Chapter 147: Can I Learn From You?

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"Ah? Spear... Spear Intent?"

Wang Chong's body swayed and he nearly fainted.

Are you for real?

How can you display Spear Intent? Furthermore, such a pure Spear Intent!

He was astonished. Noticing Zhang Xuan's embarrassed look, he nearly threw up blood.

Embarrassed? Embarrassed your head!

Brother, can you not fool others like that? Didn't you say that you never learned the way of the spear? Didn't you say that you didn't know what spear arts were?

I have started learning the way of the spear since eight and I had spent forty years since then dedicating my life to it. Even so, I am still a long way from achieving Spear Intent... Can you explain to me roughly, what is with that overwhelming Spear Intent of yours?

Didn't you say that you do not know what Spear Intent is? Then what in the world is this?

Tears streamed down Wang Cong’s face.

You shouldn't play with someone like that!

It was laughable that he had reprimanded the other party so brazenly earlier on, saying that he wouldn't understand it even if he explained it...

Where did this self-confidence come from?

Or rather, the one who didn't understand was he himself...

He hated the fact that there wasn't a hole here for him to dive into.

"This is Spear Intent?"

Ouyang Cheng was stunned.

Right after displaying a moment of Spear Intent, his old friend was already sweating profusely and panting for air, as though he had been constipated for a few days straight. Yet, this fellow was able to execute it easily as and when he liked, as though it were merely eating and drinking…

Are you the spear master, or Wang Chong is?

"You... Didn't you say that you have never learned about spears?"

Overwhelmed with shock, Ouyang Cheng asked. Wang Chong also hurriedly shifted his attention to hear how the other party would explain it.

"It is true that I haven't learned it before!" Zhang Xuan replied truthfully.

"If you have never learned it before, how can you have such a powerful Spear Intent?" Wang Chong was about to go mad.

If you were able to display such powerful Spear Intent without any prior experience, given my achievement despite how I have spent my life immersing myself in the art, I must have been spending my time on learning nonsense...

"Oh, I was just reading the books in the study and an epiphany struck me. I realized that executing spear art in this form felt the most comfortable, so I got into the form. I didn't know that this is Spear Intent!"

Zhang Xuan said after a short moment of contemplation.

Zhang Xuan wasn't trying to feign ignorance. Rather, the books in the study were truly only about the very basics of spearmanship, so there wasn't a single one that detailed Spear Intent. He only happened to grow such a disposition due to the Heaven's Path Spear Art formed through these books.

As for how Spear Intent could be used and how useful it was to a spear wielder, he had no idea at all.

Wang Chong's tears continued streaming down his face.

You described it as though it were as easy as eating and drinking, do you know how much effort I have put into the matter, only to fail time and time again?

For the past decade, I had been building my mental fortitude, entering desolate lands, overcoming the frost and withstanding the heat. Even so, I have yet to succeed. Yet, you simply came to the study, read some books and unintentionally... managed to reach such a level!

My heart! My liver! My youth!

If there were a huge pit before him, he would have definitely jumped in to bury himself alive.

Can you not destroy my confidence like that?

If you said that you had put in a lot of effort, trained daily and simply happened to achieve a breakthrough, I would feel a little better. But you have only spent two hours reading through books, and... and yet you have already achieved a breakthrough...

Furthermore, what you were reading weren't profound secret manuals. They were just elementary books on spearmanship...

If word were to spread out, all spear masters in the capital would definitely die from shame.

"Wang Chong, humans aren't born with equal talents. Perhaps, Apothecary Zhang... may truly be gifted in the way of the spear!" Seeing his despondent old friend who had been struck a heavy blow, Ouyang Cheng tried to console him.

"Alright, I can only take it as that!"

As expected of an expert spear practitioner, he had already forged his will to become as resilient as steel. Even though he was dispirited, he soon readjusted his mental state. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a young man's perplexed voice echo in the air.

"You say that I have comprehended Spear Intent, but what does Spear Intent do?"

Wang Chong's staggered once more. Enduring his crumbling heart, he explained, "Spear Intent refers to one's understanding of the spear; reaching Spear Intent means that the spear has already become an extension of the practitioner’s arms. Under such a state, any movement he makes can be considered as a spear art. This is something that can only be achieved when one reaches the pinnacle of spearmanship!"

"Any movement made can be considered as spear art?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up. "Great! If my student can comprehend Spear Intent, he would be able to achieve victory in the Freshmen Tournament!"

Since Spear Intent is that formidable, Zhang Xuan decided to give Zheng Yang a good lesson when he returned. As long as he is able to achieve such a state, even if he didn't possess profound spear arts in his arsenal, it is unlikely for him to lose to his opponent.

"You want to help your student comprehend it as well?" Wang Chong trembled.

Spear Intent is a person's understanding toward the spear. Do you think that everyone is as overpowered as you so as to be able to achieve a breakthrough just by looking at some books?

He wanted to convince the other party to drop the idea, but he didn't know where he should start from.

"Right, I have learned a technique when I was looking through the books earlier back, but I have no idea how powerful it would be. Since Brother Wang is a spear master, can you offer me some pointers?"

Zhang Xuan had no concept of Spear Intent, so he wasn't as shocked as the other party. Recalling the move that the Heaven's Path Library created, he couldn't help but speak up.

