Chapter 171: Old Master is Back

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Unable to accept the sight before them, a frenzied look appeared on their faces. Suddenly, an elder walked approached with big strides.

Seeing him, respect immediately appeared on everyone's faces as they opened a path for him.

"Is this... The Ninth Heaven of Benevolence, Old Master Zhang?" Forcefully suppressing his shock, Zhang Liao swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

"It is said that Old Master Zhang is already in his nineties. Thirty years ago, he had already reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle... Of course, he isn't respected for his age or his prowess. Rather... He used to be a star teacher in Hongtian Academy and countless experts were personally groomed by him. In fact, nearly half of the experts here had been to his lessons... But why would he be here?"

Zhang Mo's mouth was opened so wide that an egg could be stuffed into it.

This Old Master Zhang entered reclusion in his residence twenty years ago, having never left his residence since then. Moreover, even if Emperor Shen Zhui were to meet him, he would have to address him as 'teacher'... What is such a figure doing here?

Could it be that Du Qiao's residence had been passed to him, and these experts are here to visit him?

Wait a minute...

The moment this thought arose in their minds, the duo immediately realized that their guess was wrong. That's because... That Old Master Zhang also stood at the entrance of residence respectfully, not appearing to be proceeding further.

"Even Old Master Zhang is waiting outside the entrance?"

Zhang Liao and Zhang Mo exchanged glances and their lips started trembling.

Even though Old Master Zhang has already retired for many years, there isn't anyone in Tianxuan Kingdom who would dare to show him disrespect. Even the emperor would step forward to welcome him personally into the palace. Yet, such a figure is currently waiting patiently outside locked gates...

"Brother, are we still going to... steal from the mansion?"

After a long moment of silence between the duo, Zhang Liao turned to look at his elder brother.

"Steal? Steal your head... Putting aside whether we would be able to get in, even if we are to get in, with so many experts guarding the door, I'm afraid that... we would be beaten to death before we even get to lay our hands on anything..."

Zhang Mo shuddered in fear. The thought of it sent him to the verge of tears.

The heck, how do I steal from such a residence?

Just the subordinates of these Tongxuan realm experts are enough to turn us into meat cakes...

What is wrong with this residence?

Why are there so many experts who have come to pay a visit?

"Regard of who it is... For him to have such incredible rallying abilities... Does the royal family not care about the matter at all?"

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Zhang Liao's mind and he couldn't help but comment.

Zhang Mo was taken aback as well.

How can the sovereign of the country allow another individual to hold greater prestige than him?

Regardless of that fellow’s identity, his ability to rally so many experts at once poses a great threat to the royal family. Putting aside the fact that each figure who came is more incredible than the previous, the most shocking fact is that... they are all willing to wait patiently at the door for the master to invite them in on his own accord. For fear of interrupting the other party, they did not even dare to knock on the door. For an individual to wield such prestige, even Emperor Shen Zhui should feel threatened by his existence...


At this moment, a golden carriage arrived at the scene.

"It is Emperor Shen Zhui... He has come. Looks like there's a show to watch..."

Witnessing the carriage and the figure who emerged from the carriage, Zhang Liao and Zhang Mo shuddered.

Speak of the devil. Emperor Shen Zhui has arrived in person; he must have decided to make a move due to the pressure from the other party's capabilities.

Even though there are many experts present, they are still far from sufficient to go up against an entire kingdom.

Besides, rumors have it that Tianxuan Kingdom's Royal Elder has achieved Half-Zongshi level, causing the surrounding kingdoms to not dare move recklessly. Even though the people gathered here are all incredible figures, they aren’t sufficient to go up against an expert of that level.

"Your Majesty, you have come!"

"Paying respects to Your Majesty!"

"Your Majesty, looks like you have arrived earlier today. I have helped you book a slot. Come over..."


Just when the brothers thought that a huge battle would unfold, they saw the experts at the entrance of the mansion greeting the emperor with bright smiles.

