Chapter 152: Treating Du Miaoxuan

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"Teacher, this spear technique..."

Upon walking in, Zheng Yang could no longer suppress his curiosity.

"That technique is something that I have just created. I will tell you the cultivation method now!"

Zhang Xuan recited the cultivation method to him once.

"This... This..."

Upon hearing the entire cultivation method, Zheng Yang was stunned.

The spear technique is simply too profound. All the other spear arts which he had learned previously are trash compared to it.

Previously, he thought that the skill is shaky, crooked and does not have a good form, but that isn't true.

The emphasis on this technique isn't its form. One can execute it either inelegantly or gracefully. Even though there is only one move to it, it still surpasses countless other spear techniques. Not only is the move flexible, containing countless variations, it holds peerless might behind it.

"Alright, I am done imparting the full technique to you. Without my permission, you are not to teach anyone else the skill!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Yes!" Zheng Yang dropped to the floor and kowtowed to Zhang Xuan.

After having immersed himself in spearmanship for countless years, he understood how precious this skill was. He also understood that if he skill were to be leaked, a bloody storm would ensue.

"Even though this spear art is simple, it is the basis of all spearmanship. There are still ten days until the Freshmen Tournament, and I hope that you can achieve a breakthrough in your spearmanship. Do not let down my efforts!"

Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Teacher, rest easy!" Zheng Yang nodded his head with resolution. Then, he lifted his head abruptly and asked, "Teacher, may I know what this spear technique is called?"

"The name of the technique? I haven't named it. If you come up with a good name, feel free to name it so!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand casually.

Even though he had named it Heaven's Path Spear Art, it was a collective name for the set of techniques. There should be a separate name for the move and Zhang Xuan could not be bothered to come up with it. Thus, he decided to leave the task to his student.

"Yes!" Knowing his teacher's personality, Zheng Yang suppressed the astonishment in his mind and left the room.

After he left, Zhang Xuan rubbed between his eyebrows.

After solving Wang Ying and Liu Yang's hidden physical traumas, their fighting prowess would definitely soar greatly. As for Yuan Tao and Zhao Ya, after their unique constitutions are awakened, their improvement would surely be greater than the rest. Of them all, only Zheng Yang was lagging behind. However, with this spear art, it was hard to tell which of his students would be the strongest in ten days.

After calling the other students in and offering each of them some pointers, Zhang Xuan left the academy.


"You say that... Du Miaoxuan has already been kneeling at the entrance of the mansion for an entire day?"

"Even though Du Miaoxuan had lost the fight for the position of the clan head due to his illness, he is still an influential figure. For him to be kneeling at another's door for an entire day... Could the owner of the mansion really be a master teacher?"

"If that's true, then all of us have truly guessed wrongly before..."



In the time that Zhang Xuan left the residence, learned spear art and imparted it to Zheng Yang, the entire Tianxuan Royal City had fallen into an uproar.

Although many people continued to doubt the identity of the mansion’s owner after Ling Tianyu's incident, Du Miaoxuan kneeling at the entrance for an entire day had caused them to waver.

As a dignified elder of one of the Four Great Clans, Du Clan, and as an ex-contender for the position of the clan head, only a master teacher held the prestige to have a person like that kneel at his doorstep.

"Let's go over and take a look!"

"We have to see what is going on. If the other party is truly a master teacher, we must quickly make acquaintance with him!"



When word spread out, countless powers and influential clans could no longer remain uninvolved. They quickly sent their men to look into the matter. In fact, some of the powerful leaders and clan heads even came to take a look at the situation personally.

Luo Chong was one of them.

He is the guild leader of the Blacksmith Guild in Tianxuan Royal City, a true 1-star intermediate stage blacksmith.

The best blacksmith in Tianxuan Kingdom.

Even Emperor Shen Zhui has to spend massive amounts of money to buy his weapons. Countless nobles lined up to purchase his weapons, only to leave in vain. Every single weapon he crafts is sought by many and as such, prices skyrocket.

