Chapter 199: You Must Be Zhang Xuan laoshi!

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"Lu Xun, what do you mean?"

Hearing those words, Huang Yu could no longer hold herself back.

What do you mean by criticized? What do you mean by tarnish Hongtian Academy's reputation?

Zhang laoshi was invited by the three master teachers to the birthday banquet, yet why do you speak as though his presence here was an embarrassment?

"I don't mean anything else. People should not be in places which their identity does not allow them to be in. Huang Yu xiaojie, I know that you are an assistant master teacher, and you are deeply trusted and doted upon by Liu shi. Even so, you shouldn't act so obstinately. This is Elder Tian's birthday banquet, so you should pay more attention to your actions! Elder Tian had been half-teacher, half-friend of Liu shi. If you bring a low-level teacher with such a terrible reputation over, it would be troublesome if you incur Liu shi's ire!"

Lu Xun shook his head.

Neither sarcasm nor anger could be seen on his face, and it seemed as though he were just recounting facts.

In his eyes, it didn't matter whether Zhang Xuan really scored a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination or not. This fellow was just a low-level teacher, and it wasn't befitting of his identity to be in such a high-class birthday banquet. Forcefully bringing someone of his caliber along would only lower Huang Yu's standing.

This was akin to bringing a beggar to a luxurious hotel. Regardless of how well-dressed and cultured one was, one would only be pulled down by the companion and become a laughingstock.

A dragon is only a dragon when it is accompanied by a phoenix. If accompanied by a pig, it would become a dog.


Hearing those words, Huang Yu was infuriated. She was about to say something when she saw Zhang Xuan walk to the table and sit down in a chair.

He casually poured a cup of tea and lifted his head to look at the two arrogant star teachers.

"After spouting so much nonsense, your main point is that I'm just a low-level teacher with a terrible reputation. If that's the case… amazing Lu laoshi, why do you want to challenge me to a Teacher Evaluation? Aren't you just ruining your awe-inspiring reputation?"

Initially, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered with the duo putting on airs. However…

I tried to spare your dignity, didn't I? Yet, you just had to trample of mine.

Hearing those words, Huang Yu and Bai Xun exchanged glances. At the same time, they were impressed. As expected of Zhang laoshi, his words sure were savage.

But it made perfect sense. Didn't you say that bringing him over would drag down my prestige?

If that's the case, as a great star teacher of Hongtian Academy, why did you challenge him to the Teacher Evaluation? Aren't you simply making a fool out of yourself?

"You?" Lu Xun chuckled softly. He didn't feel humiliated by Zhang Xuan's words at all. Lifting his lids, he said, "You are just a stepping stone for me to reach higher grounds. If you have to blame something, blame it on your terrible luck for meeting me."

"Stepping stone?"

"Indeed. Tomorrow's Teacher Evaluation will surely attract the attention of Yang shi and the other three master teachers. Brother Lu will display the results of his tutelage to them, earning him the appreciation of the four master teachers. He will then he able to reach greater heights, becoming a true assistant master teacher. As for you, you are only a foil to the show!"

Wang Chao chuckled gently as he stared at him in sympathy.

'You are just a stepping stone. Did you think that you are someone incredible?

'Honestly, you should feel flattered to be able to become Lu Xun's stepping stone.'

"Are you two that certain of your victory?"

Upon realizing that the other party had such intentions, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

He didn't know about the intent of the three master teachers, but it was impossible for "Yang shi" to come and spectate the competition. Even less so, he wouldn't accept Lu Xun as his apprentice.

"Actually, it doesn't matter whether he wins or not. There is something that you all might not be aware of!"

Wang Chao and Lu Xun were just about to continue speaking when Tian Long suddenly chuckled and interrupted.


Wang Chao glanced at Tian Long.

