"I, Lu Xun, have made a humble reputation for myself in Tianxuan Kingdom. At the very least, I have this much confidence in myself. As for whether Yang shi accepts me or whether the three million will be refunded, there is no need for you to worry about it!"

Even before Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers could speak, the middle-aged merchant dressed in fur coat and a silk cap challenged his words. Lu Xun couldn't help but frown.

Since the other party could be seated alongside His Majesty and the three master teachers, this meant that he possessed exceptional social standing. Even so, he, Lu Xun, was confident that his standing would definitely not be inferior. Putting aside the fact that his father was the emperor's tutor, just considering his accomplishment of becoming the most capable star teacher in Tianxuan Kingdom at such a young age, he was more than qualified to be seated alongside the heads of powerful clans.

For example, even Clan Head Wang Hong would have to address him respectfully as Lu laoshi, not daring to act haughtily before him at all.

Yet, this fellow, despite being just a mere wealthy merchant, not to mention, crude, dares to question me? So what if you have some status? I am talking to Emperor Shen Zhui, and it's not your place to be interfering in the matter!

Who do you think you are?

Upon witnessing his confidence, the three master teachers nearly choked on their saliva.

Despite being genuine master teachers, the three of us do not dare to disrespect him at all... Yet, you, a mere star teacher who isn't even an apprentice yet, why are you behaving so arrogantly?

"I'm not worried for you. It's just that I think that if the money isn't refunded, you won't be able to answer to His Majesty. Even if you were to be sold, I doubt that you will be worth that much!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

He was simply giving kind advice, but to think that he would receive such a rude reply. Zhang Xuan felt frustrated.

"Mister, please mind your words!"

This time, before Lu Xun could even speak, Wang Chao's eyes narrowed. "Lu Xun laoshi is the number one star teacher of Hongtian Academy. He is someone who will become a master teacher one day. Do you think that he will default on a mere three million gold coins? What a joke! If I were to phrase it more directly, he might not even accept this sum of money if some other people were to send it his way. Do you think that it is so easy to gain a favor from a future master teacher?"


Lu Xun interrupted his good friend's words. Then, with a straightened back reminiscent of a spear, he ignored Zhang Xuan once more and turned toward Shen Zhui. "Your Majesty, you know how I am. Even if Yang shi refuses to refund me the sum, I am still confident that I will be able to return it quickly. This amount of money isn't worth putting my reputation on the stake!"

Even though star teachers cannot be compared to master teachers, it is still true that they are able to guide others to help them achieve breakthroughs. Three million might be a huge sum, but as long as Lu Xun is willing to work for it, he will nevertheless able to make back such money within a short period of time.


Emperor Shen Zhui hesitated.

Three million didn't mean anything to Tianxuan Kingdom as a whole, but the reason why he was worried was that he was afraid of incurring Yang shi’s wrath.

"I've heard that Yang shi is refusing to meet with outsiders. Even if you have the money, you might not be able to meet him!" Paying no heed to the other party's disrespectful attitude, Zhang Xuan continued to speak.

No matter what, this fellow is Master Lu Chen's son. It is highly possible that the latter does not know that he is here to borrow money. As such, I must try to persuade him.

Given that they were going to cross blows at the Teacher Evaluation, they could be considered as enemies. However, to Zhang Xuan, these are two different matters. Master Lu Chen had provided him much help, and since his son was going to do something foolish, as a senior, Zhang Xuan felt he had the obligation to advise him.

"It is a problem of mine whether I am able to meet him or not. Mister, don't you think that you're going to a little too far interfering in my matters?"

Seeing how that fellow kept trying to ruin this plans, Lu Xun was finally displeased. "I am trying to borrow money from His Majesty, not from you. His Majesty will have his own judgment on the matter, so there's no need for you to be so overly concerned with the matter."

After which, he flung his robe angrily.

Are you sick? I am borrowing money from Emperor Shen Zhui, yet you just have to keep trying to hinder my affairs. It isn't like I can't repay the sum, so what do you mean by this?

