"This is also my first time hearing of Zhang Xuan laoshi. Thus, I had someone specially look into his identity and... Not only is he not a star teacher, he has also been condemned by many..."

Recalling the contents in the report he had read through, Emperor Shen Zhui still found the matter hard to believe. With a bitter smile, he shook his head and said, "Do you know of Zhang laoshi's previous reputation in the academy?

"Reputation? What is it?"

The interest of the three master teachers was piqued. They turned to look at Emperor Shen Zhui intently.

"It's... trash!" Emperor Shen Zhui said.


The three master teachers stared at one another.

"That's right. I've heard that this Zhang Xuan laoshi scored a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination, and he even caused his student’s cultivation to go berserk. Thus, he is reputed as the worst teacher Hongtian Academy ever had!" Emperor Shen Zhui said.

"Scored a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination?"

"Caused his student’s cultivation to go berserk?"

"How can such a person remain as a teacher? Furthermore... Since his results are that poor, why is Lu Xun competing with him?"

The three master teachers were puzzled.

Putting aside how poor Zhang Xuan's results were, Lu Xun is the number one star teacher of the academy. Of everyone he could challenge, he chose to compete against a fellow who had scored a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination...

This is as though racing against a cripple, and competing in a hearing test with a deaf!

Even if he won, what honor would there be?

Furthermore, what if, against all odds, he loses?

"Allow me to first finish my story. That was his former title. About ten days ago, a twist occurred!" Emperor Shen Zhui continued. "A teacher called Cao Xiong challenged him to an Enlightenment Will Inquisition in a contest for a student, and everyone thought that Cao Xiong would emerge victoriously. Yet, a shocking conclusion occurred."

"This Zhang Xuan laoshi isn't the trash that everyone put him out to be. On the contrary, he is an expert. He has already reached Pixue realm, and the student held a Trust Level of 64 in him..."

Even though Hongtian Academy had intentionally suppressed the news of the Enlightenment Will Inquisition, it remained a simple task for the emperor of Tianxuan Kingdom to look into such a matter. He was well aware of all that had happened that day, and he spoke of it in detail to the three master teachers.

"Right after accepting a student, his student's Trust Level in him has reached 64? The level of a master teacher? How... How is this possible?"

"To reach Pixue realm before twenty years of age? What incredible talent! Even students who study under master teachers find it difficult to accomplish such a feat!"

"Inducing symptoms of a berserk cultivation to overcome Innate Sealed Meridians? And to induce a breakthrough in his student from Fighter 1-dan to Fighter 2-dan within ten minutes..."

The three master teachers stared at one another in astonishment. They found the situation too incredulous, and it was as though they were in a dream.

In order to guard the school's reputation, he was willing to bear the name of the trash without saying anything. In the end, it was only because the other party went too far that he revealed everything...

"If all of these are true, then... Isn't this Zhang Xuan laoshi too noble!"

Zhuang Xian was impressed.

Despite being framed, just so as to not sully the name of the academy, he kept mom about the matter. Such magnanimity and professionalism, even the three master teachers find it difficult to achieve, needless to say, a young man who isn't even yet twenty.

"I've sent someone to the Teacher Guild to investigate and have received a reply regarding the matter!"

Emperor Shen Zhui knew that the three master teacher found the matter unbelievable as well, so with a small gesture, he beckoned a eunuch over and took a letter from his hands. "This is a personal writing from the Teacher Guild's Elder Mo. The contents are exactly as I've said. Please take a look!"

After which, he handed the letter over. Upon receiving it, Liu Ling and the others took a quick and nodded their heads.

That was a paper used by the Teacher Guild, and the seal of the guild was on it. It was unlikely for the contents on it to have been falsified, otherwise, Elder Mo would be punished.

"To think that such a talent is hiding in Hongtian Academy!"

Liu Ling's eyes lit up.

He had intended to recruit Lu Xun as his apprentice, but after meeting the person in question, he couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. This moment, after hearing the legendary affairs of Zhang laoshi, his interest was piqued once more.

