Chapter 190: Lu Xun Borrows Money

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While Zheng Fei was still feeling depressed over the matter, Liu Ling and Zhuang Xian's mouths dropped so wide open that it seemed as though duck eggs could be stuffed into their mouths.

There is a qualitative difference between Fighter 8-dan Zongshi realm and Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm, and their life energies are vastly different. As such, upon achieving a breakthrough, one's longevity is extended drastically as well.

An ordinary cultivator usually only lives up to seventy to eighty. On the other hand, reaching a hundred isn't a problem for a Zongshi realm expert.

That is also the reason why breaking into this realm is so difficult; it is as though leaping across a gigantic gorge.

Just by looking at how these master teachers are stuck at Half-Zongshi, it is clear to see how difficult this final step is.

The master teachers had been paying attention to Shen Hong's condition ever since they arrived at Tianxuan Kingdom. His vitality had already deteriorated to the gutters and he was on the verge of death. Even if he has sufficient zhenqi, it should have been an impossible task for him to achieve a breakthrough, considering his terrible state of health. Yet, they had never imagined that this Yang shi could solve this impossibility with just a single pill.

The vast contrast between their abilities made the master teachers feel as though all of the knowledge they had obtained throughout their careers were worthless.

Initially, Emperor Shen Zhui shared the same thoughts as the three master teachers; he thought that that was an attempt of Yang shi to toy with him. Yet, contrary to his imagination, the Royal Elder really managed to achieve a breakthrough!

That is Zongshi realm expert in the bones...

"Thank you, Yang shi..."

After an unknown period of time, Shen Hong stood up and howled abruptly, resembling a massive dragon that had awakened from its slumber. Then, he walked to Zhang Xuan and knelt before him.

Having been trapped in the same cultivation realm for numerous decades, he thought that he would perish without achieving the breakthrough. Yet, to think that at the very last moment, he would succeed!

Witnessing the Royal Elder kneel before him, Zhang Xuan did not step forward to help him up. Contrary to that, he placed his hands behind his back, surveyed the surroundings, and slowly walked around.

"Shen Hong's vitality was at its ends, and his deteriorating bodily functions had reached the breaking point. At that moment, his will to live had already been shaved thin. It is precisely because of this that he was able to see through life and death, view it as a natural occurrence, and no longer fear death. Under such circumstances, regardless of his state of mind or his physical condition, they were all in the worst possible condition to achieve a breakthrough. Even the more potent tier-2 or tier-3 pills would not have been effective in helping him achieve a breakthrough and reach Zongshi realm!"

Everyone was aware that he was explaining all that happened, so they stayed completely silent, and listened attentively to his words.

"Thus, for him to live on, we had to create a compelling reason for him. Furthermore, it had to be something which he is unable to resist!"

"All men, regardless of time and condition, are unable to resist young beautiful ladies, needless to say, after being fed with aphrodisiac. Under the stimulation of the substance, his body raged once again, returning him back to youthful times... Once all these emotions accumulate sufficiently, achieving a breakthrough becomes much easier."

"Of course, more importantly, his cultivation technique played a huge role. If I'm not wrong, it should be Blazing Sun Formula!"

At this point, Zhang Xuan turned to look at him.

"Yes!" Shen Hong nodded his head to affirm Zhang Xuan's conjecture.

The cultivation technique he had cultivated is the Blazing Sun Formula, the strongest cultivation technique in Tianxuan Kingdom.

"This cultivation technique contains the nature of the blazing sun within it, and a practitioner will find himself with an excess of yang energy. It is an incredibly valuable secret manual, and its true might is displayed when the one cultivating the technique is a man! Rationally speaking, as his vitality had already been sapped clean, even with the augmentation from pills, it was impossible for his body condition to return back to its peak. However, years of cultivation under the Blazing Sun Formula had caused a large amount of yang qi flames to accumulate within his body. Then, at this very moment, they were all triggered by the medicine, and the enticement of the beautiful ladies was equivalent to throwing oil on top of the flames. Instantaneously, a massive fire was ignited within him."

"Thus, when he focused all of his energy at a single point, it wasn't difficult at all for him to achieve a breakthrough!"

