Chapter 140: News Spreads

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Tianxuan Royal City, in the interiors of the Du Clan Residence.

A middle-aged man walked out of a room that overlooked a tranquil pond, carrying a pot of cooling tea.

Every day after lunch, he had a habit he engaged in and that was... drinking cooling tea!

This was the time when he would be the most relaxed. He had already ordered for no one to interrupt him, even if it were his own son.

He was once a radiant genius of Tianxuan Kingdom's Du Clan, a serious contender for the position of clan head. However, he is only an ordinary elder now.

Du Miaoxuan, Du Yuan's father!

Even though his cultivation had fallen tremendously after a severe bout of illness and his faction had already weakened after the years of oppression, his presence nevertheless commanded respect. No one dared to disobey his orders. No one would dare to interrupt his moment of tranquility.

"Right now, I still wield a certain level of control over the situation. However, when I die, my successor will surely be expelled. If it comes down to that... I should have Yuan-er leave the clan first! Otherwise, there could be complications!"

Lying on the reclining chair, his eyes were gently shut.

At this point, his words seemed to still hold some weight. That was because the other party did not consider him as a threat for the clan head position and allowed him to be. However, if he were to die or if the old clan head above him were to retire, his faction would definitely be unable to hold on and hence, collapse without fail.

The outsiders only saw the glory and prestige of being in a powerful clan, but they failed to see the schemes and underhanded fights that occurred within. The intensity was in no way inferior to the struggle for power within the royal palace; a single moment of carelessness could result in being crippled and damned for all eternity.

"Father, father..."

Just when his mind had quietened and he began to muse over the future, a panicked voice rang. Then, he saw his profligate son charging in with an agitated look.

"Didn't I say to not interrupt me at such times?"

Du Miaoxuan's face darkened.


Du Yuan froze for a moment. Only now did he recall that it was his father's personal resting time.

"Get out!"


Witnessing his father’s rage, Du Yuan's swallowed his words and walked back out.

"Wait a moment, for you to come looking for me so anxiously, is there something wrong?" After taking a sip of cooling tea, Du Miaoxuan's anger subsided. Lying horizontally on the chair, his eyes were half-closed.

"A... A master teacher had arrived in the city and he cured Ling Tianyu's wife's illness. I was thinking that... isn't father injured as well? Perhaps, we could pay him a visit so that he can take a look..."

With a lowered head, he uttered the news which he had just gathered. However, before he could finish his words, he sensed a peculiarity in the atmosphere. Upon lifting his head his head to take a look, he almost fell to the ground.

Unknowingly, his father, who was lying on the chair a moment ago, was already standing right in front of him. His eyes were as round as a gong and his body quivered uncontrollably. Even though the cup of cooling tea that he held in his hands had spilled onto the ground, he seemed to be totally unaware.

"Father..." Du Yuan stared at his father with a shocked expression.

"Father what father, repeat what you just said. A master teacher had arrived in the city?"

Grabbing his son's shoulder suddenly, Du Miaoxuan lost all traces of serenity that was seen on mere second ago.

"It was witnessed personally, so it is definitely true..."

Du Yuan quickly spoke of everything he had learned.

Actually, he knew about his father's condition. His meridians were blocked as a result of that severe illness and everyday, when afternoon came, his zhenqi would flow erratically and he would behave embarrassingly.

Because he was afraid of others discovering it, he cultivated the habit of drinking cooling tea.

It served as a front for concealment.

"Father, this master teacher possesses extraordinary means. Shall we pay him a visit..."

After recounting what he had seen, Du Yuan asked. But before he could finish his words, he noticed that his father, usually a calm man, was already 10 meters ahead of him, shouting, "Why are you in a daze? Hurry up! Let's pay the master teacher a visit..."

"..." It took Du Yuan a long moment to regain his senses. "Father, your shoes..."

