Chapter 196: Eligibility to Take the Master Teacher Examination

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Rubbing between his eyebrows, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

After two days of hard work, he finally finished dealing with the problems of those who paid the fee previously. At last, he is free from work.

Most of the people who visited him inquired him about their cultivation while a small portion was afflicted with terminal diseases. Using the Library of Heaven's Path and the knowledge he had accumulated from the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, he managed to look into their flaws and solve every problem successfully.

"It will be the Teacher Evaluation in two days' time. I wonder how much have those brats progressed in their training..."

Stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan sneaked out of the mansion.

He had been busy with the matters on this end for the past two days, and as such, he hasn’t had time to return to the academy for a look. If Zhao Ya and the others hadn’t followed his instructions, it would be difficult for them to achieve victory over Lu Xun's students.

As for Lu Xun and Wang Chao, who had been waiting at the entrance of the mansion, Zhang Xuan left them to be. After an entire day of anticipation, the duo also realized that they had thoroughly offended Yang shi and that it was impossible for them to be accepted as his apprentices. Thus, they could only leave in disappointment.

After finding a remote alley, Zhang Xuan took off his disguise, reverted to his usual look, and returned to the academy.

"Master Zhang!"

Upon reaching the entrance of the academy, he heard a familiar method of address. Turning around to take a look, he saw Huang Yu and Bai Xun walking toward him with large strides.

"Such a coincidence! We were about to enter the academy to look for you. Since you're here, we'll be able to spare the trouble."

Stepping forward, Huang Yu said with a smile.

"Looking for me?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Didn't these two fellows complete their painting examination already? They had already bought the paintings, so why would they look for me?

Well, if they want to buy more, I wouldn't mind painting another for some quick bucks.

"We have something that we need to trouble you with..." Huang Yu spoke in embarrassment.

"What is it? If it is within my scope of ability, I will try my best to help!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Huang Yu had helped him previously and thus, Zhang Xuan didn't think that it was inappropriate for him to turn down her request. However, he made sure to leave some leeway in his words. If she were to really ask for the impossible, Zhang Xuan could at least still turn her down.

"Master Zhang, you should know that the reason why we went to Master Lu Chen's residence awhile ago was to obtain the Ink Daylily Canvas!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

He was long aware of the matter. It seemed that she was intending to give the painting to someone else. In the end, Zhang Xuan managed to create a painting of the fifth level, resulting in the duo demanding his painting instead and causing him to feel awkward. Zhang Xuan had felt apologetic to Master Lu Chen for the incident.

"Actually, the reason why we sought the Ink Daylily Canvas was so as to gift it to someone as a birthday present... The paintings that you gave us are perfect as birthday presents, just that..." At this point, Huang Yu hesitated for a moment. "I'm afraid that Elder Tian might want to meet its painter after seeing the painting, so... I would like to invite you to the birthday banquet as well!"

"Birthday present? Birthday banquet?" Zhang Xuan immediately understood what was going on.

It seems that the reason why Huang Yu was so adamant on obtaining the Ink Daylily Canvas was so that she could gift it to someone else as a birthday present.

"I am not interested in birthday banquets, so I'll pass!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Regardless of whose birthday banquet it was, it was no business of his. He couldn't be bothered to make a trip over to please someone else.

"Master Zhang, you really should come along. Elder Tian is a good person, even Emperor Shen Zhui is visiting him as well..." Seeing the other party rejecting his request, Bai Xun added on hastily, his face full of anxiety.

"Emperor Shen Zhui is going as well?"

Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

He had thought that this is an ordinary birthday banquet for nobles and such. If Emperor Shen Zhui is going as well, then the matter probably isn’t as simple as Zhang Xuan had imagined it to be.

"Indeed, not just Your Majesty, our teacher is going as well. To tell you the truth, the one who invited you to the birthday banquet aren't us but... my teacher, Master Teacher Liu Ling!" Huang Yu hesitated for a moment before saying.

