Chapter 179: Teacher, You've Worked Hard!

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Ignoring the two fools, Zhang Xuan proceeded straight to his classroom.

"Teacher, you're back!"

All of his students were present in the classroom. Upon seeing him enter, they bowed deeply.

"Good, looks like you have all been working hard the past few days."

Scanning the room and noticing the rise in their cultivation, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

In his five days of absence, his students actually had massive improvements. Wang Ying, Liu Yang, and Zheng Yang had all attained Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm pinnacle.

Even though Zhao Ya remained stuck at Juxi realm pinnacle, her strength is much greater than the others. It seems like she isn't far from reaching the Dantian realm.

As for Yuan Tao, who has the weakest foundation out of all of Zhang Xuan's students, he had advanced from Juxi realm primary stage to Juxi realm intermediate stage.

The Breathing Forging Pill and the cultivation technique which Zhang Xuan imparted him seems to have worked wonders.

The current Zhao Ya, even without his advice, should be able to easily defeat Zhu Hong.

"Zhao Ya and Yuan Tao, follow me."

After examining everyone’s conditions once more through the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan felt pleased. Then, he gestured for the two.

Entering the small room within the classroom, Zhang Xuan whipped out the pills which he had just obtained from the Apothecary Guild. "Zhao Ya, this is the Unravel Yin Pill. It can awaken your unique constitution. Later at night, find a large wooden pail, fill it with water, and soak yourself in it before consuming the pill."

He passed the Unravel Yin Pill over.

"Thank you, teacher..." Even though she didn't know that the pill is worth ten million, it is nevertheless an authentic pill forged by an official apothecary and she knew that it is definitely extremely valuable. She accepted the pill from Zhang Xuan's hands in delight and her heart was quietly filled with gratitude.

"Yuan Tao, do you know why I accepted you as my student?" After passing the pill to Zhao Ya, Zhang Xuan turned to look at his plump disciple.

"I..." Yuan Tao scratched his head.

Actually, he had been baffled these few days as well.

He is the student who scored the worst in the Entrance Examinations. Back then, he thought that Zhang laoshi accepted him because he was unable to find any students and used him to add to his number. However, after witnessing this Zhang laoshi’s capabilities later, he immediately understood that he had been mistaken.

How is it possible for such an incredible person to be unable to find students?

Thus, even though he had been working hard alongside Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and the others, an inferiority complex had started to develop within him.

He felt as though he would drag the others down.

As such, he had subconsciously kept his shameless personality in rein.

"There's no need for you to feel inferior. As long as you cultivate earnestly, you will be able to reach greater heights than Zheng Yang and the others!" Reading the doubt and fear he bore in his heart, Zhang Xuan said.

Emperor Bloodline. Even in comparison to other unique constitutions, it is considered one of the strongest. If he were to fully awaken this constitution, his cultivation would definitely soar. In this case, exceeding Zheng Yang and the others would be an easy task.

"Teacher... I... Can I really reach greater heights?" Yuan Tao face flushed as he said in agitation.

These few days, he had been worried that Zhang laoshi would dump him because of his inability. He didn't expect that Zhang laoshi would bear such high expectations of him.

"Rest assured, I am not mistaken." Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually. Then, with a piercing gaze, he stared at him. "However... you lack talent. In order to surpass the rest, you will have to endure greater hardship. Are you willing to do so?"

After reading the books in the Apothecary Guild's advanced tier book collection vault, he knew that activating the Emperor Bloodline through such a mean would be an extremely painful process. If he were to cave in, not only will the awakening process be a fail, he might even die as a result.

That's why Zhang Xuan did not pass the item directly to the other party. He wanted to stimulate the other party's determination, to harden his resolve.

To cultivate is to go against heaven. Without the determination to face one's death in the midst of doing so, it is impossible for one to emerge above the countless others who tread on the same path.

"Teacher, as long as my cultivation can improve swiftly so that I won't burden the others, I am willing to bear any hardship." Yuan Tao knelt onto the floor. Unwavering determination reflected in his eyes.

