Chapter 141: You're a Beast

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Finally overcoming Sun Qiang's attempts to struggle, Zhang Xuan managed to knock him unconscious.

Upon contact with the unconscious Sun Qiang, a book immediately appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind.

Only then did Zhang Xuan understand how it worked.

For those who were conscious, executing a movement, even if it wasn't a battle technique, would cause the compilation of a book on them. As time went by, the contents detailed inside would also change automatically. After all, humans were beings with learning capabilities and as such, their flaws would constantly change.

On the other hand, those who are unconscious are treated as objects. A book would be compiled upon coming into contact with them.

The two scenarios do not conflict and the difference was clear and simple. It was a matter of whether the person in question was conscious or not.

Knowing that the library had such an ability, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

If he were to meet with another case like Ling Tianyu's wife, he just had to touch them. He wouldn't panic as he did this round.

"Old master, an elder from Du Clan, Du Miaoxuan, requests an audience!"

After waking up, Sun Qiang examined his body and after confirming that he hadn't been assaulted, heaved a sigh of relief. He took his leave hurriedly, but after a moment, came back to report.

"An elder from Du Clan? Have him come in!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands and returned to his seat.

Looks like the news regarding Ling Tianyu had spread rather quickly. Someone is already here to pay a visit.


"You say that you witnessed it yourself? Sun Qiang himself claimed that a master teacher resides in here?"

Outside, Du Miaoxuan turned to look at his son doubtfully.

Due to his illness, his cultivation fell tremendously. As such, when he heard that a master teacher had come to visit, he lost his decorum immediately. But on his way here, he gradually calmed down and noticed suspicious points.

Why would a master teacher suddenly appear here without any news? Furthermore, how could he be staying in such a small mansion?

Also, a true master teacher has countless disciples and followers. There was no need for a master teacher to hire the boss of a realtor store as his butler.

There were too many illogical parts to the story.

"Sun Qiang said it himself. Also, I witnessed the happenings with Ling Tianyu's wife personally!" Du Yuan explained.

"Un!" Du Miaoxuan nodded his head.

Regardless of whether the other party was a true master teacher or not, this was a chance. If he turned out to be a fraud, he could choose to leave at any moment.


The doors to the courtyard opened and Sun Qiang emerged. "The old master happens to be free, please enter!"

Du Miaoxuan and Du Yuan exchanged a glance before entering the mansion.

The mansion was decorated in the manner similar to how a philistine merchant would and there was nothing outstanding about it to him. The further Du Miaoxuan proceeded, the more he thought that the other party could be a fraud.

Soon, they arrived at the main hall.

"Old master, this is Elder Du Miaoxuan and his son, Du Yuan!" Sun Qiang said.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan turned around and invited, "Please be seated!"

"Yes!" Du Miaoxuan and his son sat on the guests' seats. At the same time, they secretly assessed the 'master teacher' before them.

He looked to be in his forties, but his skin was smooth, so it was likely for him to be younger than he appeared to be.

Gedeng, Du Miaoxuan's heart skipped a beat.

The man had concealed his appearance.

When he was younger, he once left to accumulate worldly experience and had opened his eyes to many different things. He had once seen such a face-changing technique.

If he were a real master teacher, why would he change his appearance?

Clearly, he was a fake!

Perhaps, he might be working together with Ling Tianyu, and this inexperienced son of his took it for real!

As such, his heart chilled and his face darkened.

Noticing his expression, Zhang Xuan felt a little dismal.

Didn't this fellow come over after hearing how he helped Ling Tianyu?

Why was he displaying such an attitude to a master teacher?

He remained silent, and Du Miaoxuan didn't speak either. As such, the air in the main hall stilled and the atmosphere grew awkward.

"It's like that, my father had once fallen severely ill and it caused a great fall in his cultivation. After hearing that Yang shi is here, we came over hoping that Yang shi could take a look to see if there's possible a remedy for his problem..."