"Liu Ling is your teacher?" Zhang Xuan's eyes widened in shock and bewilderment. "He knows of me?"

Huang Yu is an assistant master teacher, so it wasn't surprising for her to have a master teacher as her teacher. Just that... He is currently in the identity of Zhang Xuan, not 'Yang shi'. So, how is it possible that Liu shi know of his identity?

Even sending his apprentice to invite him?

"Can it be that... my identity has been revealed?"

A wary look immediately appeared on Zhang Xuan's face.

If his identity was exposed, he would be in danger!

Putting aside the fact that impersonating a master teacher is a heavy crime, just the fact that he, as an insignificant figure in a remote country who isn't even in his twenties yet, is able to possess such vast knowledge and incredible eye of discernment means that it was likely that he possesses an incredible treasure!

They would definitely want to lay their hands on this treasure, and this would put him in a dangerous position.

"Not just Liu shi, even Zhuang shi and Zheng shi know you as well. Yesterday, when I told them that you are able to produce a painting of the fifth level, they became so excited that they nearly leaped from their seats!" Bai Xun said.

Even until now, he found what happened yesterday mind-boggling.

His teacher, knowing that he and Huang Yu are acquainted with Master Zhang, called the both of them over to question them about him. Upon hearing that young Zhang laoshi had created paintings of the fifth level, their faces flushed red with agitation, as though they were suffering some kind of panic attack. Then, they commanded them authoritatively that they have to bring Zhang laoshi to the birthday banquet tonight by hook or by crook.

"Master Zhang, this is a good opportunity! I've never seen my teacher getting so interested in someone else. Since you've caught his attention, it is likely that you'll become an assistant master teacher soon!" Envy appeared in Huang Yu's eyes. "Furthermore, you already have a supporting profession. Along with the identity as an assistant master teacher, you will be eligible to take the master teacher examination immediately!"

All teachers dream of becoming a master teacher, and gaining the appreciation of a master teacher is the ideal opportunity for them to achieve the goal.

"Supporting profession? Eligible to take the master teacher examination? What do you mean?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

"You don't know the requirements to undergo the master teacher examination?" Huang Yu stared at him with a peculiar expression.

Tianxuan Kingdom doesn’t have any master teachers, and the prerequisites for the examination are not recorded in any of the books. Furthermore, it hasn't been long since Zhang Xuan transcended over. Thus, it isn't surprising for him not to know of it.

"Not only must a master teacher be capable of offering someone guidance on their cultivation, he should be able to guide those of other professions as well. Thus, on top of vast knowledge on the topic of cultivation, a master teacher also needs to possess a supporting profession..."

Seeing the puzzled look on the other party's face, Huang Yu explained, "Using simple words, one needs to be skilled in another profession in order to be eligible to take the 1-star master teacher examination; if one is skilled in two professions, one will be eligible to take the 2-star master teacher examination, so on and so forth. Of course, the requirements for the supporting profession grow higher as you proceed higher up the ladder. The more stars you possess, the more knowledgeable you have to be of each supporting profession. If you're just going to take the 1-star master teacher examination, having the profession of a painter is more than enough!"

"That is to say, with your supporting profession of a painter and the identity of an assistant master teacher, you will be eligible to take the 1-star master teacher examination! Of course, it is another matter whether you will be able to pass the examination. But at the very least, you will be eligible for it. On the other hand, I... Even though I am an apprentice master teacher, I am still not qualified to take the examination!"

At this, Huang Yu smiled bitterly.

The reason why there are so few master teachers and why the examination is so hard is because of this.

There are countless professions throughout the Upper, Middle, and Lower Nine Paths. Every single profession requires one to devote extensive effort to achieve mastery. Taking Master Lu Chen for example, he had immersed his entire life into painting but is only able to produce a painting of the fourth level. From this, one can see the immense difficulty involved.

