Chapter 164: That Beast

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"Why, you don't want it anymore?"

Noticing the deadpan silence in the surroundings, Zhang Xuan stared at her.

"That's not it..."

Huang Yu hurriedly waved her hands.

"It's good that that's not it. I will draw it now then..."

Zhang Xuan didn't dawdle on the matter. He immediately took out another piece of white canvas, picked up his brushes, dabbed them in ink, and started painting. Not too long later, another painting emerged.

This time, it isn't a painting about the courtyard. Depicted in the painting is a wild deer on a grassland. It is currently eating grass while warily keeping a lookout at its surroundings. There are wildflowers in the all around and the moment the painting was completed, countless bees were attracted to the surface, swarming busily around it. After which, the wild deer seemed to come alive and leaped from the painting before gradually disappearing in the air.

"It is another painting of the fifth level!"


Master Yuanyu and the others were shocked speechless.

Even grandmasters expend incomparable effort and spirit to create a painting of the fifth level, and yet, this fellow drew it as though it was nobody's business. Furthermore, he drew two of it consecutively without rest...

Do you need to be so impressive?

Do you need to be so arrogant?

Has the world changed, or is he just that capable that he can draw a fifth level painting so effortlessly?

"Do you two want it as well? It is two million per painting..."

Still frozen in shock at the latter's deed, they saw this Grandmaster Zhang looking at them expectantly.

To him, creating a fifth level paintings takes just a little effort. It also just happened that he was lacking money, and it was much easier to paint than to feign as a master teacher.

After all, if his disguise were to be seen through, he might be beaten to death...

"We... can buy it as well?" Yuanyu and Lu Chen swallowed their saliva.

"As long as you pay, anything goes..." Zhang Xuan said.


The two of them staggered.

We are talking about paintings of the fifth level! It is so precious that you can’t find it in the entire capital! To think that he would paint it so casually just for money, just for money...


Who said that grandmaster painters are ambitious nonmaterialistic experts who view wealth as dirt...

Come out, let's see if I will beat you to death...

Not too long later, Zhang Xuan created another two paintings and they are of the fifth level as well. The two elders were so agitated that tears streamed down their faces.

They had actually managed to purchase such precious paintings... Furthermore, each of them got one of their own...

They had never imagined such a situation to be possible.

Since Huang Yu and Bai Xun no longer desired the Ink Daylily Canvas, there was no point in proceeding on with the examination. Furthermore, the ruckus that Zhang Xuan had created was so great that the two masters lost their interest in the examination.

"Master Zhang, I will prepare and send you the two million gold coins as soon as possible!"

"I will deliver it to the academy tomorrow!"

Yuanyu and Lu Chen were wealthy, so they were able to whip out two million easily. However, Huang Yu and Bai Xun didn’t have so much cash on them. However, given their identities, it wasn't possible for them to refuse to pay up.

Seeing the stack of bills that was worth four million in his hands, Zhang Xuan was delighted.

Initially, he had only come here to repay the favor. Never in his dreams did he think that he would return with so much profits.

Adding to the debt Huang Yu and Bai Xun owed him, he earned a total of eight million gold coins with this single trip!

He had earned a million from treating Ling Tianyu's wife, and the average sum of three million earned from Du Miaoxuan, Wang Chong, Apothecary Chen Xiao, Luo Chong each... He had earned a total of twenty million already!

He isn't too far off from gathering twenty-three million now.


Zhang Xuan clenched his fist excitedly.

Initially, he thought that it would take several years to earn twenty million. But now, it seems that it isn't a big deal at all...

If others were to hear his words, they would definitely spurt blood in his face.

The heck, why don't you just die...

"Brother Zhang Xuan, I will thicken my skin to call you brother. Emperor Shen Zhui would be returning tonight and I have sent a messenger to notify him about the matter. You should be able to gain entry to the kingdom's Book Collection Vault tomorrow!"

Lu Chen said while carefully putting away the painting.