The person before him was a renowned spear master in the entire kingdom. He would definitely be able to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the move.

"You even comprehended a technique? Fine, I am also interested to see what kind of move a genius like you is able to comprehend!"

Wang Chong nodded his head and sent a subordinate to fetch a spear over.

Soon, he returned carrying two spears.

"The best way to test the strength of a move is through sparring! Apothecary Zhang, show me the move you have just comprehended!" It was as though Wang Chong had transformed the moment a spear was grasped in his hands. His aura was ferocious, as though a savage ancient beast had awakened from his sleep.

In his view, even though the other party had comprehended Spear Intent, his absolute strength and ability to wield the spear should still be inferior to him. Even if the other party has any special moves, he should be able to handle it with ease.

"Alright!" It just happened that Zhang Xuan wanted to try out his move. Thus, he casually grabbed the other spear.

He had never once grabbed a spear in his life. However, after comprehending Spear Intent, the spear felt like a perfect fit in his hands.

"Let's begin!"

The moment Zhang Xuan felt so, his aura evolved immediately, as though the ordinary young man from before had become a domineering conqueror.


Charging forward, his spear shot out explosively from his palms.

This technique was something he created after compiling the essence of thousands of manuals. All of the complexities had been simplified into this one single concise move. The zhenqi in his entire body churned and the spear flew out as though a massive rising from the ocean, soaring into the skies.


Initially, he didn't pay much heed to Wang Chong, but upon witnessing the spear piercing straight at him, goosebumps were raised on his body immediately and he was almost scared witless.

The move may look simple, inelegant and even ugly, but it focused all of the cultivator's strength and spirit into a single point. This... This... This was supreme spear art!


Without much time to think, Wang Chong's exerted all his strength in one stroke and met Zhang Xuan's blow with one of his own.

Unleashing his full strength, his cultivation realm was also revealed... Fighter 7-dan, Tongxuan realm!


The two spears met in the air and a massive shock wave was generated, sending intense gusts to the surroundings.

Deng deng deng deng!

Zhang Xuan retreated seven to eight steps before stopping. On the other hand, Wang Chong was still rooted to his spot.

It was clear who the victor was in the simple face-off.

Zhang Xuan didn't use his full strength. He had limited it to 40 ding and naturally, wouldn't be able to withstand a full strength attack by a Tongxuan realm advanced stage expert.

However, due to the incredible resilience of his body and his pure zhenqi, even though he was forced back, he wasn't injured at all.

"As expected of a spear master, incredible!"

Seeing that the other party had managed to easily deal with a move derived by the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan was impressed.

On the other hand, Wang Chong nearly fainted from fear.

The other party's seemingly simple spear art had forced him to execute his trump card. Furthermore... Even though he didn't retreat a single step and it looked as though he had the upper hand, there was a dull pain in his chest and his blood flow had become erratic. He had been wounded considerably in the face-off.

If not for him suppressing forcefully, he would have spurted a mouthful of blood.

No matter what, he was a Tongxuan realm advanced stage expert... For him to be unable to match up to a Pixue realm opponent... It was a difference of an entire cultivation realm between them.

Normally, it would be impossible for one to defeat an opponent who had a higher cultivation realm.

It was hard to tell what he would think if he were to know that the young man before him had only used half of his strength in this face-off.

"This move is truly incredible..."

After taking a long time to adjust his breathing, Wang Chong couldn’t help but compliment.

The move was simply too amazing!

He had always thought that he was a genius, and he had also created quite a few spear techniques. However, compared to this move, they were all trash. The difference between the two was like comparing dirt to gem.

"That's great. I want to impart this move to my student. Can Brother Wang offer me some pointers so that I can improve it?"

Zhang Xuan asked.

"Pointers..." Wang Chong's face flushed.

Apothecary Zhang, are you here to slap my face?

Putting aside the fact that you have achieved Spear Intent and that every single move of yours is a spear art, this move... I can't even comprehend the move, how can I offer you pointers?

Even though he was a spear master, he wasn't able to tell how his opponent executed the move and how the attack came at him... He felt so embarrassed that he could commit suicide.

"This move... has no problems. You can impart it to your student like this!"

After saying those words, Wang Chong's face felt a burning sensation on his face.

An hour ago, he had thought that the young man didn't understand spearmanship, and that he was insulting the way of the spear. But now... He felt that he was the one insulting the way of the spear.

The other party had only read two hours of books, and not only did he comprehend Spear Intent, he had even created such an incredible technique. On the other hand, he had practiced spearmanship for more than forty years, but had only reached such a nonsensical level...

In an instant, he felt blood welling up in his chest, ready to spurt out at any moment.

After the embarrassment, a daring thought suddenly emerged in his mind.

The essence of the other party's technique was to concentrate one's entire strength to one single point. In this aspect, it resembled Spear Intent greatly. If he were to learn the move, he might be able to break through the final barrier obstructing him and achieve Spear Intent.

"Apothecary Zhang, can you... teach me this move?"

After a moment of hesitation, he asked red-faced.

"You wish to learn? Sure, I can teach you!"

After a moment of surprise, Zhang Xuan agreed to his request with a smile.

Hearing the conversation between the two, Ouyang Cheng staggered.

Wasn't Zhang Xuan the one who came here today to learn spearmanship from Wang Chong?

How did... their roles... get swapped?



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