With a haughty look, Tian Long said, "Actually, Liu shi's intention for coming to Tianxuan City isn't just to offer blessings to my grandfather on his birthday. More importantly, he wishes to accept Brother Lu as his disciple. Even though this matter is supposed to be a secret, Liu shi had written a letter to my grandfather to tell him about it. I simply happened to see the letter. That's why I know about it."

"Oh? Is that true?"

Clearly unaware of this news, Lu Xun's eyes lit up.

"Of course! Given Brother Lu's incredible reputation, it is normal that a master teacher would set his sights on you. As my grandfather's student, Liu shi dares not hide the matter from him and revealed everything to him. It is precisely because of this that I sent you an invitation so that he can introduce you to Liu shi during the banquet later, and accept you as his disciple!" Tian Long said.

"I'll have to thank Elder Tian for this matter then…."

Hearing the affirmation of the other party, Lu Xun stood up with excitement.

Knowing that it was hopeless between him and Yang shi, he turned his attention to the three master teachers. However, in the past two days, the three master teachers didn't seem to be around. Every time he tried to pay a visit to them, they weren't around, which made him panic.

Initially, he thought that his plan was doomed, just like how it was with Yang shi. Yet, it turned out that Yang shi had already set his sights on him.

This was wonderful!

"Looks like we'll become fellow apprentices then…."

Lu Xun smiled kindly at Huang Yu.

"Who is your fellow apprentice!" Huang Yu snorted.

Huang Yu had no idea what Liu shi was thinking of, but since Tian Long already said so, he should be confident of the matter. Could it be that… she would really become peers with this fellow?

Huang Yu felt conflicted.

This fellow was extremely arrogant, and she disliked his attitude.

But honestly speaking, this fellow was also extremely capable, and she was impressed by him as well.

For him to be able to reach such great heights in Tianxuan Kingdom without the guidance of a master teacher, he must have his way with teaching students.

"Did you hear? Brother Lu is about to become an assistant master teacher. Don't you feel ashamed to stay here?"

Upon hearing such wonderful news, Wang Chao was delighted for his friend as well. Turning his gaze to look at the indifferent Zhang Xuan, he felt another surge of disgust for him.

"About to become? So that means that he isn't accepted, right?"

Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered with this matter at all.

It was just that he didn't realize Liu shi was interested in Lu Xun. At this moment, he was considering whether he should use the identity of "Yang Xuan" to advise the other party against this matter.

After all, if "Yang Xuan" accepted Liu Ling as his student, then Lu Xun would be his disciple's disciple. However, this fellow was self-assuming and arrogant….

This kind of disciple would get on his nerves!

He didn't want such a disciple!

"Continue acting haughtily then. I'll see whether you can still do so later…"

Seeing how that guy was feigning nonchalance to the matter, the two men who were trying their best to become his disciple's disciples stared at him with disdain.

They had seen arrogant people, but they had never seen such an arrogant person.

Once the three master teachers arrived, Lu Xun would become an assistant master teacher. Yet, that fellow didn't feel embarrassed to remain here…. How could someone be so shameless?

Furthermore, to be seated here sipping on tea…. How can you still be in the mood to drink tea now!

If it were me, I would jump off the building in embarrassment.

"Hehe, Brother Wang, you can't really say that either. I heard Xiao Yu and Bai xiao wangye calling this Zhang laoshi Master Zhang just awhile ago. I've heard he is a true master painter, and he seems to be quite an incredible figure!" Zhang Xuan's skin seemed to be thicker than what Tian Long thought it out to be. Seeing that the other party was indifferent to the matter, Tian Long added this.

"Master painter?"

Placing his hands behind his back, Lu Xun glanced at Zhang Xuan with disdain. "You dare call yourself a master painter before me? Don't you find it hilarious? Even if you want to brag, you should know your limits!"

Even though he hadn't returned home for many years, he knew better than anyone else how difficult it was to become a master painter.

It was one thing for the famous worst teacher in the academy who got on good terms with Huang Yu to flaunt his new identity. But wasn't it too much to be bragging about this as well?

