Chapter 151: I Am Here to Slap Your Face

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As firstly, a teacher and, secondly, a Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm expert, although Zhou Tian had never learned spearmanship, he could tell how powerful the move was.

The force behind the spear was so powerful that it compressed the air before it to the extent that a strong gust of wind was sent into the surroundings. Even if Zhou Tian had not suppressed his cultivation, he would have found it difficult to deal with such a move!

How could a Juxi-realm lad possess such incredible strength?

He felt like he was going insane.

"Zhang Xuan, you tricked me..."

At this moment, he realized that he had fallen for the other party's deception.

No wonder that fellow was so confident. When did this Zheng Yang become so powerful?

Without much time to think, he dared not to keep his strength suppressed any longer. Zhenqi immediately gushed forth from his hands as he attempted to seal the spear's might.

However, even Wang Chong, a Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm spear master was unable to stand against this Heaven's Path Spear Art, needless to say, him.


The pole of the spear struck Zhou Tian's chest forcefully. He tasted a metallic tang in his mouth, and blood spurted forth from it. He flew off the Teacher Dueling Platform immediately and fell to the ground, battered.


Complete silence.


"Zhou Tian laoshi was defeated with a single pierce?"

"What the heck is going on?"



After a moment of astonishment, a commotion broke out.

Initially, seeing that Zhou laoshi was dealing with a student who looked as though he would fall at any moment, they thought that he would easily crush him with a single finger. But... What is going on?

With just one pierce from the student, Zhou laoshi went against the rules and released his full strength. Even so, he was sent flying.

Am I seeing things?

Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?

Zhao Ya, Liu Yang, and the rest widened their eyes in disbelief.

This fellow had been with them every day, so they knew his strength very well. How did he suddenly become... so powerful?

Furthermore... Even if others were to train intensively, there would just be small improvements... This seems to be going way overboard!

Sending a Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm expert flying with a single strike...

Are we dreaming?

No, it's not that we're dreaming. It's that spear technique!

The few of them turned at the same time to look at Zhang Xuan.

They had also realized that the reason why Zheng Yang was able to become so powerful so suddenly was because of the spear art Zhang laoshi had just imparted him.

Just that... How could that nonsense of a spear art which probably couldn't even kill a chicken be so powerful?

Zhou Tian's students had raised their arms to cheer their teacher on, but before they could say anything, such an outcome appeared before them. Astonishment covered every single one of their faces and they were at a loss.


Coming to their senses, the whole lot rushed forward to help Zhou Tian up.


Standing up, Zhou Tian regulated his breathing and felt slightly better. He glared coldly at Zhang Xuan and just as he was about to speak, he saw Zheng Yang approach with his spear in hand. The latter clasped his hands together and bowed, "Zhou laoshi, thank you for going easy on me!"


Hearing those words, Zhou Tian's face flushed and he spurted out another mouthful of blood.

Going easy your head!

If I could, I would have beaten you to death. Who knew that you would have such a bizarre spear technique...

For a teacher to lose to a student...

He felt a stinging sensation on his face, as though he had been slapped by someone else.

"Zhou laoshi, you said earlier that if I were to win, you will give us ten Breath Forging Beads. I will have to ask you to hand it over!" Zheng Yang stepped forward excitedly.

Even though he was infuriated, he knew that he had truly embarrassed himself this time. If he were to renege on his words after losing the Teacher Dueling Platform, he would truly lose all dignity he possessed.

Gritting his teeth, he retrieved a jade bottle from his pocket and passed it over.

Accepting it hurriedly, Zheng Yang opened the cap and saw a row of Breath Forging Beads inside. Its fragrance diffused into the air and one could feel an overwhelming spiritual energy.


Zheng Yang brought the Breath Forging Beads to Zhang Xuan quickly, his face full of joy.

The reason why they spent the entire afternoon causing a ruckus at the Student Bureau was to obtain these training resources for Zhang laoshi. Even though it was tiring... they had managed to succeed in the end!

"Damn it!"

Zhou Tian's heart was bleeding.

A teacher could only obtain a single Breath Forging Pill a month. Ten Breath Forging Pills was a huge fortune to him.

Even if he were to hand it over, he wouldn't allow Zhang Xuan to use them.

"Hmph, Zhang Xuan, your students were the ones who won those Breath Forging Beads. You weren't entitled to them in the first place. I don't think that you will be so shameless as to consume something that belongs to your students!"

So what if you got those beads?

Your students went through so much trouble to obtain the pills, do you have the cheek to consume them yourself?

If you aren't able to consume it, it is equivalent to not obtaining it!

"Consume it?" Zhang Xuan took the jade bottle and shook his head. "Who would use such trash?"

After which, he flicked his wrist.


The jade bottle was discarded into a nearby pond.



Witnessing this scene, everyone was taken aback. Even Zhou Tian was dumbfounded.

What are you doing?

Those ten Breath Forging Beads are worth several thousands! You threw it away just like that?

Even Zheng Yang, Zhao Ya and the rest were stunned.

"There's no need to be so shocked. Even though Breath Forging Beads can help a cultivator gather spiritual energy faster, consuming too much would make one reliant on it. It isn't good for one's future cultivation!" Looking at their confused expressions, Zhang Xuan whipped out another jade bottle and threw it to his students. "These are some stuff that I have prepared for you. After you have finished it, I will get more of it!"

Doubtfully, Zhao Ya and the others caught the bottle and opened it. Upon seeing what was inside, they leaped in shock.

"Breath Forging Pills?"

The pills inside were round and radiant. They exuded a fragrance that permeated right into one's body.

To think that it would be... Breath Forging Pills!