After finishing his explanation, Zhang Xuan stood quietly on his spot and looked at the others. The surroundings were deathly silent.

In actual fact, he hadn’t mentioned the most important reason behind Shen Hong's breakthrough.

Regardless of the aphrodisiac or the Blazing Sun Formula, they were merely small contributing factors. The deciding one was... him knocking the other party out.

Everytime he knocked him out, he would infuse a sliver of his zhenqi into the other party's body and unclog a blocked meridian within his body. Then, having all of his meridians cleared up, along with his raging emotions and energy within his body, he was able to push through at the very last moment and reach Zongshi realm.

Due to the limitations of his cultivation realm, even though it was easy for him to deceive Sun Qiang and the others, it was likely that Shen Hong would notice his pure zhenqi. In order to prevent him from detecting anything, he had Emperor Shen Zhui claim that he was the one who knocked the other party out.

It wasn't because he wanted to act as a good person.

Upon the other party’s breakthrough, Zhang Xuan's zhenqi had already melded completely into the other party's. It was as though a pail of clear water had been mixed into a river of muddied water; it is impossible to locate it anymore.


Upon hearing his explanation, the three master teachers were taken aback.

The heck... this works as well?

They were master teachers who had gone through rigorous conventional training, and as such, they have had many opportunities to observe how other master teachers help others achieve breakthroughs in their cultivation. Even so, this kind of breakthrough method... it was they ever saw anything like it.

This is no longer unorthodox, it is simply inconceivable.

It is something that no one would have ever thought of.

To think that one can achieve a breakthrough by eating aphrodisiac... Has the world gone mad?.

"There are many different methods to induce a breakthrough in one's cultivation. Most of the time, sticking to the convention principles won't work. As a master teacher, rather than sticking firmly to the old rules, one has to continue learning and trying new things."

Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually. The setting sun cast a long shadow behind his back, and he looked like an incredible expert uncomprehended by the world. An unspeakable loneliness emanated from his figure.

"We will keep Yang shi's teachings to heart!"

The three master teachers bowed immediately.

At that moment, they couldn't be any more impressed by this Yang Xuan.

There is no way but to be impressed, too godly!

Through a random beating, he was able to induce a breakthrough in Zhuang shi, whose cultivation had been at a standstill for many years. A random mixing of poisons and he was able to successfully concoct a medicinal solution that only poison masters are capable of making. Just by feeding Shen Hong aphrodisiac, he was able to bring the other party up to Zongshi realm...

Even though they had seen all of these with their own eyes, it nevertheless felt like a dream.

"Un!" Seeing that they've comprehended the matter, Zhang Xuan nodded his head. Just as he was about to take his leave and return back to his mansion, he saw a pair of eyes appearing before him. The face before him was flushed with embarrassment and excitement.

Taking a step back, he took a closer look and realized that it was Zheng Fei.

He is the person who was the most doubtful of his actions. He was even willing to guarantee that it would be impossible for Shen Hong to achieve a breakthrough, or else he would cut off his head. But now, his eyes were gleaming, as though he had struck lottery.

"What are you up to?" Zhang Xuan was wary of him.

"Yang shi, I've also been stuck in Half-Zongshi for many years. Since there are medicine and beautiful ladies here, I would like to try to break through to Zongshi realm as well..."

Zheng Fei held a jade bottle in his hands. He poured out a pill and he was about to swallow it.

"..." Zhang Xuan.

"..." Emperor Shen Zhui, Liu Ling, and Zhuang Xian.

It took much effort before he managed to convince the other party otherwise. Zhang Xuan sighed.

Every person's cultivation technique, personality, and cultivation are different. As such, the relevant methods to achieve breakthroughs are different as well. As a master teacher, there was no doubt that Zheng Fei understood this. However, he nevertheless underestimated the allure of the Zongshi realm.

Increasing one's longevity so drastically... Just this by itself is able to make anyone lose his rationality.

In fact, Zheng Fei wasn't the only one who was moved by Zhang Xuan's actions. Even Liu Ling and Zhuang Xian were staring at him with burning eyes.

Since the other party was able to help the dying Shen Hong achieve a breakthrough, given that they are at the peak of health, wouldn't it be easier for them to reach Zongshi realm?

