Chapter 185: I'll Learn For a Bit

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He didn't think that after feigning as a master teacher for so long, such that everyone had already believed him to be real... that he would stumble on the lack of trivial knowledge.

If he knew that there aren't any poison masters in Tianxuan Kingdom, he would have never said such words!

Even though there are books on poison in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, they are more for record purposes. They are fundamental books on the uses of poisons, just like the elementary books in the Apothecary Guild's basic tier book collection vault. Advanced concepts for poison masters are not covered. Thus, Zhang Xuan was ignorant of such facts.

It is no wonder that Liu Ling and the others are growing doubtful of him. He doesn’t even possess basic knowledge that even commoners are aware of.

Even though he felt dismal at giving himself away, Zhang Xuan knows that the dice has been cast, and it is too late to regret now. If he were to say that he can't treat the old ancestor, the others would definitely think that he's an impersonation. Probably, before Emperor Shen Zhui can make a move himself, the master teachers would have already made mincemeat out of him.

Even so, Zhang Xuan did not panic. He lifted his head slightly and a faraway look appeared in his eyes. It seemed as though he was reminiscing the past, and that many different memories and emotions, be it sweet or bitter, had been dredged up.

"I have neglected this fact. I thought that I am where I had stayed a few years ago..."

From an outsider’s perspective, one would think that he had truly forgotten that he is in Tianxuan Kingdom, and he had truly misspoken.


Upon seeing his expression, question marks appeared above Liu Ling and the others.

Since there were poison masters in his previous place of dwelling, it means that the kingdom he had resided in is, at the minimum. 1st Tier. However, they had been to nearby 1st Tier Kingdoms, but have never heard of the name 'Yang Xuan'...

"Do you know how to concoct this medicine? If so, it would be best if you can make one now. I require it urgently to save a life."

Seeing that he had managed to divert their attention, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Facing Shen Hong, who is a single foot into his grave, he truly is stumped. He can only find a way to induce a temporary recovery of the other party and have him execute a battle technique.

Otherwise, if things were to drag on, he might just die before a remedy can be found.

"Make one now?"

Liu Ling shook his head. "Seems like Yang shi really doesn't know much about poison masters. Honestly speaking, the formula for the medicine is simple. It contains only ten type of venoms, and I can recite them by heart. However, to achieve a balance among the ten venoms such that there isn't any side effect and heighten a person's vitality, one has to be an extremely skilled poison master. Thus, it is useless even though I know the recipe!"

Concocting poison is similar to how an apothecary forges a pill. Regardless of skill or the amount of herb used, the slightest mistake can result in a vast difference from the intended effects.

This is precisely the reason why even though the reputation of poison masters are terrible, they remain a highly feared existence.

In fact, there are many powers who specially hire them to deal with matters which are not convenient for them to directly interfere in.

"You can't concoct it even though you know the recipe?" Zhang Xuan glanced at him. "How about this, you write down the formula first so that we can bring the ingredients required for the concoction."

"Since Yang shi insists, I will follow your wishes."

Liu Ling said no more. After getting someone to bring paper and brush, he quickly wrote down the ingredients.

Zhang Xuan glanced at the recipe.

Monothorn Grass, Demise Flower, venomous extract from a White Bamboo Snake, blood from a Black Toad

There are ten ingredients in total, and each of them is extremely venomous. Any single one of them is more than sufficient to poison a Tongxuan realm expert to death in an instant.

However, when the ten of them are mixed together in a unique ratio, it can become an incredible tonic. The methods of a poison master are indeed incredible.

Even if an ingredient on the list isn't present in the royal palace, it wasn't too difficult to search for it. Not too long later, all of the required ingredients were placed before Zhang Xuan. Every single ingredient was deeply colored and the sight induced fear.

"What is the use of having found these ingredients? Without a poison master to concoct the mixture, they are just venomous substances that are useless in saving lives..."

Doubtful, Zheng Fei commented.

Finding these ingredients had squandered them quite a bit of time. Shen Hong, at this moment, is on the verge of collapsing. Yang shi was invited over to see if he can help Shen Hong achieve a breakthrough to extend his longevity, so why is he bothering about such matters? Isn't it a waste of time?

"Indeed, Shen Hong's condition is indeed troublesome. We should be putting our heads to think of a solution instead. Even though recovering Shen Hong's vitality might help, we don't have anyone capable of concocting the medicine now!"

Even Zhuang Xian could not stand watching on.

He is indebted in Yang shi and shouldn’t have doubted the other party's intention. However, from his perspective, what the other party was doing seemed to be meaningless. The most urgent matter at hand is to help Shen Hong achieve a breakthrough, not to bother about this.

