Chapter 187: Tons of Nonsense

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He doesn't even have the slightest bit of confidence in the medicinal solution that Yang shi concocted. However, it is just like the other party had said. If they can't find any other solution, this Royal Elder of his will not survive past three minutes.

Since he is going to die anyway, might as well give it a try!

In any case, this Yang shi had managed to treat Ling Tianyu's wife, Du Miaoxuan, and the others. Even though his means and actions so far appear unreliable and incomprehensible, this is the best chance he has.

After ten breaths, he gritted his teeth and said, "Fine, I'll give it a try!"

There is no choice but to give it a shot.

There isn't a better solution.

After making his decision, Emperor Shen Zhui clenched his jaws, grabbed the jade bottle from the table, and approached the Royal Elder.

"Royal Elder, pardon me for my impudence..."

After using a spoon to pry open his mouth, he poured the medicinal solution in.


Even though Royal Elder Shen Hong was on the verge of dying, he was still conscious. Having the medicinal solution forcefully poured into his mouth, he nearly cried.

He had seen everything that had happened with his own eyes. Yang shi’s actions had sent chills down his spine.

He is the Royal Elder of Tianxuan Kingdom, an expert who is even more respected than the king himself. Yet, to be feeding him a medicine that can potentially be toxic without first testing it... It is as though they are treating him as a Pill Sample Beast! Furthermore, it is the kind of experiment where he will die immediately if there is the tiniest bit of error...

Why is my life so tough? All I want is to live peacefully and die peacefully. Is that that hard to achieve?

Very quickly, Emperor Shen Zhui completed the task of forcing the entire bottle of solution into Royal Elder Shen Hong's mouth.

Cough cough cough!

Shen Hong's eyes flipped and after a few moments of struggle, he stopped moving.

"Royal Elder.."

Emperor Shen Zhui's face paled. He staggered backward and roared in agony.

Is it a failure?

Not only is the Royal Elder the stabilizing pillar of Tianxuan Kingdom, he is also a close blood-related kin to Shen Zhui.

Even though he addresses Shen Hong as his Royal Elder, he is actually the emperor from two generations ago, Shen Zhui's own grandfather.

For his own grandfather to have died before him, not to mention, being the one responsible for the fatal act of having fed him the medicine, the agony he felt was indescribable.

"If the medicine can indeed be concocted that easily, then poison masters would be worthless..."

Liu Ling shook his head. Turning to Zhang Xuan, he said, "Yang shi, even though Shen Hong would have died even if he didn't consume the medicine, it is a fact that he died from taking your medicine. So, it isn't wrong to say that you killed him!"

"Killed him?"

"That's right. You were the one who concocted the medicine, and it was under your orders that the medicine was fed to him. Now that he has died, who else can the responsibility belong to other than your?" Liu Ling stared at him with piercing eyes.

"Yang shi, weren't you confident in your medicine?" Emperor Shen Zhui questioned angrily.

It was under your orders that I fed your medicine to my Royal Elder. Now, look at what has happened...

"My responsibility?"

"Indeed! Shen Hong is the stabilizing pillar of Tianxuan Kingdom, and now that he has died from your medicine, you should make up for it by taking on his role!"

Actually, he also knew clearly that Shen Hong would have died regardless of whether the medicine was fed to him. The reason why he intentionally said such words was for this.

Shen Hong's greatest purpose in the kingdom was to deter aggressors and revolutionaries. If Yang shi were to agree to take his place, his presence would definitely provide a much greater deterrence than Shen Hong.

In fact, Tianxuan Kingdom might become a 2nd Tier Kingdom or even a 1st Tier Kingdom due to his presence

"Taking on his role?"

Zhang Xuan shook his head, "No way!"

He intends to destroy the identity once he receives the Tongxuan realm secret manuals from Emperor Shen Zhui. To serve as the stabilizing pillar?

What a joke!

"Impossible? Does Yang shi not feel the slightest bit of regret in failing to save Shen Hong and instead, causing his death?" Liu Yang raised his eyebrows.

"Causing his death? You're imagining things..." Zhang Xuan chuckled. "Rest easy, how can he die that easily in my presence!"

After which, he walked over to the motionless Royal Elder Shen Hong and sent a slap to his face.


The slap was resounding.

Cough cough cough!

After which, the sound of coughs echoed in the room. Shen Hong, who had become motionless moments earlier, spat out a mouthful of medicinal solution and opened his eyes slowly.


Everyone was stupefied.

Liu Ling, Zheng Fei, and the others, who were about to reprimand Yang shi for his disrespectful actions, nearly had their eyes drop to the ground. They thought that their eyes were playing tricks on them.

"Royal Elder, you..."

Emperor Shen Zhui walked forward with an incredulous expression. He did not understand what was happening before him.

