Chapter 174: The Confident Ah Yun

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He could sense the raging strength flowing through his body. He is now several times stronger than he was a moment ago. Clearly, he had already broken through Tongxuan realm pinnacle.

"Half... Zongshi?"

Zhuang Xian's mouth was wide open.

Fighter 8-dan Zongshi realm is the level where one gains the capability to create their own schools and become the conquerors. Even though just a thin line separates it from Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan pinnacle, the breakthrough is equivalent to a butterfly breaking out from its cocoon.

This is the first true obstacle that one would face throughout the 9 dans of a Fighter. Countless geniuses found themselves stuck at this hurdle.

Half-Zongshi is the buffer between the two realms. In order to reach Zongshi realm, one has to first reach this level.

The Royal Elder of Tianxuan Kingdom which had kept the surrounding kingdoms in check using his overwhelming strength is also just at this level.

Zhuang Xian is a master teacher, and in order to reach this level, he had devoted countless resources and effort, only to fail repeatedly. But why did he... upon being covered in a gunny sack and beaten up by a wooden stick, suddenly break through this hurdle?

This... this is too inconceivable.

By the side, Liu Ling and Zheng Fei exchanged gazes and saw the confusion in each other's eyes.

They had looked at Zhuang Xian's condition and tried numerous methods to solve his problem. Initially, they thought that with the accompaniment of age and a deteriorating vitality, achieving a breakthrough had become impossible. Yet, just with a single beating, he managed to successfully break through his current realm...

Can things get even more ridiculous?

Getting beaten up is the solution to breaking through? Then, to reach Zongshi, shouldn't the two of them find a group of person to beat them up as well?

Perplexed, all gazes shot toward the fellow who was still busy sipping on his tea, trying to see if they could discern anything from the each other’s expressions. However, it was a pity that he appeared completely indifferent, as though nothing had happened at all... Of course, his eyes were still bloodshot, his spirit still withered, and his eye bags still tugging at his face.

If not for the miracle he had just performed, they would be wondering where the fellow had gone to enjoy himself the previous night.

"Yang... shi, what is going on?" As the other party didn't seem like he would say anything, Zhuang Xian took the initiative to ask.

How he addressed the other party changed from Yang Xuan to Yang shi once again.

"You aren't going to screw me anymore?" Zhang Xuan lifted his gaze.

"I..." Zhuang shi's face flushed and cold sweat flowed profusely down his body.

The other party was obviously helping him achieve a breakthrough, but not only did he not understand the goodwill behind the other party's actions, he even insulted him in public... He is truly the ideal example of an ungrateful person.

Embarrassed, Zhuang Xian could only lower his head and apologize, "Please forgive me for my ignorance..."

"Alright, I don't intend to blame you for that either." Zhang Xuan gestured. "The battle technique which you displayed earlier is extremely stable. There isn't any part which is particularly amazing, but neither were there any mistakes in your movements. That indicates that you have had a good teacher from young and you work really hard."

"Yang shi is right. My father is a 1-star master teacher." Zhuang Xian nodded his head.

"Your solid foundation became both your strength and your weakness. As your father is a master teacher, since young, you have always thought that his teachings are all correct. Thus, you dare not disobey his words. Subconsciously, you began to cultivate a habit of sticking to the conventional means. The route of a cultivator is to go against the heavens, not to stick to conventional wisdom. Even though your cultivation advanced swiftly at the start, it transformed into a limiting factor when you reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle."

Zhang Xuan lifted his head and glanced at him, as though lecturing a student. "Zongshi, just as the name goes, refers to someone who starts a school of his own. If one doesn't possess his own thoughts and comprehension of cultivation, instead choosing to follow the route of the predecessors, how can one succeed? Even though Half-Zongshi cannot be considered as a true Zongshi, the same concept applies as well."

"After years of cultivation and accumulation, the zhenqi and strength that you had harnessed was already sufficient for you to break through to reach Half-Zongshi. However, you doubted yourself, you didn't believe that you could reach that level. If I'm not wrong, your father must have never reached this state in his lifetime. In fact, something might have occurred to him when he was trying to reach this realm!"

