"Shen Zhui, what did you feed me?"

Sensing the uncontrollable urge in him, as well as the indissipable heat that rose within him, Shen Hong finally realized that something was wrong and he roared furiously.

"It's... aphrodisiac..."

Shen Zhui could only answer truthfully.

"Aphrodisiac? I'll screw your grandma..."

Shen Hong staggered

He never thought that a day would come which his own grandson would feed him aphrodisiac. Damn, are you toying with me?

Shen Hong felt that he was going insane.

"Royal Elder, please don't blame me. It's Yang shi who asked me to do so, I had no choice..."

Emperor Shen Zhui was on the verge of tears as well.

When he almost killed the Royal Elder by feeding him the medicinal solution, a trauma was left in his heart. Now, he was reprimanded just because he followed Yang shi's instructions...

What did I do!

All I want is for you to live longer!

In the end, this is how you perceive my good intentions...

"Yang shi?"

With reddened eyes, he suppressed the agitation within him and turned to look at Zhang Xuan. Zhang Xuan had an impassive and upright look, as though he would never commit such a vile act. Turning around, he slapped Emperor Shen Zhui on his face. "Bullshit! As a master teacher, Yang shi is an upright person! How could he possibly feed me such stuff? If you dare to push the blame onto Yang shi once more, I will kill you right away!"

"..." Shen Zhui.


How in the world is he upright? Didn't he slap you unconscious just a moment ago?

Talking about pushing the blame…

If not for his orders, do you think that I would dare feed you this?

Emperor Shen Zhui felt so indignant that he nearly vomited blood.

He turned to look at Yang shi with a pleading gaze, hoping for him to explain the issue to his grandfather. Yet, that fellow looked at the ceiling with his hands behind his back, as though it was none of his business.

It was as if he was saying 'you were the one who did it, I don't know anything at all'...

"You bastard! To think that I doted on you so much... Aiya, I can't hold myself back anymore! Don't obstruct my path..."

Royal Elder Shen Hong cursed, and he finally succumbed to the heat in his chest. With the howl of a wolf, he dived toward the beautiful dancing ladies.

Right when he was about to reach them, he suddenly felt a dull pain at the back of his neck.


He fell to the floor, unconscious once again.

The one who made the move was Zhang Xuan.

Seeing that the Royal Elder had been knocked unconscious, Emperor Shen Zhui heaved a sigh of relief. "Yang shi, what do we do now?"

"Awaken him. Then, get these dancers to continue dancing before him..."

Zhang Xuan instructed.


Emperor Shen Zhui's lips trembled.

"Oh, right. When he wakes up, say that you were the one who knocked him out. Also, when he fails to control his emotion anymore, I will knock him out myself. Of course, you must admit that you were the one who did it..." Zhang Xuan said.

"..." Emperor Shen Zhui.

Knocking the daylights out of a person right after you awaken them. Have you gotten addicted or what?

Furthermore... I have to admit that I'm the one who did it...

Emperor Shen Zhui felt so much frustration in his heart that he could go into a frenzy. He was about to reject the plan when he saw Yang shi look at him with a stern expression.

"Don't reject me. This concerns whether the Royal Elder can survive. There mustn't be the slightest error in the matter, otherwise, the plan will end in failure!"

"..." This time, Emperor Shen Zhui really cried.

Royal Elder, it really isn't me! It's Yang shi who wishes to do you in...


Thus, right after Emperor Shen Zhui woke Shen Hong, the latter was knocked unconscious again. Then, Emperor Shen Zhui woke Shen Hong again, and soon after, he was knocked unconscious yet again... By the side, Liu Ling, Zhuang Fei, and Zheng Fei were stunned by the sight before them. They felt like tearing their hair out from watching the insanity that was unfolding before them.

"Liu shi, you are knowledgeable. Can you tell what kind of breakthrough method Yang shi is employing?"

After a long moment of silence, Zhuang Xian asked.

"I... can't tell anything at all!"

