Chapter 183: Treating Shen Hong

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While Lu Xun and Wang Chao were thinking about how they could borrow three million to pay 'Yang shi' a visit, the person in question, Zhang Xuan, had his eyebrows deeply knitted together.

Lu Xun's motive for paying a visit was clear to see. It didn't matter to Zhang Xuan whether he met the other party or not, and he didn't instruct Sun Qiang to make things difficult for him either.

The both of them are merely embroiled in a Teacher Evaluation, and there really isn’t any grudge to speak of. Thus, there was no need for Zhang Xuan to intentionally make things difficult for the other party. Besides, he doesn’t have the leisure to be thinking about this at the moment, because... a black-clothed man is standing before him.

This person had entered through the back gates. Fully dressed in black, even the figure's face was concealed, making it impossible to identify the person. Initially, Zhang Xuan thought that the person was here to cause trouble. However, the moment he entered the main hall, he bowed immediately and removed the black cloth concealing his face.

"Emperor Shen Zhui, you..."

Upon making out the other party's appearance, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He had thought that it was a burglar or a bandit. He had never fathomed that it would be Emperor Shen Zhui, whom he had just met yesterday.

As the sovereign of the country, the entire kingdom belongs to him. Yet, instead of entering openly through the front door, he sneaked into the mansion dressed in black. Acting so secretively, what is he up to?

"Please pardon my intrusion. I am here to plead with Yang shi to... save the Royal Elder!"

Upon noticing his questioning gaze, Emperor Shen Zhui quickly explained.

"Save your Royal Elder?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

Sneaking into the mansion dressed in black, it doesn’t seem like saving someone... but trying to kill someone?

"Didn't I say that I will help you?"

Zhang Xuan frowned.

In return for saving their Royal Elder, he had already stated his terms yesterday which the other party had agreed to. So, why did the fellow barge in like this?

Could it be that this fellow found gathering Tongxuan realm secret manuals a difficult task and had chosen to resort to force instead?

When this thought flashed through his mind, Zhang Xuan was alarmed.

To be able to become the sovereign of the country, Emperor Shen Zhui's fighting prowess has to be extraordinary. At the very least, it is likely that he has reached Tongxuan realm pinnacle. Even though his own cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds recently, he nevertheless isn't a match for an expert of that level.

However, Zhang Xuan dismissed the thought as soon as it appeared.

Putting aside the fact that the other party knows that he's a master teacher, he wouldn't dare to do so given that he is, in fact, pleading with him to save his Royal Elder.

If he enters a rage and refuses to help or, instead, makes an intentional mistake during treatment, the Royal Elder might actually ascend to heaven earlier than expected.

"I acknowledge that it is inappropriate for me to have visited so abruptly today, and I should have gathered the Tongxuan realm secret manuals before inviting Yang shi over, but who knew that... yesterday, the Royal Elder's condition worsened all of a sudden... He might not even survive the day..."

Emperor Shen Zhui sensed the displeasure in the other party, and he hurriedly bowed down and explained: "Thus... I took the liberty to barge into Yang shi's mansion. I hope that Yang shi can make a trip to treat the Royal Elder."

"Might not even survive the day? Even if you want me to treat him... There shouldn't be any need for you to be dressed like this..."

Zhang Xuan was speechless.

You are a dignified sovereign, a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert. Even if your Royal Elder is on the verge of dying, you should need not dress in black and scale walls.

It makes it seem that you are here to murder someone. It's fortunate that those guards aren't highly-skilled. Otherwise, you could have died for no reason.

"The Royal Elder’s health is the greatest secret of the entire kingdom, and it is imperative for it to remain confidential..." Emperor Shen Zhui explained.

It was because of the Royal Elder’s presence that Tianxuan Kingdom had been able to remain in peace for many years. There are already quite a few who know that the old ancestor's health had been deteriorating, and if Emperor Shen Zhui were to pay an open visit to Yang shi and the other powers find out, they would be able to guess the real reason. If Yang shi fails to treat him, their ambitions would definitely be ignited and they may take advantage of this opportunity to strike.

