Chapter 156: Resounding throughout the Capital

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"You say that even Guild Leader Luo Chong was full of praises?"

"Du Miaoxuan had knelt for an entire day, and not only was his complexion glowing when he left the mansion, his cultivation was even raised?"

"Looks like we have all guessed wrongly, this Yang Xuan is definitely a master teacher!"

"Only a true master teacher can make a person like Du Miaoxuan kneel willingly and leave Guild Leader Luo Chong impressed..."

"Hurry up and prepare my name scroll, I want to pay him a visit!"

TL: It is like a name card when you visit others, detailing one's occupation, official rank, and everything else on it.

"What? The Yang Residence isn't accepting any visitors? Those who truly want to meet Yang shi has to first pay three million, and the sum is not refundable?"

"That makes sense as well. Everyone wants to meet a master teacher and if he really met anyone who visited his residence, he wouldn't be able to rest at all. Only when such standards are implemented will he be able to ward off others, especially those who had malicious intents..."



Such a situation is occurring in almost all of the powerful clans within the capital.

Everyone was taken aback.

Those who previously claimed that he is a fraud were completely silenced.


After passing out for an unknown period of time, Zhang Xuan opened his eyes once more.


Upon waking up, the first thing he realized was that countless knowledge had been assimilated into his mind. Every single book that was bathed in the golden book’s radiance had been imprinted into his head.

"This golden book can assimilate the knowledge within the library to be mine?"

Zhang Xuan was in a state of disbelief.

In the past, he had to manually browse through the books in the Library of Heaven's Path. The corresponding knowledge did not truly belong to him then. But now, all of it is deeply imprinted in his head, becoming a part of his memory.

That is to say, the current him, even without the Library of Heaven's Path, is a true apothecary in terms of his knowledge on pill forging.

"Where is that golden book?"

Zhang Xuan focused his attention into the library hurriedly and saw that the golden book is still there. However, the empty page within it had disappeared without a trace.


Zhang Xuan blinked.

The disappearance of the golden page and the sudden infuse of knowledge in his head had occurred at the same time, it looks like the golden page holds such abilities.

"I wonder how this golden book is formed. It is simply too efficient to convert any book's content into my actual knowledge in such a manner..."

Initially, even with the enhanced learning speed in the Library of Heaven's Path, finishing hundreds of thousand of books would have taken at least two years or so. Yet, with a single glow of the golden page, everything had been converted into his knowledge. Learning has become an incomparably easy process.

"Un? I was unconscious for an entire night?"

Awaking to the delight of unexpected gains, Zhang Xuan looked outside and he was shocked. To think that he would have lost consciousness for an entire night just like that.

Stretching his back, just as he was about to look for some food, he saw his butler, Sun Qiang, walking in.

"Old master, Guild Leader Ouyang Cheng of the Apothecary Guild and Apothecary Chen Xiao are here to visit."

"Ouyang Cheng? Apothecary Chen Xiao?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He is currently Master Teacher Yang Xuan, not Apothecary Zhang Xuan. In this identity, he does not know the other party, so why would they suddenly come looking for him.

"Yes. Furthermore... They have already waited 4 hours outside!" Sun Qiang was at a loss for words.

The old master sure can sleep. He returned to his bedroom the moment the sun set yesterday and slept all the way until now, when the sun has already risen high up in the sky... It is truly a wonder just by thinking of it.

He did not dare to interrupt the old master's sleep, so he could only tell the other party that the old master was resting. Who knew that the two of them would continue waiting at the entrance, camping outside for 4 straight hours... They sure are patient.

"Old master, Apothecary Chen Xiao has paid the three million. Look..."

"Have them enter!" Zhang Xuan gestured Sun Qiang to invite them in.

Sun Qiang left the room and in a moment's time, Guild Leader Ouyang and Apothecary Chen Xiao entered.

"Paying respects to Yang shi!"

Not daring to act haughtily before a master teacher, the two of them bowed immediately upon entering the room.

Initially, Apothecary Chen Xiao wanted to come alone. But considering that his prestige may be insufficient by itself, he roped Ouyang Cheng in as well.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony. If I'm not wrong, the reason why you two came so early to look for me should be because... this Apothecary Chen Xiao doesn't have long to live, and he hopes to look for a solution for his problem!"

Just as he was perplexed over the two's arrival, an inspiration flashed through his mind and Zhang Xuan recalled the matter at the Pill Debate.

This Chen Xiao had been cursed by someone else and as such, a death aura engulfed him, eating into his lifespan. Back then, during the Pill Debate, Zhang Xuan felt that he had reneged on the promises he made and that he wasn't worth saving, so he didn't elaborate much about the matter. This fellow probably couldn't find a solution to his problem and upon hearing that a master teacher had arrived in town, he came knocking to try his luck.

