Chapter 166: The Kingdom's Book Collection Vault

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"Oh?" Shen Zhui turned to look at Master Yuanyu.

"A few days ago, a master teacher arrived in the capital and judging from his deeds, he appears to be more than just a 1-star."

Master Yuanyu spoke of the news that he had heard of.

"Master teacher? Not just a 1-star?" Emperor Shen Zhui had been away all this time and he hadn't had the time to look through the report Pavilion Elder Qian sent him. Thus, he wasn’t aware of the '5-star' incident.

"Yes. This master teacher effortlessly treated the illness plaguing Ling Tianyu's wife, solved Du Miaoxuan's persistent affliction..." Master Yuanyu started recounting all that he knew about the matter.

As a master physician, he was once invited to treat each of these people and thus, he knew the level of difficulty involved. Yet, this 'Yang shi' was able to cure them fully in just a short ten to twenty minutes. Such a feat left him astonished, and that was also the reason why he wanted to pay the latter a visit.

"He is a master teacher just because he treated someone?" Hearing the conversation between the two, Zhuang shi shook his head. "Even though master teachers are capable at all fields, their main duty revolves around guiding others to achieve a breakthrough of their current level of cultivation. Being able to treat them, that simply means that he is a master physician."

Liu shi and Zheng shi also shook their heads in response to Master Yuanyu's words as well, clearly disapproving of his view.

It was no wonder that they were skeptical. Even though it is said that master teachers are capable of guiding any craft and can treat others as well, those are actually the higher tier master teachers. The typical 1-star to 2-star master teachers can only help others to achieve cultivation realm breakthroughs and only guide those in the specific crafts that they are skilled in.

Besides, master teachers are prestigious figures who have eyes on them wherever they go. How is it possible for one to arrive in Tianxuan Kingdom without anyone knowing, even renting a mansion and living here?

"Er..." Master Yuanyu was unable to refute his words at all.

This 'Master Teacher Yang Xuan' caused quite a huge ruckus recently. However, his deeds mainly revolved around treating and curing others, and he didn't seem to have helped any others break through their current cultivation realm, with the exception of Du Miaoxuan. Besides, it was only rumored that he is a master teacher. As Master Yuanyu had yet to meet him personally, he was unable to confirm this fact for himself.

"What did you say his name is? I know all of the 2-star master teachers in the surrounding kingdoms." Sensing his awkwardness, Liu shi stepped in quickly, smiling.

"He is called Yang Xuan. I don't know much about the details..." Master Yuanyu said.

"Yang Xuan?"

Liu shi hesitated for a moment before shaking his head. "There isn't a 2-star master teacher going by such a name in the surrounding kingdoms. In fact, I also know of some 3-star master teachers, but I don't recall any of them being named as such!"

Master teachers have their own circles as well. Even though Liu shi is only a 1-star master teacher, he still has a rough idea of how many master teachers of each tier there are in the nearby kingdoms and is able to name them. Yang Xuan... This is the first time he heard of such a person.

"He is probably a fraud. As you have mentioned, he demands three million before one can pay him a visit. Will a true master teacher be concerned with material wealth?" Zhuang shi sneered.

Master teachers possess incredible standing. Regardless of what it is that they need, with a single word, all powers would come rushing forward to fulfill their demands, even the royal family. For the other party to have to rent a mansion and demand a three million visiting fee, he is clearly a fraud who is out for the money.

"This..." Master Yuanyu remained conflicted.

In the past two days, news regarding Master Teacher Yang Xuan had been spreading like wildfire. Hence, he had wanted to pay him a visit. Now upon witnessing the three master teachers claim that the other party is likely to be a fraud, he is experiencing dissonance.

"Actually, it is easy to verify whether he is a fraud or not. Elder Tian's birthday is still a few days away and I happen to be free tomorrow. I can accompany you to his mansion to take a personal look at whether he is a master teacher or not!" Liu shi said.

