Chapter 182: Throw Him Out

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"This is our name scroll, I hope that Butler Sun can help us pass it to Yang shi. If we were to be summoned by Yang shi, us brothers will be extremely grateful for your help."

Seemingly seeing through Sun Qiang's fear, Lu Xun smiled faintly. He placed his hands behind his back and displayed a confident smile.

Since young, his life had been smooth-sailing. Furthermore, with the reputation that he had made for himself in the past few years, a confident demeanor had grown in him.

Within the Tianxuan Kingdom, who would dare to treat Lu Xun with disrespect?

In the past, he relied on his father's prestige as the 'emperor's tutor'. But now, he had made a name for himself as the 'Star Teacher Lu Xun'.


Nodding his head, Sun Qiang grabbed the name scroll and walked into the residence.

Even though Lu Xun is merely a celebrity teacher now, given experience, it is extremely likely that he would become a master teacher. As a lowly butler, Sun Qiang did not want any involvement in a matter between master teachers. Thus, he decided to leave the matter to the old master.

"Abusing his authority, acting like he is in charge!"

Upon seeing the plump man change his attitude after hearing Lu Xun's name, Wang Chao harrumphed coldly and a look of disdain appeared on his face the moment Sun Qiang disappeared into the mansion.

He had investigated Sun Qiang's background beforehand. He was only the boss of a realtor store and for some reason, he caught Yang shi's sight, causing the massive change in his social standing.

Despite reaching Pigu realm only after forty years of age, being fat like a pig, and possessing no special capabilities whatsoever, he dared to bellow at him. If not for his identity as Yang shi's butler, he would have long taught him a lesson.

"He's just an insignificant figure. Brother Wang, you need not pay him any heed." Lu Xun chuckled.

"So it's Lu Xun laoshi and Wang Chao laoshi. I apologize for failing to recognize you two."

"You both are famous celebrities in the entire kingdom. I've been wanting to pay you a visit, and it is truly a pleasant surprise to meet you here."

"It is truly my honor to be meeting you two. I might have to impose on you two in the future..."

Hearing the exchange, those queuing behind them dispelled their anger immediately and acted politely to them.

Teachers can be classified into two categories: ordinary teachers and master teachers.

Ordinary teachers can be further subdivided into low-level, high-level, and star teachers.

On the other hand, master teachers can be differentiated as apprentices (also known as assistant master teacher) and certified master teachers.

Lu Xun and Wang Chao belong within the first classification, but they had attained the highest level, therefore gaining the qualification to become a master teacher. As long as they receive the acknowledgment from a master teacher, they would be promoted to become an apprentice master teacher immediately and soar to great heights.

Possessing such a status, even though those waiting by the doors are powerful experts with exceptional standing in the kingdom, they did not dare to offend them.

Furthermore, they are here to pay a visit to Yang shi. If things go well, they might well become Yang shi's apprentice. Flattering them then would be too late.

Upon seeing the attitude of the crowd, Lu Xun and Wang Chao chuckled simultaneously as they clenched their fists in agitation. At this moment, they felt an overwhelming sense of superiority, as though a single word of theirs can change the fate of others, as though they had already become apprentice master teachers.

The reason why they had been trying to make a name for themselves at such a young age is precisely because of this.

"Please do not get angry at that butler. When you both become Yang shi's apprentice, he will never dare to say such words again."

A cultivator fawned upon them.

"Indeed! Once you become Yang shi's apprentices, you will be considered his disciples. On the other hand, he is just a butler, a servant!" Another person chirped in.

"You're all being too polite. How can becoming an apprentice master teacher be so simple?"

Even though Lu Xun's words seemed humble, a confident smile was displayed on his face, as if to say “who else but me?”.

But that is to be expected. He is known as the most incredible star teacher in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. If a master teacher were to be looking for an apprentice, no one in the entire kingdom would be able to compete against him.

"Lu laoshi, you're being too humble. I've heard that Liu shi has the intention to accept you as his disciple!"

"I've also heard of it. But judging from how even Liu shi paid a visit to Yang shi personally, if you can become Yang shi's apprentice, your starting point will be even higher."

"If you become Yang shi's apprentice, your standing will probably not lose to any other 1-star master teacher. When that time comes, we'll be relying on you two..."

A few more people offered their flatteries.

"Don't worry. If Yang shi really accepts me as his apprentice, I won't forget any of you."

Lu Xun and Wang Chao chuckled together. They stood proudly before the others as though a lotus rising above the mud, inviolable beings whom others can only look up to respectfully.


At this moment, the entrance opened and Sun Qiang emerged once again.

Seeing him reappear, the duo stepped forward immediately.

"Sorry for the trouble, Butler Sun. Please lead the way." Wang Chao chuckled haughtily as he proceeded to walk toward the mansion.

However, before he could even take a few steps, a plump figure blocked his path. Then, he saw Sun Qiang look at them with a peculiar expression.

"Could it be that Yang shi did not allow us to enter?" Wang Chao's face darkened.

That shouldn't be! They had listed their accomplishments in detail on the name scroll. As well-qualified star teachers, how is it possible that they are rejected?

"Enter? Who allowed you to enter? You two have two choices. You can either join the queue from the back or... scram!" Sun Qiang gestured with his hands authoritatively.


He didn't expect that the other party would continue behaving like that even after the name scroll had been handed over. Lu Xun and Wang Chao were infuriated.

"Is this Yang shi's intentions? As a lowly butler, you should know your place to not falsely report your master's words!"

Lu Xun stepped forward.