Upon thinking of this, the three master teachers made up their mind to get close to Yang shi so that he would offer them guidance for their breakthrough.

Understanding the intentions of the trio, Zhang Xuan felt his goosebumps rising. He hurriedly bid his farewell and prepared to leave, but at this moment, a guard walked into the hall.

"Your Majesty, Lu Xun and Wang Chao from Hongtian Academy request for an audience!"

"Why would they be here at this time?" Emperor Shen Zhui was taken aback. Then, he nodded his head and said, "Get them to enter!"

It is highly likely that these two star teachers would become master teachers in the future. Even though he is the emperor of a country, he doesn’t dare to offend them. Furthermore, their parents share a deep relationship with him.

Zhang Xuan was also startled.

"Lu Xun? Wang Chao?"

Didn't the duo just pay me a visit? Why are they here now?

Could it be that they noticed me leave the mansion and made a chase?

But that's impossible...

Doubtful, Zhang Xuan, who was about to leave, ceased his footsteps.

Even though Lu Xun had challenged him to a Teacher Evaluation, he had never met him. Since they had happened to stumble upon each other, it was also a good opportunity to take a look at the rival and find out his capabilities.

Emperor Shen Zhui commanded for the dancers to back down and had the servants pack up the hall. As Shen Hong's clothes were all tattered, he wasn't in a good position to meet anyone. Thus, he left as well.

Right after the servants were done packing up and they had assumed their seats, the two young men walked in.

With a clear look at their appearance, Zhang Xuan frowned.

Aren’t they the two arrogant fools whom I saw at the entrance of the academy yesterday?

After so much commotion, it turns out that they are the legendary Lu Xun and Wang Chao!

It was no wonder that their gazes were filled with such contempt when they met him. They had probably recognized him then.

"Lu Xun (Wang Chao) pays respect to Your Majesty, Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Zheng shi!"

The duo clasped their hands.

They had met Emperor Shen Zhui, so naturally, they recognized him. Even though the faces of the three master teachers were foreign to them, their master teacher robes revealed their identities. As for Zhang Xuan, due to an excessively extravagant dress-up and a crude behavior, he appeared to be an ordinary rich merchant... With a single glance, they decided to disregard the other party’s presence.

A star teacher also has his own pride. There is no need to pay respects to everyone he meets.

They had heard of Yang shi and wanted to pay him a visit, but the truth was that they didn't even know of his appearance. As such, they couldn't tell that the person sitting before them was him. Besides, they had just been to Yang shi's residence, and Yang shi was there back then.

"May I know the reason for your visit at such a timing?"

Upon seeing the two of them disregard Yang shi, Emperor Shen Zhui was filled with displeasure. He was about to introduce him when the latter gestured that there was no need to do so. Thus, he could only swallow in his words and question doubtfully.

"Your Majesty, we have a presumptuous request to ask of you." Lu Xun hesitated for a moment before speaking. "We hope to borrow three million from Your Majesty..."

"Borrow money?"

Emperor Shen Zhui was puzzled.

Given their illustrious family backgrounds, why would they need to request this of him?

Besides, why do they need to borrow so much money at that?

"We hope to pay a visit to Yang shi, and Your Majesty has probably heard of Yang shi's protocol as well. In order to enter his mansion, one has to pay three million!" Upon seeing his doubtful expression, Lu Xun got straight to the topic at hand and spoke of his motives. "Once we meet Yang shi, we are confident that we can convince him to accept us as his apprentice. By then, he will definitely return the three million to us, and we will be able to return the sum to Your Majesty."

"Pay a visit to Yang shi?"

Upon hearing his motive, Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers glanced at one another.

The Yang shi that you said you want to visit isn't seated too far from you now. Yet, due to your arrogance, you refused to even greet him and chose to disregard him...

Even so, you wish to become his apprentice...

A peculiar expression appeared on the faces of the crowd. On the other hand, Zhang Xuan scratched his head as he looked at them. He was truly curious why these fellows were so confident that the three million would be refunded to them.

"Why are you so confident that Yang shi will accept you? What if he doesn't accept you, and the three million isn't refunded, how will you repay the loan?"

Lifting up his hand to stop Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers from revealing his identity, Zhang Xuan glanced at them curiously.



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