Chapter 197: It Has Been Awhile Since We Last Met

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"I can't allow that to happen..."

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

If he does so, he might soon suffer from an identity crisis.

However, if he doesn’t acknowledge one of them as his teacher, he won't be able to become an assistant master teacher and as such, won't be eligible to take the master teacher examination.

Just the thought of it made his head hurt.

"Forget it, I won't think about it for now. However, it is also good to meet the three master teachers as Zhang Xuan. Firstly, I can get closer to them. Secondly, I can ask them about the poison aura in my body!"

After a moment of hesitation, Zhang Xuan made up his mind.

That black aura in his body hasn’t become a danger yet, but he still has to get rid of it. If he were to ask them as 'Yang Xuan', it would be unbefitting of his identity as an enlightened expert. Rather, it is more appropriate for him to ask them as Zhang Xuan.

If Lu Xun and Wang Chao were to know of his thoughts, they would definitely go blind from crying.

After failing to acknowledge Yang Xuan, they went to visit the three master teachers yesterday, only to be kept at their door... Yet, with the three master teachers wanting to meet this fellow, he still has to consider twice, furthermore with such reluctance...

Will you die if you don't act cool?

"When does the birthday banquet start? Also, who is Elder Tian, for the three master teacher and Emperor Shen Zhui to be visiting him personally?"

Zhang Xuan still found the situation peculiar.

To have the three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui visit him personally, this Elder Tian is by no means an ordinary figure. However, if he were any formidable figure, Zhang Xuan’s previous self should have long heard of him. But why does he have no impression of him at all?

"The birthday banquet is today, so we will make it if we rush over now."

Upon hearing the question, Huang Yu immediately realized that he had decided to join them and heaved a sigh of relief. She explained, "Elder Tian used to be a teacher at Beiwu Academy, and Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Zheng shi had all once studied under him. Even though he doesn't specialize in teaching cultivation, he is nevertheless half a teacher to the three of them. Now that he is celebrating his ninetieth birthday, and the three master teachers happen to be in Tianxuan Kingdom, it is only right for them to offer their blessings to him..."

Even though this Elder Tian is a citizen of Tianxuan Kingdom, he was a teacher at Beiwu Academy. Each of the three master teachers had once studied under him and as such, he could be considered as half a teacher to them. The reason why Liu shi had Huang Yu head here was actually to have her attend the birthday banquet.

In the end, due to Shen Hong's affair, the three master teachers had gathered together here. And if the three master teachers are joining in the celebration, how can Emperor Shen Zhui stay out of it?

As for Beiwu Academy which Elder Tian had taught in, it is the largest academy in the Beiwu Kingdom. Huang Yu and Bai Xun were previously students there.

Having flipped through the books in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault, these simple geographical terrains of the surrounding kingdoms are available to Zhang Xuan with just a simple thought.

The Beiwu Kingdom is a Tier 2 Kingdom near Tianxuan Kingdom. The master teachers holding the reigns in the country are Liu Ling and Zhuang Xian.

Kingdoms can be classified under Titled, 1st Tier, 2nd Tier and, finally, unranked such as Tianxuan Kingdom.

The higher tier the kingdom is, the more prosperous it becomes. Naturally, more resources go through their hands, and the standard of their fighters will be higher as well.

"Even though this Elder Tian doesn’t teach others how to rise their cultivation, he can be considered as a teacher?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

All of the teachers in Hongtian Academy specialize in raising a student's cultivation. Taking Wang Chao laoshi for example, even though he is a master of spear arts, he is also responsible for guiding his students’ cultivation.

If one doesn’t teach cultivation, how can he be considered a teacher?

"Beiwu Academy is at a much larger scale compared to Hongtian Academy, and there are many different types of teachers there. Cultivation is only one of the subjects taught there. There are many teachers who specialize in different subjects, such as pill forging, painting and such. Students can choose to either specialize in one of these occupations or take it as a supporting course to boost their knowledge and temper their mind. Liu shi and the others, in preparation for the master teacher examination, only came under Elder Tian for a short period of time. As such, they cannot be considered as true students of his. He can only be considered as half a teacher to them."