Do you think that I, Lu Xun, am an easy target for you to bully?

As a star teacher, if he doesn’t uphold his own prestige and allow others to speak as they please in his presence, how can he instill respect in his students? Besides, the three master are observing the situation. If he were to cower when upon criticism, what rights does he have to become an assistant master teacher?

"Mister, regardless of your identity, this is a matter between Lu Xun laoshi and His Majesty. For you to be interrupting their conversation repeatedly, don't you think that you're going too far?"

Wang Chao harrumphed coldly.

Know your place! Don’t you see that even the three master teachers aren't saying anything?

Will you die if you do not speak?

"Going too far?"

Zhang Xuan was just offering his advice out of kindness so that the other party wouldn't waste this unnecessary sum of money. Yet, he was despised for doing so. He could only shake his head helplessly.

Soon, his identity as 'Yang shi' would disappear, and it was obvious that his decision to want to become his apprentice was a mistake in itself. Initially, he thought that since he had met with them, he would able to easily dispel the thought from their heads. Yet, his goodwill was thought of as a nuisance.

Not only did the other party not appreciate his efforts, they even thought that he was interfering too much in the matter.

However, it wasn't surprising for the other party to react like that as well. If Zhang Xuan were the one borrowing money, and someone else kept interrupting the conversation, he would be displeased as well.

"You are called Lu Xun, right? I've heard of your name before I even came. I think that Yang... his words make sense. You should reconsider the matter!"

Even though Zhang Xuan didn't mind the other party's sarcastic attitude, Liu Ling could not stand watching it any further.

Initially, he had a good impression of Lu Xun, and he intended to test him before deciding whether to accept him as his apprentice. Yet, he didn't think that he would see this side of him during their first encounter. He is simply too arrogant speaking to Yang shi like that, and the favorable impression that Liu Ling had of Lu Xun disappeared without a trace.

"Thank you Liu shi for your advice, but my mind is made up..."

Hearing Liu shi speak, Lu Xun did not speak to him with the same attitude as he did with the crude merchant. He hurriedly clasped his fists and answered politely.

Upon seeing that the other party was reluctant to accept his advice as well, Liu Ling shook his head and fell silent.

Yang shi had stopped Emperor Shen Zhui from pointing out his identity, so it was clear that he didn't want the latter to know that his identity. Since that was the case, Liu Ling wouldn't get ahead of himself and reveal it either.

"It's merely three million. Given how Master Lu Chen is my teacher, giving it to you is not a problem as well!"

Upon seeing that Yang shi didn't have any intentions of blaming Lu Xun for the matter, Shen Zhui was relieved and he spoke.

This bit of money means nothing to the prestigious clans, needless to say, a kingdom. As the son of his teacher, giving it to Lu Xun straight isn't a problem either.

"Thank you, Your Majesty! However, since I've already said that I would borrow it, I will just borrow it. I do not wish to owe that person a favor!" Lu Xun gestured proudly.

Ever since he had fallen out with that old man of his, he didn't want to be associated with him in any way.

Thus, how can he allow himself to owe that person a favor?

"Go retrieve three million gold coins!"

Knowing that the father and son held conflicts, Emperor Shen Zhui didn't say anymore. He turned to a eunuch by the side and commanded.

The eunuch turned to leave and shortly, he returned with a stack of gold bills.

"Thank your, Your Majesty! I will return it as soon as possible!"

After obtaining the gold bills, Lu Chen clasped his hands once more.

"Un!" Emperor Shen Zhui waved his hands casually.

It would be good if the other party can return the sum, but it doesn’t matter if he can’t.

Now that the old ancestor has achieved a breakthrough and reached Zongshi realm, Tianxuan Kingdom will only grow more and more prestigious. Once they attract a master teacher here to assume the reigns, it is highly possible that Tianxuan Kingdom becomes a 2nd Tier Kingdom. A mere three million means nothing to him now.

