Chapter 172: Catching a Pig?

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"Old master?"

Upon seeing Butler Sun's abnormal reaction, everyone immediately understood that Yang shi had returned. All eyes immediately turned to look at the approaching figure and saw a yellowish-faced middle-aged man looking at them with a perplexed expression.

"Is this the old master that kept everyone waiting?"

Zhang Liao and Zhang Mo had a dizzy spell witnessing the situation before them.

This fellow looks like an extremely ordinary person. How did he manage to get an emperor and several master teachers waiting outside his door so willingly?

They hadn't been in Tianxuan City for the past half a year and as such, were completely oblivious to the storm that the presence of 'Master Teacher Yang Xuan' had created.

"Xiao Qiang, what is going on?"

While the duo experienced a dizzy spell, Zhang Xuan felt severe vertigo. Just by looking at the crowd, he immediately understood that these were the people looking for him to solve their problems accumulated throughout the days when he was absent. But... Sun Qiang, what do your hot tears and your reaction as though you are a puppy who had reunited with its owner mean?

It was just a few days of absence, do you need need to be so agitated and excited...

"Old master, you are finally back. These people are here for you..." Sun Qiang hurriedly introduced. But halfway through his words, he was interrupted by another voice.

"Yang shi..."

Emperor Shen Zhui clasped his hands. "I am..."

"Did I permit you to talk?"

Zhang Xuan was just about to find out from Sun Qiang what had happened in the past few days, but this fellow abruptly interrupted their conversation. Displeased, Zhang Xuan frowned.

Where did you come from? Don't you have the least bit of common sense? Can't you see that I'm currently busy?

You're lucky that I have a good temper. If it were any other master teacher, he would have long beaten a fellow like you to death...

Putong! Putong!

Zhang Liao and Zhang Mo fell to the ground.

You are too incredible, my brother. That is the emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom... To speak to him like that...

Even Sun Qiang was flabbergasted.

As expected of the old master, you are nothing short of impressive... Even the emperor means nothing to you...

"I..." Emperor Shen Zhui's face flushed.

"Continue speaking..." After reprimanding the fellow who interrupted their conversation, Zhang Xuan turned his attention back to his butler.

"Oh!" Recovering from his shock, Sun Qiang hurriedly continued, "In the few days while you were absent, these people had come to pay a visit to you. There is Emperor Shen Zhui..."

"The emperor is here as well?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Zhang Xuan had intended to return the house the moment he gathered sufficient money and return back to his original identity. Yet, to think that even the emperor of the country would be alarmed by his actions.

Agitated, he asked, "Where is he?"

Upon hearing those words, a peculiar expression appeared on everyone's face. Even Sun Qiang staggered and nearly fell to the floor...

In the end, it turned out that his old master didn't manage to recognize the emperor. To think that he was so impressed with his action...

"Cough cough. It's me!" Emperor Shen Zhui coughed.

"You?" Zhang Xuan nearly spurted blood. To think that he would happen to reprimand him right after returning from his Book Collection Vault…

"Shen Zhui pays his respect to Yang shi. Allow me to introduce to Yang shi, these three are Liu shi, Zheng shi, and Zhuang shi..."

Emperor Shen Zhui hurriedly introduced.

"Liu shi... What? Master teachers?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Isn't it a renowned fact that there are no master teachers in Tianxuan Kingdom?

When did three of them pop up? What had happened in the few days when I was gone?

"Liu Ling (Zhuang Xian, Zheng Fei) pays respect to Yang shi!'

Liu Ling and the others stepped forward and clasped their hands. At the same time, they took the opportunity to assess the middle-aged man before them.

With a single glance, the three of them frowned immediately.

"Follow me in first!"

Oblivious to the reaction of the trio, Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella and waved his hands, gesturing for them to enter.

After all, he can't possibly keep the emperor and the three master teachers waiting at the doorstep, right?

"Brother Liu, what did you see?"

Upon stepping into the courtyard, Zhuang Xian secretly sent a telepathic message to Liu Ling.

"He has donned a disguise. This isn't his actual appearance. Based on his skin and movements, he should be an extremely young man under thirty. In fact... He probably hasn’t passed twenty-five years of age!" Liu Ling frowned.

