"The secret manual is real, but the most important portion had been destroyed by someone else, leaving behind an incomplete version. That is the reason why you are in such a state!" After which, Zhang Xuan did not continue to linger on the topic: "Alright, I will be performing acupuncture on you to resolve the hidden problems in your body!"

"Yes!" Du Miaoxuan took a step forward hurriedly.

With a turn of Zhang Xuan's wrist, a silver needle appeared. Then, with a flick of his finger, the needle flew straight at Du Miaoxuan.

The Library of Heaven's Path only revealed basic information and the person’s flaws; the way to solve their problems are not written in it. However, Du Miaoxuan's problem is similar that of Ling Tianyu's wife, and he had blockages in his meridians. This caused the blood of the Snow Wolf to fail in achieving its original purpose.

Zhang Xuan just had to clear the blockages to settle his problem.

To Zhang Xuan, such problems are a piece of cake. The zhenqi from the Heaven's Path Divine Art is as clear and pure as water. Any blockage would be washed away by it immediately.

Hu hu hu hu!

Dozens of needles pierced through Du Miaoxuan's skin.

Du Miaoxuan could only feel numb and itchy sensations on his skin. That bestial instinct which he had been suppressing before, that which caused him to enter into a berserk all the time, flowed through the opened meridians as though river water, and to the rest of his body.

Geji! Geji!

The moment the blood of the Snow Wolf assimilated into his body, his zhenqi soared instantaneously. With a series of pops that was reminiscent of a live firecracker, the acupoints in his body exploded open one by one.

Pah pah pah pah!

As though he were a magnet, the spiritual energy in the atmosphere gushed into his body frenziedly. In the blink of an eye, he had broken through Dingli realm pinnacle.

Pixue realm primary stage!

Pixue realm intermediate stage...



In a short moment, he had reached Pixue realm pinnacle, but the momentum did not seem to be stopping here.


Du Miaoxuan's body shook. Finally, the soar in his cultivation level had come to a stop, That bestial instinct which caused him so many worries had also disappeared without a trace.

Fighter 7-dan, Tongxuan realm primary stage!

His cultivation level had actually risen from a Dingli realm pinnacle to Tongxuan realm! That was more than one entire realm!


After sensing the changes in his body, even though Du Miaoxuan is a man with mental resilience, his eyes reddened.

For an entire decade, he had been tortured by untold pain. Every day, he would turn into a beast and white fur would sprout over his entire body. He thought that this affliction would remain with him until his deathbed. Yet, in just a short moment, it was solved by the man standing before him. Furthermore... He even achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation!


Du Miaoxuan knelt to the floor. He was extremely grateful to Yang shi, and with no hypocrisy behind his action whatsoever, he said, "Thank you for granting me a new life..."

Not only did Yang shi solve his affliction, he even helped to raise his cultivation realm to Tongxuan realm. Du Miaoxuan saw this favor as equivalent to the noble deed of birth and had already regarded him as his parent.

The new him, upon returning home, would definitely regain his status as one of the top elders in the clan. No one would dare to underestimate him anymore.

To achieve such results, he would have been willing to kneel for even a year.

"Hurry up and take the things out!"

Calming the agitation in his heart, Du Miaoxuan signaled to his son.

"Yes!" Du Yuan hurriedly took out a stack of gold bills and passed it forward.

Initially, Du Yuan thought that his father was mad for kneeling before the mansion and taking out so much cash at once. Only now did he realize that his father was not only rational, he also had foresight.

Tongxuan realm...

So what if he had lost ten years of his life? With the current strength of his father, he would be a front-runner for the position of clan head if he were to want to vie for it now. No one would be able to stop him.

Even if he isn't able to become the clan head, given his strength as a Tongxuan realm expert, earning a back that few million isn't a difficult task.

"This is the capability of a master teacher..."

This is a master teacher, the most respected occupation in the entire continent, capable of determining the fate of a person, either sending him to heaven or to hell.

