Chapter 165: Diagnosis of the Three Master Teachers

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If Zhang Xuan were to witness this sight, he would definitely faint on the spot.

The most well-known celebrity teacher in the Hongtian Academy is actually the son of his peer, Master Lu Chen...

Perhaps it was because Huang Yu had thought of this that she hesitated upon saying such words.

The father considers Zhang Xuan as a peer, wanting to deepen their relationship. Yet, the son is trying his best to drive him down... It is no wonder that Master Lu Chen would get angry. He can be considered to be extremely well-cultured to not explode on the spot.

"I will take that beast in right now and have him admit defeat..."

After which, Master Lu Chen stood up, desiring to charge out in his fit of anger.

But before he could step out of the room, the butler, Uncle Cheng, hurriedly in.

"Old master, His Majesty has sent someone to deliver a message..."

Upon walking in, Uncle Cheng immediately said.

"A message?"

Lu Chen frowned. He stretched out his hand to grab the yellow cloth in the other party's hands.

He had already sent word that he would be bringing people to the kingdom's Book Collection Vault tomorrow, and Emperor Shen Zhui had agreed to it. What did he mean by sending another message now?

Bewildered, he suppressed the urge to teach that unfilial son of his a lesson and unfolded the yellow cloth in his hands. With a single look, his eyes narrowed.


His face was filled with disbelief.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing the change in his complexion, Master Yuanyu was baffled.

He had known Lu Chen for many years but there were rarely matters that robbed his serenity. It should have been impossible for him to be so shocked.


Master Lu Chen simply passed the yellow cloth over.

Master Yuanyu lowered his eyes to glance at the yellow cloth. Then, he couldn't help but stagger backward. With widened eyes, he said, "That... That shouldn't be possible?"

"This is a yellow cloth Shen Zhui had written personally and had someone sent over, so it must be real!" Master Shen Zhui nodded his head. Turning around to face Uncle Cheng, he said, "Ah Cheng, prepare the carriage. I am heading out now."

"Yes!" Knowing that it must be an urgent matter, Uncle Cheng did not dawdle and hurriedly proceeded to prepare everything.

"Xiao Yu and Bai Xun, you two follow me as well!" Lu Chen turned around and passed the yellow cloth to them as well.

Initially, Huang Yu and Bai Xun were confused by the situation unfolding before them. After reading the contents on the yellow cloth, their eyes lit up in excitement and disbelief, "This... this..."

"Emperor Shen Zhui must be doing this for the Royal Elder... To say the truth, I've also taken a look at him and it isn't an illness. Rather, his lifespan is reaching its limit. If he doesn't achieve a breakthrough, he might not even live past this month."

Recalling the contents on the yellow cloth, Master Yuanyu commented.

"Indeed!" Lu Chen nodded his head, worry evident on his face.

The royal family has an elder who has been serving as a stabilizing pillar for the kingdom. It is precisely because of his existence that the kingdom was able to remain peaceful and free of invasion. The moment he passes away... The Tianxuan Kingdom's foundation will be rattled and many enemies will take the opportunity to conquer the land.

It is a pity that no matter how powerful one is, he will age and eventually reach the end of his lifespan.

The Royal Elder isn't an exception as well.

A few days ago, Emperor Shen Zhui invited Master Yuanyu forward to treat him. But even though the latter possesses incredible medicinal skills, he isn't able to extend a person's lifespan. The Royal Elder will surely die, unless... he achieves a breakthrough to an even higher realm.

However, to achieve that is no easy feat.

The Royal Elder wasn't able to accomplish this when he was younger and at his peak. Now that he is nearing his end, how can he possibly achieve the breakthrough now?

"I always thought that the emperor had genuinely gone hunting during this period of time just as he had announced that he would. To think that his true intention is to settle this matter!" Upon recalling this matter, his surprise reflected in his gaze.

"Old master, the carriage is ready."

At this moment, Uncle Cheng walked over.

"Let's go!" Lu Chen brought the other three along hastily.

The sky had already darkened and the crowd on the street was starting to dwindle. The carriage blazed through the streets keeping a consistent speed.

Not too long after, they arrived at the towering palace gates.

Tianxuan Kingdom Palace!

The four people alighted from the carriage and turned to look at the guard, "Is His Majesty in?"

"Reporting to Master Lu, His Majesty has yet to arrive..." Recognizing Lu Chen, the guard hurried forward and replied respectfully.

"Since His Majesty hasn't yet arrived, we'll wait here for him. He will surely pass by here." Lu Chen nodded his head.

"Un!" Master Yuanyu and the others had no objections to the matter.

An hour later, a wide and extravagant carriage could be seen moving toward the palace gates from the distance. It was surrounded by numerous guards and cavalries. With a single look, it was clear that it was the royal carriage that only His Majesty was allowed to ride.


The curtains in front of the royal carriage were parted and a luxuriously dressed middle-aged man emerged.

"Paying respect to Your Majesty!"

All guards in the surroundings knelt down immediately. Even Lu Chen and Yuanyu bowed their bodies slightly.

The most powerful man in Tianxuan Kingdom, Emperor Shen Zhui!

"Teacher, Master Yuanyu, you are all here..."

Emperor Shen Zhui chuckled lightly. Then, he faced to the rear and bowed to the royal carriage.


The curtains to the royal carriage were parted once again and an elderly walked out slowly.

Seeing the elderly, Master Yuanyu, Lu Chen, and the others put on a dignified expression. Even more so, Huang Yu stepped forward and bowed respectfully, "Liu shi, you're here!"

"Un!" The elderly stroked his beard and nodded his head with a smile. Then, he beckoned to the royal carriage and said, "You should all come out as well. We have already arrived."

Huala! Huala!

