Chapter 167: The Arrogant Sun Qiang

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Dong dong dong dong!

Stepping forward, Master Yuanyu started to knock on the door. Not too long later, the door opened and Sun Qiang emerged, holding out his belly with conceit.

Glancing once at the crowd, he said, "Pay three million gold coins and wait at the door. The old master will invite you in when he feels like meeting you."

Master Yuanyu is prominent among the upper echelons in the capital and many people know him. However, insignificant figures such as Sun Qiang never had the chance to meet him.

Besides... He doesn’t care who he is anyway.

The old master is a master teacher. Even if you were a tiger or a dragon, you had better lay low obediently.

"Cough cough..." Master Yuanyu nearly choked on his own saliva.

There are three master teachers behind him. For a small butler to act so arrogantly... isn't he afraid of being beaten to death?

"I am Yuanyu and I am here to pay respects to your master..."

Even though he was displeased, he understood that it was possible that the person before him to be the butler of a master teacher. Even though he was of high standing in the Tianxuan Kingdom, he did not dare to get involved in a face-off against a master teacher.

"Who cares whether you are Yuanyu or Fangyu, didn't you hear what I just said? Pay three million and wait out here. Perhaps, you might get an opportunity to meet the old master like that. Otherwise, just scram."

Sun Qiang waved chubby his hands impatiently, as though chasing off flies.

If you don't have any money, don't put on an act.

"Do you know who our master is?" A guard couldn't stand watching on and bellowed at Sun Qiang.

"Do I look like I care who your master is? If you want to enter the residence, you have to follow our rules. Stop talking crap here. Stop putting on an act here and just scram if you don't have the money. If you don't even have three million, what rights do you all have to be acting so haughtily before me?"

Sun Qiang glanced at him with disdain.

If you are unwilling to spend the money, you should just get lost. Bragging about your master... No matter how incredible your master is, can he be greater than a master teacher?


That guard nearly spurted blood.

His master was Liu shi. Regardless of he went, he was always treated with utmost respect. Yet, in the eyes of this fellow, he became a poor bloke and someone putting on an act...

You are the one who is putting on an act, your entire family is putting on an act!

His face flushed. Just as he was about to reveal his master's identity to reprimand the other party, Liu shi stretched out his hand and stopped him, "We're just passing by and we would like to pay the old master a visit. We trouble you to help report our presence to him..."

Before he could finish his words, Sun Qiang stepped forward and used his plump hands to pat the other party’s face, "Old man, are you deaf? Or is there something wrong with your head? Did you not hear what I just said? If you want to pay a visit to the old master, you need to pay three million. If you don't have any money, scram! This is the rule... If you don't know what rules are, they are standards that one needs to abide by. Get it?"


Seeing his actions, Master Yuanyu shuddered and nearly fainted in shock.

Slapping Liu shi's face...

The few guards following behind him was taken aback. They stood rooted to the spot in a daze. They were on the verge of going insane.

The heck!

This fellow actually dared to slap Liu shi's face? Even saying that there is something wrong with his head... This is no longer a matter or being courageous or not. You are really courting death...

Even Liu shi was stunned.

Clearly, he didn't expect the fatty before him to behave like this. His eyebrows twitched furiously.

No matter what, he is a master teacher, a person respected by everyone else. Countless experts who paid him a visit did not even dare to breathe loudly before him. Yet, this fellow struck his face... At that instant, he was so stunned that he didn’t know how to react.

He felt so stifled that blood was threatening to spurt from his mouth.

However, this wasn't the time for him to get angry. The other party obviously did not know of his identity. As a master teacher, an esteemed guest of Tianxuan Kingdom, bickering with an insignificant figure like Sun Qiang is truly an embarrassing act.

With a swift movement, he dodged the second slap from the other party. Suppressing the anger within, he beckoned the person from his back.

"Ah Yun!"


The guard behind immediately recovered and passed a jake token over. "This is our master's Tutelage Jade Token. Anyone in possession of this is entitled to two hours of guidance by our master. It should be worth three million..."

Some master teachers would distribute Tutelage Jade Tokens with their unique mark on it. As long as one possesses such an object, he is entitled to free tutelage from the master teacher.

This object is the symbol of identity for a master teacher, and it can be traded for money.

After all, a master teacher's lesson is something of great value; very little people had the chance to attend such a lesson. Even Tongxuan realm pinnacle experts would fight with all their might for that opportunity to receive guidance from a master teacher.

In terms of money, it is definitely worth more than three million.


