That is to say, this black aura is a lethal poison which he doesn’t recognize.

What exactly is it?

"Let's see if I can expel it!"

With a grim expression, Zhang Xuan propelled the zhenqi within his body.

Even though he has no idea what the poison aura is capable of, it would eventually pose to be a threat if left untreated in his body like that. Since he has become aware of it now, he has to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Otherwise, with a ticking time bomb within him, he will never feel at ease.

The books did detail how can one use his zhenqi to expel poison, and it isn't a difficult process. After spending a brief moment immersed in his thoughts, he mastered the skill.


Upon seeing the surge of zhenqi, the black aura, as though it had met its nemesis, dived into his meridians and hid immediately.

"It doesn't work at all..."

Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

This poison aura is simply too formidable. To think that it is capable of hiding from the assault of zhenqi. At this moment, it had only dived into his meridians, so it isn't particularly critical. However, if it were to have dived frenziedly into an important organ, Zhang Xuan would have probably died before he can even react to it.

To be able to avoid zhenqi as though it possesses intelligence, what poison is this?

Furthermore, when was I poisoned?

Since he was unable to find any records of the poison in the Book Collection Vault, this meant that it is a poison exclusive to the higher tier kingdoms.

Yet, such a poison aura... was found in his body.

Zhang Xuan felt increasingly baffled.

He tried using all kinds of detoxification method, but upon seeing that none of them were effective, he had no choice but to give up temporarily.

It seems that the black aura is extremely fearful of his zhenqi, so it should not dare to cause any trouble for the time being. Otherwise, he couldn’t have survived for so long without noticing it.

However, even though there isn't any threat on his life for the time being, how he was poisoned is a huge issue. It is one thing if he had accidentally come into contact with the poison, but if it were the intentional doing of someone else and he was oblivious, this would be altogether a different matter.

The enemy's first attempt had failed, so that means that there'll be a second try.

"I've to first ascertain whether I was afflicted before or after my arrival and whether it is an intentional act. At the very least, I can be on my guard!"

Warily, Zhang Xuan glanced at the black aura once more and examined it... Eventually, he failed to discover anything new.

It isn't because Zhang Xuan is dumb, but... because the poison is simply too advanced. It is beyond what Tianxuan Kingdom understands, making it impossible for Zhang Xuan to identify it, and even less so, figure out when he was afflicted and who the culprit is.

"I should try using the Library of Heaven's Path!"

Just as Zhang Xuan was about to give up, a thought suddenly appeared in his head.

Even though he is unable to personally discern anything, it doesn’t mean that the library will be helpless as well.

To trigger the Library of Heaven's Path and compile a book on something or someone, he needs to touch the object with his fingers or witness a person execute a battle technique. Since the poison aura is hidden in his meridians, it is impossible to touch. As for getting it to execute a battle technique... Cough cough, that is even more ridiculous.

However, verifying the answer to some basic questions isn't difficult for Zhang Xuan.

Grabbing a blank book, Zhang Xuan took out his brush and started writing. "The poison aura in my body only appeared after my reincarnation, and it is an intentional act!"

When Zhang Xuan's finger touched the book, an identical book appeared in his head.

Casually flipping it open, the flaws of the statement he wrote appeared.

After reading through the contents, Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

Based on the feedback from the Library of Heaven's Path, the poison aura was already in this body before his reincarnation, and it was an intentional doing!

That means that... someone wanted to kill him.

"Could it be that... the death of my previous self isn't because of alcoholism and depression, but because of... this poison?"

He had been feeling perplexed over this matter for quite some time. How could a zhenqi realm pinnacle expert die just from drinking alcohol? From the looks of it, it seems that wasn't the case at all.

Thus, Zhang Xuan wrote all kinds of conjectures onto the book.

An unknown period of time had passed before Zhang Xuan put down his brush.

After half day of testing his conjecture, he had obtained a rough idea of the entire matter.

His previous self had indeed died from poisoning, and that opened the path for his reincarnation.

The reason why he had been fine after the reincarnation is because the Heaven's Path zhenqi he cultivated is too pure. The poison aura feared it instinctively and was forced to a corner, unable to budge at all. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Zhang Xuan to survive to this date.

That is to say, the reason why Zhang Xuan could live to this moment is that he was diligent. Otherwise, without sufficient zhenqi, the poison aura would have counterattacked immediately and Zhang Xuan would have died from poisoning.

"Looks like another mess my previous self left me..."

After settling the problem regarding the Teacher Qualification Examination, Zhang Xuan thought that he would gain freedom and would be able to live a carefree life. Yet now, he realized that he had been simplifying things.

As long as the black aura lingers in his body, he would be in danger.

"I've to find a way to identify the person who wants to kill me."

If the person who wished to kill him conceals himself, it would be impossible for Zhang Xuan to locate him. However, if the other party dares to make another move, using the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan would be able to identify even his ancestors.

Thus, Zhang Xuan didn't feel fear in the least and was merely puzzled.

His previous self was just an orphan who didn't even have a relative. Not to mention, he also possessed trashy talent. Having not offended anyone, who in the world would use poison that one couldn't even find in Tianxuan Kingdom to kill him?

Given that the person was able to acquire such an advanced poison, he definitely boasts of some capability. Rather than going through so much effort, why didn't he just kill him straight?

Aren’t his actions, as though taking off one's pants to fart, excessive?

