It was no wonder that Zhang Xuan became angry. Given the very limited period of an incense's time the Ten Venom Medicinal Solution granted him, that fellow refused to execute a battle technique and chose to ramble on about his comprehension of life instead.

Comprehend your head!

If you don't allow me to trace the root of your problem using the Library of Heaven's Path, you might be released after an incense's time, but I will be forced to guard the kingdom for you!

Besides, my reputation would be ruined!

If my reputation were to be ruined by you, how can I make money in the future?

Thus, upon seeing the other party refusing to execute a battle technique, Zhang Xuan could no longer restrain himself and slapped the other party unconscious.

In any case, he had already consumed the medicine, so he wouldn't die even if he were to go unconscious.

And to Zhang Xuan, slapping him unconscious and having him execute a battle technique meant the same thing.

While Zhang Xuan had slapped him merrily, Shen Zhui and the other three master teachers went into a frenzy.

Didn't you just help him regain consciousness?

Why did you slap him unconscious all of the sudden?

Is there really a method of diagnosing that requires one to be unconscious?

"Yang shi..."

Just as Emperor Shen Zhui was about to question his action, Yang shi swung his arms and said, "Alright, we don't have much time. Let's get down to business!"

Ignoring their shocked faces, he squatted down to feel Shen Hong's pulse.


His mind jolted and a book finally appeared in the library. On the cover were the words 'Shen Hong'.

He flipped it open gently.

"Shen Hong, the grandfather of Tianxuan Kingdom's emperor, Shen Zhui, a Half-Zongshi expert..."

Shen Hong's life and his bodily flaws were written on it.

"Yang shi, is there hope for the Royal Elder?"

As he had heard from Ling Tianyu about Yang shi’s method to diagnose one's condition by feeling his pulse, he wasn't too surprised by the action. But upon seeing Yang shi frown, Emperor Shen Zhui couldn't help but walk over.

Even Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, and the others were filled with anxiety.

This Shen Hong had reached the limit of his lifespan. They were unable to come up with any treatment, and even less so, induce a breakthrough in him. Thus, they were interested in listening to Yang shi's opinion.

"Wake him up first!" Zhang Xuan gestured grandly. After having felt the other party's pulse, he was no longer as anxious and uptight as before.


Emperor Shen Zhui placed his finger on the Royal Elder's philtrum and infused zhenqi into his body. Slowly, Shen Hong regained his consciousness.

(TL: Philtrum -> Area above the lips, below the nose)

"Yang shi..."

Upon awakening from his sleep, Shen Hong stared at Zhang Xuan. Just as he was about to ask the latter why he had knocked him unconscious, the other party's voice resounded.

"Shen Hong, I'll give you two choices. You can achieve a breakthrough to the Zongshi realm and continue living. Otherwise, just as you said, if you don't mind dying, I can't be bothered to save you as well."

He had to first ascertain the other party's will to live. If he wasn't willing, no matter how incredible Zhang Xuan could be, he would be unable to save him.

"I... can live on? Reach Zongshi realm?"

Initially, he was displeased with Zhang Xuan's action of knocking him unconscious. However, upon hearing his words, Shen Hong's body trembled in agitation.

He knows how difficult it is for one to reach Zongshi realm. He had tried his entire life, only to fail time and time again. Now, at the verge of death, and with no more latent potential within him that can be dredged up... can he really reach Zongshi realm?

"If you wish to achieve a breakthrough, you can definitely do it. But if you don't want to, let's just forget it. I don't want to waste my effort." Zhang Xuan said calmly.

"Of course I do... I beg of Yang shi offer me your guidance so that I can achieve a breakthrough..."

Not even hesitating in the least, Shen Hong immediately knelt to the floor. All signs of discontentment from before had vanished without a trace.

That 'epiphany' from before was just self-consolation for his plight.

For a chance to achieve a breakthrough and live longer, only a fool would reject it.

"It isn't difficult for you to live on. However..."

