Chapter 143: Fetching Money

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"Did you hear? When Lord Ling sought the old master to treat his wife, he took out a million gold coins in one go, he sure is generous!"

At this moment, suppressed mutterings could be heard in the courtyard.

It appeared to be the guards of the mansion. After seeing the old master leave the mansion, they started to gossip among themselves.

"A million? Is that for real?" The other guard was clearly skeptical.

"Of course it's real, I saw it myself. It is definitely real! A million gold coins might be an astronomical sum to us, but it means nothing to a master teacher like the old master. I heard Brother Sun say that the old master only accepted it to ease the other party's mind. He didn't want him to feel like he owed him a favor." The first guard said.

"Now that you mention it, I recall that Lord Ling had also kneeled here for a night. Initially, the old master was unwilling to bother with him, but after he stuffed a sum to Brother Sun, Brother Sun, out of benevolence, helped to speak up for him, and only then did he manage to enter..." The second guard replied.

The words of the two were hushed, but they were separated by only a small gate from the street. Du Yuan's cultivation realm was low, so he could be unable to hear their conversation clearly, but those words echoed in Du Miaoxuan's ears distinctly.

"Yuan-er, get up. Return to the clan now and bring all my savings here..."

Du Miaoxuan's eyes lit up.

He was streetwise and full of experience, but that was limited to sparring, battles and logical debates. In terms of bribery and gifting, he was could not compare to a businessman. Previously, he hadn't thought of offering the other party money, but hearing those words, he was immediately enlightened.

That's right! Even though master teachers don’t accept money because of their identity, butlers are willing to accept it!

The mansion, the servants, food, and drink; which of it didn't require money?

Even a physician had to be paid after consulting him. It would be weird if the other party was welcoming since he had come empty-handed.


Du Yuan did not understand what was going on, but hearing father's words, he stood up immediately.

"I've heard that Brother Sun was reprimanded by the old master because of the matter. It seems that Lord Ling had offended the old master by doubting his identity previously. A master teacher's prestige must not be sullied. To plead with him using just a million gold coins, how would he be able to uphold his reputation in the future? The old master said that that was a one time off matter, and it mustn't happen again. Truthfully speaking, a million gold coins is truly like the heavens to us. Yet, to the old master, it wasn't even worth a plea!"

The first guard spoke.

"Indeed! When I passed by the front courtyard, I heard some people talking about it. I thought that they were lying..." The second one continued.


"Wait a moment!" Before Du Yuan could leave, his father's voice echoed in his ear once more. "Dig out those precious pills that I bought recently and sell them all. Also, bring over those savage beast skins that I had accumulated over the years together with the money..."

"Father..." Du Yuan was taken aback.

What was going on with father?

Bringing the money, selling his possessions...

"Of course it's real! I have asked Brother Sun on the matter personally. He said that when Lord Ling passed the million gold coins over, the old master didn't even take a glance at it. The reason why he treated her was because Lord Ling's wife was on the verge of death and saving someone brings one good karma. If the one who came over to plead with him was healthy, lively, and able to execute battle techniques, he definitely would ignore him..."

The voice of the first guard sounded.

"Ah?" Du Miaoxuan began to shake. Clenching his jaws, he continued to command Du Yuan, "Sell that sword of mine as well. Also... Wasn't the Third Elder interested in taking over my businesses? Talk to him. As long as he is willing to pay, all of those businesses shall be his!"


Those were already father's greatest chips within the clan. If he were to sell them all, what will happen in the future?

Du Yuan was stupefied.

"Hurry up!" Du Miaoxuan urged him.

Observing the stern expression on his father's face, Du Yuan dared not to retort. He turned around to leave at once.

"The fact that he was able to execute a battle technique showed that his body is alright. He definitely has a screw loose to doubt a master teacher!" The second guard chastised. "Even though the old master didn’t care not for wealth, that person didn't even bring a single gold coin with him. Without offering anything, he wanted the old master to exert effort to offer him pointers, wasn't he daydreaming?"

Du Miaoxuan gritted his teeth. "Also, bring you and your mother's savings over as well..."


Du Yuan staggered in his footsteps, nearly bursting into tears.

From the looks of it, his father's is already completely deranged.


The conversation between the two guards was exactly what Zhang Xuan delegated Sun Qiang.

Without 'reminding' the other party, how long would it take for them to send the money over?

In any case, those were words of the guards and it had nothing to do with him at all. They did not dare to accuse a master teacher of being a money-grubber either.

"As expected of the old master. Even after doing someone in, he wants him to pay up..." Back when Sun Qiang received the task from the old master, he also was speechless.

From the very start, the other party would have given substantial rewards to the old master to thank him for offering him his guidance. However, it was uncertain how much the sum would be. After hearing the conversation between the two guards, who would dare to be stingy?

To be able to think of a way to earn more money without sullying his prestige; to scam others without dirtying his hands... Too scheming!

Initially, just like other people, he thought that the old master did not care for money. From the looks of it... A master teacher is still human and had their own expenses to upkeep.


Leaving the residence and darting into a remote alley, Zhang Xuan removed his disguise completely.

It was exhausting to have kept the disguise on for the entire day.

"The guild should be done preparing the Meridian Rejuvenation Pill and the Body Nourishment Medicinal Solution. I should first get them for Wang Ying and Liu Yang!"

His purpose for disguising himself as a master teacher to earn money was for this. For the time being, he is unable to obtain the Unravel Yin Pill and the Colossal Rhinoceros Blood, but these other two items were easy to obtain.

Stepping into the Apothecary Guild, the two items were indeed ready. As for the remaining two, Guild Leader Ouyang had already sent an application and the headquarters would send it over from another branch.

Apothecary Guilds can be found in all large kingdoms. There were pills and treasures that Tianxuan Kingdom didn't possess, but that didn't mean that the other kingdoms didn't have them. As long as they send a request to the headquarters, the goods would be transported from the closest kingdom with stocks. This way, the delivery process was sped up. Otherwise, given how far the headquarter is from here, ten days are too short for them to bring it here!

Paying a million as a deposit, he obtained the two items successfully.

"Right, Guild Leader Ouyang, do you have Breath Forging Pills? Can you get me some?"

After housing the two objects in his storage ring, Zhang Xuan asked.

Breath Forging Pill is something extremely useful for Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm initiates. If Wang Ying and the others were to consume it, their training speed should be boosted significantly.

"I forged quite a bit of them previously and I still have a few remaining. I can give them to you right away!" Guild Leader Ouyang smiled and passed two jade bottles over.

Upon receiving the jade bottle, he looked inside and saw that there were dozens of pills in each bottle. Zhang Xuan understood that the other party was expressing his goodwill and it wasn't pleasant to reject him. As such, he nodded his head and accepted it.

Even though the quality of the Breath Forging Pill wasn't exceptionally high, it was nevertheless a grade-1 pill. Every single pill costs tens of thousand, yet Guild Leader Ouyang shared dozens of them in a single go generously.



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