Chapter 160: The Fight Between Brothers

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Upon hearing that they would be dueling, the rest of the students immediately stood by the corner of the classroom.

Sensing the aura the two emitted, Zhao Ya's face turned grim.

Zheng Yang's fighting prowess was far below hers previously, but after learning a spear art from Zhang laoshi, his strength had been growing swiftly. If she were to fight with him now, she wouldn't be a match for him at all.

"Who of the two do you think will win?"

Liu Yang asked.

"They grew up together, and Mo Xiao's talent and comprehension toward the spear isn't something Zheng Yang can compare up to. I've heard that in the few times that they had crossed blows, Zheng Yang had always been on the losing end. I'm afraid that it would be difficult to surpass him this time as well!"

Zhao Ya hesitated for a moment before saying.

Even though she hated to admit it, Mo Xiao is indeed a fearsome adversary.

Even Zheng Yang himself understands that he isn't a match for this good buddy of his.

Perhaps it is because Lu Xun knew of this that he poached Mo Xiao over from Wang Chao laoshi to have him face off against him. His means were truly unscrupulous.

"I've heard that for this Teacher Evaluation, Wang Chao laoshi had even imparted Mo Xiao a few of his family hereditament spear art!" Even though Yuan Tao's cultivation is lacking, he is well abreast with the news in the academy.

"Family hereditament spear art? You mean the Wang Clan's spearmanship?"

Zhao Ya was taken aback.

"Is the Wang Clan's spearmanship famous?" Seeing her shocked expression, Liu Yang was puzzled.

"There are two prestigious Wang Clan in Tianxuan Kingdom. One of it is my Wang Clan, one of the Four Great Clans, while the other one is the clan of the Spear Master Wang Chong!" This time, it is Wang Ying who replied his doubts.

As a member of the Four Great Clans, and given that the other Wang Clan was equally famous as theirs, it was natural that Wang Ying knew of it.

"Wang Chong?"

"Indeed. Wang Chong is known as the number one spear expert in Tianxuan Kingdom. Even Emperor Shen Zhui is full of praises for him. He singlehandedly and remarkably built the Wang Clan just by his spear arts, and his skills are the ultimate techniques that countless spear practitioners dream of!" Wang Ying said in admiration.

"So incredible?"

Liu Yang was astonished. He couldn't help asking, "Then, what's the relationship between this Wang Chong and Wang Chao laoshi?"

"Wang Chao is the sole son of this spear master. That's also the reason why countless spear practitioners vie to come under his tutelage!" Wang Ying said.

"So that's why!" Turning his attention to the two dueling parties, worry appeared on Liu Yang's face. "Doesn't that mean that Zheng Yang is in danger?"

"Indeed, the Wang Clan's spearmanship is formidable. It isn't something that outsiders are allowed to learn, to think that Wang Chao laoshi would break the rules of the clan and impart him a few moves generously. Looks like they are really determined to win this Teacher Evaluation." Zhao Yao harrumphed coldly.

The Wang Clan's spearmanship is a set of family hereditament spear art; it is only passed down to male offsprings of the clan. Yet, Yuan Tao said that Wang Chao laoshi imparted a few moves to Mo Xiao. From this, it could be seen how highly the latter valued the Teacher Evaluation.

From the very start, Zheng Yang wasn't a match for this Mo Xiao. To make things worse, the latter had managed to pick up the Wang Clan's hereditament technique. How can he possibly defeat him now?

For a moment, the crowd was full of anxiety.



On the field.

"Wang laoshi has imparted me the Wang Clan's spearmanship's 3rd form, 7th form, and 18th form, so you better watch out!" Mo Xiao said as he twisted his spear and sent a pierce toward Zheng Yang.

"The 3rd form, Onset of the Cold Gleam, 7th form, Remnants of the Setting Sun, and the 18th form, The Returning Forest Canary? Alright!" Zheng Yang's face turned grim.

The Wang Clan's spearmanship is extremely famous. Those who had learned the basics of the spear would be acquainted with it. However, they would only know the forms but not its essence and intent.