That was fine by Zhang Xuan as well. He could make him pay a hefty sum and in this way, he could redress the grievances of the person who entrusted his final will to him.

Upon hearing Zhang Xuan's abrupt words, Ouyang Cheng and Apothecary Chen Xiao nearly knelt down from fright and fainted.

Didn't a master teacher require a person to first display their battle technique, pill forging, or at the very least, examine one's body, before deducing one's problems or illnesses?

How was he able to tell all this in a single look...

Is this still his ability of discernment? Even a seer isn’t as incredible as him!

Shocked by Yang shi's capabilities, Apothecary Chen Xiao's face paled further. He was worried.

For the other party to be able to see through this much with a single look, his illness must be truly serious.

Can it be that he can't even survive to the next day?

"Where is the cauldron? Have you discarded it yet? Also, reneging on your promises without even trying to fulfill it just because the other party is dead should be an action unbefitting of your identity as an official apothecary!"

Oblivious to the two’s astounded expressions, Zhang Xuan recalled the contents of the book and continued speaking.

Noticing that there was no response, he lifted his head to take a look, only to see that Ouyang Cheng and Apothecary Chen Xiao's face were ghastly white.

Especially for the latter, his entire body was convulsing as though he was suffering from a stroke. Unable to hold endure any further, he collapsed to the floor on his knees.

"Yang shi, save me... I beg you, please save me..."

Apothecary Chen Xiao was scared witless.

No one knew that he had obtained a cauldron from his dead friend. Even Zhang Xuan had only inferred that he had obtained a treasure from a deceased and didn't know what it was exactly. Yet, this person, even without a close examination, was able to tell so immediately...

Are you a deity?

Or else... How would you know...

"Is what Yang shi said true?"

Even though Ouyang Cheng had no idea how Apothecary Chen Xiao got afflicted with a death aura, looking at his expression at this moment, he realized that what Yang shi had said was the truth.

He was overwhelmed with awe for the other party.

Without requiring anything but just a single glance, he is able to tell the root of a person's illness, his symptoms, and even the cause... This is too incredible!


Only upon seeing the dumbfounded expression on their faces did Zhang Xuan remember that he is Master Teacher Yang Xuan currently, and he does not know the two of them. Clearing his throat to break the awkward atmosphere, he said, "It's not difficult to save you. Firstly, you have to bury the cauldron with that old acquaintance of yours, then complete the task that he had delegated to you before his death... Finally, you just have to get some pills that are rich in spiritual energy to nourish yourself for half a year."

Actually, the other party's problem isn't really serious. He was cursed by the old acquaintance of his, but as long as he fulfills his promise solemnly and stays away from the cauldron, the power of the curse will slowly weaken and as time goes by, he will recover completely.

"Yang shi, thank you for your guidance!"

Hearing that there is hope for him, Apothecary Chen Xiao hurriedly nodded his head. At this moment, he does not doubt the other party's words in the least.

To be able to tell what his problem was with a single look, he is definitely more than capable of solving his problem.

Having learned the method to save himself, there was no longer any need for the two of them to stay. Thus, they turned around to leave.

Walking straight out of the main gates, Apothecary Chen Xiao still felt as though everything that had just happened is a dream.

The problem that left him in anguish and despair for numerous days, made him order his clan to sell their fortune and move to the rural countryside... was solved in just a few moments?

"There's no need to think too much about it. A master teacher's words are gold. Even though he phrased it in a very simple manner, his ability to provide a solution to settle the root of a problem is not something others can emulate!"

Upon seeing the dazed look on the other party's face, Ouyang Cheng glanced backward with a look of admiration before commenting in awe.


The matter of Apothecary Chen Xiao and Guild Leader Ouyang Cheng entering and leaving the mansion became another affair that the various powers in the capital were concerned over.

"These two apothecaries had barely been in for five minutes and they are already out? Could it be that their problem is not settled? Help me look into it. I want to know what kind of problem that two apothecaries of noble standing could meet with such that they require the help of a master teacher!"

"You say that... Apothecary Chen Xiao had already conducted a funeral at his residence, sold all of his fortunes here, and even wrote a will... But after meeting Yang shi, he immediately swapped the white cloth into red ones and celebrated, as though the crisis had been averted?"

TL: In funerals, the mourning attire, and sometimes the location, would be white. On the other hand, red is the color of celebration (usually used in weddings).

"He was afflicted with a severe illness that could lead to his death at any moment, but in the five minutes that he met Yang shi, was cured of his illness..."

"Looks like we were all wrong. We only know the names of 1-star master teachers. Given the capabilities of this Yang shi... Can it be that he isn't just a mere 1-star?"

"A higher tier master teacher?"

The entire city shook when the news was spread.

Today, the name of Yang Xuan——

Resounds throughout the capital.



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