"His conduct is noble, and he is willing to have his reputation sullied for the sake of the academy. Without regards for personal gains or losses, he gives his all for his students... I would like to meet such a teacher personally!" Zhuang Xian commented in awe.

Master teachers hope to accept good apprentices. This doesn’t just mean their ability to educate others and their reputation, their morals play an important part as well.

After all, what is the use of recruiting a talented apprentice if he is ungrateful and immoral?

"Your Majesty, someone seeks an audience!"

Everyone was still immersed in their awe for Zhang Xuan when a guard suddenly walked in.

"Who is it?"

"It's the butler of City Lord Zhao of Baiyu City, Yao Han!" The guard reported.

"Allow him to enter!" Emperor Shen Zhui nodded his head.

City Lord Zhao Feng is a subordinate that he trusts heavily in, and as Yao Han is a close aide of Zhao Feng, Shen Zhui knows him as well.

"Yao Han pays respect to Your Majesty!" Soon, a middle-aged man walked in and knelt on the floor.

It was Yao Han.

"General Yao Han, please rise!" Emperor Shen Zhui beckoned.

Even though Yao Han is only a butler now, he had followed City Lord Zhao Feng to numerous wars back then, achieving the position of a general through his contributions in them.

"For General Yao to come at this time, does City Lord Zhao Feng have anything to report?"

Knowing that it is impossible for the other party to visit the royal palace without any good reason, Emperor Shen Zhui asked.

"Your Majesty, our city lord intends to visit the capital in a few days' time, and he had instructed me to ask Your Majesty for permission." Yao Han said.

As an important official with heavy responsibilities in the country, Zhao Feng is not allowed to leave his post as and when he likes. Even if he wants to head to the capital, he has to inform the emperor in advance. Otherwise, if he were to secretly sneak here and the emperor found out about it, he would be punished severely.

"Visit the capital?" Shen Zhui was taken aback.

"Yes, our young mistress has acknowledged Zhang Xuan laoshi as her teacher, and in order to awaken her unique constitution, Zhang laoshi had undergone the apothecary examination, obtained the precious 【Frigid Sun Mother Grass】 and purchased the tier-3 【Unravel Yin Pill】 for her consumption. Due to the immense gratitude toward him, city lord has decided to come in person to thank him!" Yao Han replied.

"Acknowledged Zhang Xuan? Frigid Sun Mother Grass? Unravel Yin Pill?"

They were discussing Zhang Xuan just a moment ago, and upon hearing these words, they were all stupefied. Recovering from his daze, Emperor Shen Zhui spoke up, "What is the matter about? Recount it to us in detail!"

"Yes!" Yao Han nodded his head. Then, he spoke of how Zhang laoshi had accepted Zhao Ya as his disciple, how he saw through her unique constitution, why he underwent the apothecary examinations, and so on in detail.

Other people might not know the entire story, but after being beaten to a pulp by the other party, Yao Han went through the trouble to look into Zhang Xuan's matters. As such, he knows of the affairs surrounding him clearly and accurately.

"You mean to say that... This Zhang Xuan laoshi had managed to pass the 1-star apothecary examination?

"Not just so, in order to help his students to achieve a breakthrough, he spent a great amount of money to purchase pills and medicinal solutions? Even... tailoring cultivation techniques for their individual needs... and requesting nothing in return?"

"Due to the immense fatigue from staying up for multiple nights to create all of the battle techniques, he fell asleep lying on the chair?"

Upon hearing Yao Han's words, the three master teachers widened their eyes in shock. Agitated, they clenched their fists tightly.

The basic responsibility of a teacher is to impart knowledge, skills, and clarify doubts. If one doesn’t value his students, it is impossible for one to be a good teacher.

For his own students, this Zhang laoshi had made so many sacrifices... He even hid all of it from his students. Even as master teachers, they couldn't help but be astounded by Zhang Xuan's character.

Most importantly... He passed the apothecary examination and became an official apothecary!

"If one wants to take on the master teacher examination, one needs to have a supporting occupation. Since Zhang Xuan is an official apothecary, that means that if we accept him as our apprentice, he will be qualified to take on the master teacher examination with just a bit of guidance!"