The curtains to the carriage parted once more and two elders in their fifties walked out. They were both dressed in green robes and their smiles were extremely tranquil and calming.

"Zhuang shi, Zheng shi!"

Seeing the two, Huang Yu and the others' bodies jolted as they hurriedly bowed respectfully to the two.

Given how they were respectfully termed with the title of 'shi', it was clear that the three are true master teachers.

Emperor Shen Zhui had managed to invite three master teachers simultaneously. It is no wonder that even Lu Chen fell into a state of disbelief when he first read of the matter from the yellow cloth.

Huang Yu is an assistant master teacher serving the master teacher who first emerged from the carriage, Liu shi. On the other hand, Bai Xun is Zhuang shi’s student.

Since their teachers were here, Master Lu Chen brought them along.

Otherwise, these juniors don’t even have the right to pay respect to these master teachers.

"Alright, let's not waste time and enter first!" Liu shi smiled.

The few of them swiftly entered the palace.

"It is truly my honor for you to visit to Tianxuan Kingdom..."

Emperor Shen Zhui did not dare to flaunt his position at all and welcomed the guests with utmost respect.

"Your Majesty is being too polite. The reason why I am here is not just for your Royal Elder’s matter. Firstly, it is to celebrate Elder Tian's birthday. Secondly, it seems like a good bud had appeared in your Hongtian Academy and I would like to see if he would be suitable to become my apprentice." Liu shi smiled.

"Is Liu shi speaking of Lu Xun laoshi? The way he teaches is not bad and he is extremely famous, even in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. I have heard of his name."

Emperor Shen Zhui chuckled as he hurriedly introduced him. "Speaking of him, he is Lu Chen laoshi's sole son."

"Master Painter Lu Chen, I have long heard of your name." Turning toward Lu Chen, Liu shi smiled.

"I am flattered by Liu shi's compliment..." Lu Chen hurriedly bowed.

Even though he possesses exceptional standing as a master painter, he is far from matching up to an official master teacher’s status.

Didn't you see that even the emperor was acting respectfully around them?

"Alright, let's drop the pleasantries. Call Shen Hong here. It has been long since we last met. At the same time, Zhuang shi, Zheng shi, and I can take a look to see if we can cure him of his ailment." After a short banter, Liu shi dived straight into the topic.

Shen Hong is that elder in Tianxuan Kingdom's royal family.

Hearing his words, Emperor Shen Zhui did not dare to keep him waiting. He delegated the task to the eunuch beside him immediately and the latter left hastily.

Not too long later, an elderly approached under the same eunuch's assistance.

The elder's hair had turned completely white and there were deep creases on his skin. The aura of death lingered around his entire body and it felt that he might never wake up again if he were to lie down now.

Without even taking a closer examination, it was clear that he was reaching the limits of his lifespan.

If he were unable to achieve a breakthrough or if there are no other solutions for his problem, he definitely wouldn't last for more than a month.

"Shen Hong pays his respect to Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Zheng shi." The elder bowed.

"There is no need to be so formal with us. Allow us to take a look..."

Liu shi got straight down to business. Walking around Shen Hong, he examined the latter's condition and soon, a deep frown appeared on his forehead.

The other two master teachers also approached to examine the situation, falling silent as well.

"Do the three master teachers have any solutions for his problem?"

Gedeng! Upon witnessing how they were reacting, Emperor Shen Zhui's heart skipped a beat.

"Your Majesty, I will just directly inform you of our diagnosis. The deterioration of Shen Hong's vitality is simply too severe. If it were three years ago, I might still have a way to help him break through his current realm. However, the death aura that plagues him is simply too dense, I don't have any means at all!"

Zhuang shi was the first to speak.

"I'm also of the same thought. He is advanced in age and if we try to do it forcefully, not only will it fail, it might even cause his death." Zheng shi shook his head.

Even though master teachers possess the ability to guide one's cultivation realm to reach higher realms, there are limits to their means. Shen Hong before them is already nearing the end of his lifespan. If they were to induce him to achieve a breakthrough forcefully, not only would the possibility approximate zero, he might even die due to overexertion.

"They're right!" Liu shi shook his head as well to express his helplessness. "All humans succumb to the natural cycle of life and death. Shen Hong has been watching over Tianxuan Kingdom for many years now, and perhaps this can be considered a kind of release for him."

Master teachers are used to life and death, so they viewed these matters lightly. Even though Shen Hong was his friend, he had no intention of consoling him or mincing his words.


A look of disappointment appeared on Emperor Shen Zhui’s face.

Although Master Yuanyu was unable to resolve the Royal Elder’s problem, he nevertheless held high hopes for the three master teachers. Yet, contrary to his expectations, the same old conclusion was reached.

"Actually, you don't have to be too disappointed. Even though we are master teachers, we are just 1-star master teachers. If His Majesty is able to invite a 2-star master teacher, there just might be a solution for your elder’s issue..."

Liu shi consoled.

"2-star master teacher?"

Emperor Shen Zhui flashed a bitter smile.

He had paid an exorbitant sum just to invite these three 1-star master teachers. Furthermore, the main reason why they were willing to accept was because they were heading for Elder Tian's birthday celebration and it was convenient for them to drop by. Otherwise, he would never have stood had a chance to invite them successfully.

And to invite a 2-star master teacher?

The other party would probably just ignore him.

Even in a Conferred Kingdom, they were existences of the highest distinction and the emperors would have to welcome them with the highest possible honor. How is it possible for an emperor of an ordinary kingdom like him engage a figure like that?

"Your Majesty, I happened to receive some news and it might prove useful to you."

Just as Emperor Shen Zhui was about to fall into despair, Master Yuanyu spoke up suddenly.



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