As a wandering cultivator, he had gone through numerous hardships, and he understood that finding a good teacher isn't easy. No matter what, he would never give up on this opportunity.

"Alright, this is the item that I have prepared for you. After returning to your dormitory tonight, spread it all over your body. The process might be extremely painful, but as long as you grit your teeth and bear with it, the rewards will be spectacular. Are you willing to give it a try?"

Upon finishing his words, Zhang Xuan passed the blood of the Colossus Rhinoceros forward.

"As long as it can raise my cultivation, I am willing to bear as much pain as needed!"

Yuan Tao clenched his jaws.

Even though he is often joking about and looks half-hearted, he is actually the most determined of the five.

"Spreading this thing isn't a one-time off thing. After the pain fades, you have to continue to spread another layer over your body. I'll give you five days. Before the start of the Freshmen Tournament, I want to see your improvement. Otherwise, don't bother looking for me again!"

Zhang Xuan said authoritatively. At the very end, there was even a sharp edge to his tone.

"Teacher, I will not let down your trust!"

Upon hearing those words, Yuan Tao knew that Zhang Xuan had given him an ultimatum. Holding the jade bottle in his hands, his eyes burned with extreme motivation.

Zhang laoshi did not give up on him just because he is the weakest of his students. Instead, he went through the effort to obtain this object for him so that he can advance his cultivation. As his student, if he were to back down now, he truly would be letting down the effort and concern his teacher had put into him.

Even if it spells his death, he was determined to accomplish it so as to meet his teacher's expectations.

Yuan Tao gritted his teeth.

"Great. Call Wang Ying in."

Seeing the resolution in the duo's eyes, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Shortly, Wang Ying came walking into the room. The young lady is just as she was before; the instant she saw Zhang Xuan, her face flushed.

"Teacher, you called for me..."

"Un, how are your legs feeling after using the Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution?"

Zhang Xuan glanced at her.

"Teacher, my legs have fully recovered. Thank you! This... is the money my father had me pass to you for the Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution. He says that you are already my benefactor for being willing to teach me, and he can't possibly let you pay for my expenses on top of that..."

Wang Ying stepped forward and handed over a bill denominated five hundred thousand.

The Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution is sold in the Apothecary Guild, so it wasn't a difficult task to look up its price. As an official apothecary, Zhang Xuan was given a discount for the purchase. If an outsider were to purchase it, it would cost a minimum of three hundred thousand gold coins for one gourd.

It appears that after Clan Head Wang Hong found out about Zhang Xuan giving a gourd of Body Nourishing Medicinal Solution to his daughter, he had specially looked into its price.

"Alright then, I'll accept the money." Zhang Xuan did not decline the other party's offer.

A teacher should not be responsible for paying for a student's expenses. The reason why he had been paying for them is that the Teacher Evaluation is just around the corner, and he is in a rush to obtain those items for them to raise their cultivation.

By accepting this, the Wang Clan and Wang Ying would not feel indebted to Zhang Xuan, and their teacher-student relationship would remain pure.

"Show me your punching routine!"

After accepting the gold bill, Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Yes!" Wang Ying extended her arms immediately and began her graceful maneuvers.

Along with his improvement in cultivation, numerous cultivation and battle techniques had been retained in Zhang Xuan's mind. Even without the Library of Heaven's Path, he is able to tell that her legs have fully recovered.

Soon, Wang Ying finished her punching routine and broke out in a slight sweat.

"This is the leg technique and movement technique that I have created specially for you. Practice well. I will give you five days, and no matter what method you use, you must reach a minor accomplishment in the two skills."

Zhang Xuan passed the two manuals to Wang Ying.

Those are the Heaven's Path Movement Art and Heaven's Path Leg Art, but Zhang Xuan had already simplified the manual. Even though it isn't as powerful as the original version, it can still be considered a top-notch battle technique. Once Wang Ying masters the technique, her speed will be boosted drastically.