"I would like to accompany you two as well. Master teacher is a profession that should never be sullied. To think that someone would feign as a master teacher. Hmph, I would like to see the face of that brazen fellow who dares to play with fire!" Zhuang shi harrumphed coldly.

"Bring me along as well. Honestly speaking, I am also quite interested." Zheng shi chuckled.

"Alright!" Master Yuanyu nodded his head.

It is just like the master teachers had said; it is impossible to pretend to be the real deal. If the man truly were a master teacher, even if the three master teachers were to head there, it would be no big deal. However, if the other party turns out to be a fake, they would expose him on the spot and he wouldn't have to be conflicted over the matter.

Throughout the entire length of the discussion between the three master teachers, Emperor Shen Zhui did not dare to interject at all.

Even though he is the sovereign of the kingdom, compared to the monsters known as master teachers, he did not dare to be disrespectful in the least. Feeling helpless, Emperor Shen Zhui sighed.


Oblivious to the fact that three master teachers had arrived in the kingdom and that they were intent on exposing his fraud, Zhang Xuan woke up and leisurely stretched his body. The sun was already high up in the sky.

After packing his items for a short while, he ate his breakfast and briefed Sun Qiang. "I will be heading out now. If anyone comes looking for him, have them wait outside."

"Yes, old master!"

Sun Qiang nodded his head with pride.

He is completely satisfied with his role as the butler of a master teacher. Regardless of whether it was the Four Great Clans or the nobles, all of the existences which he had to fawn up to are now lowering their heads before him.

Regardless of your identity, since the old master says so, you had better wait outside obediently...

He was filled with confidence after the experiences involving Ling Tianyu and Du Miaoxuan.

Oblivious to his thoughts, Zhang Xuan simply thought that he had understood his words and nodded his head before heading out of the residence.

After finding a remote alley, he transformed his appearance and walked toward Lu Chen's residence without delay.

Master Lu Chen had said that he was going to bring him to the kingdom's Book Collection Vault today. With that, he should be able to gather sufficient Pixue realm manuals so as to advance his cultivation.

Not too long after, he arrived at Master Lu's residence.

"Brother Zhang, I have to apologize to you..."

An apologetic look appeared on Master Lu Chen's face when he saw Zhang Xuan.

"Apologize? Could it be that I have been denied entry to the kingdom's Book Collection Vault?" 'Gedeng', Zhang Xuan's heart skipped a beat.

If he were unable to enter, where else can he find the books to feed the Library of Heaven's Path?

"That's not it. I have raised an unfilial son..." Master Lu Chen shook his head.

"Unfilial son?" Zhang Xuan had no idea what Master Lu Chen was driving at.

What do you raising an unfilial son have to do with me? It's not like I know him...

"Indeed. I have only heard of that matter yesterday. It seems like my unfilial son had brought you trouble by challenging you to a Teacher Evaluation. I'm very sorry about that. I'll head over to the academy, later on, to have him admit his defeat..."

Master Lu Chen said.

"Teacher Evaluation?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback. "Master Lu Chen, it can't be that... Lu Xun laoshi is your son?"

"Indeed, it's that unfilial fellow. We had an argument three years ago and following which, he left home in a rage. After that, he had never once returned back here..." Master Lu Chen shook his head.

"Er... Since I am already prepared for the Teacher Evaluation, Master Lu Chen doesn't have to worry about this. Otherwise, he might think that I am trying to back down from the matter and had you do so..."

Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly.

He had never imagined that Lu Xun would be Master Lu Chen's son.

This is too much of a coincidence.

Even so, news of the duel had already leaked out, so it is too late for him to back down now. Since he is going to slap the other party on his face, it is best that he proceeded with it honorably. If Master Lu Chen really were to create a ruckus, wouldn't his reputation fall to the gutters?

If he were to seek assistance from the father after finding himself being unable to match up with the son... What is the difference from looking for a student's parent after finding himself being unable to deal with an unruly student?

This isn't this way of dealing with problems.

"Alright then..."

