Chapter 175: Striking it Rich

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As the guard of a master teacher, he is absolutely clear of the standing and prestige the three master teachers possess in this kingdom. Yet, when the three master teachers emerged from the mansion, only the butler could be seen escorting them to the door... the 'fraud' did not even show his face!

Is that for real?

Didn't you come here to expose that fellow's disguise? To be fawning on a butler and piling gifts on his hands... Even calling him 'Brother Sun', what is going on?

Ah Yun felt that he is mistaken, severely mistaken.

Can it be that... Yang Xuan is really a master teacher?

Just a moment ago, he had confidently declared that the master teachers had entered the mansion to expose Yang Xuan's fraud before everyone. Upon witnessing the situation, he felt light-headed.

Didn't you say that he is a fraud? Then why are you treating his butler with such respect?

Furthermore... To addressing him as Brother Sun?

Liu shi, you are already in your sixties while Sun Qiang isn't even forty. To call him Brother Sun...

Why do I feel goosebumps rising on my body?

"It is fortunate that we didn't listen to his words, otherwise we would have regretted it for life!"

"Indeed, he doesn't know anything at all, yet he tried to feign knowledge..."

"Expose his fraud? Have you seen someone exposing a fraud like this? By behaving so respectfully to a butler in his master’s absence?"


Immediately after recovering from the shock, the crowd criticized Ah Yun harshly.

Those who came here to wait at Yang shi's door possess great reputation and prestige in Tianxuan Kingdom. They might be fearful of Liu shi, but the same cannot be said of Ah Yun.

When he spoke those words with great confidence earlier on, everyone believed him immediately. But now, they realized that they were fools to have trusted him so easily.

After hearing those words, Ah Yun was so infuriated that his body trembled uncontrollably, sustaining great damage within.

You were the ones who asked me, so I told you out of kindness on my accord. Yet... now you treat me like this... If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have said anything...


"You want me to help your Royal Elder achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation?"

Zhang Xuan examined Emperor Shen Zhui who had put on a cautious expression.

After helping Zhuang Xian achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation, Liu Ling and Zheng Fei lost all doubts about his identity. They proceeded to ask him a few questions about cultivation. Having read the books in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, Zhang Xuan now possesses an incredible amount of knowledge at his disposal. Furthermore, with the Library of Heaven's Path ability to see through flaws, he took just a few words to leave the duo fully impressed.

After a brief consultation, the three of them stood up and took their leave. On the other hand, Emperor Shen Zhui remained behind.

He had come for the Royal Elder’s matter. The moment the three master teachers left, he immediately took the chance to speak.

"Yes..." Emperor Shen Zhui looked at him with utmost anticipation.

If Tianxuan Kingdom loses the protection of the Royal Elder, it probably won't take long before other countries begin to invade.

The survival of the fittest is not just a phrase that describes the world of cultivators. Countries are also governed by this primitive law.

"I have only come to Tianxuan Kingdom to rest. I do not wish to get myself involved in such troublesome affairs..." Zhang Xuan shook his head.

It isn't that he is unwilling to help, it is just that... the other party's Royal Elder has already reached the level of Half-Zongshi. If he were to achieve another breakthrough, he would become a full-fledged Zongshi.

Even Zhang Xuan himself has not yet attained Tongxuan realm. Although he had managed to help Zhuang Xian reach Half-Zongshi realm, luck had played a heavy role. He does not want to attempt something beyond his means and risk exposing his disguise.

"I beg for Yang shi's assistance. Tianxuan Kingdom is willing to offer anything in exchange for your help on this matter..."

Hearing his rejection, Emperor Shen Zhui knelt down hurriedly.

He had spent great effort to invite the three master teachers, only to realize that they are helpless on the matter. His only hope is Yang shi. If the other party were to really not lend a helping hand, the Royal Elder wouldn't last for long.

"Do you think that I lack anything?"

Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed.

"I dare not think so..."

Emperor Shen Zhui was shocked.

He suddenly found his words ludicrous. The other party is a master teacher of greater capability than Liu shi and the others. If he wanted something, a single word of his would send countless people rushing to fulfill his demands. As a tiny kingdom, how can Tianxuan Kingdom offer anything of interest to him?

"Un, how about this. Help me gather manuals on Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm. It doesn't matter whether they are valuable or not. After you gather a thousand of such books, I will consider guiding the Royal Elder."

Zhang Xuan said impassively.

"Ah?" Emperor Shen Zhui was taken aback.

Didn't you claim that you don't lack anything? Tongxuan realm manuals... What do you mean by that?

A thousand books at that?

His mouth twitched.

Tongxuan realm experts are the top-tier fighting power of Tianxuan Kingdom. There aren't many of such manuals even within the royal palace. Yet, to ask for a thousand of such books? What is Yang shi up to?

"If you find it difficult, then let's just forget it..." Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

"It is no difficulty at all. Yang shi, rest assured. I will definitely complete the task you ask of me within five days..." Emperor Shen Zhui clenched his jaws and agreed to it.

This is his only chance. If he misses it, he would definitely regret it for life.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan casually gestured, not speaking any further.

Recognizing his intent, Emperor Shen Zhui took his leave.

The moment he left the main hall, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

He didn't think that the problem with gathering Tongxuan realm manuals, which had left him with a splitting headache, could be settled that easily.

Given his capabilities, finding a book or two regarding Tongxuan realm isn’t a problem, but it would be nearly impossible to gather a thousand books. However, it is different for Emperor Shen Zhui. As the sovereign of a country, it should be simple for him to gather a large number of Tongxuan realm manuals.

Most importantly, he doesn’t require quality, only quantity.

He doesn’t need any of those family hereditament secret manuals, he just needs a sufficient number of manuals.

"Old master..."

Sun Qiang walked over.