Even Du Miaoxuan was able to see through Zhang Xuan's disguise, so how could the three master teachers miss it?

"How can he possibly be a master teacher at his age? He is probably a fake..."

Zhuang Xian harrumphed.

Master teachers are just like academics; the older they are, the wiser and more valuable they become. It is one thing that he refused to reveal his true appearance, but for his age to be under twenty-five... How can he possibly be a master teacher?

To become a master teacher, one needs to undergo numerous examinations and every single examination holds tremendous difficulty. Due to the limited knowledge one can possibly accumulate over time, it is impossible for someone to become a master teacher in his twenties!

"He is probably a fake. I will think of a way to expose him later."

Zheng shi nodded his head in agreement.

After hearing Ling Tianyu and the others' description of the other party, they became suspicious and wanted to verify for themselves other party's identity as a master teacher. However, when they noticed his poor disguise with their own eyes, they immediately came to a conclusion that the other party must be a fake.

If he isn't a fake, why would he put on a disguise, a poor one at that?

If he isn’t a fake, how is it be possible for a person in his twenties to possess such high standards that even they aren't able to perceive?

"Furthermore, did you observe his bloodshot eyes and lethargy? If he is a master teacher, how would he allow such a condition to occur?"

Liu Ling said.

Not only was he able to see through Zhang Xuan's disguise, he also noticed his fatigue.

After examining the other party carefully again, he felt his rage surging up. Because regardless of whichever aspect he looked at, this fellow didn't seem to be a genuine master teacher.

A fake had made them pay visits to his mansion for five days straight. Regardless of who it was, it was reasonable to feel enraged, needless to say, a fake master teacher.

Oblivious to the fact that the other side had already seen through him, Zhang Xuan walked up to the main seat upon arriving at the main hall. Then, he looked at the three master teachers and asked, "May I know what affairs do the three master teachers have for me?"

"Oh, I've heard that Yang shi is a skilled physician and is adept at helping others achieve breakthroughs in their cultivation. Thus, I came presumptuously in the hopes that you can enlighten me on a matter..."

After shooting a glance at the other two, Liu Ling started speaking.

It was unlikely that a direct approach would work. Since he was intent on exposing the other party's fraud, he had to first grill for his incapabilities.

"What’s the issue, speak!"

All Zhang Xuan had in mind was to earn another two million to purchase the items from the Apothecary Guild and to find a place to sleep. He was too tired to bother about pleasantries and simply waved his hands casually.

"Act! Continue acting!"

Seeing the other party's disinterested expression, the three master teachers felt so infuriated that their eyes narrowed and their faces turned green.

Seems like he is quite a composed person.

However, your acts will not work on us. We will not leave unless we expose your fraud!

"It is a problem with my cultivation, please guide me!"

Upon seeing the urging glances from the other two, Zhuang Xian stood up and clasped his hands. "I am currently at Tongxuan realm pinnacle, just a step away from Half-Zongshi. However, I can clearly feel that the rate at which zhenqi gathers in my body has slowed greatly. No matter what I do, I am unable to make the final leap. I have tried all kinds of methods to accomplish a breakthrough, but it is to no avail. I hope that you can give me some pointers."

"Tongxuan realm pinnacle?"

Zhang Xuan felt dismal.

Because he was unable to find any books regarding cultivation method in the Tongxuan realm in the Book Collection Vault, he is still stuck in Pixue realm pinnacle. He has no idea what kind of abilities one would possess upon reaching the Tongxuan realm, so how can he possibly guide the other party?

"How about this... You try executing a few moves for me to take a look!"

Zhang Xuan knows that his knowledge of the Tongxuan realm can’t possibly match up to the other party. Since the other party was stumped by the question, he understood that it is impossible for him to solve it without resorting to the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Execute a few moves? Sure!"

Zhuang Xuan understood that only by executing a battle technique can one analyze another person’s issue. Thus, without any hesitation, he stood up and launched a booming fist.


The air groaned in agony under the intense might behind his fist.

As expected of a Tongxuan realm expert. His zhenqi surged through his body furiously as though a soaring dragon. The strength of his fist compressed the air in the surroundings and created a sonic boom.

