Chapter 193: That’s Yang shi?

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Oblivious to the fact that the impression that Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers had of them had been ruined, Lu Xun and Wang Chao headed toward Yang shi's residence, their faces beaming with excitement.

They were mocked and insulted previously due to their lack of money. Now that they have three million in their hands, no one would dare to stop them!

"Later, when we meet Yang shi, just dive straight into the main topic. Say that we're willing to become his apprentice and that we will serve him well."

Lu Xun deliberated on the possible scenarios when they meet Yang Shi before concluding, "For Liu shi and the others to be so much in awe of him, he must have reached at least 2-star or even higher. If we were to beat around the bush, we might incur his irritation instead. Rather, it might be better if we are straightforward!"

A master teacher has incredibly sharp eyes. It is best not to put on an act before such a person, otherwise, they would definitely be the ones to get unlucky.

Once they incur the wrath of Yang shi, it would be out of the question for them to become his apprentices.

"You're right!" Wang Chao nodded his head in agreement.

"Right, Wang Chao. You said that Elder Wang Chong learned a new spear technique, and he spent quite a bit of money for it. What happened?"

Suddenly recalling the matter, Lu Xun asked.

"Just a few days ago, my father was training in seclusion, so I was unable to reach him. I only came to know about the matter after asking the butler. He said that an expert visited the residence, and my old man spent millions as tuition fee to learn a single spear technique from the other party. Honestly, I can't imagine what kind of technique can be worth that much money."

Wang Chao shook his head unhappily.

As a clan of spear masters, even though they possessed considerable properties, taking out a few million at once would still rattle the family's foundations. He didn't know why his father went mad all of a sudden, paying such a huge sum.

"No one surpasses Elder Wang Chong's understanding of the spear in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. Since he was willing to take out so much money, it must mean that this spear technique is remarkable. You must learn it well." Lu Xun viewed the matter from a different perspective.

Given the reputation Wang Chong enjoys in Tianxuan Kingdom, even being praised by Emperor Shen Zhui personally, his comprehension of spearmanship has reached an astonishing level. For such an incredible expert to be willing to pay so huge a price, how is it possible that the spear art be anything ordinary?

"I would like to learn it as well, but father refuses to teach it to me. According to the butler, father promised to only impart the spear art to another clan member with the creator’s permission. Hence, anyone who tries to learn it secretly will be punished severely!"

Wang Chao pouted.

He felt extremely discontented upon mentioning the matter.

His father had been practicing that mysterious spear technique madly, and Wang Chao knew of it but wasn't allowed to learn. As such, he felt incredibly frustrated within and could only vent his frustration through complaining.

"The Wang Clan's spearmanship tops the entire kingdom, and it is known by all to be a top-notch battle technique. I don't think that the expert's spearmanship will be any stronger. Most probably, the elder is looking for a chance to make another breakthrough!"

After offering him a word of consolation, Lu Xun was about to continue speaking when he suddenly saw Wang Chao gesturing toward their back. Puzzled, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"Look, that's the arrogant fellow from the royal palace!"

Wang Chao pointed to his back

Turning around, he saw the middle-aged man dressed in fur coat and silk hat walking in the same direction.

Who else can it be other than that noisy fellow?

"Since he's able to sit alongside the three master teachers and His Majesty, even though his mouth is vile, he must possess an extraordinary identity. Let's not provoke him and focus on our matter instead!"

Sensing that his good buddy was about to pick a fight with the other party, Lu Xun immediately persuaded him otherwise.

Even though he had never met that middle-aged man, he was unlikely to be an ordinary person for him to dare to interrupt his conversation with Emperor Shen Zhui.

But... so what about it?

They are star teachers with backing from powerful clans and are considered influential celebrities in the entire Tianxuan Kingdom. No matter how influential the other party might possibly be, it means nothing at all before them.

"Un, I understand. But... Why does it seem like he is following us?"

Wang Chao felt puzzled. He glanced backward once more to look at the other party.

While the duo was speaking, they had turned at several corners, but the fellow was still behind them. What else can this be other than following?

"Perhaps he wishes to pay a visit to Yang shi as well. Let's not talk anymore. Butler Sun is at the door, let's go pay him the sum..."

Lu Xun shook his head. He didn't want any troubles before acknowledging Yang shi as his master. After turning at two more corners, Yang shi's mansion appeared before them. There were many people still queuing at the entrance, and Butler Sun Qiang happened to be at the door as well.

Wang Chao immediately walked over with his head held high and chest protruding. Putting on a haughty look, he squeezed through the crowd and handed the three million which he had just borrowed forward.

"Butler Sun, here is the fee for both of us to pay a visit to Yang shi. Now you can let us in, right?"

Didn't you just mock us for being poor blokes?

In just a short hour, we've brought the money here. This is called... slapping your face in public!

In their minds, they imagined that Sun Qiang's face would darken, and he would assume a subservient attitude, bending his back and fawning on them... But the plump man frowned instead. Without even turning to look at them, his chubby hands waved impatiently, "Where did all of your nonsense come from? Didn't I say just now? From now on, Yang shi won't be accepting anymore money. It doesn't matter how much you pay. So, for those whose names aren't called, don't cause any trouble here and scram!"


Rage surged through Wang Chao, and he nearly vomited blood.

As one of the members of the top echelon of Tianxuan Kingdom, he is highly respected no matter where he went. Even Emperor Shen Zhui has to treat him with considerable respect. Yet, a mere butler dared to tell him to scram, not once, but twice. The strong sense of humiliation infuriated him so greatly that he was about to erupt.