Seeing the other party’s persistence, Master Lu Chen could only drop the matter at that.

"Brother Zhang, that child of mine never once suffered a setback and he grew complacent as a result. It would be good that you could show him that the world is big, and there is always someone better out there. This way, he might rein in his arrogance, helping with his future growth."

Master Lu Chen spoke of his anticipation.

That son of his was simply too arrogant. Just because of a few words that he said, the son left home and never returned once since then. He had also nearly fallen ill due to the overwhelming anger he felt then.

If this Brother Zhang can teach him a lesson, that would be for the best. Only after suffering a setback can one understand that there are people who are even more capable out there, and only by lowering his head will he walk a further distance.

"Er... Alright then!"

He was just considering whether he should go easy on Lu Xun given his amiable relationship with Master Lu Chen.

However, since the other party said so, given how this Lu Xun laoshi had been trying to do him in, he didn't mind returning the favor.

Chatting while walking, they soon arrived at the palace.

The Book Collection Vault is within the royal palace. It contains the countless book gathered from all across the entire kingdom throughout the countless years since its inception. Only the royal family and the most powerful nobles and officials are allowed entry into it.

As the emperor's tutor, it wasn't a big deal for Master Lu Chen to bring someone into the palace. The guards immediately stood aside to allow the duo entry.

"As expected of the royal palace..."

Zhang Xuan surveyed his surroundings while walking toward the Book Collection Vault.

Even though the Tianxuan Kingdom isn't a huge country, it's palace is extremely luxurious. It is in no way inferior to the palaces in his previous life. In fact, in some aspects, it might even be more extravagant than them.

There are countless patios within the royal palace. Without someone to lead the way, it is easy for one to get lost.

Under Master Lu Chen's guidance, they passed by several corridors and soon, they stopped in front of a giant building.

"This is the Book Collection Vault!"

Master Lu Chen pointed with a smile.

Zhang Xuan looked forward and saw a tall building dozens of meters tall before him. Written in gold on the horizontal plaque were three grand words 'Book Collection Vault'. It looked exceptionally spectacular and radiant as it reflected the sun’s rays.

"This is Emperor Shen Zhui's Golden Dragon Token. With it, you can flip through the books within as you like. However, you are not to touch any of the formations within. I won't be accompanying you in."

With a flick of his wrist, he whipped out a golden token and passed it to Zhang Xuan.

A massive savage dragon was inscribed on it.

"Master Lu Chen, thanks for your help!" Receiving the Golden Dragon Token from the other party's hands, Zhang Xuan clasped his hand gratefully.

The kingdom's Book Collection Vault is one of the most important locations in the kingdom. As such, there are bound to be formations and restrictions created by formation masters within to guard its interior. Without this object, it is likely that one would be attacked upon entering its compounds.

"There is no need to be so formal with me, it's nothing much. Alright, I'll be leaving now. Feel free to look through whatever books you wish to. No one will interrupt you." Master Lu Chen chuckled as he stroked his beard.

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan didn't dawdle any longer. With the Gold Dragon Token in his hand, he walked straight in.

The kingdom's Book Collection Vault truly lives up to its reputation. There are countless bookshelves within it and one couldn't see the other end with a single glance. Books on all crafts occupied the shelves and with a brief look, they seem to number in the tens of million.

"It wasn't easy to get in here. I have to imprint all of these books into the Library of Heaven's Path!"

Seeing so many books for the first time, Zhang Xuan trembled in excitement. He did not hurry to look for books on cultivation technique and instead, walked forward to the first row of bookshelves and started to casually flip through the books.

Hualala, hualala!

The sound of books flipping started to echo in the Book Collection Vault.


While Zhang Xuan was busy flipping books in the Book Collection Vault, Master Yuanyu, bringing along Liu shi, Zheng shi, and Zhuang shi had arrived at the entrance of his residence.

"This is where that Yang shi lives..."

Master Yuanyu pointed.

"Un. Knock on the door!" Liu shi gestured.



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