Soon, Emperor Shen Zhui found a spot to stand within the crowd and similarly, he started to wait outside the entrance with a respectful expression.


The two burglar brothers swayed at the same time.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

For the emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom to join the queue and wait patiently...

Can anyone tell me who in the world... lives in the mansion?


Before they could recover from their astonishment, another carriage stopped by the side of the road and three elders walked over. They were dressed in similar clothes and a gleaming star was weaved on the fabric covering their chest.

"Is this... the uniform of a master teacher. 1-star master teacher? Three 1-star master teachers?"

Zhang Mo recognized the clothes the three elders wore and clenched his fists tight.

"I get it! These three master teachers must be conducting a lesson and these experts are here to listen..."

Zhang Liao suddenly came to a realization.

That must be the case! Only master teachers can possess such incredible rallying powers. Without a saying a word, many experts came over on their accord, such that even Emperor Shen Zhui himself came over to personally listen to their lesson.

"Paying respects to Liu shi!"

"Zhuang shi, it has been long since we last met. You still look as dignified and majestic as before."

"Zheng shi, the last time I met you was seven years ago. To think that you have come to Tianxuan City..."


A commotion broke out the moment the three master teachers arrived. The previously arrogant crowd immediately opened up a path for them.

"The three master teachers, feel free to stand in front of me..."

Initially, the two brothers thought that the three master teachers would open up the gates and invite the crowd in. However, reality betrayed their expectations once again. After seeing Emperor Shen Zhui give up his position to the three master teachers, the three master teachers stopped right before the gates and waited patiently, just like the rest of the crowd.

"The heck..."

Zhang Liao and Zhang Mo felt as though they were on the verge of collapsing.

Tongxuan realm experts, a highly respected Old Master, the emperor of the country, and even master teachers; all of them were standing before the mansion, waiting patiently for the gates to open...

Who in the world could be in the residence?

It was laughable that the two of them had discussed on how they should go about stealing from the residence...


It was lucky that hadn’t begun to act. Otherwise, they would have been dead by now.


They were still trembling with shock and relief of having escaped from a potential calamity when they saw the tightly shut doors slowly opening and a plump man walked out.

"He... Isn't he the owner of the realtor agency in Tianyu Commercial City, Sun Qiang?"

Zhang Liao recognized him.

After engaging in burglaries in Tianxuan City for numerous years, he was well acquainted with many people of vastly different standings in the city.

The plump man before them can be considered as one in the lowest tier of society.

Yet, he actually resides in the mansion? Is he the one who is keeping so many experts and influential figures waiting?

"Butler Sun, may I know if Yang shi is back yet?"

Old Master Zhang stepped forward, clasped his hands, and asked politely.

"I'm truly sorry, but the old master isn't back yet. Please return for now. Once the old master is back, I will send someone to inform you..."

Seeing the large gathering of experts before him, Sun Qiang's mouth twitched before speaking.

As the news spread further and further, more and more people began to gather. While he was astonished initially, all he feels now is numbness.

Of course, what that made Sun Qiang even number was that... the old master had gone missing...

It was as though he had evaporated from the world. No matter how hard he looked, he was unable to find him...

If he doesn't find him soon, he is truly afraid that the crowd that had gathered here might go on a rampage.

If so, he would be the first one to bear the brunt of their rage...

Facing so many experts, if not for his incredible mental fortitude, he would have long collapsed.

"Sigh, he isn't back yet? But that isn't a problem, we can wait here for him..."

Hearing that Yang shi isn't back yet, the crowd couldn't help but feel disappointed.

"I think it would be best if you all return for now..." Afraid that something might happen, Sun Qiang tried to persuade them to leave. Then, upon catching sight of a figure, his eyes widened. Hot tears streamed down his face and he charged forward toward the figure. "Old master..."


"This... What is going on?"

Upon reaching the doors to his residence, Zhang Xuan saw the huge queue outside his mansion and was stupefied.



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