"Then, I shall go first. The 3rd form, Onset of the Cold Gleam!"

Mo Xiao moved his spear, and with a loud whistling of the air, his spear shot straight out.

Before even reaching Zheng Yang, its might could already be felt from the shock wave of the taut spear. The spear emanated an intimidating pressure that induced cold sweat.

The move focused all of one's attention and strength on the tip of the spear. Perhaps, even a steel board several inch thick would be pierced through instantly.

As expected of a spear genius. Despite the high difficulty of mastering the Wang Clan's spearmanship, he was able to exert such incredible strength.

"Good move!"

Witnessing the incredible move the other party was executing, Zheng Yang narrowed his eyes and charged forward to face him with a spear art of his own.



"What an incredible spear technique..."

The shock wave from Mo Xiao's stroke blasted into the surroundings. Sensing the incredible force behind his move, everyone's face turned grim.

"Zhao Ya, since Mo Xiao has learnt such an incredible spear art, why didn't he keep it for the Teacher Evaluation? Why would he come to look for Zheng Yang at such a timing to duel with him?" Wang Ying was perplexed.

If one learned such an incredible move, he should practice it secretly so as to catch one's opponent off-guard during the duel. Yet, Mo Xiao came to challenge Zheng Yang, causing the latter to know of it in advance. Zheng Yang would then be cautious against it during the duel later on, making it more difficult for the move to work.

"It's brotherhood!" Upon seeing the look of confusion on Zhao Ya's face, Liu Yang said.


"Un, Mo Xiao grew up alongside Zheng Yang, and no matter what, he is definitely reluctant to face off against Zheng Yang in an official duel. Thus, he specially came here to find his good friend to show him what he had learnt under the pretext of dueling with him so that he would be guarded against it! Didn't you see him reveal the names of the moves before the duel? Have you ever seen anyone revealing the moves they are going to use before a duel?"

Only a man will understand brotherly feelings. Even though Mo Xiao had done it in a roundabout and secretive manner such that Zhao Ya and Wang Ying were unable to see through his true intentions, how could his actions escape the notice of Liu Yang!

"So that's the case!"

Everyone came to a realization and turned their attention over to the duel once more.

Ding ding ding!

In the brief moment the others were conversing, both parties on the field had already crossed blows several times. The crisp sound from the crossing of spears could be heard, and the force of their clashes sent shockwaves into the surroundings. As expected, Zheng Yang was unable to stand his ground against Mo Xiao and retreated continuously.

"Good spear art! I haven't been slacking while you were working hard. Mo Xiao, allow me to show you the spear art that Zhang laoshi has taught me!"

Despite being in a disadvantageous position, Zheng Yang did not fluster. Rather, he smiled calmly.

He only used his own understanding and fundamentals of spearmanship to fend off Mo Xiao's blows previously, and thus, he was unable to withstand the other party's Wang Clan's spearmanship.


The moment after Zheng Yang said so, his spear rose and flew toward Mo Xiao, as though a dragon treading the river. It was just an extremely simple move, but Mo Xiao felt as though a mountain was weighing on him. The overwhelming pressure left him short on breath.


Before he could even react, he felt a dull pain in his chest. The form of his Wang Clan's spearmanship fell apart immediately and he was send flying, skidding backward seven to eight meters.


Zheng Yang clearly had not expected the move to be able to wield such strength and was taken aback.

He had been practicing this move ever since he learned it from Zhang Xuan, but he did not think that it would surpass the Wang Clan's spearmanship.

He had always thought that it was due to Zhang laoshi's zhenqi that he was able to defeat Zhou Tian laoshi. Only now did he realize that even without that surge of zhenqi, this is an invincible technique.

Ever since they were young, regardless of whether it was in spearmanship or cultivation realm, Zheng Yang has never been a match for Mo Xiao. Now that he had learnt the Wang Clan's spearmanship, he thought that it would already be incredible if he could stand his own against him. However, he did not imagine that a single move would send the latter flying. In fact, if he hadn’t held back at the very last moment, Mo Xiao would have likely have been injured.

"I'm fine!"