Huang Yu explained patiently.

If teachers guide students only on their cultivation, how can the knowledge of apothecaries, blacksmiths, and the other occupations be passed down? After all, the master teachers can’t do all the work by themselves!

If that were the case, wouldn’t master teachers tire themselves to death?

Clearly, there are teachers who specialize in different fields.

Elder Tian was such a specialized teacher.

"What does he teach?" Understanding the situation, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

This is similar to the schools in his previous life. There are teachers who specifically teach Physical Education, Mathematics, Physics, English, and such. It is impossible for a teacher to be proficient in all fields, and naturally, they can’t teach every single subject.

"What Elder Tian teaches is the Way of Tea, he is a tea master!" Huang Yu smiled.

"A tea master?"

There was an introduction of tea masters in the kingdom's Book Collection Vault.

It is an occupation of the Lower Nine Paths and sounds unflattering. However, it has a huge following in some of the kingdoms.

Brewing tea can help one relax his state of mind, helping him to achieve tranquility. Formidable tea masters can even brew tea that is capable of calming another person's state of mind, allowing him to achieve calmness upon consumption. It is something that is useful for one's cultivation, and its effects are in no way inferior to Tranquil Heart Pill.

More importantly, the Way of Tea is much easier than pill forging, smithing, painting, and other occupations. Even though it is difficult to become a true master, as a skill, it is easy to pick up. Most of the sons of prestigious families and nobles in the higher tier kingdoms involve themselves in the art.

"Alright, I'll follow you there."

After getting a clear idea of the situation, Zhang Xuan didn't hesitate further. Since the birthday banquet was going to start soon, he followed behind Huang Yu and Bai Xun and stepped into the carriage.

The place where Elder Tian resided was in the suburbs of the kingdom, and it was a significant distance away from Hongtian Academy. It took the carriage nearly two hours to reach its destination. Before a vast and luxurious garden, the carriage came to a stop.

Upon stepping out of the carriage, the trio was overwhelmed by the crowd before them.

Elder Tian was a teacher at Beiwu Academy and had guided master teachers. Just this fact alone attracted countless powerful individuals to offer him their blessings in person.

"Master Zhang, follow me..."

Upon alighting from the carriage, Huang Yu led the way to the entrance, displayed a name scroll, and easily entered the residence.

As expected of the residence of a person whom the three master teachers are paying a visit to, it is massive and filled with countless corridors. It isn’t difficult for those here for the first time to lose their way.

"Liu shi and the others probably haven’t arrived. We should wait for them in the side hall."

Huang Yu seems to have been here before, and she navigated around the residence with familiarity. In a short while, they arrived at a vast hall.

Even before walking in, they observed that a huge crowd had already gathered in the hall.

"Xiao Yu, you are finally here..."

Upon stepping into the hall, a delighted voice called out immediately. Following which, a young man came running up to her in delight.

This young man appears to be around twenty-three to twenty-four, and he is dressed in white. He has a dashing face which Zhang Xuan can’t hope to match up to.

Bai Xun's face darkened upon noticing the person and he quickly stood in front of Huang Yu.

"Bai Xun, what do you want?" A frown formed on young man’s forehead.

"Are you qualified to call her Xiao Yu? I advise you to stay away from her, otherwise, don't blame me for acting impolitely." Bai Xun stared at the other party furiously.

"Acting impolitely? You speak as though we've never fought before. Have you ever won against me?"

The young man waved aside Bai Xun's threat and continued, "Besides, this is my home. As the host, I should give my all to welcome my guest. You wish to interfere in this as well? Aren't you being nosey, Bai xiao wangye!"

"You..." Bai Xun raised his eyebrows as he prepared to enter a fight.

"Enough!" Seeming to have expected that the two would quarrel, Huang Yu's eyebrows knitted tightly together. Glancing at the two, she said, "We're here to offer our blessings to Elder Tian. If you two really must fight, do it after!"