There are some, due to the lack of a supporting profession, who remained as apprentices their entire life, never becoming eligible for the examination. Yet, not only is the person before her capable in teaching and possesses powerful cultivation, he has also reached the level of a grandmaster in painting. If he were to become an assistant master teacher, he would easily meet the prerequisites for the examination.

His starting point is so much higher than hers.

It is truly a wonder to her how he had managed to achieve so much despite not being much older than her.

"So that's why..."

After hearing the explanation, Zhang Xuan finally understood why master teachers are so respected.

So this is the reason why master teachers are able to offer guidance to people of all professions.

In order to be eligible for the examination, one needs to first have a supporting profession. The higher one climbs, the more supporting profession one needs to have. That is why the master teachers possessing multiple stars are extremely formidable and rare. One needs to possess a frightening amount of knowledge to reach their level.

It is no wonder why Huang Yu, despite being an assistant master teacher, is devoting her efforts to learning painting and treats Master Lu Chen so respectfully. It seems that she intends to take painting as her supporting profession so as to earn the rights to take on the master teacher examination.

"I also have a 1-star apothecary emblem. Does this mean that as long as I become an apprentice, I will be eligible to take the master teacher examination?" Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

After days of impersonating as a master teacher, he came to understand how fearsome the identity is.

With this identity, no matter where he goes, he will be respected. No one will dare to pick a fight with him.

In the past, he wouldn't have cared for the identity of a master teacher as he possesses the Library of Heaven's Path. However, it is different now.

The black aura hidden in his body meant that someone was trying to kill him. However, if he were to gain protection from the identity as a master teacher and the Teacher Guild, the other party would have to reconsider before laying hands on him.

Besides, the sky is the limit. Possessing such an incredible Library of Heaven's Path, it would be a waste to limit himself to just Tianxuan Kingdom!

With venturing out into the world in mind, both cultivation and a respectable identity are important.

With the identity of a master teacher to rely on, many things would become so much easier and convenient to accomplish.

Drawing a parallel, only an official apothecary is allowed to enter the Apothecary Guild's book collection vault, and they are granted steep discounts when buying pills.

"Looks like I should hurry up and take the master teacher examination!"

Zhang Xuan made up his mind.

With the cheat code that is called Library of Heaven's Path, it would be a waste if he doesn’t become a master teacher.

A person just has to execute a punch and he will be able to see the person’s flaws. Just from this alone, supposed master teachers and experts mean nothing before him.

No matter how powerful a person can become, can he surpass the Heaven's Path?

No one can conceal anything before the Path of Heaven. Besides, even the Heaven's Path is flawed, so how can a human possibly be flawless?

As long as one possesses flaws, Zhang Xuan will be able to tell through the books created by the library!

Only as an official master teacher can Zhang Xuan execute this ability of his without any worry and rise to the top!

Otherwise, given his current identity, gathering sufficient books to create the Heaven's Path Divine Art would be impossible, needless to say, wanting to advance swiftly.

"I have to acknowledge one of them as my teacher?"

In order to become a master teacher, one has to first become an assistant master teacher. To do so, one has to acknowledge a true master teacher as his teacher and have him guide the way.

To acknowledge Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, or Zheng Fei as his teacher?

This makes no sense.

In the past two days, the trio had been often visiting the mansion, revealing their intentions of wanting to acknowledge Yang shi as their teacher from time to time. But because Zhang Xuan planned to erase the identity of Yang Xuan soon, he hadn't agreed to it.

But from the looks of it, it is unlikely for them to give up anytime soon.

If he were to acknowledge one of them as his teacher as Zhang Xuan.

And accept them as disciples as Yang Xuan.

Then the situation would truly be incredulous.

That is to say... as Zhang Xuan, he would be their student, but as Yang Xuan, he would be their master!

To become both his own grandstudent and grandmaster...

Furthermore, he mustn't allow both of them to meet, otherwise, his identity will be exposed...

The heck!

How ridiculous that would be!

Briefly thinking of this scenario, Zhang Xuan could not help but feel stifled at his heart.



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