Chapter 180: Awakening Zhao Ya's Unique Constitution

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Zhao Ya's residence.

Upon receiving the news that his subordinate sent him, Yao Han shook his head with a bitter smile.

When he heard from Zhao Ya that Zhang Xuan laoshi is a Pixue realm expert, he couldn't help but suspect him for the assault back then. Thus, he had been investigating discreetly and eventually, he managed to verify Shang Bin laoshi's movements and he... didn't leave his dormitory that day!

In other words, he isn't the person responsible for beating him up before Zhang Xuan's dormitory back then.

With this piece of news, it isn't difficult to deduce the culprit. Very clearly, the one who made a move on him is likely to be xiaojie's teacher, Zhang laoshi.

"That fellow is truly scheming..."

Until now, whenever he recalls the scenario back then, Yao Han can’t help but feel an urge to vomit blood. As a teacher of the academy, shouldn't you be righteous and moral? Yet, you chose to pull an underhanded sneak attack, even going ahead to frame someone else... How shameless.

"Forget it. At the very least, with such a teacher, xiaojie shouldn't be at any disadvantage."

Even though he felt displeased, recalling the fact that Zhang laoshi generously gave the Frigid Sun Mother Grass, an item so exceedingly precious, to Zhao Ya without the slightest bit of hesitation, he nevertheless swallowed his anger with a bitter smile.

With such a teacher, who doesn’t put himself in unfavorable situations, xiaojie shouldn't have to worry about being bullied by others. In a certain sense, this is a good thing as well.

"Butler Yao..."

Just as he managed to put away the message to avoid xiaojie from finding out, a guard walked in with big strides from the outside and announced, "The old master has sent news."

After which, he handed over a Record Crystal.

"Un!" Yao Han nodded his head. Pinching the Record Crystal, he infused zhenqi into it and instantaneously, a tall and dashing middle-aged man appeared.

Zhao Ya's father, Baiyu City Lord, Zhao Feng!

"I have received the news regarding Xiao Ya. A few days later, I will enter the capital to pay a visit to this Zhang Xuan laoshi." Within the Record Crystal, Zhao Feng's gaze was sharp, and he exuded the disposition of a natural leader.

"Pure Yin Body... There was a precedent in Xiao Ya's mother's lineage. It takes both money and luck to awaken it. I will have to obtain the tier-3 pill which is worth several tens of million for Xiao Ya... the Unravel Yin Pill!"

"Upon reaching the capital, I intend to plead with His Majesty to purchase one from the Apothecary Guild for me. You should also make some preparations in advance. Also, I will have someone pass you ten ten-thousand gold bills, give the money to Zhang laoshi. After all, I can't have him spend his own money on top of having saved my daughter. I don't wish to owe favors, and I won't allow my daughter's benefactor to be at a disadvantage as well!"

In the Record Crystal, City Lord Zhao gestured authoritatively, and overwhelming majesty exuded from his actions.

Baiyu City is the second largest city in Tianxuan Kingdom. It is known for producing white jades. As the city lord, Zhao Feng possesses absolute authority and controls the massive wealth within the city. Naturally, developed the disposition and mannerisms of a conqueror.

Zhang laoshi having recognized Zhao Ya's Pure Yin Body and even extending a helping hand, was already a huge favor. As the city lord of Baiyu City and a powerful official, how can he allow him to further spend money from his own pocket to pay for his daughter's treatment?

This is an action unbefitting of him as a city lord!

"Butler Yao, the city lord had me bring this..." The guard who passed the Record Crystal to him a moment ago passed another few money notes over.

"The city lord had also specially instructed me to have you convey to Zhang laoshi that he will repay the favor of teaching xiaojie in the future..." The guard continued speaking.

"I got it!" Yao Han nodded his head.

"Do not let xiaojie find out about this. You can leave now!" Just when Yao Han was about to continue instructing him on the arrangements, he suddenly saw Zhao Ya walk in.