Initially, given his position and standing, even if a master teacher were to come over, there was no need for him to please him and make acquaintance with him.

After all, even though blacksmiths are not as prestigious as master teachers, they are still one of the top classes which ranks at the forefront of the Upper Nine Paths, and they have their own pride and standing.

Even so... He came.

Other people may not know, but he was aware of his own problems. Recently, he began to be unable to achieve the state of Heart of Tranquil Water in his smithing. The items that he crafted often fell apart at the very last step to become a failed good.

He had crafted the same way as he always used to, so the situation did not make much sense to him. Initially, he thought that it may be a problem with his stamina, so he specially rested for a few days before beginning to craft again. However... It made no difference at all.

For the number one blacksmith of Tianxuan Kingdom to be unable to craft weapons... If news were to spread out, not only will his standing be affected, his rivals and enemies would probably come knocking to ensure that he falls from the high pedestal he stood on previously.

Thus, upon hearing that a master teacher had appeared in the city, he couldn't hold himself back and secretly came to see if it was true.

If it was true, no matter the price, he had to find out the problem and have it solved.

"Indeed, it is Du Miaoxuan!"

Luo Chong recognized the middle-aged man who was kneeling by the corner of the street.

He is the most famous elder in Du Clan. There is few among the upper echelons of Tianxuan City who doesn’t know him. Back then, the other party even implored him to craft a sword for him. Thus, even though there was a distance between the two, Luo Chong was still able to recognize him immediately.

"This fellow is an extremely prudent person. For him to kneel down willingly like that, the person in the mansion must be capable of solving his problems. Furthermore... It seems like he is truly impressed by the person!"

With one look, Luo Chong made a judgement on the situation.

If the person in the mansion isn't of high standing and is unable to solve his problem, Du Miaoxuan's actions would be equivalent to embarrassing himself. Given Luo Chong's understanding of him, he wouldn't do such a thing unless he was extremely certain.


Just when he was making wild guesses at the situation, the doors to the mansion opened and a plump butler emerged.

"The old master invites you in!"

Sun Qiang beckoned him over.

"Thank you Butler Sun for speaking on my behalf..." Du Miaoxuan was overjoyed. He hurriedly stood up and walked over.

"Let's go!"

Sun Qiang didn't bother with pleasantries and led the way. Then, the doors to the mansion shut tight once again.

"He went in!"

"Du Miaoxuan went in. In a moment's time, we would be able to know the truth after he leaves through observing his behavior!"

"Indeed, let's continue waiting here..."



Upon seeing Du Miaoxuan enter the mansion, the various powers of the capital were not in a hurry to leave. Rather, their eyes continued to focus on the situation with great intensity, as though a hawk.

Luo Chong was in no hurry to leave either. He sat quietly and waited with patience.



"I apologize for doubting Zhang shi's incredible abilities before, please forgive me!"

The moment he entered the room, Du Miaoxuan immediately kneeled to the floor, void of the suspicions and arrogance that he held before.

"Get up!"

Zhang Xuan gestured.

After leaving the academy, he went to a remote alley and disguised himself as 'Yang Xuan' once again before returning to the residence.

Noticing that this fellow's anger and resentment had subsided in the half day that he was gone, he got Sun Qiang to bring him in.

"I beg of Yang shi to forgive me for the discourtesy that I showed you before and save me!" Du Miaoxuan continued kneeling on the floor.

"Since I have invited you in, naturally, I would help you. Get up!" Zhang Xuan said impassively.

Hearing those words, delight appeared on Du Miaoxuan's face. He hurriedly stood up.

Du Yuan, who was standing behind his father, was perplexed.

Isn't father's illness a thing of the past? Could it be that this master teacher can treat the trauma which was left behind in father's body previously by the illness?

"You know why I called you a beast, right?"

Zhang Xuan looked at him.

"I understand!" Du Miaoxuan replied.