"You already said it, the medicine is useful. If so, we just have to concoct it. In any case, we know what ingredients are required, so it doesn't matter if we have a poison master here. Even without a poison master here, we will save him!"

Interrupting the other person’s words, Zhang Xuan smiled.

"But... We don't understand the nature of these venoms..." Zhuang Xian panicked. "If a mistake occurs, the subject will be poisoned to death immediately. If that happens, it will be impossible to make amends..."

"Alright, if we don't know, we can learn. If we can't concoct it, we can give it a try. There's no need to make such a big fuss!"

Zhang Xuan waved his hands nonchalantly.



Emperor Shen Zhui, Liu Ling, and the others staggered simultaneously. They nearly fainted on the spot.

Brother, you don't even know who a poison master is! How in the world are you going to learn about poison?

Such last minute mugging, there has to be a better solution!

Every single occupation requires one to receive guidance from a teacher. Only after several years of dedicated research and learning can one have accomplishments in the field. Yet, you speak of learning it now? Learn your head!

Don't joke around!

Even though the poison master is a Lower Nine Paths occupation, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to comprehend. Rather, it was due to its poor reputation that it fell from prestige. In fact, the difficulty of becoming a poison master is in no way easier than that of becoming an apothecary.

After all, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the property of the various poisons. Otherwise, one wouldn't be concocting medicine but committing suicide.

Thus, every single poison master has to go through countless years of effort before finally becoming certified... Yet, you say that you want to learn now...

By the time you are done, Shen Hong's flesh would have withered... By then, there's no one here for you to save!

The others felt the world spinning around them. On the other hand, Shen Hong, who was lying on the bed, was on the verge of tears.

The heck, how did I offend you?

I just want to live for a few more years to protect Tianxuan Kingdom... First, you want to knock me out. Now, you want to poison me to death. At most, I'll just die right now, so spare me, will you?

I beg of you, stop torturing me...

"Yang shi, tinkering with poison isn't child's play. It's best not to toy around with them..."

Liu Ling could no longer hold himself back and immediately tried to persuade Yang shi otherwise.

If you don’t have a solution for Shen Hong's problem, at most, you can just admit that you are helpless. What are you trying by playing with sedatives and poison?

Do you think that poison can be concocted that easily?

If it were that easy, poison masters wouldn't be such a feared existences.

"I know that it isn't child's play, so give me a moment. I'll study for a bit first..."

Zhang Xuan nodded his head seriously...

"Study... for a bit first?"

Your head!

The three master teachers nearly fainted.

"Fine, we'll see how you study then..."

Liu Ling flung his robe furiously.

Initially, he thought that given Yang shi is a knowledgeable person. Even though his means are inconceivable, his ability to perceive the crux of the problem is astonishing. But now, it seems that he is merely an extremely random person, such that he is even trying to learn about concocting poison now...

The heck!

If you are that incredible, why don't you ascend to the heavens?

I have seen numerous master teachers, and have even met a 3-star. However, I've never heard of anyone being able to grasp an occupation from scratch in a short period of time.


Just like Liu shi, even though Zheng Fei did not say anything, his complexion was awful. Clearly, he was dissatisfied with Zhang Xuan's actions.

Who are poison masters?

Even among the Nine Paths, it is an extremely famous occupation. If one can become one that easily, it would be worthless.

"Un? Didn't he say that he is going to learn about poison now? What is he trying to do?"

The three master teachers were furious. By the side, Emperor Shen Zhui also glanced at Yang shi speechlessly. However, when he shot his gaze over, he was immediately confounded by the sight before him.

Didn't Yang shi say that he is going to learn about poison?

Then why is he standing rooted to the spot with his eyes closed?

Brother, if you truly want to learn about poison, you should find a few books and flip through them. Or at the very least, you should at least ask about it. What do you hope to achieve by standing there with your eyes closed? Please at least show some respect for poison masters...

What in the world are you up to?

"Liu shi, look..."

Zhuang Xian also noticed the strange situation and he muttered.



Liu Ling and Zheng Fei stared at one another and blinked their eyes. At this moment, they were just a push away from ripping their hair out.

Yang shi...

Can you tell us what you're up to?

Didn't you say that you want to learn how to concoct poison?

Standing motionless on the spot, not even sparing a glance at the venomous substances on the table. More importantly... your eyes are shut. Hell, what are you up to?

I've seen eccentric people, but I've never seen such an eccentric one.

The three master teachers felt that their heads were about to explode from frustration.



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