"You... You..."

Zhuang Xian staggered backward.

The other party's words were spot-on.

Even though his father was a 1-star master teacher, he was never able to reach Half-Zongshi in his lifetime. In fact, while trying to achieve a breakthrough to that level, his cultivation went berserk and he became a cripple. In less than a year after that, he met his demise. Even on his deathbed, he was filled with regret over the matter.

This incident had caused a trauma in Zhuang Xian. He was never able to exert his full strength whenever attempting a breakthrough from Tongxuan realm pinnacle to Half-Zongshi.

Just that, that was a secret he had concealed in his heart for a very long time. He had never spoken of it to anyone... How did the other party know of it?

Was it because he had watched him execute his battle technique?

"Due to this fear, no matter what pills you consumed or what cultivation technique you tried, you were unable to achieve a breakthrough." Zhang Xuan stood up and walked over to the center of the main hall. "You came to request for my guidance. In order for you to succeed, you have to first get past your fear. Otherwise, it would be all for naught."

"However, because you have buried this fear in you for countless years, how is it possible to overcome it all of a sudden? The only method is to utilize anger to dispel the fear within you. Thus, I had someone cover your head and beat you up with wooden sticks. Since you don't know the true reason behind my action, you would think that I am humiliating you and you would bear hatred against me. This way, resentment will overwhelm your fear. Given your countless years of accumulated zhenqi and the rage in your heart, breaking through your current realm is expected."

With both of his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan stood silently at the center of the main hall. The sunlight that spilled in from outside cast a shadow of a giant behind him.


Zhuang Xian contemplated the other party's words and couldn't help but be astonished.

The theory sounds simple but is incredibly profound. In truth, the difficulty in deducing everything through watching a set of battle technique, finding the exact solution to the problem, inferring the likely ending beforehand without a single flaw is in no way easier than their endless cultivation to reach Zongshi realm.

If they hadn’t witnessed this personally, they would not have dared to believe it possible.

"Yang shi, thank you for granting me a new life. I, Zhuang Xian, will never forget Yang shi's grace for as long as I live."

After recovering from his astonishment, Zhuang Xian immediately knelt down.

He was thoroughly impressed with the other party's means and there wasn't the slightest bit of reluctance in his actions.

"You no longer doubt that I am an impersonation?" Zhang Xuan smiled, but there was no hint of humor behind his expression.

"Er..." Zhuang Xian rubbed his hands together nervously.

Looks like the other party had known that he had doubted his identity, just that he couldn't be bothered with it.

Upon realizing this, he felt even greater respect for the other party.

Even though he had seen through their ploy, not only did he not get angry, he even helped him to achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation. This is how a true master teacher behaves, possessing the disposition of a true expert...

Witnessing the problem of their good friend being settled so easily, no matter how foolish Liu Ling and Zheng Fei could be, it was apparent that even though the person before them appears young, he is a true master teacher.

Even though his means... are slightly unorthodox, if he isn't a master teacher, how can he have such an in-depth understanding of a fighter's cultivation, instantly seeing through and solving a problem which had thoroughly baffled them and induced Zhuang Xian's breakthrough?

However, regardless of whether his means are orthodox or unorthodox, Zhuang Xian's breakthrough means that the capabilities of the person before them far exceeds their own.

No longer daring to underestimate the other party, they exchanged gazes and Zheng Fei stood up. "Yang shi, I have also met with a problem in my cultivation, and this problem has baffled me for a very long time..."


Outside the mansion.

"Do you think that the rumors are true, that the three master teachers are paying a visit to this Yang shi because he is a 2-star master teacher?"

After seeing Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers entering the mansion, the crowd outside couldn't help but gossip.

No one present was certain of Yang shi's capabilities, but to have three 1-star master teachers visiting him at once, it is unlikely that the other party is an ordinary person. At the very least, he should have reached the level of a 2-star master teacher.