"I can enter the Book Collection Vault tomorrow? Great!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head delightfully.

The reason why he came to the Lu Residence previously was to search for Fighter 6-dan books. If he were to pay the kingdom's Book Collection Vault a visit, he would surely be able to compile a full version of the Fighter 6-dan Heaven's Path Divine Art. Perhaps... He might even be able to form the 7-dan cultivation technique!

In Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm, one's meridians are fully connected to one another, allowing zhenqi to flow freely through every single part of the body. One's breath would be aligned with the profound heavens, allowing one's fighting prowess to be increased by multiple folds. With this kind of strength, even if Zhang Xuan were to leave the academy, there would be no place where he cannot go to and soar to greater heights.

Huang Yu and Bai Xun no longer had the need to undergo the examination while Yuanyu and Lu Chen had received a fifth level painting of their own. Each of their desires was fulfilled and thus, there was no longer any need for Zhang Xuan to remain here so he bade farewell.

By the time he left the Lu Residence, the sun had already set.

Ever since arriving here at noon, he had been busy the entire day.

However, it was all worth it. The Library of Heaven's Path had formed the 【Heaven's Path Painting Art】 manual, allowing him, who did not know a single thing about painting, to become a master painter who is in no way inferior to Lu Chen. Even though this occupation belongs only in the Middle Nine Paths, painters nevertheless hold an exceptional position in the world.

This is especially so in the Tianxuan Kingdom, where traditions and social values are highly respected. Painters with true capabilities are able to easily earn respect.

Of course, as for Zhang Xuan, earning money is of the greatest importance at present. In comparison to staying in his mansion and waiting for others come knocking on his door, this trip alone had earned him eight million gold coins. It could be considered as a huge windfall.

Returning to his residence, Sun Qiang immediately stepped forward to welcome him.

"Has anyone been here today?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Reporting to the old master, after your departure, no one came to visit!"

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Looks like the three million entrance fee had scared quite a few people off. However, that was good as well. At the very least, he would be spared much trouble. In any case, he had almost gathered the sum required for the pills and thus, he wasn't as anxious about the matter as before.

Returning back to the room, Zhang Xuan did not continue to cultivate. Even though he had the Heaven's Path Painting Art manual to provide a foundation, producing four paintings of the fifth level consecutively nevertheless accumulated unimaginable fatigue within him. Soon, after lying down, Zhang Xuan fell asleep.


In the Lu Residence.

Master Yuanyu, Huang Yu, and Bai Xun did not leave together with Zhang Xuan when he bid farewell.

"Seems like it is too late to pay Master Teacher Yang Xuan a visit today..." Looking at the setting sun outside, Lu Chen commented.

It was disrespectful to pay a visit after the sun had set. If it were anyone else, it would not have been acceptable, but Master Lu Chen and Master Yuanyu possessed special standing. Nevertheless, the other party was a master teacher. Even they did not dare to commit the slightest act of disrespect toward the other party.

"It doesn't matter, it isn't too late to pay him a visit tomorrow!" Master Yuanyu replied.

Lu Chen nodded his head. He glanced at the painting Zhang Xuan left behind once more. Until now, he still isn’t unable to believe what that had just happened. "Initially, I thought that this Brother Zhang is only a youngster who has a fervent passion and talent for painting. So, I wanted to test and accept him as my disciple. I would have never thought that he would turn out to be a grandmaster painter..."

Speaking to this point, he shook his head with a bitter smile.

If news that he had intended to accept a grandmaster painter as his disciple spread out, he would definitely become a laughingstock.

"For him to become a grandmaster painter at such a young age, I wonder about his background." Master Yuanyu asked.

Painting is an art that is harder to improve in than one's cultivation. If Zhang Xuan were in his seventies and eighties, they might have been surprised by his ability to produce a painting of the fifth level, but such an ability wouldn't have been unimaginable. However, for someone who isn't even in his twenties to create a painting of such level, they can't help but fall into deep contemplation.