Seeing that his father remained silent, Du Yuan hurriedly spoke up, full of anxiety.

Wasn't father very excited on the way here? Why isn't he speaking now that he had arrived? It would be terrible if we offend Yang shi because of this.

"Am I a physician?"

Zhang Xuan lifted his eyebrows in displeasure.

Since he was feigning as a master teacher, he had to carry the prestige of one. Given how the other party clearly doubted his identity, if he were to anxiously go straight into treating the other party, wouldn't that be unbefitting of his status?

"No... That's not it!"

Du Yuan was taken aback. He tugged on his father's sleeves immediately, "Father..."

"Oh! My son didn't put his words properly, please forgive him!"

Upon confirming that the fellow before him was a fraud, Du Miaoxuan no longer maintained the respectful attitude he held just before. Even so, he maintained basic courtesy, "I met with some problems on my cultivation and upon hearing of Yang shi's arrival, I could not help but make a visit hoping to learn from you. I hope that Yang shi would be so generous as to guide me along!"

"Problems with your cultivation?"

Taking in the other party's words, Zhang Xuan was affirmative that the other party was suspicious of his identity. He frowned in puzzlement.

Considering both his disposition and background, there shouldn't have been any problems at all. Why would the other party doubt him?

It was no wonder that he wasn't able to realize his mistakes. He was a mere librarian and a true-blue shut-in in his previous life. The reason why he was able to convince Ling Tianyu was because the man did not possess much experience in the pugilistic world, and as such, he was blind to the flaws in his disguise. However, his camouflage was indeed insufficient to fool experienced and streetwise veterans such as Du Miaoxuan.


Detecting the lack of respect in his father's voice, Du Yuan started to panic.

Father had always been a calm and prudent person, why is he acting so recklessly today?

The other party was a master teacher! Even Ling Tianyu had to kneel outside for an entire night before he could pay him a visit. It was already a blessing that we were allowed to enter immediately, so we should make full use of the opportunity. But why...

"Oh? What do you want to learn?"

Even though he was curious why the other party doubted his identity, Zhang Xuan wasn't worried in the least. Instead, he looked at him with interest.

Even though he was pretending to be a master teacher, he wasn't truly deceiving his customers. With the Library of Heaven's Path, even a true master teacher would be unable to match his abilities in identifying one's problems. So... You doubt me?

I will make you not dare to doubt me.

"I have just learned a new battle technique and found it hard to grasp. I hope that Yang shi can correct me!"

Immediately after finishing his sentence, Du Miaoxuan stood up.

From what he sees, the person before him is definitely a fraud. Since you want to play off as a master teacher, I will execute a punching routine before you. When you find yourself stumped, I will tear off your disguise!


Before Zhang Xuan could reply, Du Miaoxuan clenched his fists and started moving around the room.

As expected of an ex-genius, his fists were forceful and it brought an intense pressure to the audiences. His techniques and moves were also profound.

Du Miaoxuan was a Pixue realm expert. Due to the severe illness, he plunged to Dingli realm. Even so, his strength didn't fall much in comparison. With his current strength, he would be able to match with even Pixue realm intermediate stage experts!

It was no wonder that he was able to remain as an elder in Du Clan despite being in just Dingli realm. He had true strength indeed.


After finishing his punching routine, he retracted his fists.

"Please offer me your guidance!" Du Miaoxuan clasped his fists as he stared at Zhang Xuan with piercing eyes. He wanted to hear what would that fraud had to say.

"You want me to offer you my guidance?"

Aware of his thoughts, Zhang Xuan looked at him impassively.

"Yes!" Du Miaoxuan replied calmly.

"Your Fleeting Fist is indeed incredible, you should have reached 3-dan for it already. However... You seem to be unable to control your strength effectively. If I'm not wrong..."

At this point, Zhang Xuan opened his eyes and a playful smile crept onto his lips.

"You are a beast!"



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