"I'm not very sure as well. I paid a visit to Ling Tianyu a few days ago and he was full of praises for Yang shi. A while back, his wife was sick, we have all seen that for ourselves, but when on my visit, she had already fully recovered, as though what I've seen before is an illusion."

"I have also paid a visit to Du Miaoxuan. Not only is the disease that had plagued him for so many years gone, his cultivation, just as the rumors state, has reached Tongxuan realm!"

"This Yang shi is indeed incredible..."


As the few of them secretly discussed, they couldn't help but feel amazed by the other party's abilities.

"Actually, if everyone is curious about Yang shi's affair, we should be able to get an answer by asking them." Suddenly, someone pointed to the front.

Following the direction where the finger was pointed, they saw the guards of the three master teachers standing quietly not too far away. As the head, Ah Yun was equipped with a sword and he emanated an intimidating aura.

Emperor Shen Zhui and the master teachers had entered the mansion but they, as guards, are unqualified to enter and could only keep guard outside.

"Indeed, they are the guards of the three master teachers, so they should be aware of the actual situation..."

The others immediately nodded their heads in agreement.

Of all people, the three master teachers should be most aware of the capabilities of this Yang Xuan. On the other hand, the ones who are closest to the three master teachers here are these guards of theirs.

As long as they ask them, they should be able to extract some useful news.

"Brother Yun..."

A middle-aged man stepped forward and clasped his fists.

Clearly, he recognized Ah Yun.

As a top-tier 1-star master teacher, Liu Ling is famous in the surrounding kingdoms. As his guard, Ah Yun also has his fair share of glory. Numerous people had approached to bootlick him.

"So it’s Brother Liao."

Ah Yun recognized the latter. He is a solitary swordsman of the Tianxuan Kingdom, and he is called Liao Yongjin. Five years ago, he paid a visit to Liu shi to consult the latter on a problem he faced in his cultivation.

"It is sufficient that you call me by my name. I am truly unworthy of you addressing me as Brother Liao!" Seeing that the other party had recognized him, Liao Yongjin was delighted. After trading a few greetings, he brought up the question that everyone had been thinking of, "Since Liu shi and the other master teachers are here to pay a personal visit to Yang shi... Does it mean that they know of Yang shi’s exact identity?"

"Pay a visit?"

Ah Yun sneered, "Rather than saying that they are paying him a visit, it is more appropriate to say that they are going to tear off his mask."

"Brother Yun, what do you mean?"

Liao Yongjin was taken aback by the other party's words and he asked hurriedly.

"Simple. Liu shi and the others don't think that Yang Xuan is a master teacher. On the contrary, they believe that it is likely for him to be an impersonator, so they specially made the trip here to expose his disguise before everyone else."

As Liu Ling's guard, he had been following him around these few days. He had overheard a fair share of the conversations among the three master teachers.

Even though Liu shi and the others were surprised by the incidents with Ling Tianyu's wife, Du Miaoxuan, and the others, they thought it more likely that Yang Xuan is a fake and he is intentionally playing out a show.

After all, as master teachers, it is unbelievable for them that someone can solve problems that would leave them stumped easily, furthermore using methods that are difficult to comprehend.

Under the front of paying the other party a visit, they are actually conducting an investigation.

"Yang shi... might be a fraud?"

The moment Ah Yun's words sounded in the air, a commotion broke out.

If this is true, it would be no small matter.

They took great pains to queue for so long, only to realize that the other party is a fraud...

"Rest easy, Liu shi and the others have entered for quite some time now. We should be able to get an answer soon."

Flinging his robe, Ah Yun calmly said with a haughty expression.

If he isn't a fraud, how can he have such a dumb butler who speaks such dumb words?


Right after he said those words, the tightly-shut gates opened and a few figures emerged.

"Brother Sun, it is enough that you send us off here. I have truly benefitted greatly from this meeting today. I know that Yang shi cares not for material possessions, but these are tokens of our appreciation, so please do help us pass it to him."

Standing at the door, Liu shi chatted with Sun Qiang with a wide smile on his face. At the same time, he was stuffing items into the latter's hands unceasingly.


Ah Yun's body froze.



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