They were still looking at Yang shi in admiration when Sun Qiang walked forward, took over the stack of money and gestured outward, "Elder Du, Du gongzi, let's go. The old master wants to rest!"

"Yes. I have intruded on Yang shi today. I will come by and pay my respects to you another day!"

Knowing that the other party was inviting them out, Du Miaoxuan walked out of the main hall along with Du Yuan.

Right as they were stepping out, a faint voice echoed in their ears, "As for why there were missing pages in the Snow Wolf blood secret manual, you should investigate whether it was due to malicious intentions!"

"This..." Du Miaoxuan's body stiffened. He turned around and bowed once more, "Yang shi, thank you for your advice..."

After which, he turned around to leave.

Back then, Du Miaoxuan was a strong contender for the position of the clan head. It was too much of a coincidence that he would abruptly engage in such a dangerous cultivation technique in a vain attempt to break through to Tongxuan realm. It is hard to believe that there were no human hands behind that incident.

Thus, Zhang Xuan offered him one final piece of advice. Of course, whatever that happened afterward would not be a problem of his.


"Ten years ago, Du Miaoxuan was afflicted with a major illness, causing his cultivation realm to plunge and resulting in him being eliminated from the race to become the clan head... The reason why he was kneeling before the door is probably to beg this master teacher to resolve this illness!"

Keeping vigil outside the mansion, Luo Chong recalled the various things that had happened to Du Miaoxuan and could not help but guess the situation.

"If Du Miaoxuan's issue can be settled, then mine shouldn't be a problem for him either..."

Du Miaoxuan's illness was one that even Master Yuanyu was helpless toward. Even though Luo Chong had no idea what his condition is, he knew that he had sought many different physicians over the years and they were all helpless.

If that master teacher could easily solve such a conundrum, then the issue he has, that is to have suddenly become unable to maintain a tranquil mind during forging, should be a piece of cake for him!

He was still immersed in his thoughts when the tightly shut gates began to open slowly. Following which, Du Miaoxuan and Du Yuan emerged.

"I wonder if his problem has been solved..."

Hurriedly taking a look, Luo Chong's eyes suddenly widened, his body stiffening immediately. "Tongxuan realm? This.... This... How is this possible?"

Just moments ago, when Du Miaoxuan entered, he saw clearly that he was Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle. How did he... in less than ten minutes that he was inside, step into Tongxuan realm?

Most importantly, he is now in high spirits, appearing vastly different from the man that he was on the way in earlier.

What was going on?

It can’t be that it is real!

Even if a master teacher can offer guidance on breaking through cultivation realms, there has to be a limit to that...

To rise from Dingli realm pinnacle to reach Tongxuan realm in around ten minutes...

Luo Chong rubbed his eyes gently, afraid that he might have seen wrongly.

Staring intently at him once more, he realized that... he wasn't wrong! The other party is truly Tongxuan realm, and furthermore, judging by how he is unable to control the inner breath within him, it is likely that Du Miaoxuan had just broken through. Otherwise, as long as an expert of this level hid his cultivation, it is impossible for anyone, even a person of Luo Chong's caliber, to discern.

"Brother Sun, farewell!"

Still in shock, he saw Du Miaoxuan bid Butler Sun farewell and leave.

"I should go over and ask..."

Unable to suppress his urge any longer, he chased after Du Miaoxuan hurriedly.

"Elder Du..."

"Oh, it's Master Luo!" Du Miaoxuan recognized the other person and hurriedly bowed.

"That mansion is..."

Diving straight into the topic, Luo Chong asked.

"That is where Yang shi lives!"

Aware of what the other party wanted to know, Du Miaoxuan nodded his head and verified the other party’s doubts.

"Is he really a master teacher?"

Luo Chong's eyes narrowed.

"Yang shi is a man of incredible capabilities. If Master Luo Chong has any problems, you can beg for his guidance. However... Yang shi came to Tianxuan Kingdom with the intention to rest. He doesn't really wish to be disturbed..."

Du Miaoxuan said.