"Sun Qiang, do you know who you're talking to?"

With a darkened face, he walked forward and spat through gritted teeth.

"Oh? It's Wang Chao laoshi..."

Only now did Sun Qiang clearly see the other party's face, and he lifted his eyebrows, "Why, you brought the money here this time?"

On the previous occasion, he was hesitant because of the other party's identity as a celebrity teacher. However, after seeing that the old master was completely unbothered by the matter, he realized that it doesn’t matter whether one is a noble or a celebrity teacher.

If you listen obediently, I'll speak up for you. Otherwise, it doesn't matter who you are!

The moment Wang Chao heard Sun Qiang's reply, he nearly passed out from rage.

The heck!

What do you mean by that look of contempt!

What do you mean by “ you brought the money here this time”?

If those who don’t know better were to hear, they would think that I had come multiple times shamelessly without money...

"Wang Chao, calm down!"

Upon realizing that his friend was about to explode, Lu Xun shook his head and took a step forward.

Even though this friend of his has good talent and is skilled in teaching others, he is hot-tempered and due to this trait, had got into plenty of trouble in the past.

If he hadn’t stepped in, it is likely that Wang Chao would have really turned violent.

Beating up this fellow means sullying Yang shi's dignity. Not only will Yang shi not admit them as apprentices, he might just drive them away.

Holding back his agitated friend, Lu Xun clasped his hands and smiled, "Butler Sun, I don't there's any need to introduce us anymore. It is our fault for not bringing the money here previously, so we brought the money this time along with the name scroll. May I trouble you to report this matter to Yang shi? If he truly refuses to meet with us, we will give up on the idea and bother you no more."

With a single look, it was clear that Sun Qiang was a typical street person. Arguing with him would just make things more and more complicated, so Lu Xun decided to avoid unnecessary trouble and dive straight into the topic.

"Old master has instructed that I am not to accept any more name scrolls; other than those who have paid previously, no one is allowed to enter. However, since you two are celebrity teachers, I will play the good man and..."

Satisfied with Lu Xun's words, Sun Qiang nodded his head. Halfway through his words, he suddenly noticed that the old master had reached the gates. He pushed open the gates and walked into the courtyard.

Actually, Sun Qiang's tantrum a moment earlier was to conceal the fact that the old master wasn't at the mansion. Upon seeing him return, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was about to enter the mansion delightfully when he heard an incensed bellow resounding.

"Butler Sun, what do you mean by this? We've paid the money and handed over the name scroll, but you still refuse to allow us to enter. Yet, why is that fellow able to enter directly, even without having to address you?"

Wang Chao was truly angered.

When we didn't bring money, you criticized us and mocked us in public. Now that we've brought money, you still deny us entry. We would have just accepted the fact if everyone is subjected to the same treatment, but what is with that fellow with a fur coat and silk hat?

Without submitting a name scroll or paying anything, he was allowed to enter just like that. What rights does he have to do so? Just because he's rich? Just because Emperor Shen Zhui regards him highly?

Didn't you say that no one can enter?

What happened to the righteous words that you spoke of earlier?

Wang Chao was so furious that if anger were visible, a pillar of red would split the heavens.

However, right after he said those words, the surrounding crowd turned to look at him immediately, as though they were staring at an idiot. Their eyes were filled with pity.

Looking at those glances, Lu Xun suddenly thought of something. His body shuddered uncontrollably and his complexion turned awful. He turned to Sun Qiang and asked, "Butler Sun, the person who has just entered is..."

"It's our old master!" Sun Qiang harrumphed coldly.

"Yang shi?"

Lu Xun felt as though lightning bolts had struck him, and his entire body swayed.

The furious Wang Chao seemed as though he had been slapped on his face. The words that he had wanted to say, in a split second, all jammed in his mouth. His face turned pale, and he quivered uncontrollably.

That’s Yang shi?

And we scolded him back in the palace for being too noisy?

He tried to advise us out of kindness, but we simply disregarded his words out of indignance and even wanted to teach him a lesson...

What... What is going on?

Lu Xun and Wang Chao felt the world begin to spin around them, slowly crumbling apart.


Even though Lu Xun and Wang Chao were prestigious figures in the eyes of many, the two of them celebrity teachers of Hongtian Academy, as Zhang Xuan had come into contact with numerous top individuals within the kingdom in the past few days, their identities were far from being eye-catching.

Looking at them now, they seem nothing more than conceited young men.

It didn't matter to Zhang Xuan whether the duo was traumatized. It sufficed to leave the matter to Sun Qiang; Zhang Xuan could not be bothered.

At this moment, he was sitting on his bed with a grim expression.

After studying the Heaven's Path Poison Art, he had gained an in-depth knowledge of that topic. At the same time, he noticed a bizarre black poison aura within his body.

In the royal palace, he was busy helping Shen Hong to reach Zongshi realm and as such, he didn't have the leisure to look into the matter back then. Now that he is back at his mansion, he is anxious to take a look at it to find out what is going on!

He has been healthy all along, so why is there poison aura lingering in his body?

When did it sneak into his body?

Puzzled, he focused his attention on the black poison aura.

That black poison aura was hidden between his organs and meridians, making it hard to detect. If not for the fact that he had studied Heaven's Path Poison Art and gained an in-depth understanding of poison, he would have never noticed it.

"What kind of poison is this? Why... haven't I seen it before?"

Taking a closer look at it, Zhang Xuan's eyebrows knitted together.

There were more than a thousand books on poison in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, and the various types of poison, their nature, and their scent were all recorded within. Yet, the black poison aura in his body did not match any single one of those written in the books.



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