At the same time, if Emperor Shen Zhui were to send someone else here in his stead, it would be disrespectful to Yang shi. He has no choice but to conceal his appearance and sneak over.

As a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert, it wasn't a difficult task for him to hide from sight to creep in here.

"Un!" Having heard the other party's explanation, Zhang Xuan came to understand the situation. "Alright, I'll follow you to take a look."

Looks like this emperor has regarded him as the final straw of hope.

However, it doesn’t matter to Zhang Xuan either way. If he were to save that Royal Elder, the emperor would definitely not dare to delay the matter regarding the Tongxuan realm secret manuals.

As long as he can obtain a thousand books on Tongxuan realm and create a compilation, his strength would surely soar.

"There are too many eyes outside. I might have to trouble Yang shi to leave through the back door with me..."

Upon hearing him agree to it, Emperor Shen Zhui's eyes gleamed in delight. But he continued immediately with an apologetic voice.

"It's no problem!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

After calling Sun Qiang and informing him briefly, he secretly left the residence under the lead of Emperor Shen Zhui.


Two figures leaped across the skyline of Tianxuan Royal City as though flying birds. If those who had yet to reach Dingli realm were to look up, even if they were to focus all of their attention, they would only see two shadows flitting by.

They are Zhang Xuan and Shen Zhui, who are in a rush to the royal palace.

As a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert who possesses remarkable movement techniques, Shen Zhui's movement was extraordinarily swift. However, when he glanced behind at Yang shi, who was following him, his confidence shattered immediately.

En route, he had utilized over twelve movement techniques, and he had become so tired from running that he was about to collapse out of exhaustion. Yet, Yang shi continued to traverse with ease, without the slightest bit of urgency. His breathing was calm, as though this was a simple feat to him.

Even though he was unable to exactly perceive the other party’s prowess, from this itself, it was clear that the other party's zhenqi is much more vigorous. Furthermore, the other party's movement technique is far superior.

They couldn’t even be compared.

With such powerful zhenqi and amazing movement technique, it is impossible that the other party is a weakling.

It is no wonder the three master teachers were impressed with him. Without a doubt, his strength definitely surpasses Tongxuan realm pinnacle. In fact... It isn't impossible for him to be a Zongshi realm expert!

Upon thinking of this, Emperor Shen Zhui felt even greater respect for Yang shi.

While Shen Zhui became increasingly fearful of the other party, in truth, Zhang Xuan was feeling extremely dismal at the back.

From the very start, this fellow had been dashing ahead with all of his might. If he fails to keep up, his identity might be exposed. Thus, he could only clench his jaws and try his best to stay close.

He is only at Pixue realm pinnacle. Even though he has opened up all 108 acupoints and his strength is equivalent to a Tongxuan realm intermediate stage cultivator, he is still a far cry from the top experts in the kingdom.

It is fortunate that he had managed to learn Heaven's Path Movement Art a few days ago, allowing him to travel at greater speed. Otherwise, the other party would have disappeared from his sight right from the very start.

Even so, there were a few times which he nearly got shaken off. Thus, he made use of the Library of Heaven's Path to look into the flaws of the other party's movement techniques and his habits, predicting his movement in advance and taking a shorter route, thus avoiding the fate of being left behind.

"It is fortunate that there are many flaws in his movement technique. Otherwise, if the other party really did manage to shake me off, I would have to give up on feigning as an expert..."

There are likely to be two reasons why the other party is traveling at such great speed. Firstly, the condition of the Royal Elder in the palace is grave. Secondly, Shen Zhui wants to test Yang shi's capabilities. If the other party is truly a formidable master teacher, his speed should be exceptional. If the other party fails to catch up with him, even if he doesn't point it out then, he would definitely be doubtful of the person’s identity.

It is precisely because of this that Zhang Xuan felt dismal.