"I won't intrude on Your Majesty any longer then. Lu Xun (Wang Chao) bids Your Majesty farewell!"

After obtaining the money, Lu Xun turned around and left immediately.

After taking a few steps, he stopped abruptly and turned around to look at Zhang Xuan.

"I don't know who you are, but since you're able to be seated with the three master teachers and His Majesty, I doubt that your background is anything simple. However, I would still like to offer you an advice!"

"Oh?" Zhang Xuan turned to look at him.

"When other people speak, it's crude to interrupt their conversation. It's irritating!" A haughty expression appeared on Lu Xun's face as he flung his hands backward. He looked as if he were a sacred lotus, a being untainted by dirt. Then, he turned around and left without stopping again.

Wang Chao glanced at Zhang Xuan and sneered before quickly following Lu Xun out.

Once the duo left, the room plunged into silence. The three master teachers quietly stared at each other.

"That fellow... Where does his self-confidence come from?"

After a long period of time, Zhuang shi could not help but comment.

He was truly infuriated.

For a mere star teacher to be criticizing Yang shi, whom even they have to be respectful toward...

What guts!

"I was considering whether to accept him as my apprentice, but from the looks of it, I should drop the idea. He has no respect for his elders at all..."

Liu Ling shook his head as well.

Lu Xun's fame was so great that it wasn't just limited to Tianxuan Kingdom. Liu Ling and the others had long heard of him, but they didn't think that the first meeting would be so awkward.

"Yang shi, I apologize in his stead. He doesn't... know of your identity and unintentionally offended you..."

Upon noticing that even the three master teachers were displeased by Lu Xun's actions, Emperor Shen Zhui hurriedly turned to Yang Xuan to appease him, in hopes that he wouldn't be angry.

"It's nothing. It is normal for one to get complacent having accomplished so much at such a young age!" Zhang Xuan shook his head and stood up. "Alright, Shen Hong has reached Zongshi realm, and it is time for me to leave. I hope that Your Majesty will send those Tongxuan realm manuals over soon."

"Yes!" Emperor Shen Zhui nodded his head hastily.


After bidding the other three master teachers farewell too, Zhang Xuan clasped his fists once more and left light-heartedly. Hot passion rose in the three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui once again.

Did you see that?

Other people would try their best to extort all kinds of benefits after helping someone achieve a breakthrough. Yet, he simply cooly...

In fact, even when he was doubted and insulted by a junior, he did not get infuriated or annoyed.

"This is the kind of attitude and magnanimity that a true master teacher should possess!"

Liu Ling complimented.

"Indeed! I am completely impressed with Yang shi. If I can become his disciple, it will truly be a great blessing!" Zheng Fei nodded his head in agreement.

"I've heard of Lu Xun's reputation beforehand, but to think that he would be such a person!" Upon recalling Lu Xun's actions, Liu Ling shook his head in disappointment. Then, he suddenly remembered something and asked, "Your Majesty, you said that he is going to be competing with a teacher named Zhang Xuan in a few days' time. Is that true?"

In the few days which they had been in Tianxuan Kingdom, their attention had been on Hongtian Academy. The matter regarding the Teacher Evaluation was no secret, so it wasn't surprising that they would be aware of it.

"Indeed!" Emperor Shen Zhui nodded his head.

After returning to the royal palace, he received Pavilion Elder Qian's report and gained knowledge of the 3-star incident.

Even though the battle between two teachers isn’t as shocking a news as Master Teacher Yang Xuan's arrival, it nevertheless attracted the attention of numerous people.

"Since Lu Xun challenged the other party, that Zhang Xuan should be a star teacher of Hongtian Academy as well, right? But why have I never heard of his name?"

Liu shi asked doubtfully.

In an official challenge such as this, one usually faces another opponent of the same caliber. Lu Xun is the number one star teacher of Hongtian Academy, and this Zhang laoshi accepted his challenge daringly, so they should be on par.

However, why hadn't he heard of the name of this accomplished teacher?



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