Zheng Yang rushed forward to help his buddy up.

"You... What move is that?"

While struggling up, Mo Xiao's eyes were widened in disbelief.

The move he had used was part of the Wang Clan's spearmanship, the number one spear technique in Tianxuan Kingdom. Yet... His spear art was as laughable as playing house as compared to the other party. With a single move, his spearmanship fell apart.

If he hadn't witnessed it personally, he would have never dared to believe it to be true.

"This is the spear art that Zhang laoshi imparted to me!" Zheng Yang said proudly.

Back then, his greatest wish was to come under Wang Chao's tutelage, and witness, as well as learn, a thing or two from the Wang Clan's spearmanship. However, at this very moment, he is thankful that Wang laoshi had rejected him. Otherwise, how could he have stumbled on such an opportunity and became Zhang laoshi's student?

"Zhang laoshi imparted you this spear art? Such... Such an incredible spear art, and he simply passed it down to you like that?"

Mo Xiao found the situation unbelievable.

Wang Chao laoshi valued the Wang Clan's spearmanship greatly, and if not for Lu Xun laoshi's request, he would have never imparted these three moves to an outsider.

The depth of this move isn't something the Wang Clan's spearmanship could compare up to. Yet, Zhang laoshi imparted such a move so easily to Zheng Yang... Are you for real?

"Zhang laoshi never holds anything back when imparting knowledge to us, he is a true teacher!" Zheng Yang said affirmatively.


Hearing the earnest words of his good friend and understanding that he truly admired this Zhang laoshi, Mo Xiao chuckled.

Initially, he thought that it was regretful that his good friend failed to come under Wang Chao's tutelage. To think that it would be a blessing in disguise, he found an even better teacher and learned an even greater spear art.

Just by seeing the move, he understood that even if he were to learn the entire set of Wang Clan's spearmanship, he wouldn't be a match for his friend.

"This spear art is incredible, I concede defeat. Can you tell me its name?"

Recovering from his shock, Mo Xiao asked.

He should at least know the name of the spear technique which he had fallen in defeat to.

"Name?" Zheng Yang scratched his head in embarrassment. "I don't know its name as well. It is a move that Zhang laoshi had just created and he hadn’t had the time to name it..."

"Created? Hadn't had the time to name it?" Mo Xiao staggered. He nearly fainted from shock.

Which one of those who managed to create a spear art wasn't a spear master that possessed an intense amount of knowledge on spearmanship? Usually, before a move had even been created, they would have already come up with a name for it... He had already imparted the move to his student, and yet he didn't have a name for it?

Furthermore, this move is even more incredible than the Wang Clan's spearmanship. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it the number one spear of Tianxuan Kingdom... And it doesn't have a name...

Are you sure you aren't pulling my leg!

"How about this? Why don't you help me think a name for it..."

In the midst of his shock, he heard his friend's voice sounding out.


Upon hearing those words, Mo Xiao's face darkened. "Zheng Yang, watch your words! Every battle technique is created through the blood, sweat, and tears of a cultivator and its name will be passed down for countless years to come. Since this move was created by Zhang laoshi, he has to be the one to name it. Naming it yourself... How can this be acceptable? If he finds out about it, wouldn't he think that you are insulting his effort and be infuriated?"

Naming someone else's move after learning it from them? You must be joking!


Upon hearing the solemnity in his good friend's tone, Zheng Yang was taken aback.

Insulting his effort?

Zhang laoshi has already created multiple cultivation techniques and each time, he had us name it by ourselves...

Recalling this fact, he replied, "Don't worry about it. Zhang laoshi has already told me to name it as I please. To tell you the truth, our cultivation techniques are also created by Zhang laoshi, and he had us name them ourselves as well..."

"What? He allowed you to name the cultivation and battle techniques he created?"

Mo Xiao's body swayed and he nearly passed out.

Other teachers are reluctant to pass on their own moves to their own student for fear that it would leak out. In comparison, not only did Zhang laoshi create cultivation techniques and battle techniques for his own student, he even allowed them to name it themselves...

Zhang Xuan... What kind of teacher is he exactly?



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