"Thank you, Zhang laoshi..."

Flipping open the manual to take a look, Wang Ying's breathing hastened in agitation.

After she recovered from her injury, she had been looking into the leg-related battle techniques within the Wang Clan. Those battle techniques are among the best within the entire Tianxuan Kingdom, but in comparison to the one which Zhang laoshi had given her... what a vast difference!

They belong to absolutely different leagues.

Just by this itself, she understood how precious the manual is.

"Call Liu Yang in!"

Oblivious to the other party's gratitude, Zhang Xuan instructed.

Soon, Liu Yang entered.

Due to him practicing a battle technique too early when he didn’t possess sufficient zhenqi, a trauma developed in the meridians in his right hand. As such, the strength in his right hand was unable to compare up to that of his left. However, after the nourishment from the Meridian Rejuvenation Pill, the damage to his arm had recovered fully.

After having him display a punching routine and observing that he had improved significantly in his punching technique, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, he imparted a manual of the Heaven's Path Fist Art, which he fathomed in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, to him.

After which, he had him call Zheng Yang in.

After several days of practice, his Heaven's Path Spear Art had matured. Even though the technique consists of one simple movement, it is versatile and can be modified to form countless other moves, causing his fighting prowess to increase immensely.

In a fight, even Zhao Ya may not be a match for him. Even though he isn't the one with the highest cultivation realm of the five, he is definitely the strongest at present.

"Looks like your spear training is going well. However, your cultivation is still way too low. Try to reach Fighter 2-dan within five days."

Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment before saying.

This student of his is indeed a genius. Even though he had imparted him the skill only a few days ago, he has almost mastered it. In terms of spearmanship, there is nothing to criticize. However, what is holding him back is his cultivation.

"Yes!" Zheng Yang nodded his head.

It is impossible to reach Fighter 2-dan without a year and a half of training following conventional methods. However, Zheng Yang is different.

It isn’t because of his talent. Rather, Zhang Xuan's explanations of the Fighter 1-dan realm during lessons had touched on the very essences, providing with him a deep insight into Fighter 1-dan. Coupled with the Breath Forging Pill and a personalized cultivation technique, breaking through his current realm isn't difficult at all.

"Go cultivate..."

Finally, after briefing each of his students, Zhang Xuan can no longer hold back his fatigue. Without a care, he leaned back in his chair and fell asleep in the classroom.

Soon, the sky darkened.

"Where is Zhang laoshi?"

Even though the students were done cultivating, Zhang laoshi had yet to appear from the partitioned room inside the classroom. They couldn't help but feel perplexed.

"Zhao Ya, I think you should go in and check on him..."

"Alright!" Zhao Ya pushed open the doors to the room, full of curiosity, and immediately noticed Zhang laoshi leaning against the chair, sleeping peacefully.

"Teacher... is asleep!"

She sneaked out silently, her eyes reddened.

Obtaining these medicine, imparting new fist technique, movement technique... Needless to say, Zhang laoshi must have been toiling sleeplessly these few days to accomplish all of these for their sake.

No wonder he seemed to be exhausted earlier, such that his eyes were bloodshot.


Zheng Yang and the rest were touched by Zhang laoshi's gestures.

A Pixue expert can usually withstand staying awake for two to three consecutive days without a problem. How tired was he that he could fall asleep while sitting on a chair?

As a student, it is definitely a great blessing to have such a teacher.

"We should cultivate properly, meet the goals teacher had set for us, and achieve victory in the Teacher Evaluation. Only then will we not let down the efforts teacher put in for us." Zhao Ya clenched her jaws.

"Indeed, teacher has given too much for us. If we lose just like that, we won't be able to face him in future!" Zheng Yang nodded his head in agreement.

After which, they turned to look at their teacher simultaneously, who was deep in sleep leaning backward on the chair. The five of them clenched their fists and the same voice echoed in the hearts...

Teacher, you've worked hard!



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