"You unfilial fellow, do you wish to choke me to death? Cough cough..."

Shen Hong's furious words echoed in the entire room. At this moment, he doesn’t look as though a person who was on the verge of death.

"Yang shi, what's going on..."

Emperor Shen Zhui hurriedly looked over.

He had clearly seen the Royal Elder fall motionless. Why did he suddenly wake up and is even able to speak?

What is going on?

He wasn't the only one who found the entire situation unbelievable. Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, and Zheng Fei felt the knowledge and experience that they had accumulated over the years were crumbling apart.

The dead coming back to life?

This can't be real!

"Shen Hong's body was weak and he was on the verge of death. I asked you to feed him the medicine, yet you simply forced all of it down his throat. The sticky medicinal solution blocked his breathing airways, therefore sending him into a death-like state... As for why he was able to suddenly wake up, the reason is simple. The medicinal solution that I had concocted is effective!"

Zhang Xuan said impassively.

Even though the situation seems baffling, it is actually quite simple.

The Ten Venom Medicinal Solution which he had concocted had been checked by the library, so naturally, there couldn't be any problem with its effectiveness. Even though Shen Hong was on the verge of death, upon consumption, the concoction took effect immediately and granted him temporary vitality.

Even though feeding him a mouthful would have sufficed, Emperor Shen Zhui forced the entire bottle of it in. With so much medicinal solution clogging up his airways, it is already a blessing that he didn't choke to death.

It was precisely because Zhang Xuan saw through it that he slapped his face, utilizing the impact to open up his clogged airways, allowing him to regain consciousness.


Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers were astonished after hearing the explanation.

A medicine that was concocted randomly is actually... effective?

Other poison masters prepare all kinds of measuring instruments for their concoction process, fearful that they might add a single droplet more. Yet, this fellow, just by pouring the fluids around randomly... He actually managed to succeed...

Heavens, surely you are jesting with me!

Of course, that wasn't the most shocking... Just a moment ago, Yang shi clearly didn't even know what kind of medicine this is. Yet, in the next instant, he concocted it as though a veteran poison master...

Heavens above, can anyone tell me what is going on?

Could it be really as he said, that he learned it on the spot?

And just by closing his eyes, he learned all of that on the spot?

Furthermore, he learned poison concoction, which is reputed to be as difficult as pill forging...

The four of them felt as though they were dreaming.

"Thank you, Yang shi, for saving my life..."

Before they could recover from their shock, Royal Elder Shen Hong climbed down from his bed and clasped his hands.

Regardless of how close to death one is, upon consuming the Ten Venom Medicinal Solution, one can regain their vitality and return to a pink state of health temporarily.

Even though Shen Hong didn't regain his cultivation, it wasn't a difficult task for him to walk around.

"There's no need for these formalities. Execute a battle technique for me now."

Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to waste the limited time he had and hurriedly instructed Shen Hong to display a battle technique to him.

That was the motive for concocting the medicine in the first place. Since the other party is sufficiently healthy to stand up, then it would be best for him to hurry.

"Execute a battle technique? My body is weak now and I can't propel the slightest bit of zhenqi. Even if I were to execute one now, it won't make any difference... I think it'll be best for me not to embarrass myself!"

Shen Hong shook his head. "After experiencing death, I have already thought it through. If the kingdom survives without me, it would be for the best. But if it falls in the end, one can only say that it is the workings of fate. There's no need to be so adamant about it..."

"..." Zhang Xuan.

I only asked you execute a battle technique so that I can compile a book on you in the library to tell your physical condition. Why are you suddenly rambling nonsense?

Getting so philosophical all of the sudden...

"It's good that Brother Shen Hong is able to see through all these after experiencing death! Riches actually don't mean anything at all, one's cultivation is the most important. Even though it's good to possess authority, it seemed like it had impeded your growth. Otherwise, given your talent, you would have long reached Zongshi realm."

Before Zhang Xuan could even speak, Liu Ling nodded his head in satisfaction. His admiration for Shen Hong reflected in his eyes.

"Indeed! It's a pity that I have comprehended this fact way too late."

Royal Elder Shen Hong sighed. Then, he turned to Zhang Xuan and said, "Even so, I would like to thank Yang shi for your help. You've given additional time, and even though I didn't recover my cultivation, I am still delighted..."

Just as Royal Elder Shen Hong was just about to go on, he saw Yang shi's face gradually turning dark. Then, the latter sent a slap toward him.


It accurately hit the back of his head.


Before he could finish his words, Royal Elder Shen Hong's vision went dark, and he collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.

"I only asked you to execute a battle technique. You sure have tons of nonsense to speak..."

Dusting his hands, Zhang Xuan harrumphed

The moment he turned around, he saw Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers staring at him in shock.



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