Chapter 168: The Discerning Ability of a Master Teacher

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Everyone's body shook, as though they had been struck by lightning.

Initially, they thought that perhaps Sun Qiang may have made a mistake, or perhaps their ears were playing tricks on them. Yet, that fellow repeated the same message.

Cursing Liu shi's family...

Furthermore, so brazenly. The heck, fatty, where did your confidence come from?

Master Yuanyu was frozen on the spot and tears streamed down his face.

I had only spoken of Master Teacher Yang Xuan's existence, I didn't mean to offend anyone... Now great, if Liu shi were to be maddened, it would definitely cause an uproar. If Yang Xuan turns to be a real master teacher and he pursues the matter, a battle would definitely ensue. Afterward, ... there would be no more afterward...

The crowd was shocked. Sun Qiang thought that the reaction meant that he was spot-on and he stood proudly.

That was the method that the old master used to scam Ling Tianyu. The moment he opened his mouth, the other party immediately gave in. He had imitated Zhang Xuan's disposition and gesture down to the very details, making him seem like a superior existence which had seen through the fabrics of the world.

With his head tilted upward, his glanced downward to see if the other party had conceded to his greatness and kneeled down to call him 'master'. Yet, he only saw the frosty look on the other party’s face. In fact, even his guards drew their swords.

"Old master, I am going to kill him..." The guard bellowed as he prepared to charge forward.

"Hm? Why isn't it working?" Looking at the guard's behavior, no matter how foolish Sun Qiang could be, he realized that something was definitely amiss. Gedeng, his heart leaped. Could it be that his statement was inaccurate? Even so, he decided that he must uphold his status and authority.

Whenever the old master spoke, he often incurred the wrath of others. But after his words proved to be right, the other party would immediately give in.

Upon thinking of this, Sun Qiang's confidence surged once more, "How about this, allow me to touch your wife... Oh, since your wife isn't here... You... are a beast, you're looking for it..."

After musing for a moment, he recalled the other catchphrases of the old master.

The surroundings were completely silent.

Big brother, I thought that you were quite bold to have cursed Liu shi's family. To think that you still have more up your sleeves...

Wanting to touch Liu shi's wife, calling Liu shi a beast, saying that he was asking for it... I have seen brazen people, but I truly haven't seen anyone as brazen as you...

Liu shi's face was also steeled. His face twitched uncontrollably and he looked to be about to pass out from anger.

If not for his incredible tolerance, he would have definitely killed this fellow with a single slap of his.

"Old master, please allow me to kill this foolish lad who dares to insult you!"

The guard, Ah Yun, clasped his hands as he asked Liu shi for permission.

"Tell him who I am!"

Liu shi flung his robe.

He actually desired to kill the person before him as well. However, the other party’s arrogance caused him to be apprehensive.

If not a master teacher, how would a lowly butler dare to behave in such a manner?

If the other party were truly an incredible master teacher, he wouldn't be able to withstand the other party's wrath when he finds out that his butler was killed.

Thus, it was better for him to behave prudently, deciding to first reveal his identity and observe the other party's attitude.

"Fatty, our old master is the Honorary Grand Duke of the Beiwu 2nd Tier Kingdom, Master Teacher Liu Ling..." Ah Yun stepped forward and declared.

"Like I care whether you are some grand duke or whatsoever..." Halfway through his words, his plump body trembled as he asked, "What did you say? Master teacher? He is a master teacher?"

He might be able to snub the grand dukes of other countries, but the same cannot be said about master teachers.

"Indeed, our old master is a 1-star master teacher. For you to insult him, you are truly courting death!"

Ah Yun clenched his teeth.

A master teacher is not an existence that can be sullied by anyone. To curse his entire family in public, demand to touch his wife, and call him a beast... Just these were sufficient to warrant his death penalty over a hundred times.

"Courting death?"

Sun Qiang's mouth twitched. He nearly knelt from the fear that he felt.

He thought that he could just act cool and peacefully pass off as an expert for once while the old master wasn't present in order to improve the old master's impression of him. Yet, in the midst of doing so, he became a fool instead.

The old master did the exact same things as well, but why is it that he was always able to get the other party to kneel in fear, not daring to even breathe loudly, while on the other hand, he just had to meet with a master teacher...

Why is there such a huge disparity even though we are both humans?

Insulting a master teacher... Isn't this equivalent to committing suicide?

What should I do?

Sun Qiang's plump face folded into countless creases and he was on the verge of tears.

"Go and report to your old master that Master Teacher Liu Ling, Master Teacher Zhuang Xian, and Master Teacher Zheng Fei are here. As for your matter, I will settle it personally with your old master!"

Seeing the previously arrogant plump butler trembling in fright, Master Teacher Liu Ling waved him away.

If the other party were truly a master teacher, letting off his subordinate could be considered a favor to him, equivalent to giving him face. On the other hand, if the other party turns out to be bogus, he could make a big fuss and take him down immediately, thus exacting vengeance for the insult.

"The old master has been out since morning... I don't know when he'll be back..." Upon hearing that the other party would not be dealing with him for now, Sun Qiang heaved a sigh of relief.

Upon knowing the other party's identity, he no longer dared to behave as arrogantly as he did before.

"You don't know when he'll be back?" Liu Ling and the others frowned.

They can't possibly keep waiting here for him.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang nodded his head.

"Alright then. Here is our name scroll, you take it for now. We'll pay our visits when your old master is back."

Liu Ling beckoned and the guard, Ah Yun, stepped forward to pass a name scroll.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang did not dare to refute his words and immediately accepted the name scroll from the guard's hands. Upon seeing the words 'master teacher' on it, his eyebrows twitched uncontrollably.

