Chapter 200: Elder Tian

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Tian Long froze. Looking at the three master teachers who were grinning brightly, to the point that they were almost fawning over him, Tian Long was confused. He wanted to say something, but not a word would come out of his mouth.

So… what was going on?

Zhang Xuan was even more confused. After a few days of not meeting the trio… why did the three people suddenly turn foolish?

Putting aside the fact that I am Zhang Xuan, what's with your excited looks?

The one who had scammed your money was Yang shi, the matter has nothing to do with me…. Even if you have seen through my identity, you should look for him instead of me….

"Cough cough, Liu shi, he isn't Zhang laoshi. He is Elder Tian's grandson, Tian Long…" Huang Yu said quickly, who couldn't stand watching the situation any longer.

"Ah? You aren't him? If you aren't him, why didn't you say so? Tsk, you made me happy for nothing!" Glaring at Tian Long, Zheng Fei snorted. If not for the occasion, it seemed he would have slapped the other party's face.

Looking at his ferocious expression, Tian Long was on the verge of tears.

'It's not that I don't want to say so. But you three simply rushed here and took me to be Zhang Xuan laoshi, not even giving me a chance to explain myself. I am frightened by your suddenly hospitality, alright?'

It wasn't surprising that the three master teachers would recognize the wrong person. In terms of build and looks, Tian Long was superior to Zhang Xuan. Huang Yu had only said that Zhang Xuan was beside her. Before she could even confirm whether it was to her right or to her left, Lu Xun had interrupted her. Naturally, they thought that the tall and handsome man was the person they were looking for.

"If he isn't it, then… where is Zhang laoshi?" Liu Ling looked around once more.

"I am Zhang Xuan…."

Knowing that it would only be more awkward if he dragged it out, Zhang Xuan stood forward and revealed his identity.

"You are Zhang laoshi? Indeed, you look as dashing and capable as I thought you to be." Liu Ling stepped forward with a bright smile on his face.

"Indeed! With such a valiant disposition, you stand out even among everyone else here. I could recognize you immediately from the crowd," Zhuang shi praised.

"As expected of the ideal teacher of Tianxuan Kingdom. Not bad, not bad," Zheng Fei quickly added as well.


Dark lines streaked across Zhang Xuan's face.

'I'm dashing, capable, valiant, and an ideal teacher?

'If so, how did you all recognize the wrong person? Why did you all think Tian Long was me?'

To think a master teacher could spout bullshit… with such a straight face.

Where's your dignity?

What about status?

"May I know why the three master teachers are looking for me?" Seeing the heated passion in their gazes, Zhang Xuan couldn't stand it anymore and hurriedly asked.

"Oh, there are too many people here. Let's find another suitable location to speak!" Liu Ling said.

With so many people looking, he couldn't possibly say that he had heard of Zhang Xuan's affairs, specially went to the academy to investigate his capabilities, and thus wanted to accept him as his disciple!

If he were to say so, not only would others think him insane, Zhang Xuan would also be frightened away by him.

Where in the world could one find a master teacher recruiting an apprentice so actively?

"Sure!" Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Judging from the other party's attitude, it was unlikely that they knew he was "Yang Xuan." Otherwise, they would have long ago made a move on him.

Since that was the case, it just so happened that he wanted to ask them about the black aura in his body as well, so he agreed.

"Let's go!"

Seeing that Zhang laoshi seemed easy to speak to, the trio heaved sighs of relief. They stood around Zhang Xuan, as if afraid he would run away, and escorted him forward.

Drinking in the view, everyone felt perplexed. On the other hand, Lu Xun felt his world crumbling apart.

Initially, he thought he would earn the appreciation of the three master teachers just by revealing his identity and would become Liu shi's apprentice. From there on, his name would spread far and wide. But… what was going on?

Not only did they disregard him after hearing his name, they rushed forward to Zhang Xuan, whom Lu Xun had been looking down upon, and fawned over him….

Didn't Tian Long just say that he was already decided to be Liu shi's apprentice?

That Zhang Xuan was only a low-level teacher, not to mention he also possessed a poor reputation. So why would the three master teachers surround him?