Sun Qiang and Du Yuan were still confused.

Previously, just after taking a look, Yang shi said that Elder Du is a beast. Initially, they thought that he was insulting him, but from the looks of it, things aren't as simple as it seems.

Just that, they were truly unable to understand what was it with Du Miaoxuan that made him not angry despite being called a beast. On the contrary, he even seemed excited about it.

However, their confusion did not last for long. At this moment, Zhang Xuan's voice sounded in the air.

"It is a known fact that ten years ago, you fell ill and your cultivation fell tremendously. However, if I am not wrong, you... infused the blood of the Snow Wolf into your body, hoping to alter your bloodline!"

"This caused you to be poisoned by the Snow Wolf. Everyday at noon, white fur grows all over your body, and you turn into a being that can neither be considered human nor animal, just like a beast. Am I right?"

"Yes, Yang shi's words are absolutely right!"

Du Miaoxuan nodded his head hurriedly.

Even though he knew that Yang shi had seen through his illness the moment he said that he was a beast, when Yang shi pointed it all out spot-on, he was still astonished.

As expected of a master teacher. His ability of discernment is superb. This is something that even Master Yuanyu failed to see through.


"Blood of the Snow Wolf? A body full of white fur?”

Hearing Zhang Xuan's words, Sun Qiang and Du Yuan came to a realization.

Especially for the latter, his body shuddered uncontrollably.

He finally understood why his father would head to the remote courtyard to drink cooling tea at noon and turn away all visitors. He thought that it was a habit of his father through the years, but to think that this would be the actual reason.

For him to grow white fur every noon... He was afraid of being seen, that's why he went to hide in the courtyard!

For a person to grow fur all over his body... If he isn't a beast, what else could he be?

No wonder when Yang shi said these words, not only did father not refute his words, he even kneeled outside the entrance... So this was the reason why.

"Snow Wolf, a tier-7 white fur savage beast. It possesses strength equivalent to a Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm expert and it is known for its speed. Its blood is one of the main ingredients in 【Tongxuan Pill】, which helps to open up one's meridians and raise one's cultivation. You probably read some secret manual which caused you to mistakenly believe that if you were to successfully fuse your blood with that of the Snow Wolf, your cultivation would be raised significantly!"

Ignoring the shock on everyone's faces, Zhang Xuan continued.

"Yes!" A bitter smile appeared on Du Miaoxuan’s face as he nodded his head to confirm Yang shi's words.

It is just like what this Yang shi said. Back then, he read a secret manual which detailed that as long as he managed to successfully swap blood with that of a Snow Wolf, he would be able to reach Tongxuan realm immediately to become a Fighter 7-dan expert.

Who knew that not only did his dream not come true, it was actually the start of a nightmare.

White fur would sprout from his body daily, making him look neither human nor animal. Even though it was just for an hour every day, the anguish he went through was unimaginable.

One had to have incredible mental fortitude to survive ten years in such a manner. Otherwise, one would have long committed suicide in despair.

"I was immature back then, and I failed to discern truth from the false, believing a manual so easily... Yang shi, I beg of you to save me!" Du Miaoxuan clasped his hands.

Thinking about it now, he must have had a screw loose back then.

Just because he coincidentally found an ancient manual, he thought that it was a precious treasure and explored desolate lands and utilized many means to kill a Snow Wolf so as to obtain its blood. He thought that his cultivation would soar rapidly and he would become the next clan head. Never did he expect to land himself in such a state.

If this isn't a screw loose, what else could it be?

"Failed to discern the truth? That secret manual that you obtained... is real!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Is that true?" Hearing those words, Du Miaoxuan's body jolted. "How is that possible? If it is real, how did I land myself in such a state..."

If what that was detailed in the manual was true, why would he fall into such an unsightly state for so many years?

Furthermore, why would his cultivation fall from Pixue realm to Dingli realm, and thereafter be stuck at that level?



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