"Rest easy, Xiao Yu. I can't be bothered with a boor like him whose head is only filled with slaughter!"

After which, the young man chuckled lightly, "Xiao Yu, I've just learned a new tea brewing method. Let's go, I will make a pot for you. It'll definitely calm your mind, and after drinking it a few times, you'll surely reach Heart of Tranquil Water quickly..."

"I'll pass. I have to wait for Liu shi here!"

Huang Yu remained completely unmoved to the other party's passionate welcome and rejected him flatly.

"It's alright if you don't want it. I also happen to want to greet Liu shi, so I'll wait for him here with you then..."

The young man didn't pay his rejection any heed and simply chuckled nonchalantly.

Since the other party was insistent on staying here, Huang Yu wasn't in a good position as a guest to drive her host away as well.

"Shameless!" Bai Xun was outraged, but he no longer spoke of fighting with the other party.

From the looks of it, it seems that he isn't a match for the other party. Otherwise, given his fiery temper, he isn't the type to hold himself back due to the occasion.

Despite knowing the temper of the young noble, the young man paid him attention. At this moment, the young man suddenly noticed Zhang Xuan and looked at him with doubtful eyes. "Xiao Yu, this is..."

"Oh, allow me to introduce you two!" Huang Yu glanced over and spoke. "Master Zhang, this is Tian Long, the sole grandson of Elder Tian; Tian Long, this is Zhang Xuan laoshi from Hongtian Academy."

"Zhang Xuan? This name sounds familiar. I seem to have heard of it somewhere..."

The young man Tian Long frowned as he mused over the name. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "Hongtian Academy! You're the one who is going to compete with Lu Xun laoshi in the Teacher Evaluation, Zhang Xuan?"

The news of the Teacher Evaluation had spread like wildfire, and it was difficult for anyone to remain unaware.

"Lu Xun is the most incredible celebrity teacher in Hongtian Academy, and to dare to compete with him in a Teacher Evaluation, you sure are courageous. I'm impressed!"

Even though he said so, there wasn't the slightest bit of awe in his expression. Rather, it was filled with contempt.

Being the son of Master Lu Chen and a famous star teacher in Tianxuan City, Lu Xun possesses tremendous fame. Matched against a nobody like Zhang Xuan, everyone believes that it would be a completely one-sided match.

Seeing the other party behaving in such a manner, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Yet another arrogant nobody.

"Tian Long, what do you mean by that?" Bai Xun couldn't withstand it any further.

"I don't mean anything. Just that, humans are valued for knowing their place. To overestimate oneself will only make one's life difficult." Tian Long shook his head.

"I dare you to say, who is the one who doesn't know his place? Master Zhang just wants to keep a low-profile and refuses to flaunt his abilities..." Bai Xun bellowed angrily.

Even though he had heard of Lu Xun, he wasn't familiar with him. On the contrary, he was completely awed by Zhang Xuan's prowess. Upon hearing the words of the other party, Bai Xun was enraged.

"Master? What do you mean by master? Do you think anyone can be addressed by the title of a master so simply?"

Tian Long sneered. Flinging his hands, he stared down at Bai Xun haughtily, "That's the title of someone who has reached an astounding level of mastery in their occupation. Only a person like my grandfather, who has reached the peak in the Way of Tea, can be qualified to be addressed as a tea master. For a mere twenty-year-old teacher at Hongtian Academy to be called a laoshi is already flattering, yet he dares to call himself a master? How naive..."

Sneering coldly, just as Tian Long was about to continue speaking, he suddenly noticed an elder walking over and shut his mouth hurriedly. Then, he respectfully clasped his hands and welcomed him, "Tian Long pays his respect to Master Yuanyu!"

He is the number one physician in Tianxuan Kingdom, Yuanyu.

Toward the greeting of the other party, Master Yuanyu nodded his head impassively. Just as he was about to proceed further in, he suddenly caught sight of Zhang Xuan. His eyes lit up and he rushed forward to him passionately.

"Master Zhang, you're here as well... It has been awhile since we last met!"



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