"Let's go!" Since the other party wasn't here, the three master teachers couldn't be bothered to waste their time on a butler. Thus, they turned around to leave.

Only after seeing them disappear into the distance did Sun Qiang heave a sigh of relief. He wiped away the cold sweat on his body before walking into the courtyard.

Upon entering, he felt his knees give in and he fell to the floor, paralyzed.

Looks like one can't just simply go around feigning to be an expert. Otherwise... One might not even know how he dies... I will never do it ever again...


"Liu shi, why didn't you directly kill that fellow who insulted you?"

When the crowd left, the guard, Ah Yun couldn’t help but inquire.

Those who are able to become master teachers are by no means kind. Liu shi never hesitates when it comes to killing others. But why was he able to tolerate the plump butler saying such words to him?

"Brother Zheng, what do you think of it?"

Ignoring his question, Liu Ling turned to Zheng shi, Zheng Fei, and asked.

"The master residing in the mansion doesn't seem to be a simple figure. If he is truly a master teacher, it is likely that his capabilities are superior to ours." Zheng Fei nodded his head with a grim look.

"Indeed!" Zhuang shi, Zhuang Xian, nodded his head as well.

"But... didn't we not see the owner of the mansion?"

Hearing the conversation between the three master teachers, everyone felt puzzled.

They didn't see the old master the plump butler spoke of. If so, how can they be so sure that the other party's capabilities are superior to theirs?

Even Yuanyu, who was following behind, felt perplexed.

"We didn't see him, but we saw his butler." Liu shi said.

"That weak fellow?" Ah Yun became even more confused. Was there anything special with that weak fellow?

"You all have only seen the surface!" Liu shi shook his head. "I have taken a look at the butler’s constitution. It is not just poor; it can be considered to be extremely inferior. Logically speaking, his limit would have been Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm. However, did you see how strong he actually was?"

"Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm advanced stage..."

Ah Yun hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"Indeed, he has reached Pigu realm advanced stage. Furthermore... Based on how he doesn't seem to have perfect control over his zhenqi, his breakthrough should be something that occurred recently. Putting this together with what Master Yuanyu said, that this Sun Qiang is someone he hired on a whim and that he was previously just a merchant in the commercial city... It is very likely that the rise in his strength is due to the guidance from the master of the mansion..."

After which, a grim expression appeared on Liu shi's face. "Given such inferior constitution and unexceptional cultivation technique, the zhenqi in his body should have long sunk due to excessive impurities, clogging all of the meridians throughout his body. Yet, he was able to induce a breakthrough in him in a few short days, even raising his strength by an entire realm... It would be hard for me to induce such growth in others."

As master teachers, they specialized in guiding one's cultivation. As such, they were able to easily recognize Sun Qiang’s unique condition.

There are clots in Sun Qiang's meridians, causing his impure zhenqi to sink. According to logical deduction, it should have already been an incredible feat for him to reach Zhenqi realm pinnacle. Yet, contrary to their expectations, the latter had achieved Pigu realm advanced stage. No matter how foolish they were to be, it is obvious that the other party possesses exceptional abilities.

If Zhang Xuan were to hear their conclusion, he would definitely be astounded.

Master teachers aren't just for show, their discernment abilities were indeed impressive.

It is no wonder that it could become a profession that everyone on the continent fears. The sharpness of their eyes isn't something just anyone can match up to.

"If I'm not wrong, the other party had used an extremely pure zhenqi to destroy the shackles in his body and meld the sunken zhenqi, thus allowing him to achieve a breakthrough. Then, the sunk zhenqi he accumulated over numerous years caused his cultivation realm to soar, eventually stopping at Pigu realm advanced stage!"

The silent Zhuang shi hesitated for a moment before speaking.

If Sun Qiang were here, he would definitely be shocked. His experience was exactly as how the master teacher before him had described it to be.

"To be able to meld the sunk zhenqi with his and break through the clots in his meridians, that person's zhenqi must be at least intermediate tier. Or else... his cultivation must have reached Zongshi realm!"

Liu shi nodded his head, agreeing to Zhuang shi's words. Then, he turned to Ah Yun and said, "Regardless of whether he is an expert who possesses intermediate tier zhenqi or a zongshi... Even if he isn't a master teacher, he isn't someone that we can afford to offend. On the other hand, if he is a master teacher, even if he isn't as experienced as us, it is likely that he wields a greater level of potential. If he had slaughtered his butler back then, it would have been equivalent to falling out with the other party, thus making it impossible to reconcile with him in future. If so, we might as well sell him a favor. After all, that butler is just an insignificant figure. He was probably scared witless after knowing of our identity."

"Yes!" Ah Yun nodded his head.

He knew that his old master possessed incredible discernment abilities and that he was able to tell the truth through minor details. Thus, he did not inquire further about the matter.


Upon listening to their deduction, Master Yuanyu widened his mouth in astonishment.

It is no wonder that master teacher is such a prestigious occupation. With a single glance, they were able to analyze so many details. Their eyes are truly fearsome.

"But old master, that person isn't in his mansion, so what should we do now?"

Ah Yun asked.

"Even though he isn't in his mansion, it doesn't mean that we are devoid of ways to verify his identity. Inform Emperor Shen Zhui of the matter and tell him to summon the few people who had been treated by this Yang Xuan to the royal palace. I want to take a look at them personally..."

Liu shi delegated.

"Yes!" Ah Yun nodded his head.

Upon hearing those words, Master Yuanyu was impressed.

It wasn't of great importance that the person in question wasn't present. It wasn't a secret that Yang Xuan had helped Ling Tianyu, Du Miaoxuan, Luo Chong, and Apothecary Chen Xiao... As long as they were to gather and question them, they should be able to understand the situation.

It would then be clear whether the other party is genuinely a master teacher.



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