Circling around Shen Hong, Zhang Xuan seemed to be examining his body condition. Then, he suddenly stopped. With eyes as deep as the abyss, he said, "You have to listen to my words and follow my instructions obediently. Do not try to go against my words, or else, I won't be able to help you. In short, you just have to do whatever I ask of you and cooperate with me. There's no need for you to ask any questions."

"That's simple! I will do as you say!"

He thought that the other party would come up with a difficult request. However, upon hearing that it would be that easy, Shen Hong quickly nodded his head and agreed to it.

Back then, when he studied under his teacher, it was the same as well.

As such, he thought nothing of it. However, the moment he said those words, he saw Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers looking at him with sympathetic gazes.

Of course, they feel sympathy for him! This Yang shi might be capable, but his bizarre means are truly hard to accept. To be asking for the other party's approval before the treatment has started, even by using one's toe to think, it is clear that he is up to no good.

"What's wrong?"

Upon seeing their gazes, Shen Hong felt puzzled.

He had been on the verge of death the last few days and as such, he was ignorant of what had happened to Zhuang shi. He thought that there was something wrong with his words.


Resisting his urge to speak, Emperor Shen Zhui wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

He had witnessed Yang shi's eccentric means for himself... It seemed that this Royal Elder of his would be ravaged, just like Zhuang shi.

"It's good that you are agreeable. Emperor Shen Zhui, find some female dancers from the royal palace here. They must have good figures!"

Upon seeing him agree, Zhang Xuan nodded his head. Then, he turned to Shen Zhui and spoke in full seriousness.

"Female dancers?"

Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers were baffled.

The dancers in the palace can only dance, they possess extremely low cultivation. What is his purpose of calling them here?

Will getting them here help Shen Hong achieve a breakthrough?

Besides, he requested for those with good figures... Why doesn't it sound like a treatment method at all?


Even though it was incomprehensible to Emperor Shen Zhui, he knew that it was impossible for him to understand Yang shi's wisdom. Thus, he quickly passed down the command without any hesitation.

The personnel within the palace acted quickly and in a few moments, a dozen of beautiful dancers with voluptuous figures entered.

Even though they paled far in comparison to Shen Bi Ru, they were still stunning beauties. Every single movement of theirs induced great pleasure in the audience.

"Yang shi, are they alright…?"

"Not bad, just that they are wearing too much. Get them to take off those long sleeves and such!" Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Wearing too much?"

Bizarre expressions appeared on the faces of the three master teachers.

Looking for dancers and getting them to strip... Are you sure you are helping him to achieve a breakthrough?

Why does it feel like he is patronizing a brothel and choosing a woman of his liking...

If not for the fact that they were curious to see what Yang shi would do, they wouldn't have stayed a second longer.

They had already witnessed how unorthodox Yang shi's methods could be. Even so, they had not imagined that... it would be so unorthodox.

Capable master teachers tend to be austere, and their means tend to be upright. Yet... Why does your treatment method seem like finding prostitution instead...

Even though they did not know what he was up to, they had a bad premonition.


The dancers were properties of the royal palace. Not just stripping, they would even do other stuff without hesitation when commanded to. Upon hearing the orders, they quickly stripped the long sleeves and such, leaving behind their tight innerwear.

The sight of spring unfolded before everyone's eyes.

"Alright, Emperor Shen Zhui, help me prepare a few more items..." Zhang Xuan turned over and whispered into the other party's ears.

"Yang shi, feel free to speak of your demands... WHAT?"

Halfway through his words, Emperor Shen Zhui exclaimed in shock. His eyes widened and he almost went insane, "Yang shi, if... you have such interest, I can send as many people as you like to your residence. Here... isn't appropriate..."

"Don't spout so much nonsense, hurry up!" Zhang Xuan rushed him.

"Yes..." With a tearful face, Shen Zhui hurriedly made arrangements as Zhang Xuan had instructed him to.

