Chapter 198: Won't Condone It Next Time

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Upon seeing this sight, the respectful Tian Long's body suddenly jolted, as though a mace had clubbed his head.

What did Master Yuanyu just call him?


Who was Master Yuanyu? A true master physician, a person who was of equal standing as his grandfather, Elder Tian. No matter where he went, he was respected by everyone, and even Emperor Shen Zhui had to treat him with utmost respect.

Even a genius like him who was known in his generation had to talk to him carefully for fear of offending him. For such a person… to run over to a fellow who was younger than him and respectfully address him as… master?

Furthermore, his attitude seemed as though he had met his idol….

The hell, what was going on?

More importantly, he had just said that Zhang Xuan had no rights to be named master, and at the very next moment, Master Yuanyu came running over. This face slap…

Tian Long felt his face warp in embarrassment, and there was a fiery sensation all over it.

However, that wasn't the end of the incident. Initially, he thought that Master Yuanyu running over for the lad would leave the lad extremely honored and gleeful. Yet he only saw him frowning. "Didn't we just meet a few days ago?"


'The hell are you frowning!'

Tian Long's mouth twitched.

The other party was an elder, and saying that it had been long since they met… was just basic pleasantries. Yet, this fellow pointed that out in public…. 'Can't you speak properly?'

Initially, he thought that Master Yuanyu would fly into a rage, only to see him smack his forehead, as though he had only realized the fact now. "Yes! Yes! More importantly, I have placed Master's painting in my room and admired it daily. The more I look at it, the more I feel that our levels are different. That's why I forgot that we had just met a few days ago."

"It's just a painting, there's nothing much to admire about it. If you wish to learn, I can teach you!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

"Really? Then I'll be truly grateful for your teaching then…" Master Yuanyu became so excited his beard flew up along with his words.


Tian Long staggered. He could almost see thunder rumbling around him.

Yuanyu… Aren't you a master? Why do you look like an elementary schooler at this moment?

Learning from this lad? What the hell are you going to learn from him?

Is he qualified for it?


Unable to stand it any longer, he turned to look at Bai Xun.

"Master Zhang is a true master painter that even Master Lu Chen is impressed with. If he isn't worthy for the title of master, who else can be worthy of it?" Bai Xun looked at him with glee and disdain.

'Trying to brag?

'I'll see what you have to say now!'

'Acting so arrogantly previously, even telling him to "know his place." You're the one who should know your place!'

"Master painter?"

Only then did Tian Long recall that Master Yuanyu was not only a skilled physician, he was a talented painter as well.

However, he couldn't understand what kind of standards a fellow who wasn't even twenty and had a terrible reputation in the academy could reach such that even a master painter like Yuanyu would be so impressed with him.

Even though painting wasn't as popular to the Way of Tea, it was still one of the Nine Paths, and it was difficult to achieve mastery in it.

"He might have just copied the drawing of some master and gained a slight bit of fame from it. Master should just be a respectful address for him. Otherwise, at his age, even if he had learned painting ever since he was born, it should be impossible for him to reach the level of a master…"

Painting was similar to tea making in certain aspects, and as such, Tian Long understood the difficulty of the occupation.

He had been studying the Way of Tea since he was seven, and it had been eighteen years since then. Even so, he had only reached the second level of the Way of Tea, 【Essence Restoration】.

In terms of apothecary ranking, he was equivalent to a high-level apprentice, but even so, he was still a significant distance away from officially joining the ranks of the occupation.

Given the other party was younger than him. How could he have reached the level of master?

Master was a title given to those who had officially entered the threshold of the occupation.

For example, an official apothecary could be called a master apothecary. Only an official painter or someone who was capable of drawing a painting of the fourth level could be named such.

For a fellow below twenty to draw a painting of the fourth level?

This was like saying that he was able to brew a tea of the fourth level. What a joke!


Regardless of whether Tian Long believed it or not, Master Yuanyu's action of greeting Zhang Xuan had attracted the attention of many. Thus, Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually. "You should work first. If you really wish to learn painting from me, feel free to look for me anytime!"

He was here just to visit the three master teachers to ask about the black aura over his body. He didn't wish to cause a big ruckus here. After all, a person should keep a low-profile!

If this fellow were to keep following him, how could Zhang Xuan maintain a low profile?

This didn't align with his goals at all!

"Yes, I'll head over there first then. When I have time, I'll look for Master Zhang to study from you." Master Yuanyu also knew that his identity was way too eye-catching, and that staying here would cause trouble for Zhang Xuan. As such, he clasped his hands and left.

Those who were skilled would be respected as masters. Even though the other party might be young, just his ability of being able to produce a painting of the fifth level made him worthy of respect and learning from.


Overwhelmed with shock and embarrassment, Tian Long didn't really hear the conversation between the two. When he looked at Zhang Xuan laoshi once more, not only was he not impressed with the other party, he was even angrier than before.

It wasn't a secret that he liked Huang Yu, which was also the reason why he had been on bad terms with Bai Xun.

Knowing that Huang Yu would come for his grandfather's birthday banquet, he specially learnt a tea brewing method to showcase to her. Yet, before he could even do so, he was humiliated before this fellow. He could be considered to have good self-control to stop himself from attacking him.

"Even if he isn't a true master, just by the fact that Master Yuanyu came over to greet him, he is unlikely to be ordinary…."

Even though he was infuriated, he didn't lose his cool. He calmly pondered on how he could embarrass the other party and regain his pride. Suddenly, a thought popped into his mind.