He had his moment of glory when everyone else thought that Yang shi would summon them in. If they were to be rejected like this, his reputation would fall into the gutters immediately, and he would find it difficult to lift his head before anyone else in the future.

"Falsely report? Men, throw these two troublemakers out."

Sun Qiang could not be bothered with them and beckoned for the guards.


Several guards appeared from behind the gate, and each armed with a rod, they walked toward Lu Xun and Wang Chao.

"You..." Wang Chao's face was flushed red. "Sun Qiang, how dare you..."

What do you mean by this?

Thrusting rods at me?

Do you think that we're beggars?

We're star teachers, respected figures in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom... If we were to be driven away by you like that, what will become of our dignity?

"Why would I dare not to? My old master has already instructed that no matter who it is, if one wants to meet him, he has to queue up and pay three million gold coins. Teachers are no exception. Otherwise, if everyone were to visit with just a name scroll in hand, won’t the old master be exhausted to death? To think that you are a star teacher, pui! To dare cut the queue without even paying. Please do not tarnish the reputation of teachers any further!"

Sun Qiang stared at the two contemptuously. He waved his arm, as though driving away flies, and said, "Throw them out!"

He also felt anxious earlier on. But when he handed the name scroll to the old master, the latter only asked a single question: Have they paid yet?'. Upon hearing that they had not paid the sum, he simply ordered Sun Qiang to handle as per the rule.

From this, it can be seen that star teachers... do not mean anything to the old master at all.

Oh well, even when the three master teachers paid their visit, the old master did not hold them in high regard. If so, what would a mere star teacher mean to him?


Upon hearing Sun Qiang's command, the guards stepped forth, "The two teachers, please!"

As they said so, strange looks appeared on their faces.

"I always thought that teachers value their dignity a lot. It turns out that they wish to sneak in just by using name scrolls and avoid the entrance fee?"

"Yang shi's actions are applaudable. He views everyone as equals, and even teachers are not given special privileges. I am impressed!"

"To have cut queue when they don’t have money. They sure are thick-skinned. To think that I wanted to befriend them just now..."

"It is impossible for such low-class people to attract Yang shi's attention. To think that they wanted to become his apprentices... How hilarious!"


Not just the guards, the crowd also harrumphed coldly.

They had paid the exorbitant sum and queued continuously for several days. Even so, they haven't been summoned. On the other hand, the two of them, without even paying up, wished to enter the mansion. What a joke! They are asking for a scolding!


Observing clearly the contemptuous looks that the crowd shot them, Lu Xun and Wang Chao nearly spurted blood.

The strong sense of humiliation caused their heads to feel faint.

To avoid an awkward situation, they had intended to pay the three million visiting fee in private. Lu Xun had composed the name scroll earnestly with the expectation that even if the other party refuses to meet them, he would at least pay some consideration to their identities and keep quiet about the fee.

In contrast, not only did the plump man reveal the matter, he even looked at them scornfully...

Tears threatened to stream down Lu Xun and Wang Chao’s faces.

The heck!

This time, they truly lost every shred of their dignity. If there were a hole in the ground, they definitely would have dived in instantly.


Just as he was about to continue with some small talk to calm down the situation and restore his dignity, Wang Chao felt a grip on his arm. Lu Xun was pulling him away.

"My apologies, Butler Sun. We were too rash today. We will be taking our leave..."

After which, he turned and left.

That Butler Sun is a tough nut to crack. He dares to say anything and everything. If they do not leave but continue bickering with him, not only will they simply get more infuriated, they would also be humiliated further.

Those who are able to become star teachers are, by no means, fools. Upon seeing his good buddy turn around to leave, Wang Chao also recognized his concerns. Glaring hatefully at Sun Qiang, he turned around and left as well.

"Lu Xun, what do we do now?"

Upon leaving the crowd, they walked into a remote alley. Then, Wang Chao couldn't help but ask.

Initially, they thought that submitting their name scrolls would help them impress the other party. As long as they were summoned in, they were confident that, with their knowledge, they would able to impress Yang shi. However, never in their dreams did they expect that... not only did the other party reject their entry, his butler even pointed out in public the fact that they didn't pay the entrance fee. The anger and dismay they felt sent them to the verge of insanity.

"What else can we do? We can only obtain the three million entrance fee and then enter with our heads held high."

Lu Xun clenched his jaws.

Only by meeting Yang shi can they display their abilities to win his favor. Since they can’t even meet with the person in question, what is the purpose of arguing with the butler?

"Three million? Where can we find such a sum? Wang Chao's face was as bitter as a bitter gourd.

"You know it as well. My relationship with that old man isn't good. Even if he has the money, he will never give it to me. Besides, how can I break it to him?"

Lu Xun shook his head.

"My old man could have taken out such a sum. But a few days ago, he learned an incredible spear art and paid several million as the tuition fee, so our clan is broke now. We might not be able to produce even a hundred thousand now..."

Wang Chao smiled bitterly.

That father of his had been immersed in that spear art like a fool for the last few days, to the point that he was not even willing to spare time for this son of his. Besides, even if he really has the money, obtaining it from him would be unlikely to happen.

"Sigh, so what should we do now?"

The duo was troubled.

"Lu Xun, if it comes down to it, how about you try asking Emperor Shen Zhui for a loan... Didn't you grow up in the palace? It shouldn't be hard for you to borrow three million from him. Besides, it isn't too late to repay him the sum when you become an apprentice..."

Suddenly recalling something, Wang Chao proposed.

"Emperor Shen Zhui?"

Lu Xun rubbed between his brows for a moment before replying.




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