Soon, he finished executing his battle technique.

Zhuang Xian, Liu Ling, and Zheng Fei turned their gazes to 'Yang shi', interested to see what he would say. However, the other party had a dull look on his face, as though he was at a loss of what to say.

"Please offer your pointers!"

Upon seeing him behaving in such a manner, Zhuang Xian's complexion became extremely awful. He didn't even bother to address him as 'Yang shi' anymore.

No matter what, he is a master teacher. It is one thing if the other party is a higher tier than them, but that is clearly not the case. How can they possibly stand lowering their head to a fake?

You were the one who had me execute a battle technique, and yet you are blanking out now... It can't be that you have turned dumb after watching my battle technique!

"You want me to offer you pointers?"

Ignoring the other party’s displeasure, Zhang Xuan lifted his gaze to look forward.

"That's right!"

Zhuang Xian harrumphed.

He had already thought it through. The moment the other party starts speaking, he would search for loopholes and expose him before everyone else, then disgrace this fraud in public.

Logically speaking, when the queue had formed even before they could confirm the person’s identity, they should have persuaded the others against waiting outside. However, they had their own considerations for not doing so.

If the other party turns out to be genuinely a master teacher, they would have offended him by persuading the others to leave. On the other hand, if the other party is a fraud, they can expose him before everyone else, causing him to fall from his grace. At the same time, it would serve as a reminder to everyone else that the identity of a master teacher is not to be sullied, and no one should ever impersonate one.

"My pointer is simple. I'm afraid that you won't believe my words..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

He truly has no other choice now but to go on ahead with it. Otherwise, if the other party were to discover that it is a disguise on his part, he wouldn't even be able to escape. However, after the several days of experience disguising as Yang Xuan, he has grown accustomed to it.

With an impassive expression, he waved his hands and said, "Do you wish to break through Tongxuan realm pinnacle to reach Half-Zongshi realm?"

"Of course I do!" Zheng Yang said.

What a joke! Which cultivator would not wish to achieve a breakthrough?

Who doesn't wish to reach higher levels?

Just like how a physician is unable to treat himself, a master teacher similarly can't offer pointers to himself. He had wanted to break through his cultivation realm for a long time now, but all along, he had been unable to succeed.

His two old friends, Liu Ling and Zheng Fei, had broken through long ago. He could only watch anxiously as the two drifted further and further away from him.

"I can help you break through your current cultivation realm within ten minutes, but..."

Zhang Xuan paused.

"Break through... within ten minutes?" Zhuang Xian was taken aback.

Even Liu Ling and Zheng Fei had looks of disbelief on their faces.

As good friends of his, they had also taken a look at his situation and their verdicts were that it would be impossible for him to break through his cultivation realm in the short term. Yet, the fraud before them actually claimed that... he can do so in ten minutes?

"I have already presented you an opportunity. The final choice is up to you!"

Zhang Xuan lifted the teacup from the table and sipped on it slowly and calmly.

Usually, his actions would look incredibly cool and intimidating, and those present would feel as if a heavy mountain weighed down on them. But now, his eyes are bloodshot with his eyebags tugging against his eyes, and his lips are both dry and purple. Not only does he not look like an expert, he looks as though he had been busy engaging in vigorous exercises at night. There is an indescribable dissonance between his appearance and gesture.

"I... Alright, I want to break through. Please offer me your guidance!"

After a moment of hesitation, Zhuang Xian gritted his teeth and accepted.

If it you are able to help me break through my cultivation realm as you claim, I will acknowledge that you are a true master teacher. But if you aren't able to do so... That means that you are a fake, a fraud!

"Are you sure?" Zhang Xuan gazed at him.


Zhuang Xian nodded his head.

"Alright then. Xiao Qiang, fetch a gunny sack over. Then, call a few guards and get them to bring wooden sticks along with them..."

Zhang Xuan said.

The three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui exchanged gazes and puzzled expression appeared on their faces.

Gunny sack?


Wooden sticks?

Weren't you going to help him break through his current bottleneck? This... What are you up to?

Are you catching a pig?



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