"Uncle Yao, it's good that you're here. Help me get someone to prepare a wooden bucket. Also, can you help me check how much the Unravel Yin Pill cost? Is it more expensive than Breath Forging Pills?"

Upon entering, Zhao Ya ordered immediately.

Zhang laoshi had given her a pill. Even though she doesn’t possess the money to repay him now, she should at least know of its value. This way, she would know at least know how much Zhang laoshi had done for them.

"Unravel Yin Pill? Is that a pill which Zhang laoshi had told you about?" Upon hearing xiaojie talk about the pill which the city lord had just mentioned, Yao Han was taken aback. After which, he felt a surge of awe for the latter.

Even though Zhang laoshi is indeed underhanded when it comes to scheming against others, his knowledge is indeed impressive. He was able to easily obtain news which the city lord had spent a great amount of money to look into.

Impressed, Yao Han smiled and said, "The Unravel Yin Pill is extremely useful for one with the Pure Yin Body. Rest assured, xiaojie, the city lord will be coming over in a few days' time to purchase it for you..."

Not only is a tier-3 pill expensive, one needs proper connections to purchase it. It is impossible for an ordinary person to buy it even if they have sufficient money to do so.

This is precisely the reason why City Lord Zhao Feng is making the trip personally to plead with His Majesty to liaise with the Apothecary Guild on his behalf. Otherwise, even as a city lord who possesses exceptional standing in Tianxuan Kingdom, he nevertheless doesn't possess sufficient status.

The Apothecary Guild is a powerful organization that traverses across innumerable borders and countries. The branch in Tianxuan Kingdom is merely a small outlet compared to the innumerable others scattered around the world. Possessing powerful backings, even Emperor Shen Zhui dared not to lay his hands on the Apothecary Guild, needless to say, a small city lord like Zhao Feng.

Just as Yao Feng was considering whether to tell xiaojie of the message the city lord sent, he saw her whipping out a bottle. "There's no need to, Zhang laoshi has already given me a pill, instructing me to cultivate well these few days!"

"Given you a pill?" Yao Han's eyes widened in shock.

The city lord had just mentioned that it is a tier-3 pill which costs tens of million for one.

Even the Baiyu City would suffer a huge budget deficit spanning several years if they were to spend so much money at once...

Zhang laoshi... casually... gave one to her?

Yao Han felt that his head was about to burst apart from madness.

He had seen generous people, but... he had never seen such a generous person!

This is no longer a matter of generosity...

This is absolutely inconceivable.

"Xiaojie, can I take a look at that pill of yours?" Suppressing his shock, Yao Han redirected his attention.

"Here!" Zhao Ya handed over the bottle.

After receiving the bottle, Yao Han casually opened it.


A dense fragrance gushed out immediately. With a single whiff, he felt every single pore on his body open, bringing him an incomparably refreshing sensation.

Even though he doesn't possess an in-depth knowledge of pills, just the effect of the scent itself is sufficient for him to realize that the pill is definitely authentic.

To casually give a tier-3 Unravel Yin Pill to a student...

Where exactly does this Zhang laoshi come from?

Previously, he was still harboring thoughts of getting back at the other party when xiaojie isn't around. However, upon seeing the pill, the thought was erased from his mind immediately.

The previous time, when he tried to castrate the other party, he was beaten up so badly that even his parents found it difficult to recognize him... If he were to really make a move again, it would be likely that the other party escapes unscathed once again while he would be sent back to Baiyu City in a coffin...

To say the truth, this Zhang laoshi is really too complicated.

Yao Han had initially thought that he is a trash teacher of the academy, and he is a despicable pervert who preyed on female students' immaturity to lay his hands on them. Yet, in the twinkling of an eye, he transformed into a Pixue realm expert, as well as an nonmaterialistic saint who gives his all to his students. That, Yao Han can still accept. Then, the other party even went on to take the apothecary examination and casually gave xiaojie a Frigid Sun Mother Grass and an Unravel Yin Pill... This is no longer a matter of his prestige or his strength.

Without backing from someone powerful, it is impossible for him to achieve such feats.