"Indeed! Brother Tian, you must have heard wrong. Brother Lu comes from a distinguished family of painters, and his father, Master Lu Chen, is Tianxuan Kingdom's most incredible master painter. Even Emperor Shen Zhui had learnt from him. Since childhood, Brother Lu has been learning painting from him. How could he possibly not know if another master painter appeared in the kingdom?"

Wang Chao chuckled and shook his head.

"Seeing the two of you speak like this, I feel relieved. I thought that it was real. After all, Master Yuanyu…"

Tian Long was just about to talk about Master Yuanyu's previous attitude when a commotion broke out below.

"Hurry up, the three master teachers are here!"

"Emperor Shen Zhui is here as well. Let's hurry over to welcome them…."

Gossip was flying all around the room.

"The three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui are here?"

Hearing the commotion below, Tian Long stopped talking. Then he turned to look at Lu Xun and Wang Chao. "Brother Lu and Brother Wang, let's go down to welcome them as well!"


Since the three master teachers had arrived, the crowd in the room could no longer remain seated and quickly hurried downstairs.

"Senior Huang Yu, let's go welcome Teacher together!"

Lu Xun chuckled.

"Who's your senior?" Huang Yu harrumphed. Then she turned to look at Zhang Xuan.

"Let's go!"

Knowing that Huang Yu, as a student, had to welcome her teacher, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Besides, he was here to meet the three master teachers. Since they had arrived, it would be good for him to take a look as well.


The crowd on the second floor filed out, and in a few moments, the entire floor was empty.

Walking toward the main hall, they saw a few figures in the hallway leading here. They were the three master teachers—Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, Zheng Fei—and Emperor Shen Zhui.

Even though these four people had behaved respectfully before Yang shi, they looked imposing here.

"Paying respect to Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Zheng shi! Paying respect to Your Majesty!"

Even though there were many clan heads and elders of prestigious clans here, all of their heads were lowered at this moment.

"Just like you all, we're here to offer our blessings to Elder Tian. There's no need so act so constrained around us."

Emperor Shen Zhui smiled.

Even though he said this , the others didn't dare follow the letter of the law. Everyone simply smiled politely, too afraid to speak.

"Let's go!"

Upon seeing the three master teachers and Emperor Shen Zhui walking over, Tian Long smiled and brought Lu Xun and Wang Chao forward. As the apprentice of a master teacher, how could Huang Yu lag behind them? As a result, she walked over with Bai Xun and Zhang Xuan as well.


Walking forward, Huang Yu and Bai Xun immediately bowed respectfully.

"Have you invited him yet?"

Upon seeing the duo, Liu Ling's, Zhuang Xian's, and Zheng Fei's eyes immediately lit up.

The past two days, they had donned their disguises and camped at Hongtian Academy, waiting for Zhang Xuan's appearance so that they could accept him as their apprentice. Yet the fellow never returned. It seemed he had disappeared, and even Emperor Shen Zhui was unable to find him.

So they had no choice but to have Huang Yu and Bai Xun look for him as well. Initially, they didn't hold much hope for it either. However, upon seeing that there were no signs of depression on the faces of the two, their hearts skipped a beat.

"We've invited him over. This person beside me is…"

Huang Yu wanted to introduce Zhang Xuan, but Lu Xun interrupted her. With excitement written all over his face, he clasped his hands and said, "Lu Xun pays respect to Liu shi, Zhuang shi, and Zheng shi…"

Initially, he thought that after introducing himself, the three master teachers would immediately display their care and concern for him before going ahead to accept him as their apprentice. In the end, the three simply disregarded him, as though they didn't see him at all. They walked toward Tian Long and surrounded him. A bright smile was on their faces.

"You must be Zhang Xuan laoshi. Finally, we get to meet you in person. You don't know how difficult it has been for us to find you…."

"Ehhh?" Tian Long was stunned.



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