"To be capable of analyzing a mere Juxi realm so thoroughly, it seems that Zhang laoshi's comprehension toward cultivation isn't something that I can match up to. He has long reached the 【Enlightenment】 realm."

After eavesdropping on the conversation of the duo for another moment, Liu Ling could not help but say.

"To be enlightened means to have grasped the laws of the world. In the Enlightenment realm, one's cultivation would have reached Zongshi realm. Only at that realm will one form his own school of understanding toward cultivation. Could it be that Zhang Xuan has already reached Zongshi realm?"

Zhuang Xian found it unbelievable.

"It is not that only Zongshi experts are able to reach the Enlightenment realm. Some incredible teachers, through their comprehension and study of cultivation, manage to form schools of their own. By imparting the knowledge and theories they have compiled to their students, they are able to enlighten their student to the truth, thus massively benefitting their students. Such teachers are absolutely rare and hard to find in the world. To think that this Zhang laoshi would be one of them..."

At this point, Liu Ling's eyes grew increasingly bright. He couldn't help but mutter, "Such a talented bud!"

"Indeed. Even for me, I can't help but feel excited listening to his theories toward cultivation! To be able to describe the complex subject of cultivation in the simplest words such that anyone will be able to understand it. His standard is indeed astounding." Zhuang Xian nodded his head.

"If one were to cultivate according to his theory, improvements would definitely be swift. One probably won't exceed a year in breaking through Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm!" Zheng Fei commented.

"However, it is a pity that we're just listening by the side. We are only qualified to attend the most basic lectures of Zhang laoshi. If we were taught by him personally, we might have already achieved a breakthrough!"

The three master teachers were wallowing in their awe for Zhang Xuan when they suddenly heard the voices before them echoing once more.

"Listening by the side? Those two... are only listening in on his lesson?"

The three master teachers stared at one another as their minds were blown once again.

There are different types of students under the tutelage of a teacher. There are students who listen in, normal students, and direct disciples. Initially, given how the duo was discussing cultivation methods, the three master teachers thought that they were true disciples of Zhang laoshi, and thus, they had been imparted with the purest and most profound theories. However, upon hearing 'listening in' did they realize that they are just the most basic students under his tutelage.

If a listener student can learn such profound theories, it would be hard to imagine what his normal students and true disciples will be able to achieve.

"Indeed. When Younger Sister Wang Ying first started to learn under Zhang Xuan, she was only Juxi realm primary stage. After coming under the personal tutelage of Zhang laoshi, in a short ten days, her cultivation rose swiftly, and she succeeded in reaching Dantian realm yesterday night!"

"I'm truly envious. Say, why was I so foolish back then? Why was I so obsessed with coming under Lu laoshi's tutelage before? If only I had joined Zhang laoshi earlier, I would have long achieved a breakthrough as well..."

The two continued to chat, and their tone revealed their envy for the other students.


"She reached Dantian realm from Juxi realm in ten short days?"

Upon hearing the words of the duo, the three master teachers felt as though they were struck by a massive hammer on their head. They thought that they were going insane.

In Fighter 1-dan, one gathers spiritual energy and circulate it around his body to nourish and open meridians. Without accomplishing all of these thoroughly, it is impossible for to reach Dantian realm. In other words, there are no shortcuts whatsoever for this realm.

Thus, without years of hard work, it is difficult to achieve a breakthrough from this realm; even for them, without half a year, it is impossible for them to help their students do so.

Yet, a breakthrough in ten days?

The three master teachers were astonished, unable to believe what they had just heard.

If that is true, doesn’t that mean that Zhang Xuan's ability to teach is superior to theirs?

How is that possible?

Boom boom boom!

They were feeling uncertain when the ground below them started to quake.

"It's Yuan Tao. That fellow is probably knocking against walls again... Let's go and take a look!"

Wang Tao's words sounded in the air. Soon, their footsteps grew faint as they gradually walked into the distance.

"Yuan Tao? Isn't that the fellow who scored the worst for the entrance examinations?" Zhuang shi couldn't help but ask.

On their way here, they had inquired about Zhang laoshi's affairs and found out that he had accepted five students. As the student with the worst result during the entrance examination, Yuan Tao was especially conspicuous and, as such, the three master teachers had a deep impression of him.

"Yes, let's go. We'll take a look as well."

Liu Ling gestured and the trio followed the sound of the footsteps before them.

They are all Half-Zongshi experts. It is impossible them to be discovered by the two students.

After several dozen meters, they stopped after a corner and a few figures appeared before them.

They saw a fatty who was charging furiously toward a wall. Every time he rams against it, the ground trembles vigorously.

"What incredible defensive ability! With such extraordinary defensive capability, even a Fighter 6-dan Pixue realm expert would find it hard to break through..."