"The pail is here. I will be consuming the pill then!" Knowing that this Uncle Yao of hers often stood in a daze ever since he took the beating, Zhao Ya paid no heed. Holding the Unravel Yin Pill, she arranged for the pail to be brought into the room and hastily started training.

Time waits for no one. She doesn’t want to disappoint Zhang laoshi.

As such, Yao Han was left by himself in the room. After an unknown period of time, he turned to look at the Record Crystal in his hands and with a bitter smile, he shook his head, "Master, I know that you do not wish to owe any favors. But... I doubt that you will be able to repay Zhang laoshi anytime soon..."

To gift the Unravel Yin Pill, which even his master is unqualified to buy, to xiaojie so casually... How can his master repay such a favor?

He will never be able to repay the favor no matter how hard he tries...


Oblivious to the distress Uncle Yao was suffering, Zhao Ya returned to her room and filled the wooden pail with hot water before sternly instructing that no one is allowed to interrupt her. Then, she took off her clothes and stepped into the pail.

Following immediately, she retrieved and swallowed the Unravel Yin Pill.

It felt as though she had swallowed a mouthful of scalding soup. A violent wave of scorching energy gushed into her meridians immediately.

Unravel Yin Pill is actually a pill which contains pure yang medicinal property. Usually, when such a medicine is absorbed into the body of an ordinary cultivator, it is absorbed by the body and converted into zhenqi and other nourishment, augmenting his strength. However, if a person who possesses the Pure Yin Body were to consume this pill, a calamity would result.

Yin and yang are at odds with another; it is impossible for the two to coexist. Under the stimulation of the pure yang medicinal property of the Unravel Yin Pill, the Pure Yin Body would be forced to awaken to protect its host.

Even though the concept sounds simple, it is actually an extremely complicated and risky process. A single mistake can cause one's cultivation to dissipate.

"Maintain one's tranquility and drive one's cultivation technique."

Knowing that the pill is valuable, Zhao Ya did not dare to waste even a single sliver of the medicinal essence. Zhao Ya focused her attention and followed the cultivation technique which Zhang laoshi imparted her to propel circulate her zhenqi.

As befitting of a cultivation technique compiled by the Library of Heaven's Path, immediately, she felt the violent aura within her body calm down significantly. At the same time, the Pure Yin Body, which had laid dormant all along, started to come to life.


After a moment later, a giant whirlpool of energy manifested within her body, and the energy of the Unravel Yin Pill was swept along, circulating throughout her entire body furiously.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The previous hurdle she faced was shattered immediately, and in the blink of an eye, she broke through to Fighter 2-dan Dantian realm.

Under the impact of the medicinal essence, as though the valve to a flood had been opened, her unique constitution, which had been tightly sealed for over a decade, awakened abruptly.

If anyone were present, they would able to see her skin transform to become increasingly smooth, tender, and bouncy visibly. Even though the previous Zhao Ya is also considered a rare beauty, due to her young age, she had looked immature. However, at this very instant, she exudes the aura of an absolute beauty.

Those possess the Pure Yin Body are favored by the heavens. The moment their constitution is awakened, not only will their cultivation be boosted significantly, their skin and figure also improve tremendously. Even though there isn't a vast difference in terms of appearance, she now carries an absolutely pure disposition, as though an inviolable fairy which had descended from the skies.

If she had paled in comparison to Shen Bi Ru before, at this very instant, in terms of just her appearance and disposition, the other party would not be able to raise her head before her. She truly had become the number one goddess in Hongtian Academy and Tianxuan Kingdom.

These are the effects of the Pure Yin Body. Just by awakening it, one transforms from the very core, evolving from an ugly duckling into a swan. Not to mention, Zhao Ya was a beauty from the very start. After the metamorphosis, she became even more dazzling.

And all this is because she had awakened just ten percent of her constitution.

It is unimaginable how she would look like if she were to awaken it fully.


After a long period of time, a loud explosion echoed. The pail shattered into smithereens, and Zhao Ya slowly opened her eyes. A powerful aura surged forth from her body.



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