Chapter 173: Yang Xuan, Screw You!

Translator: StarveCleric Editor: GaiaNove
A normal person would only use a gunny sack and wooden sticks when catching a pig. However, upon hearing that such items would be used to help him advance his cultivation, Zhuang Xian felt a pool of blood accumulating in his chest and the flesh on his face twitched uncontrollably.

If not for the incredible self-control he had cultivated throughout the years as a master teacher, he would have long flown into a rage.

There are only a few means which master teachers use to guide one's cultivation; refining one's cultivation technique, identifying the flaws in the cultivation, consuming all kinds of pills... Yet, this fellow uses gunny sacks and wooden sticks...

The heck!

What is the use of a gunny sack in advancing one's cultivation?

Other people eat pills to advance their cultivation, do I eat the gunny sack to do so?

Furthermore, calling for the guards... And each of them is equipped with a stick...

Dueling can stimulate one's hidden potential, and it is indeed a method to achieve a breakthrough in cultivation. But... the guards in your mansion are way too weak!

I am a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert! Even if they were to wield blades and swords, they wouldn't be able to harm me in the least.


Hearing the command, Sun Qiang walked out scratching his head.

After being with the old master for a period of time, he knew that the things the old master does tend to be beyond one's imagination. Even so, he had completely no idea what the old master was up to this time.

What is the old master up to?

However, since the old master had made such arrangements, he definitely had his own intentions. Thus, as the butler, he just had to follow his instructions.

Soon, Sun Qiang managed to gather seven to eight guards and every single one of them was equipped with a wooden stick. Just in case, they even brought a total of four gunny sacks.

"Old master!"

Upon entering, the guards bowed in synchrony.

"Zhuang shi wishes to achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation, and he hopes that you can assist him with it." Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"It's our honor to do a master teacher a favor..."

The few guards were first taken aback before delight crept onto their faces.

When Sun Qiang was bringing them over, he had also mentioned to them that the three elders in the room are master teachers. Given their current strength, it would have been impossible for them to meet one usually, needless to say, interact with them. At this very instant, they are given the opportunity to do a master teacher a favor. Naturally, they are extremely delighted.

If this Zhuang shi were to truly achieve a breakthrough and remember their assistance, riches and power wouldn't simply be a dream!

This is a favor to a master teacher...

It is a rare opportunity.

"It's good that you are all willing to help!" He nodded his head in satisfaction. Zhang Xuan turned to Liu Ling, "May I trouble Liu shi to seal the acupoints on Zhuang shi's body so that he would be completely immobilized?"

"Seal his acupoints?" Zhuang Xian frowned. "Why?"

If my acupoints and meridians are sealed, that means that I won’t be able to move at all. Aren’t you here to help me achieve a breakthrough? If you seal them, my zhenqi would be unable to flow through my body and if so, how can I cultivate?

The others were perplexed by Zhang Xuan's words as well.

"If you wish to achieve a breakthrough, just do as I say."

Shaking his hands, Zhang Xuan looked at him with determined eyes.

Seeing the old master's expression, Sun Qiang trembled subconsciously.

The expression... Back then, when the old master had him smash Ling Tianyu's stone lion, that was the expression that he shot him with... He believed the old master's words, nearly dying from a beating due to that.

No doubt at all, if Zhuang shi really were to believe in his words, he would be in for a ride of misfortune.

This old master of his who often brought calamity to others while escaping unscathed...

"I..." Zhuang Xian was about to say something when he saw Zhang Xuan looking over with an indifferent expression. "If you don't wish to achieve a breakthrough, let's just forget the matter. I can't be bothered to waste my effort."

After which, he sipped on his tea calmly. His gestures were so peaceful that it seemed like a still painting.

"Alright, I'll do whatever that you say."

Seeing the other party's attitude, it was clear that it didn't matter to him whether Zhuang Xian was willing to go through with it or not. Gritting his teeth, Zhuang Xuan turned to Liu Ling and said, "Brother Liu, I will have to trouble you for this."

