribing some medicinal powder to nourish one's body was still a simple task to him.

Let's just treat these medicinal powder as expensive 'precious medicinal herbs'!

The other party wouldn't check on it for fear of incurring his wrath anyway.


"Boss, another pot of tea!"

Du Yuan found a table to occupy at the tea stand and casually threw a gold coin over.


The boss was a fifty-year-old or so elderly. He brought a pot over to Du Yuan's table with a wide smile.

"Boss, I have something to ask you..."

Seeing that the tea stand was directly opposite the mansion, Du Yuan couldn't help but ask him.

"Customer, feel free to voice any queries that you have..."

Upon seeing the gold coin in Du Yuan's hand, the boss's eyes immediately lit up.

"I would like to ask about the opposite..."

As he spoke, Du Yuan pointed to the opposite mansion, but his words stopped abruptly when he saw the gates to the mansion opening slowly.

"Hm? Sun Qiang is coming out again?"

Initially, he thought that it was Sun Qiang who come out to settle some affairs. However, he soon realized that he was wrong when he saw Ling Tianyu, who had just entered a moment ago, supporting another person out.

"Is this... Ling Tianyu's wife?"

Du Yuan shuddered. His heart almost stopped from astonishment.

He had met Ling Tianyu's wife twice and as such, he was able to recognize her. It was just a moment ago that she was carried in on a palanquin...

And she is already on her own feet?

Must it be so exaggerated?

Could I be seeing things...

If he didn't know for a fact that Ling Tianyu's wife was truly ill, he would have thought that the other party was just acting...

The heck, this was an illness which even Master Yuanyu was helpless about. It hadn't even been ten minutes since she was carried in... And she was walking about ...

Du Yuan didn't know whether something was wrong with his eyes or instead, something was wrong with the world.



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