The eyes of the three master teachers grew increasingly bright.

For a master teacher to guide others, they need to possess a fearsome amount of knowledge as a prerequisite. They have to be well-versed in various fields, to the point that they are qualified to become a member of their guild, or else, it would be impossible for them to offer concrete pointers.

Apothecaries are considered one of the top professions among the Upper Nine Paths. Given that Zhang Xuan is already an official apothecary, if he were to be paired with an acceptable teaching formula and knowledge system, it wouldn't be difficult for him to become a master teacher at all.

Even in Tier 2 and Tier 1 Kingdoms, such apprentices are vied for by numerous master teachers.

After all, it adds to a master teacher's prestige if one's student becomes a master teacher as well.

"He is strong; able to tolerate injustices for the sake of the bigger picture; willing to try new methods to teach his students; doesn't despair or panic when misunderstood; knowledgeable, but is willing to lie low, humble; willing to abandon his all for his students... This truly is a good master teacher bud!"

The more Liu Ling spoke, the brighter his eyes grew. "Zhuang shi, Zheng shi, since there's such a good teacher in Hongtian Academy, do you want to accompany me to take a look?"

"Liu shi, what are you talking about? It should be you accompanying me to take a look. I've been trying to look for such an apprentice all along." Zhuang shi chuckled.

"As a certified apothecary, I have an in-depth understanding of pill-forging. It would be the most fitting for him to become my apprentice..." Zheng Fei interjected.

Having heard the various outstanding deeds of Zhang Xuan, the three master teachers could no longer hold themselves back.

While teachers hope to strike up good relationships with master teachers, master teachers also hope to accept capable and upright teachers as apprentices.

Given how noble Zhang Xuan's character is, willing to give up his all for his students, not to mention that his potential far surpasses Lu Xun, how is it possible for the three master teachers remain unmoved?


Seeing how the three masters were squabbling with one another over Zhang Xuan so vehemently, Emperor Shen Zhui and Yao Han were astonished.

Other people try all means possible so that a master teacher spares a single glance at them, and yet, it is the direct opposite for this Zhang laoshi. The three master teachers hadn't met him yet, but they were already quarreling for him.

However, recalling all of the deeds that he had accomplished, he is indeed someone worthy for master teachers to vie over.

"Looks like I should try to get on close terms with this Zhang Xuan laoshi..."

Emperor Shen Zhui made up his mind secretly.

As the sovereign of the country, how can he give up on someone who wields such tremendous potential to become a master teacher?

"General Yao, inform Zhao Feng that he is free to come!"

At this point, he nodded his head immediately and consented to Yao Han's request.

Regardless of whether it is for this kingdom or for him, it is good news.

Through Zhao Ya, he should be able to easily tie Zhang Xuan laoshi onto Tianxuan Kingdom's chariot.

Once the kingdom possesses the backing of a true master teacher, the strength of the kingdom would be on the rise, and being promoted to a 2nd Tier Kingdom wouldn't just be a dream.

"Emperor Shen Zhui, we've decided to visit Hongtian Academy, so we won't be imposing on you for now!"

After a round of quarreling, the three master teacher decided to see firsthand if Zhang laoshi is as incredible as the rumors had put him out to be.

After all, rumors tend to be exaggerated. Only by seeing it for themselves will they be able to make the most accurate judgment of the person.

In any case, the other party also has the choice of choosing who he wants to acknowledge. Thus, it was pointless for them to argue here.

"Three master teachers, please feel free!"

Emperor Shen Zhui did not dare to hinder them, and he nodded his head in consent.

Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, and Zheng Fei stopped their incessant chatter and quickly headed outside, straight for Hongtian Academy.

"Lu Xun..."

Watching the three master teachers leave for Zhang Xuan, Emperor Shen Zhui thought of Lu Xun, who had left earlier, and shook his head.

From cultivation to knowledge, character and teaching skills, the impression of the three master teachers, as well as reputation...

This number one star teacher in Hongtian Academy has lost in every aspect...

A complete defeat!



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