You want me to back down? Dream on!

I'll see just how you will help me break through. If you fail to accomplish what you claim, just wait and see...


Even though he was doubtful of the 'fraud's' words, Liu Ling nodded his head and stepped forward. He placed his palm on Zhuang Xian's body and zhenqi flowed from the tip of his fingers into Zhuang Xian's body, sealing all of the main acupoints.

"Done." After sealing all of the other party's acupoints, Zhuang Xian is no longer able to move. Then, Liu Ling turned to Zhang Xuan and said.


Zhang Xuan double checked Zhuang Xian's condition before nodding his head.

This Liu shi didn't slack off at all. He sealed the acupoints in the other person's body tightly.

"Later, regardless of what happens, I hope that the two master teachers will not interfere in the matter."

Zhang Xuan turned to Liu Ling and Zheng Fei and said.


Even though they were unsure of the other party’s intentions, the two of them nodded their heads in agreement.

"Let's begin!"

Chuckling lightly, Zhang Xuan took the gunny sack from Sun Qiang's hands, stepped forward to Zhuang Xian, and placed it over the other party's head.

"What are you trying to do?"

Zhuang Xian was still pondering over how the other party was going to help him achieve a breakthrough when the other party placed the gunny sack over his head. He nearly spurted blood.

I am a master teacher, a person with of great prestige. Explain to me... What do you mean by putting this gunny sack over my head?

Ignoring the ruckus he had caused, Zhang Xuan turned to the guards and said, "It's your turn. Don't you all want to help Zhuang shi achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation? Let's begin then. Use the stick to flog him as hard and as brutal as you can!"


The guards were contemplating what they should do after the master teacher expresses his gratitude toward them when they heard the old master's words. They staggered and burst into tears.

Old master, are you serious?

Beating a master teacher?

Didn't you say that we are going to help him achieve a breakthrough? How will he be grateful to us for this?

We think that living is a wonderful thing and it's still too early for us to die…

"Why? Hurry up and hit him! Don't worry, there's a gunny sack over his head, he won't be able to know who's the one who hit him." After saying this, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before continuing, "If you're still worried, why don't you... put a few more sacks over his head? This way, there's no way he would be able to identify you..."


It would have been better if Zhang Xuan had not said a word. After hearing him, the guards cried even louder.

The other party had already seen their faces clearly the moment they walked in. What is the use putting the gunny sack over his face at this moment?

The other party isn’t deaf, so he can hear their words clearly. Furthermore... this isn't a matter of how many gunny sacks we have over his head, alright?

Regardless of how many there are, he would know that it is our doing...

Watching the spectacle by, Liu Ling and Zheng Fei's mouth twitched as they stared at one another in shock by the side.

Are you trying to help him achieve a breakthrough... Or are you angry that we doubted you and that you want to exact vengeance on him?

I’ve never heard a case where of a breakthrough just by covering a person’s head with a gunny sack and having a group of people beat him up with wooden sticks.

However, since they had agreed not to interfere in the matter, it isn't their place to speak up now. They could only sit by the side silently, their faces steeled.

"Hurry up! This is something Zhuang shi had agreed on! Are you sure you can bear the responsibility for delaying his break through?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Since the guards refused to listen when he spoke kindly, he could only rage at them.


A bitter look appeared on the faces of these guards.

They thought that it would be an incredible honor to be of assistance to a master teacher. Yet, never in their wildest dreams did they expect things to turn out as such... However, the old master is a master teacher as well, so they dare not to disobey his commands. They could only grit their teeth and get on with it.

"Let's go!"

Since they are doomed no matter what they choose, there is no longer anything for them to worry over. It isn’t really a big deal once they had thought the matter through.

Walking forward, the guards lifted up the wooden sticks in their hands and began to flog Zhuang shi, who was beneath the gunny sack, harshly.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Even though Zhuang Xian's acupoints were sealed, his hearing continued to function properly and he had heard the surrounding conversations. Upon feeling the wooden sticks falling on his body as though a torrential rain, he felt vertigo and the final string of his rationality nearly snapped.