"What happened in the past few days? What are those people outside doing?"

He was put under the scrutiny of the three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui from the moment he arrived at the entrance of his mansion. As such, until now, hadn’t had the chance to clarify the situation.

"Reporting to the old master, in the few days of your absence, your name has spread far and wide in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom..."

Sun Qiang explained the occurrences in the past few days in a concise manner to him. Zhang Xuan then understood what had actually happened and he couldn't help but be impressed by the rallying ability of a master teacher once more. It is no wonder that everyone dreams of becoming a master teacher.

"Old master, this is something that the three masters left behind..."

After which, Sun Qiang passed over a storage ring.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

As he thought, given how wealthy the three master teachers are, how can they possibly not give any benefits when he had put in so much effort to guide them?

After dripping blood onto the storage ring to claim ownership, he peered into the ring and his eyes widened immediately.

The quality of the ring is much better than the one he is currently using.

Even though they are both low-tier storage rings, the space inside the storage ring that Liu shi gave is 30-meter-cube one, ten times larger than the 3-meter-cube one that he has in his hands.

Putting every aside, this ring is probably worth several million by itself.

Numerous treasures were placed within, be it precious herbs or the mountain of gold coin. Judging with a casual look, he assessed the value of contents within to be probably greater than ten million.

"Such an incredible sum..."

With just a single glance, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but sigh.

Master teachers are truly generous. Just a casual gift from them is worth several tens of million.

Of course, he also knew that it was a friendly gesture from Liu shi and the others. Otherwise, there was not a need to spend such a great amount just because he had offered them guidance on their cultivation.

"In the few days that old master was absent, Lord Ling Tianyu had also visited several times and he brought another five million gold bills over..."

Sun Qiang presented another stack of gold bills.

Even though he knew that his status had risen, he did not dare to hide the money other people had passed to him and handed them over to the old master honestly.

"This is the entrance fee collected from other visitors in the past few days. I have compiled a name list..."

After which, Sun Qiang handed over a booklet. Casually flipping through it, Zhang Xuan was astonished, "So many people?"

"Reporting to the old master, a total of twenty-seven people visited the mansion and paid the entrance fee. Here is a total of eighty-one million..."

After which, Sun Qiang gestured and two guards carried a chest in. It was filled with numerous money bills.

"The heck..."

Looking at the mountain of gold bills within the chest, Zhang Xuan felt as though he was going insane.

Initially, he thought that earning twenty million would be a nigh impossible task. After seeing the sum before him, he realized that he had underestimated the prestige of a master teacher.

Just by announcing his name, despite not getting to see him beforehand, people are willing to deliver such huge sums... No other occupations would be able to achieve such a feat.

"Help me tell those who had paid up to visit tomorrow. I will solve their problems one by one. As for those who didn't pay the entrance fee, get them to leave. From today on, I won't be accepting any other requests..." Rubbing his glabella, Zhang Xuan gestured.

Since he has already accepted their money, he can’t possibly refund it. Moreover, dealing with the twenty-seven people’s problems would be sufficient keep him busy for quite awhile.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang nodded his head.

Placing all of the gold bills in the chest and those on hand into the storage ring, he took out a single bill and gave it to Sun Qiang. "Here is your reward. I've already said it, I will reward you greatly for following me!"

In order for a steed to gallop swiftly, one has to first feed it sufficiently. In fact, if not Sun Qiang's effort in dealing with visitors these few days, he might not have earned this much money.

Besides, this fellow must have probably suffered quite a few scares in the last few days. This is just a small sum of money. With his identity as a master teacher, he can easily make as much money as he needs.

"A million..."

Noticing the denomination of the bill in his hand, Sun Qiang was shocked and he knelt down immediately.

This amount of money is something he could never have earned in his entire life.

"Starting from today, regardless of what the old master commands me to do, I won't bear a single word of complaint..."

Sun Qiang made a solemn vow in his heart.

After following the old master, he gained not only pride and money, but also achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation. Such kindness and attention from the master… these are things which he would have never achieved by himself by simply muddling along for a lifetime.

It can be said that the old master had opened a whole new world to him. It is as if he had granted him a new life.

"Alright, I'll be heading out for now. Help me deal with those people at the entrance!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands.

To him, the most important matter now is to collect his medicine and help Yuan Tao and Zhao Ya awaken their unique constitution. And after that... sleep!

After five days without rest, he is thoroughly exhausted. If not for the rise in his cultivation realm, he would have long fainted into a deep slumber.

"Yes!" Sun Qiang nodded his head.

Aware that the front entrance is swarming with people, Zhang Xuan left the mansion through the back door. After finding a remote alley, he took off his disguise, changed his clothes, and transformed back into his original appearance.

With his looks restored, he immediately started walking with big strides toward the Apothecary Guild.



In Lu Xun's classroom, various students stood neatly in a line.

Of which, there are Zhu Hong, who sent the war letter to Zhang Xuan's classroom, Mo Xiao, Zheng Yang's good friend, and a few other people.

If Yuan Tao, Liu Yang, and the others were present, they would surely be able to recognize that these five are the ones who would be competing with them as according to the list.

A few days ago, they were only Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm cultivators. But right now, the aura they exuded felt clearly deeper and stronger. They had all managed to advanced to Fighter 2-dan.

"Not bad!"

Seeing the improvement in his students, Lu Xun nodded his head in satisfaction. It appears that the large amount of resources invested and the effort that he had devoted to nurturing them have not gone to waste.

Having attained Fighter 2-dan, his students should be able to easily defeat Zhang Xuan's students.

"Lu laoshi, Master Teacher Yang Xuan... has appeared!"

Just when he was about to delegate some matters to his students, Wang Chao laoshi entered abruptly. Excitement could clearly be seen in his eyes.



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