There are only two possibilities to such a situation. Firstly, he possesses talents so great that other can only stare in admiration at. Secondly, there is an incredible master teacher guiding him from behind.

Of these two possibilities, Yuanyu leaned toward to the second one.

"I am not very sure of the details. Huang Yu and Bai Xun, you two have been to Hongtian Academy, so you both should know a little more about Brother Zhang. Why don't you two tell us a little bit of his background?" Lu Chen turned his gaze to the duo.

"We do know a bit of it... But, I'm afraid that you won't believe me if I say it and... You might fly into a rage..."

Huang Yu said awkwardly.

"Fly into a rage? Why would I get angry over it? Don't worry and just tell us!" Master Lu Chen was confused.

There was nothing for him not to believe in or get angry over about Zhang Xuan's deeds as a teacher in Hongtian Academy.

As a talented youngster who is highly-skilled in painting, he is sure to be a popular figure with many disciples.

"Alright, then I will go ahead to speak of it then. This Zhang Xuan laoshi... is a famous trash teacher in the Hongtian Academy. He is often insulted by others..." Huang Yu started recounting Zhang Xuan's affairs.

"Scoring a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination? Causing a student's cultivation to go berserk? How... How is that possible?"

Yuanyu and Lu Chen's eyes widened in disbelief.

Are you joking? How can a grandmaster painter who had produced a painting of the fifth level... be a trash?

Why does the story sound so unbelievable?

"It should be the Education Bureau intentionally oppressing him..." Huang Yu continued on to recount what she had seen during the Enlightenment Will Trial.

"Damn it! I had seen that Shang Chen before and I thought that he was an impartial man. To think that he would be so despicable."

"Xiao Yu, aren't you an assistant master teacher? Besides, your father is the guild leader of the Teacher Guild. You must teach this black sheep a lesson!"

Hearing the 'biased' treatment of Elder Shang Chen and his 'doings', Yuanyu and Lu Chen almost exploded from rage.

They had witnessed Zhang Xuan 'capabilities' personally. How can such a capable person be trash? Since it isn't a fault on Zhang Xuan's part, it must have been Elder Shang Chen pulling strings from the shadows.

How can there be such a teacher in Hongtian Academy?

"I am truly infuriated by this matter... Looks like I have to find some time to talk to Principal Hong about this matter and have him keep his school in check." Master Lu Chen harrumphed angrily.

"Err... Actually... When I said that you would get angry, I wasn't referring to this matter."

Hearing the other party's words, Huang Yu scratched her head.

"Isn't this matter? Could it be that Brother Zhang was subjected to some unfair punishment?"

Lu Chen looked at her once again.

Even though he had kept himself to his residence and rarely interfered with the outside affairs, just banking on his identity as the emperor's tutor and a master painter, if he truly wishes to teach someone a lesson, even the principal of the Hongtian Academy can do nothing about it.

"That isn't it... Rather, someone had challenged Master Zhang to the Teacher Evaluation and it will be held a few days from now..."

Huang Yu hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"Challenge? Teacher Evaluation?"

Lu Chen was confused by Huang Yu's words.

"I've heard of the Teacher Evaluation. Even though it is a face-off among students, the teacher's honor and prestige are at stake. Who is the one challenging him? If he were to know of Brother Zhang's true abilities, he probably wouldn't dare to do so!" Master Yuanyu chuckled.

"That might not necessarily be the case. The one who challenged Master Zhang... is an extremely famous teacher in the Hongtian Academy. He is a true celebrity teacher. Furthermore, he has countless students under him, and over two hundred of the top three hundred freshmen in the Entrance Examinations are under his tutelage!" Huang Yu's words slowly softened until it sounded nothing more than a mutter.

"What is the name of the teacher?"

Lu Chen's breathing quickened.

"Cough cough, it is Master Lu's son... Lu Xun laoshi!"

After hesitating for a moment, Huang Yu said.

"That beast... Damn it!" Master Lu Chen's body staggered. After which, he howled angrily.



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