What is this? The trip to the palace to save a person had suddenly become a race. He had to exert all of his strength just to keep up. If not for his image as an 'expert', he would have long sent a kick to the other party’s face.

Is he here to request for my help or to race with me...

Furthermore, he had to keep up without displaying the slightest bit of fatigue. If not for the fact that he had broken through recently and that the zhenqi in his body had increased tremendously, he would have given himself away.

The heck! It truly is difficult to pass off as an expert. This really isn't something a normal human can achieve.

If Sun Qiang were to hear of his thoughts, he would definitely express his utmost agreement. It was precisely because of him trying to do the same that he nearly caused his own death... Until now, he remains traumatized by the event.

"Since I have already obtained the things that Zhao Ya and the others need, when I finally gather the Tongxuan realm secret manuals, I will have this 'Yang Xuan' disappear..."

Zhang Xuan made up his mind.

Even though impersonating a master teacher had allowed him to receive enormous respect, it came with its fair share of trouble as well. If he were to be seen through, it would already be considered letting him off easily if he were to be pummeled to death.

Now, it appears to be a wise decision to have 'Master Teacher Yang Xuan' disappear the instant he receives the Tongxuan realm secret manuals.

Without any rest, in ten minutes or so, they reached the royal palace.

It seems that proper instructions had been given, and there were no hindrances at any point. Soon, they arrived at a large hall.

"Right in here..." Emperor Shen Zhui pushed open the door and walked in.

Inside the hall, Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Zheng shi were present. Creases had formed on their eyebrows as they stared helplessly at the Royal Elder lying nearby.

The stabilizing pillar of Tianxuan Kingdom, Shen Hong.

A few days ago, this white-haired elder was still able to walk independently. But now, he can only lie on the bed and gasp for air. It seems that he may die at any moment.

"Yang shi!"

As they entered, Liu Ling and the others immediately stepped forward to welcome Yang shi.

After the previous encounter, they understood that it is likely that Yang shi is a higher tier master teacher, and as such, they did not dare to act arrogantly in the slightest before him.

"I plead of Yang shi to save the Royal Elder..." Emperor Shen Zhui turned to look at Zhang Xuan anxiously.

"If I can save him, I will do so."

Zhang Xuan replied before walking forward to the elder.

The death aura that engulfs Shen Hong is much heavier in comparison to that on Apothecary Chen Xiao previously. He can only lie still on the bed. If not for his moving eyeballs, one would have thought that he had already passed away.

It is no wonder that Emperor Shen Zhui specially rushed to look for him. Based on Shen Hong's current condition, it is hard to say whether he can live past today.

Having walked a circle around Shen Hong, Zhang Xuan still couldn't identify the problem. Thus, he could only place his fingers to feel the other party’s pulse.


The Library of Heaven's Path remained reactionless.

It wasn't that he had grabbed the wrong hand, but... Shen Hong isn't in a coma. His eyeballs are still moving, and he is still conscious...

"It wouldn't be realistic to have him execute a punching routine now..."

Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

Given that fellow's current condition, it is already a blessing that Shen Hong can keep his eyes open. If he were to really push himself to execute a punching routine, he might really die before Zhang Xuan can do anything.

"Yang shi... Is there a method to treat him?"

Upon seeing him frown, Emperor Shen Zhui could not help but ask anxiously.

This is already his final straw of hope. If Yang shi is unable to come up with a solution, he can only watch as the Royal Elder breathes his last.

"This..." Zhang Xuan scratched his head.

He can’t possibly mention that he couldn’t discern anything about the other party.

Having the conscious execute a punching routine and touching the unconscious, he had tried the two methods and successfully compiled books in the library through such. But... How can he deal with this those in such a semi-conscious state?

He can’t have him execute a punching routine, and touching him is ineffective.

Why don't you pass out for a moment? You are obviously having trouble holding onto your consciousness, what are you doing not passing out!

"Cough cough..."

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan lifted his head and asked, "This... Is there any object here which can knock him unconscious without... killing him?"



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