Liu shi's face flushed.

Breakthrough method? How in the hell does this look like a breakthrough method?

Of the hundreds of methods master teachers employ, there are a few fixed rules to helping one achieve a breakthrough. However, there doesn’t seem to be any that involves having a person consume aphrodisiac...

What's worse, it is one matter to feed the person aphrodisiac, but to intentionally find beautiful ladies to entice the person and knock him out when he can no longer control himself...

I don't think that he is helping him achieve a breakthrough. Rather, it seems more like he is toying with him!

It is a pity that Shen Hong, despite the prestige he had built up over the years, now appears to be a frequenter of brothels. The moment he wakes up, he charges toward the bodies of the beautiful ladies...

"Like hell he would achieve a breakthrough like this! I think that Yang shi is toying with Shen Hong. I've never heard of anyone who could break through in such a way after consuming aphrodisiac..." Zheng Fei shook his head. With a steeled face, he said, "This is a farce. Liu shi, I think it would be best if we step out to interfere! How can we, as master teachers, allow such absurdity?"

"This..." Liu Ling hesitated.

"There's nothing to hesitate about. Look at Shen Hong, he is already driven mad. If news were to spread out, his reputation would be tarnished, even after his death..." Zheng Fei harrumphed.

Upon hearing those words, Liu Ling and Zhuang Xian lifted their head to look at Shen Hong. As the other party had said, the gentlemanly Shen Hong appeared to be a depraved lunatic at the moment, lunging toward those seductive ladies. Also, the clothes on his body were almost completely ripped apart. His eyes were crimson red, and he seemed to be a wild, hungry wolf.

"But... The method Yang shi used for my breakthrough was also incomprehensible. Can this be the case as well? Even though it looks awful on the surface, he is actually doing it for Shen Hong's welfare..."

Zhuang Xian's mouth twitched.

"You have a master teacher as your father, and as such, you were too obsessed with the conventional rules and principles. Thus, his method of inciting you into a rage was understandable. But this... How can Shen Hong achieve a breakthrough like this? Putting aside whether the possibility exists or not, given Shen Hong's current frenzied state, even he has sufficient zhenqi, it is impossible for him to achieve a breakthrough!"

Zheng Fei said.

Zongshi is the very first difficult hurdle of the Fighter 9 Dans. The gap between it and Tongxuan realm is overwhelming, as though the difference between a fish and a dragon. While it is true that one gains incredible strength upon achieving this breakthrough, countless geniuses, even when in their top form, find themselves unable to make this final step. At this moment, Shen Hong has already lost his rationality and is blindly charging at the beautiful ladies. In such a state, how can he possibly succeed?

Isn't that a joke in itself?

If it is true, no one would have to cultivate. Won’t one become a Zongshi just by frolicking around brothels?


"There's no buts. Liu shi, it is best that you make your decision quickly. I can guarantee with my own life that it is impossible for Shen Hong to breakthrough like that. If he succeeds, I will chop off my own head..."

Zheng Fei said confidently.


Before he could finish his own words, he felt a powerful aura emanating from not too far away. It felt warm, as though the fiery sun.

"What is going on?"

Hurriedly turning around to take a look, they saw Royal Elder Shen Hong, who was frenziedly charging at the beautiful ladies just brief moments ago, sitting still on the floor, as though a saint. His breath was powerful and deep, reminiscent of the vast ocean. His weakness from a moment ago had disappeared without a trace, and at that very moment, as though a young man, he exuded overwhelming vitality, such that even Emperor Shen Zhui, who was standing by his side, paled in comparison.

Fighter 8-dan, Zongshi realm!

"Did he really achieve a breakthrough?"

All Zheng Fei felt was a stinging sensation on his face, as though he had been slapped hard by someone else. He felt like crying.

He had just mentioned that it was impossible for the other party to succeed, and he was proven wrong immediately...

Reaching Zongshi realm by consuming aphrodisiac?

Can anyone tell me what is going on...



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