Chapter 142: Kneeling Outside

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Hearing those words, Sun Qiang and the others present in the room froze.

Especially Du Yuan, his complexion turned awful immediately.

Even if there were problems with his father's punching routine, how could an upright master teacher humiliate someone so casually and call him a beast?

That was a personal attack!

"Yang shi, even if my father has offended you, there shouldn't be a need for you to insult him in such a manner..."

Gritting his teeth in anger, Du Yuan protested.

"Insult?" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "Ask your father whether I am insulting him or not."


Du Yuan turned around to look at Du Miaoxuan. With a single glance, he was astonished. His father’s body was trembling uncontrollably, and the calm that he possessed a moment ago had disappeared without a trace.

"I beg for Yang shi to save me..."


Just as doubts sped through his mind, he saw his father exclaim and kneel to the floor.


Du Yuan was taken aback.

A confused expression had also appeared on Sun Qiang's face.

Is Du Miaoxuan mentally impaired? Or is he a masochist?

His tone was so forceful a moment ago, but when he failed to perform as an expert, even getting insulted by the old master at that, he immediately kneeled down?

"Xiao Qiang, send our guests off!"

Ignoring Du Miaoxuan was kneeling on the floor, Zhang Xuan waved them away.

What a joke, what do you take me for? You doubted my identity and even tried to test me, and now you expect me to save you?

"Yes!" Sun Qiang drew closer. "Please leave!"

"Please forgive me for being blind, I beg of you to give me a second chance..."

Upon hearing that Zhang Xuan was evicting them, Du Miaoxuan was horror-struck. He kowtowed immediately while feeling intense regret over his actions.

If only he had listened to his son, such a situation wouldn't have occurred.

Doubting the identity of a master teacher was equivalent to challenging his authority and prestige, it was no wonder that he was displeased.

Witnessing an influential elder of the Du Clan kowtowing over and again, Sun Qiang was at a loss. He hurriedly shot a gaze at the old master.

"Why? Does my words not matter anymore?"

Zhang Xuan frowned. Even though there was no anger in his voice, his voice was authoritative.


Sun Qiang shuddered and gestured the other guards in hurriedly, "Men, send Elder Du out."

Hearing the commands, a few guard quickly walked over.

"Elder Du, please!"

The few guards stepped forward.


Du Yuan was still unable to comprehend the situation. Why did his father not feel anger upon being insulted as a beast by Yang shi, and instead, kneeled down and begged to be saved?

"I was too rash and I admit my fault. I will wait at the gates to beg for Yang shi's forgiveness."

Du Miaoxuan kowtowed once more and walked out of his own accord. Du Yuan hurriedly followed behind him.

The moment he passed the gates, he dropped to his knees in the middle of the street facing the mansion, motionless.

"Father..." Du Yuan was about to go insane.

No matter what, his father used to be a strong contender for the position of the clan head. Even if he is now an ordinary elder, his continues to hold a distinguished position as compared to the other elders. For him to kneel in the middle of the street... Why?

Was it because the other party called him a... beast?

Could it be that... Father is truly a masochist?

"You kneel down as well!"

Before he could fully understand the situation, he heard Du Miaoxuan's cold voice sounding from beside him.

"Father..." Du Yuan gritted his teeth. "I don't understand..."

"That Yang shi is a true master teacher. I had spoken inappropriately earlier and offended him. Thus... I have to apologize to him! A master teacher is someone that cannot be insulted, even in the slightest."

"Kneel down! We can only hope that he would forgive us because... he is a true master teacher. Only he is capable of curing my illness."

"He can cure you?"

Du Yuan was confused.

He didn't recall Yang shi mention anything related before!

All he did was to insult him 'You are a beast'. Could that be the reason why father became so certain?

The more he pondered, the more confused he got.


"Old master, Elder Du and his son are kneeling before the gates!"

Hearing the subordinate’s report, Sun Qiang looked at the old master with a strange expression.

Is the old master capable of casting magic?

Initially, Du Miaoxuan wasn't respectful at all and his tone wasn't polite either. Yet, after an insult, the other party was frightened out of his wits and kneeled down immediately. In fact, he even refused to be chased out...

If he hadn’t seen it for himself, he would have thought that it was nonsense.

But the facts were laid clearly before him, he has no choice but to believe it!

"Is your family doing well? Touch your wife... You are a beast... Looks like master teachers like to speak in such a manner..."

Sun Qiang concluded based on his experience with the old master.

Putting aside this Du Miaoxuan, Ling Tianyu seemed to be the same as well. Back then, when he broke the jade lion, the billionaire was filled with rage. In the end, the old master simply asked 'is your family doing well?' before going ahead to request to touch the other party's wife...

Looks like master teachers don't like to go about doing things the normal way. Instead, they preferred to beat around the bush and exaggerate matters.

Yet, this method seemed to be extremely useful.

"Looks like these merchants and elders have to be dealt with the stick instead of the carrot. Un, maybe I should give it a try in the future?"

Sun Qiang's eyes lit up.

In his view, the reason why Du Miaoxuan switched his attitude so quickly was because the old master got angry. Seems that in future, when he meets such people, he shouldn't act subserviently. Instead, he should speak imposingly and authoritatively.

Only through this way can he instill respect in the other party.

After all, wasn't Elder Du frightened to the point of kneeling down?

Sun Qiang's thoughts became increasingly fertile.

"Next time, when the old master isn't around, I should give it a try... If it really works, the old master's impression of me might improve..." Sun Qiang thought excitedly.

"Let them kneel!"

Not aware of what his butler had come up with in the blink of an eye, Zhang Xuan casually gestured.

"Old master, what do we do now?" Sun Qiang asked.

Zhang Xuan frowned.

That was also what he was thinking.

He couldn't just rely on the money others present to him in gratitude!

Taking Ling Tianyu as an example, even though he gave a million in a single go, Zhang Xuan is still a long way off from reaching twenty million. But if he were to open his mouth to request for money, it would be unbefitting of his identity as a master teacher. Others would simply label him as a fraud.

If he refused money and simply waited for others to thank him, how much could he earn?

What if the other party thought that he, as a master teacher, cared not for material wealth but instead valued relationships heavily, wouldn't he cry himself to death?

After contemplating for some time, Zhang Xuan spoke, "I will be going out for a moment. There's no need for you to follow me. Instead, you need to do something for me."

At which, Zhang Xuan explained his plan in detail to him.

"This... This..."

Hearing his words, the butler widened his eyes in shock.

This works too?

"Go!" Zhang Xuan explained no further and urged him along.


After the previous few incidents, he understood that the old master has his reasons for doing things. Thus, he didn't ask excessively and turned around to leave. A short while later, he returned again.

Clearly, he had arranged everything that Zhang Xuan delegated him.

"If anyone comes knocking, have them wait at the door." After instructing so, Zhang Xuan walked out of the mansion.

At the gates, he didn't even spare a glance at the kneeling Du Miaoxuan before walking away.


Seeing that Yang shi had no intentions of bothering himself with them, Du Yuan panicked and called his father.

Since the other party had already left, what use was it for him to be kneeling here?

"I am not doing this just to show Yang shi. This is also to display my determination on this matter and my reflection on my mistakes. If I were to leave now, I would probably be left stuck with my problem for life." Knowing what his son was thinking of, Du Miaoxuan explained.

"I got it..."

Du Yuan lowered his head in depression.

For an elder of the Du Clan, an ex-contender for the clan head position to be kneeling in the middle of a street... What is this...



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