"Right, they're here as well. I remember someone reporting to me back then. I was too busy waiting for Xiao Yu that I didn't get a chance to greet them. If I brought him over to them now, it should be interesting…."

At this point, he stepped forward and said, "Zhang laoshi, I'm truly apologetic. I didn't know that you were skilled in painting, so do forgive me for my insolence!"

Even though he said this, there wasn't the slightest hint of sincerity in his tone.

Facing this kind of hypocritical fellow, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to waste his time with him. As a result, he casually waved it off. "I'll drop it this time, but I won't condone it the next time!"


Despite his polite apology, the other party lectured him like a teacher disciplining his own student. Tian Long felt another stifled sensation in his chest and he nearly burst into anger.

'Can't we talk normally?

'I've heard people say that those who are skilled in painting are all gentle and courteous, and their words tend to be wise and profound. Yet, this fellow could kill a person with his words…'

Is he truly a master painter?

Nearly flying into a rage, he clenched his fist. The angrier he was, the more he knew he couldn't express it. A glint of cold intent gleamed through his eyes, but a smile remained on his face. "Yes, I'll take note of it later. Since we don't know when Liu shi and the others will come, why don't we head upstairs first? This way, we'll surely be able to see them when they arrive!"

If those familiar with Tian Long saw his current expression, they would immediately understand that someone was in for a ride of misfortune.

"This…" Huang Yu hesitated as she turned to the young man beside her.

Even though she was an assistant master teacher and possessed exceptional standing, Zhang Xuan was considered by Master Lu Chen as a peer of his. Therefore, she dared not make a decision without asking for his approval.

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Many people had noticed him when Master Yuanyu came over to greet him. To him, it was no difference waiting below or on top. In any case, he was likely here for the entire day, so there was nothing to hurry over.

"Alright!" Upon seeing Zhang Xuan agree to it, Huang Yu turned to express her consent as well.

Upon seeing this sight, Tian Long felt even more frenzied.

He didn't know the relationship between Zhang Xuan and Huang Yu, but seeing the two of them exchanging gazes here and there, seemingly intimate with one another, as though a couple….

The strong envy he felt made his face twitch, and his rage was pushed further toward the limit.

Guests were received at the second floor of the side hall. From here, the guests could drink a cup of tea while enjoying the scenery by the window. Guests could overlook the entire mountain mansion, which seemed like a massive garden of flowers. It was pleasing to the eye.

Walking up the stairs, the party of four headed up.

There were many seats on the second floor. Quite a few people were seated, sipping on tea and chatting casually.

Those who were able to attend Elder Tian's birthday banquet were all famous figures of Tianxuan Kingdom, and every one of them had outstanding backgrounds. As such, a personal maid was attending to each and every one of them.

It seemed like these maids were specially trained in the Way of Tea as well. Their movements were smooth, and it created a bizarrely beautiful sight.

"This way…"

Tian Long led the way at the front, scanning the surroundings while proceeding forward, as though looking for someone. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he stopped.

"Brother Lu and Brother Wang, pardon me for not greeting you two earlier. I didn't know that you were here…."

Following his gaze, the others saw two people sitting at a table not too far away.

They were the star teachers of Hongtian Academy, Lu Xun and Wang Chao.

They had come for Elder Tian's birthday banquet today.

"Tian Long, you are doing this intentionally right?" Upon seeing this fellow bringing them here, how could Huang Yu not understand his intentions? Her face immediately sank.

Everyone knew that Zhang Xuan laoshi was going to face off with Lu Xun laoshi soon, and the two of them had a hostile relationship with one another. Clearly, the other party had ill intentions in mind bringing Zhang Xuan to meet with Lu Xun.

"Xiao Yu, what are you talking about? I just happened to meet with Brother Lu and Brother Wang here. Since we're here, why don't we sit down and drink some tea together? You can also try out my tea as well."

Tian Long's lips curled upward as he sneaked a glance at Zhang Xuan.

Kid, weren't you arrogant just now?

"Won't condone it the next time." Won't condone your head!

Now that Lu Xun laoshi is here, let's see how you continue feigning as a master and an expert!

Lu Xun and Wang Chao clearly didn't expect to meet Zhang Xuan here. Wang Chao glanced at Tian Long and frowned. "Brother Tian, don't the guards check the invitation letter? This is Elder Tian's birthday banquet! Why does it seem as though anyone could get in easily?"

Upon hearing those words, Tian Long nearly leapt with joy.

He had heard that Wang Chong had an impatient nature. To think that it would turn out to be such a useful weapon now.

He was still contemplating how to spark off the conflict between them when this guy immediately shot an arrow at Zhang Xuan.

Even though he was delighted, he still feigned that he was in a difficult position. "They must have checked the invitation letter. I invited Assistant Master Teacher Huang Yu and Bai xiao wangye personally. As for this… Zhang laoshi, even though I wasn't the one who invited him, since he is their guest, I am not in a good position to say anything…."

"Guest? A low-level teacher can be invited as a guest for Elder Tian's birthday banquet as well?" Wang Chao sneered.

Zhang Xuan was merely a low-level teacher in the academy. In terms of social position, he truly wasn't qualified to attend Elder Tian's birthday banquet.

"Enough, Wang Chao!"

Lu Xun waved his hands, interrupting his friend's sarcastic remark. He glanced at Zhang Xuan and said impassively, "I'm sorry, Zhang laoshi, Wang Chao tend to speak his mind, so he might appear a little rude. However… this truly isn't the place where you should be. You should return quickly so that Huang Yu xiaojie won't be criticized because of you, and Hongtian Academy's reputation won't be tarnished!"



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