Since Zhang Xuan could not make sense of the matter, he decided not to mull over it anymore. Without any clue who the person that poisoned him is, musing over the matter is futile. The best he can do now is to find a method to dispel the poison in his body.

"In order to dispel the poison, I have to first know what poison it is. There are too little books regarding poison in Tianxuan Kingdom. Looks like I have to head to a place with more books..."

Possessing the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan can treat himself as long as he is able to access sufficient books on poison.

However, such books aren't easy to find. Zhang Xuan had read through the entire collection in the royal palace, but it is far from sufficient. As such, it is unlikely that any normal book here would be useful.

After all, this poison is too advanced, so advanced that it can’t be found in Tianxuan Kingdom.

Since the poison doesn’t exist here, how can the solution be found here?

To rid himself of the poison, Zhang Xuan will have to head for the higher tier kingdoms to look for more books on poison.

"I should greet the three master teachers and inquire them about it later on..."

Even though Zhang Xuan is completely ignorant of the affairs of other lands, the three master teachers, in contrast, must be very familiar.

They hail from higher tier kingdoms and travel often. Thus, they definitely know more about the other lands than him.

"There's no need for me to panic. I should first solve the issues here."

Since his Heaven's Path zhenqi suppresses the poison aura, preventing it from acting up, he should be safe for the time being. Thus, Zhang Xuan shook his head, stretched his back, and gestured for Sun Qiang to call the next person in.


"Liu shi, why do we have to change our clothes?"

The three master teachers were walking on the pavement in Hongtian Academy. Looking at the clothes they were wearing, Zheng Fei couldn't help but ask.

He usually donned the robe of a master teacher, and regardless of where he went, others always treated him with the utmost respect. It felt weird to be dressed in casual clothes all of the sudden.

"The master teacher robe is too eye-catching. If we were to wear it here, Zhang Xuan laoshi would definitely rush here at first time's notice and act obediently and respectfully around us. If that's the case, how can we see his true character?"

Liu Ling spoke.

"Indeed. It is a good idea to conceal our identity. This way, we can see his true personality!" Zhuang Xian nodded his head in agreement.

Zheng Fei came to a realization as well.

Having changed into the clothes of an ordinary person and suppressed their cultivation, no one would guess that they are master teachers. People would simply think of them as ordinary elders.

Only under such circumstances will they be able to peer into the truth.

Soon, after asking about, they arrived at Zhang Xuan's classroom.

"This classroom is way too small!"

Observing the classroom before their eyes, Liu Ling and company frowned.

They had seen the scale of Hongtian Academy for themselves on their way here, and even the most ordinary teacher possesses a classroom several hundred meters square large. Yet, the classroom before them isn't even a hundred meter square large. Regardless of infrastructure or design, they are exceptionally simple and shabby.

With a single glance, it was clear that this is the worst facility in the entire academy.

"Seems like that Zhang laoshi isn't treated very well in the academy!"

With such poor conditions, it is truly a wonder how Zhang laoshi manages to tolerate. If it were them, they would have long fallen out with the academy, flung their robes, and resigned.

"To be able to remain calm, humble, and motivated under such conditions, it seems that he places his responsibilities above his pride. I am impressed."

Liu Ling expressed his heartfelt thoughts.

Despite being subjected to unfair treatment, the other party doesn’t bear any resentment or vent any frustration on his students. To not allow such humiliation get in the way of his character, that is truly impressive.

"Cousin Wang Tao, I still don't understand what Zhang laoshi spoke about the convergence of spirit energy. Can you explain it to me once more?"

Walking toward the classroom, before they even entered it, they could hear questioning voices from the grass patch before the entrance.

The three men stopped in their footsteps.

"Alright. However, Zhang laoshi's words were exceptionally profound and I understood less than a tenth of it. In any case, I have made a note, so how about we study it together?" The senior known as Wang Tao hesitated for a moment before replying.

"Great!" The first voice chirped delightfully.

"Look, this is what Zhang laoshi said. In Juxi realm, one should view one's own body as a part of the natural flow of spiritual energy in the air and converge them together into one's body instead of forcefully absorbing it. This way, one will be able to better store spiritual energy and the rate of absorption of spiritual energy will increase. Back then, Zhang laoshi brought up ten methods to do so, but I only remember three of them. We can study them together. Look at the first one..."

Wang Tao's voice echoed from the classroom.

"View one's own body as a part of the natural flow of spiritual energy in the air?"

Listening to the conversation between the two, the three master teachers became shocked. Their astonishment reflected on their faces.

"I've heard of this theory from my teacher... That Zhang Xuan laoshi is capable of speaking such profound logic as well?"

Liu Ling's jaws dropped.

Whether one is truly an expert, his performance will tell. As master teachers, they stand at the very pinnacle of the occupation of teachers. Naturally, they hold a deep knowledge about imparting knowledge, and they are also capable of telling right from wrong.

Even though they hadn’t sat through Zhang Xuan's lesson, judging the conversation between the two students alone, they were able to tell that Zhang laoshi's theories are innovative, correct, and straightforward.

Even they themselves find it hard to conduct a lesson of such standard.

The theories brought up by the duo weren't incredibly profound, but they point straight to the essence of Juxi realm. It felt as though they were standing before a vast ocean, endless and unimaginably deep. The more they listened, the more it was beneficial to their cultivation. They had benefited greatly from the exchange.

As the three master teachers continued to listen, they became increasingly amazed. Rooted to the spot, they shuddered with agitation.



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