Of the three master teachers, Liu Ling was the strongest. Even though Zhang Xuan had spoken in a hushed voice, he nevertheless managed to overhear his words. Instantly, he staggered and a feeling of vertigo overwhelmed him.

"What did he get Shen Zhui to do?"

Looking at his expression, Zhuang Xian and Zheng Fei knew that he must have heard something. They couldn't hold back their curiosity and asked him about it.

"He wanted Emperor Shen Zhui to bring something over..." Liu Ling had a blank look on his face.

"Something? What can it be, for Shen Zhui to be so shocked?"

"It's... aphrodisiac!"


Zhuang Xian and Zheng Fei were dazed for a moment, then slowly, their eyes widened.

The heck!

They knew that Yang shi's solution was definitely going to be damned. Even so, when they heard of his instructions, they nearly vomited blood.

It was exactly as they had guessed, the other party was indeed up to no good!

They had seen people demanding for tonic, pills, spirit treasures, and secret manuals. That was their first time witnessing someone demand aphrodisiac.

Looking for dancers and having them strip, then finding someone to get this item over. You sure are meticulous... Brother, are you helping him to achieve a breakthrough or are you helping him to exercise?

The trio looked at Shen Hong once again, and endless pity reflected in their eyes.

Even though Zhuang shi was battered while covered under a gunny sack, at the very least, his reputation remained untainted. If he were made to do some uncultured act in public for his breakthrough, he might have just died from anger on the spot.

While the others were still astonished by Zhang Xuan's request, a servant had already entered, carrying with him a jade bottle. It was filled with specially-made medicine.

Most emperors keep a large back palace, and Emperor Shen Zhui is no exception. It wasn't difficult to find such medicine in the royal palace.

"Swallow it!"

Taking over the jade bottle, Zhang Xuan walked over to Shen Hong.


Royal Elder Shen Hong had no idea what was inside, but at that moment, he had full confidence and awe for Zhang Xuan. After grabbing over the bottle, he swallowed the medicine inside without any hesitation.

Looking at the other party's candor movement, the eyebrows of the three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui twitched.

"Alright, go and dance with them."

Upon seeing him swallow the medicine, Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.


Shen Hong was taken aback.

As an elder, he has to dance with these young ladies?

Furthermore... They are all dressed scantily. If he were to really head over, it is likely that he will be in constant physical contact with them...

Just as he was battling the conflicting thoughts in his mind, he suddenly felt a surge of heat spreading from his belly. Then, looking at the dancers once more, an urge suddenly tugged at him.


That urge grew stronger and stronger. Soon, he found himself losing control.

It must be said that the medicine which Emperor Shen Zhui found was indeed incredible. The medicine took effect swiftly. In a few breaths, Shen Hong's eyes had turned red and he was no longer able to suppress his urge.

After consuming this medicine, even if there were no enticement before the person, one would already find the heat unbearable. At the instant, there were so many beautiful and voluptuous young ladies before Shen Hong. Furthermore, they were dressed scantily. It would be truly weird if Shen Hong could hold himself back.

With a roar, Royal Elder Shen Hong dashed forward.

"Stop him. Make those dancers dance before him, the more seductive their dance is, the better it is!"

Zhang Xuan commanded.


Cold sweat streamed down Emperor Shen Zhui's head.

What kind of breakthrough method is this? Feeding the other party aphrodisiac, but only allowing him to watch?


Upon hearing the commands, the movements of the dancers became more provocative and sexy.

Their alluring figures swayed suggestively. Light reflecting off their snow-white skin made them seem exceptionally warm, as though jade, inviting one's hands. Their movements were exceptionally capable of evoking an itch in men. Putting aside Shen Hong, who had swallowed the aphrodisiac, even the three master teachers began to feel the temptation.

"Will this really... help him achieve a breakthrough?"

Initially, they had thought that beating one up was already a very eccentric method. To think that Zhang Xuan had worse methods up his sleeves...

The three master teachers were on the verge of crying. Witnessing the situation, they felt as though all the theories and principles they had learned in the last few decades were all worthless!



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