Previously, his father had removed his shoes to lie on the chair and he hadn't put them on yet. Furthermore, his clothes were still in a mess... yet, he wanted to leave like that... One must know that he is an extremely austere man. One of the things he hated the most was a messy outer appearance.


Hearing his son's words, Du Miaoxuan came to a realization. He tidied up his appearance quickly and proceeded with big strides. It was after he left the residence that he realized something, "Right, son. Where does that master teacher you spoke of live?"


Du Yuan.


"What did you say? A master teacher has appeared in the city? He treated Ling Tianyu's wife within ten minutes?"

"How is that possible? It must be a fake rumor. Even Master Yuanyu was helpless before her illness. No matter how incredible master teachers can be, their medical capabilities can't possibly exceed that of a true physician!"

"I also think that it might be an exaggeration. After all, such things only happen in one's dream."

"I heard that the person is called Yang Xuan. Of the nine great kingdoms around Tianxuan Kingdom, there are only a few master teachers and I have never heard of this name!"

"Perhaps he might just be an incredible physician, and the rumors simply went out of hand. If he were a true master physician, how could it be possible for Emperor Shen Zhui to not know of it?"

"Emperor Shen Zhui had been looking forward to having a master teacher in our empire more than the rest of us. I heard that he had specially sent quite a few invitations to them. If one had arrived in the capital, how could it be possible for him to be unaware?

"Regardless of the truth, we just have to send some people to look into it to know the truth..."

The same situation appeared in countless great clans and powers.

Ling Tianyu could be considered as one of the more prestigious figures in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. How could anyone not doubt after hearing that he had camped outside a mansion overnight?

The moment their investigations revealed that a master teacher was involved, news started spreading like wildfire.

Even so, no one really believed the rumors.

Even the lowest 1-star master teacher had to be welcomed with a state ceremony, so how could one just appear in such a humble mansion so abruptly without the slightest bit of news?


Such heated debates had broken out everywhere, but the person-in-question, Zhang Xuan, was oblivious. At this moment, he was looking at Sun Qiang with a deep frown on his face.

"That's weird, why does it not appear when I touch him?"

After Ling Tianyu left, he couldn't help but experiment generating books by touching others upon recalling the incident.

Eventually, he touched every single part of Sun Qiang's body, but nothing happened.

"Xiao Qiang, lie down." Zhang Xuan ordered.

"Lie down?" Sun Qiang's mouth twitched and he was on the verge of tears.

Going by logic, no matter what the old master wanted him to do, he was willing to cooperate fully. But... touching his body as he pleased... he felt as though he was about to go mad.

Previously, he was alarmed when he heard the old master say that he wanted to touch Ling Tianyu's wife; he thought that the old master had a unique interest in such things. In the end, when the misunderstandings cleared up, he heaved a sigh of relief.

In the end, it seemed like his interest wasn't in females, but in males...

Even more so... He wasn't satisfied with just touching, he wanted him to lie down...

My innocence... My chastity...

"Old master..."

"Hurry up!" Zhang Xuan frowned in displeasure. He was unhappy about Sun Qiang's protest, especially when all he wanted him to do was to lie down.

"Yes!" With tears welling up in his eyes, Sun Qiang lied down and waited for old master's 'beastly assault'. However, all the old master did was to touch his wrist and the other parts of his body. With a perplexed voice, the old master said, "That's weird, why isn't there any reaction?"

"Reaction? Old master, what... what kind of reaction do you want?" Sun Qiang shuddered.

To be fondling his body, could it be that... He wanted him to be aroused first?

After so long, it turned out that he was a 'bottom'?

When that thought emerged in his mind, Sun Qiang shivered in disgust.

"No reaction at all... Ah, correct!" Just as his mind began to run wild, the 'old master' slapped his forehead, seemingly thought of something. The old master lowered his head to look at him, "Xiao Qiang, don't move. I will try knocking you unconscious..."

"..." Sun Qiang felt his head spinning.

What is going on?

Old master, what do you want to do...

Could it be that... You feel embarrassed because I'm conscious?



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