Before he could pass the jade token over to Sun Qiang, the latter threw it out as though it was trash, causing it to smash into smithereens on the floor. "Do you have a screw loose? You think that lousy jade of yours is worth three million? Do you take me for a fool? If you don't have any money, scram!"

After which, he shot them a look of disdain before walking back into the residence and shutting the door.

As Tianxuan Kingdom had no master teachers, such Tutelage Jade Tokens weren't in circulation in the market. Naturally, Sun Qiang had never seen it before. He thought that they were unable to come up with the sum and were casually using some broken jade to hoodwink him. In fact, he thought that he was already sparing the other party's dignity by not having the guards chase them away.


Seeing the other party toss away the jade token and staring at him with such contemptuous eyes, the guards felt so infuriated that they were on the verge of fainting.

The heck, why would someone find such an unreasonable person to serve as their butler?

"Brother Sun, don't be in such a hurry. Here are bills worth three million gold. May I trouble you to inform Yang shi of our arrival..."

Seeing that the other party was about to close the doors, Master Yuanyu could not longer hold himself back and stood forward to resolve the matter.

If this matter was left to be, the three master teachers might very well blow their top. He was only a mere physician and he was afraid of getting implicated in a fight among master teachers just because he brought them over.

"Un, that's more like it. At least you understand fast!"

Taking over the stack of bills, Sun Qiang lowered his head to verify its authenticity before nodding his head in satisfaction. Then, he lamented, "If you have money, why do you all still take out some rotten jade? I've seen stingy people, but I've never seen such stingy people. Don't you know that I, Sun Qiang, am a very principled man? If you wish to enter without paying up... Don't even dream about it!"

Hearing those words, everyone's mouth twitched furiously. Even Yuanyu almost failed to hold in his anger.

Brother, do you know that the rotten jade you just smashed is a Tutelage Jade Token? Do you know how much it is truly worth?

A Tongxuan realm expert would not hesitate to put their life on the line just to obtain one of that. Yet, you simply discarded it so casually, so though it is something worthless...

Are you really a master teacher’s butler?

Otherwise, how can you fail to identify such an object?

"Alright, wait here. The old master had some affairs to attend to and he is currently out. When he returns and finds time for you, he will summon you in."

Keeping the gold bills properly, the fatty gestured.

"He's out?" Master Yuanyu's eyebrows shot up.

The heck! If he went out, why didn't you say so earlier? After accepting the money, you tell us that we have to wait for him to return...

It is one thing if I had come alone. However... How can you keep these three masters waiting here?

"Can I bother you to quickly report the news to the old master? We really have urgent matters for your old master..."

Suppressing his anger, Master Yuanyu asked.

"What is the matter, to be of such urgency?"

Sun Qiang inquired.

After the other party paid the sum, his attitude became obviously much better than before. After all, customers are the gods (emperors).

"No matter what it is, we're here to speak to the old master, not to you!" The guard who took out the jade token earlier could no longer repress his rage.

"Un? Why, you feel embarrassed to say so? Me, elder brother Qiang, have followed the old master for quite some time and have learned many things from him. If it is just a simple matter, there might not be a need for the old master to get involved, I might be able to solve it..."

Sun Qiang lifted his plump face haughtily and sneered coldly.

What a joke! I am the old master’s successor. I have witnessed his means with my own eyes. All that needs to be done is to firstly bluff the subject, have them reveal their own flaws, and then finally try his best to hoodwink the other party. Given my abilities, I should be more than capable of deceiving you fellows who aren't even willing to pay up.

"You've learned many things from him?"

The guard was about to speak, but Liu shi abruptly interrupted him, "Since you're able to tell, why don't you tell me what's wrong with me?"


Sun Qiang's fat body circled around Liu shi before stepping backward. Recalling the old master's disposition and attitude, he lifted his head forty-five degrees upward and looked at the other party calmly, as though an nonmaterialistic expert. "You... Is your family doing well?"

"What did you say?"

Liu shi was taken aback by his words and nearly fainted from shock.

He had merely requested the other party to diagnose his condition, why did he suddenly start insulting him?

Master Yuanyu's body staggered. He felt so stifled that he could knock his head against the wall.

The heck... Heavens, you might as well strike me dead with a bolt of lightning... I truly can't take this anymore...

This... The pressure is too great...

The anxiety I had felt in the past few minutes seems more than what I had experienced in my entire life.

Ignoring their astonishment and anger, Sun Qiang tried his best to recall the gestures and words of the old master and chuckled lightly, "Oh? You didn't get my words? Then I'll phrase it in another way then. Are the physical conditions of your family members still alright?"



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