Yang Xuan, screw you!

You obviously aren't trying to help me achieve a breakthrough! You are making fun of me...

The more he thought about it, the more furious he felt. Rage surged through his entire body, threatening to set him aflame.

In the decades since he had become a master teacher, he had never suffered such injustice, having his head covered by a gunny sack and beaten with wooden sticks.

This is an unimaginable humiliation to him!

It was one thing if the ones beating him are powerful experts. However, the guards in the mansion only had cultivation levels of Fighter 3-dan to 4-dan...

More importantly... His meridians had been sealed, so his zhenqi is unable to flow through his body. As such, he is unable to soothe his injuries or cushion the blows. He can only bear the brunt of the attacks with his physical body and indescribable pain permeated every single part of his body.

Just as he was about to explode in frenzy, he heard 'Yang Xuan's' voice echoing from beyond the gunny sack.

"The places where you are hitting aren't right. Ah, yes, that's it..."

Before Zhuang Xian could even process his words, he felt an incredible force smashing right in his face, leaving a surge of stinging pain in its wake. The next few strikes all came flying straight at his face.

Initially, the pain was only limited to his body. Now, even his head isn't spared.

"The heck..."

Feeling his lips swelling, Zhuang Xian was on the verge of tears.

What was I trying to do? Despite knowing that he is just an imposter, I requested him to help me achieve a breakthrough. I must be courting death...

Just as he was about to let loose insults, he heard another conversation starting outside.

"Old master, how long should we hit him for?"

A guard couldn't help but ask.

They couldn't possibly go at it forever, there has to be a time limit.

"How long? Let me think about it... How about this!" 'Yang Xuan's' voice hesitated for a moment before saying, "Hit him until he dies..."

"Hit me until I die? You..."

Zhuang Xian was truly enraged.

I'm here to achieve a breakthrough in my cultivation, not to commit suicide. Yet, you commanded your guards to hit me until I die... Yang Xuan, from now on, you will be my mortal enemy. If I don't kill you, my surname shall not be Zhuang...

Screaming within, Zhuang Xian no longer bothered about rebuking the other party. Bearing with the pain, he channeled zhenqi from his entire body violently to the sealed acupoints.

If I don't penetrate the sealed acupoints to regain my freedom, I will really die here today...

You aren't helping me achieve a breakthrough at all, you are obviously trying to murder me...

The more he thought about it, the more furious he got. If rage was a grain of sand, there would be a small mountain inside of him right now.

"Use more force! Haven't you eaten yet?"

The voice beyond the gunny sack roared.

Zhuang Xian's eyelids twitched. With excruciating pain all over his body and the humiliation he had experienced; he could no longer suppress himself.


After an unknown period of time, under his furious attempts, the sealed acupoints were finally burst open. With a jolt of his hands, the gunny sack which covered his head was torn apart.

Kacha! Kacha!

The wooden sticks in the guards' hands were also shattered into pieces by the shockwave of his and scattered onto the floor.

"Yang Xuan, screw you..."

With a furious roar, Zhuang Xian turned to look at the mastermind, only to see the 'fake master teacher' sitting on his high seat, sipping on his tea calmly. With an impassive expression, he glanced at him and said gracefully, "Zhuang shi, mind your identity. As a master teacher, how can you insult someone in public?"

"Insult? I want to kill you..." Zhuang Xian felt increasingly incensed. Bellowing, he prepared to charge forward.

How about you try having a gunny sack put over your head and be flogged by wooden sticks?

Identity? To hell with identities!

If I don't kill you with my own hands, I shall abandon my title as a master teacher...

"Take a look at your own cultivation before deciding on whether you want to kill me or not..."

Zhang Xuan paid no heed to his fury, slowly lifting his eyelids.

"My cultivation?" Zhuang Xian was stunned for a moment and looked internally at his own condition. With a single glance, his eyes immediately narrowed, "How... How is this possible?"



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