That is a true pill that is extremely useful for cultivators. Comparing it to Breath Forging Beads is like comparing gem to dirt, the two items on totally different levels.

"Breath Forging Pills cost tens of thousands per pill in the market, and he took out two bottles at once? How many dozens of pills are inside those two bottles?"

"He gave true pills forged by official apothecaries to his students?"

The bodies of the crowd swayed. They felt as though the world had gone insane.

Given how many Breath Forging Pills there are inside, it should be worth at least hundreds of thousands of gold coins in total. Yet, he threw them so casually to his students...

Darn, do you have to be so extravagant?

No wonder the Breath Forging Beads did not catch his eyes. What a joke! Anyone who possessed so many Breath Forging Pills would not even cast a second glance at that trash.


Zhou Tian staggered and he nearly passed out.

He only felt his cheeks growing warmer and warmer. He was nearly losing his sanity from all of the slaps on his face.

Just by teaching his student a trash move, his student was able to beat him up so easily. The Breath Forging Beads which he values so highly was discarded by the other party like trash...

Brother, aren't you the teacher who is paid the worst in the entire school? When did you become such an incredible figure?

"Teacher... are these really for us?"

Not only did the crowd feel as though they were going mad, Zhao Ya and the others were also in a state of disbelief.

"Of course they are for you! It's not that I want to nag, but as my students, is there really a need to vie over those little things from the academy?" Zhang Xuan shook his head in disappointment. Then, with a flick of his wrist, a gourd appeared in his hand. "Wang Ying, the meridians in your legs are injured. This is the Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution that I have found specially for you. Pour it into a pail of water and soak your legs in it for three days. Your legs should recover entirely by then!"

"Liu Yang, you practiced the wrong battle technique and injured your hands. I got this Meridian Rejuvenation Pill for you from the Apothecary Guild. As long as you train properly after consuming it, your wounds should be able to recover quickly!"


Wang Ying and Liu Yang stepped forward and received two items from Zhang Xuan.

"Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution? Could it be that Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution from the Apothecary Guild?"

"Have you heard of it?"

"Of course I have. Back then, I heard that the item could heal a person's wounded meridians swiftly, so I had someone to look into it for me. According to him, a gourd like that costs three hundred thousand gold coins!"

"Three hundred thousand? Are you serious?"

"The Meridian Rejuvenation Pill is a true pill forged by apothecaries. It is even more expensive than the Breath Forging Pills. It is said that a single pill costs two hundred thousand gold coins. It might be cheaper to have an apothecary or apprentice apothecary buy it in your stead, but the price wouldn't be far from that."

"Two hundred thousand? That is to say, he spent five hundred thousand just like that?"

"Don't forget those Breath Forging Pills as well. In total, it costs more than a million? And he gave it to the students just like that?"

"Is Zhang laoshi still accepting students? I want to come under his tutelage..."



There were quite a few knowledgeable persons in the crowd. The Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution and Meridian Rejuvenation Pill weren't considered secret medicine and many people have heard of it. Upon hearing the prices, everyone went into a frenzy once again.

A low-level teacher in the academy is only paid a maximum of three hundred to four hundred gold coins in wages every month. In fact, even high-level teachers do not earn more than thousand a month. Yet, he just casually took out a million for his students' cultivation...

Putting aside other teachers... Even Zhou Tian's reward for defeating Zhang Xuan's students was only Breath Forging Powder. Look at the other party, he casually whipped out real pills and top-quality medicinal solutions...

The heck, why is there such a huge disparity between them even though they are both teachers?

In a split second, gazes of admiration were focused on Zhao Ya and the other students while looks of disdain fell upon Zhou Tian.

Taking all of these into sight, Zhou Tian nearly vomited blood again.

Zhang Xuan, damn you!

You must have done it intentionally.

You took all of those out before me to slap my face...

I am, after all, the teacher who is in charge of resource allocation, the one who holds the most lucrative position in the academy, and yet, I became a petty person who fought with another teacher over a measly amount of resources that the other person saw as worthless...

"Let's go!"

Being done passing the items to his students, Zhang Xuan waved his hand and led his students away. He left quietly, leaving amazement in his wake.

Isn't it clear? Of course I did it intentionally!

Didn't you want to slap my face? I shall return you the favor then.

To tell the truth, I came here to slap your face!


Watching their teacher leave, Zheng Yang and the others quickly recovered from their shock and followed behind him in a daze. At the same time, their faces flushed in embarrassment.

Initially, they came here to vie for resources and to uphold their teacher’s prestige. Who knew that... in the end, they would realize Zhang laoshi never did care for those resources.

Of course, for someone who could whip out so many pills and medicine so easily, how would those Breath Forging Powder and Breath Forging Beads catch his attention?

"Teacher, these pills are really... too valuable..."

Upon returning to the classroom, Zhao Ya stepped forward.

She was already given a stalk of Frigid Sun Mother Grass previously. Her conscience did not allow her to receive these pills...

"Cultivate properly, it would suffice as long as you win for me in the Teacher Evaluation!" Zhang Xuan beckoned.

"Teacher, rest easy. We will definitely give it our all..."

Upon hearing those words, Zhao Ya and the others nodded their heads in unison.

Their teacher had given so much to them. If they were to lose in the Teacher Evaluation, they would be truly ashamed to meet him.

"Un!" Seeing how motivated they were, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. "Zheng Yang, come over!"

After which, he walked into the small room.

Zheng Yang knew that it would definitely be the matter with the spear art today. He had been perplexed over the issue as well. Not daring to keep Zhang laoshi waiting, he quickly followed behind him.



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