Seeing the fatty's actions, the three master teachers were once again, blown out of their minds.

While Wang Tao and Wang Yan's do not have sufficiently discerning eyes and are unable to judge how strong Yuan Tao's defense truly is, but they, as master teachers, are able to tell with a single look. Even for them, they would take quite a bit of effort to break through the fatty's defense.

For the student who was the last in the entrance examination to possess such overwhelming defense all of the sudden...

The three master teachers felt their head unable to cope with the sudden turn of situations.

"Quick, look over there..."

Zheng Fei suddenly said.

Following the direction where he was pointing, Liu Ling and Zhuang Xian saw a sixteen to seventeen-year-old little girl executing a kick toward a wooden pole which was around a bowl thick, as though a superior bow with its bowstring pulled tautly was released.


The wooden pole broke into two.

"What a powerful leg technique. There must be at least 400kg of strength behind her kick. Not only so, her turn, leg raise, strength exertion, and hip twist... All of her movements were seamlessly coordinated as one. This shows that she has at least immersed herself in leg techniques for seven to eight years. Otherwise, it is impossible for one to reach such a level!" Liu Ling praised.

Even though it was just an ordinary kick, it revealed the good foundations the lady possessed. Without years of hard work, it is impossible to reach such a level.

"Is this Zhang Xuan's student as well? But why didn't we hear about him having a female student who is adept in leg techniques when we asked around?"

Zhuang Xian couldn't help but ask.

Zhang laoshi only has five students, and as such, it wasn't difficult to find out what his students are adept at. However, they had never heard of him having a female student who is adept at leg techniques.

"Wang Ying, to think that your leg techniques would become so powerful right after your legs recovered!"

The two young men who were in the classroom previously walked over and complimented her.

"Wang Ying? She's that Wang Ying whose legs are injured?"

Liu Ling almost fell to the ground.

As the daughter of Clan Head Wang Hong, Wang Ying's leg injury wasn't any secret. They had heard the news, but... if her legs had been injured, how can she exert such powerful strength through them?

Furthermore, he had just confidently claimed that the other party must have trained for at least seven to eight years to have built up such a solid foundation for her leg skills. Yet, to think that she had been just treated of her injury...

The heck! How can someone whose legs were just treated exert such powerful strength that can destroy a wooden pole so thick with a single kick?

Why does it feel like a dream?

Liu Ling felt a fiery sensation on his face, and that he was on the verge of going berserk.

While he found the event embarrassing, the other two master teachers didn’t have the leisure to bother about that. They were staring in another direction with widened eyes.

"Liu shi..."

Due to his anxiety, Zheng Fei's voice quivered.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing that his two friends weren't going to pester him for his judgemental error, Liu Ling heaved a sigh of relief. Then, he turned over to look at them two.

"Look over there..."

Zheng Fei pointed.

Puzzled, Liu Ling lifted his head and peered over.

The other party was pointing toward a young man. At that moment, he held a spear in his hand and was standing motionless on the spot, resembling a statue.

"What's wrong?"

He wasn't sure what the other party was trying to point out.

That is a posture which spear users often stand in to feel their spear. Those who love to use spears would often stand in such a position to feel the connection between their body and the spear... logically, there shouldn't be anything weird about the situation.

"It's not his actions, it’s..."

Zheng Fei wanted to explain, but before he could finish his words, the spear-carrying young man suddenly moved.

There wasn't the slightest hesitation in his movements. As though a dragon rising from the sea, his eyes gleamed with might. In an instant, the tranquil young man seemed to have transformed into another person. It was as if he became an incredibly sharp and taut spear that was capable of even piercing through the heavens.

"This is..."

Liu Ling staggered backward. Flabbergasted, his eyes narrowed to the point that they were as thin as needles. "Spear Intent? Achieving Spear Intent at such a young age?"

As a master teacher, it was natural that he knew of Spear Intent. He had also once seen a master displaying it.

However, those who are capable of releasing Spear Intent are, at a minimum, forty-year-old. The teenager before him exuded a domineering aura along with the movement of his spear, and it is clear that he has comprehended Spear Intent... Even though it is the most basic of it all... that is still Spear Intent!

How did he do it?

Liu Ling felt his entire body turn cold.

This should be the student who specializes in using the spear, Zheng Yang. Back then, given how he was rejected by Wang Chao laoshi, he was probably only capable of the fundamentals. Yet, in just ten days or so, Zhang laoshi had turned him into a spear master capable of releasing Spear Intent...

This is no longer a question of whether he is a capable educator. But... it’s a miracle!

Lifting his head to look at his old buddies, the two of them, Zhuang Xian and Zheng Fei, were also standing in a daze on the spot. The same thought had popped into their minds simultaneously.

This Zhang Xuan laoshi... who exactly is he?



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