"Doesn't wish to be disturbed?" Luo Chong's complexion turned awful.

Even though he is of considerable social standing, he does not dare to interrupt a true master teacher's rest.

"Actually, there is no need to be frustrated. Yang shi said just now that anyone who wishes to obtain his aid has to pay three million beforehand. Regardless of whether the problem is solved or not, the sum will not be returned."

Also recalling what Butler Sun said, Du Miaoxuan continued, "Of course, as a master teacher, Yang shi cares not for material possession. The reason why he made such a request is so as to limit the number of visitors. Otherwise, if everyone were to rush to him to plead for guidance, he wouldn't even need to think of resting, he would probably work to death instead..."

As he said those words, he couldn't help but be envious. To think that just the entrance fee would be three million, a master teacher is indeed a master teacher. Even their means of earning money is that incredible.

As an elder of the Du Clan, his entire fortune, both liquid and fixed assets, was only worth this amount after so many years.

"That makes sense..."

Hearing that it is a problem that can be solved with money, Luo Chong heaved a sigh of relief.

Three million may be a huge sum, but for a master blacksmith like him, it isn’t a big deal.

"Thank you for telling me this. I happen to have a matter to consult Yang shi about so I will have to take my leave!" Upon finishing his words, Luo Chong walked toward the mansion.

The mansion's layout is in no way elegant. In fact, it even seems ordinary. If not for Du Miaoxuan ascertaining it personally, he wouldn't have believed that a true master teacher lives here.

After paying the fee of three million upfront, Luo Chong followed Sun Qiang into a room. In there, he noticed a middle-aged man seated quietly in the middle of the room. Somehow, the person's presence is so faint that if not for seeing him in the flesh, he would not have noticed the other party.


Luo Chong's eyes narrowed.

Luo Chong is a Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm expert. There are only two possibilities when he is unable to sense a person's cultivation realm. Firstly, the person's level of cultivation is higher than his. Or secondly, the other party's zhenqi is much purer than his.

Regardless of which of the two it is, it points to the fact that the person before him is a true master teacher.

Putting away his arrogance as a master blacksmith, he stepped forward and bowed, "Luo Chong pays respect to Yang shi!"

"Un, from what Xiao Qiang told me, you are a blacksmith?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

Like apothecaries, blacksmiths are also ranked highly in the Upper Nine Paths and possess exceptional social standing. He didn't expect that such a person would have something to request of him.

"Yes!" Luo Chong replied.

"What unresolvable problem have you encountered?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Replying Yang shi, recently, all the attempts that I make to forge equipment all end in failure and until now, I am unable to find the reason for it. I hope that you can enlighten me!" Luo Chong did not hide anything and spoke directly.

"Let me see you forge an equipment!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Yes!" With a flick of Luo Chong's wrist, an entire set of equipment required for equipment forging appeared in the room.

As a 1-star blacksmith and the leader of the Blacksmith Guild, he carries such basic equipment with him everywhere he goes.

Starting the fire, forging the equipment, melding the metals together, refining the equipment...

His movements flowed elegantly, reminding one of drifting clouds and flowing streams.

An hour later, a longsword appeared in his hands. However, just as he was about to apply the final touches, a crisp note echoed from the sword and a crack appeared on it.


Just like he had said, he is unable to successfully forge the weapon.

Looking at how he was unable to forge even the simplest sword, Luo Chong was depressed.

That was just an ordinary mortal-tier sword, and there are no profound techniques involved in the process whatsoever. It is truly an enigma why such a situation would occur.

Luo Chong turned to look at the master teacher before him and bowed, "Yang shi, please enlighten me!"

"You want me to enlighten you?"

Zhang Xuan stood up and approached the other party. He picked up the broken sword and lowered his gaze to take a glance. Then, he sighed, "If I'm not wrong..."

"You stuffed yourself when you were full!!"

"You stuffed yourself when you were full!!"

This is a Chinese phrase that meant to say that one deserved it. (Thus the title, Looking for it)



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