Gritting his teeth, Lu Xun stepped up.

"Liu shi… I am Lu Xun, Hongtian Academy's star teacher…"

"Oh, I know. I met you at the royal palace last time." Liu Ling nodded his head and pushed him away. "Alright, will you excuse me? I have something to speak to Zhang laoshi about, so move to the side. Don't block the path!"


Lu Xun staggered as he stared at Liu shi walking into the distance. At this moment, Lu Xun's body went stiff, and the thought of suicide even flashed through his mind.

'No matter what, I am the number one, star teacher of Tianxuan Kingdom. To send me away after saying a few words…. Shouldn't you at least ask about my affairs? Yet, you simply pushed me away, telling me to not block the path…'

Toward Zhang Xuan, as though afraid he would disappear into the thin, the three of them surrounded him like he was some treasure. On the other hand, to Lu Xun…

Lu Xun felt utterly stifled.

'Can anyone tell me what is going on?'

Suppressing the urge to spit blood, Lu Xun turned to look at Tian Long.

Didn't you have inside news on the matter?

Didn't you say that Liu shi had written a letter, saying that he wanted to accept me as his apprentice?

Which teacher in the world wouldn't spare a second glance at his own apprentice?


Seeing Lu Xun's blaming gaze, Tian Long felt frenzied too.

I really saw that letter! I have no idea what is going on either…

While the duo was perplexed over the matter, Wang Chao felt as though his face had been slapped multiple times.

Thinking that Lu Xun would definitely become an apprentice of Liu shi today, he was the one who put Zhang Xuan down the most previously. Yet, in the end, he only humiliated himself through his words.

He said that the other party was just a foil and a stepping stone. Yet why did it feel like Lu Xun was the foil and the stepping stone now?

He thought that the other party was shameless and that he should just end his life…. Now he seemed like the one who should end his life!


Wang Chao, along with Lu Xun and Tian Long, looked at Huang Yu and Bai Xun.

If someone knew what was going on, it had to be the two of them.

One of them was Liu shi's apprentice while the other one is Zhuang shi's student.

And they were the ones who brought Zhang Xuan over.

"We… don't know either!"

Huang Yu quickly shook her head.

The three master teachers had only told them to bring Zhang Xuan over. They didn't say what they were going to do, so even they too were confused by the current situation.

Regardless of whether it was Liu shi or Zhuang shi, they held an austere image in the minds of the others. It always seemed like they were on a different level from the rest of them. Yet, at this moment, they seemed like they were fans chasing after an idol, following Zhang Xuan around. Even though they had seen it for themselves, they still found it hard to believe.

"Should we… go over to take a look?"

Unable to comprehend what was going on, they couldn't hold back their curiosity and hurriedly followed behind them.

Especially Lu Xun. If he doesn't receive an answer today, he might just die from his rage and indignation.

Just a moment ago, he was acting so haughtily, as though it was embarrassing for him to be compared with Zhang Xuan. But now, the three master teachers were fawning over him… while he was thrown to a corner….

'What was good about the fellow? For the three master teachers to neglect me like this?'


"Your Majesty, Liu shi, Zhuang shi, Zheng shi, old master sent me out here to welcome you all after learning of your arrival."

Before they could walk too far, an elder walked forward to welcome them.

The butler of Tian Residence, Tian Gang.

"Mhm!" Liu shi nodded his head.

Even though he wanted to accept Zhang Xuan as his apprentice right now, they were currently at Elder Tian's birthday banquet and it was unbefitting for a guest to steal the spotlight from the host.

"This way please. Old master is waiting for you all at the main hall." Tian Gang led the crowd forward.

"Zhang laoshi, let's go. Elder Tian was once my Way of Tea teacher and he is a kind person," Liu Ling explained with a smile.

Facing the kind gesture from the three master teachers, Zhang Xuan could only nod his head in agreement.

After taking a few steps forward, he suddenly saw Emperor Shen Zhui walking toward him with a smile on his face.

"Zhang Xuan laoshi, I have long heard of your name. Now that I've met you, you are indeed as incredible as they make you out to be. You will definitely reach great heights in the future and your name will spread far and wide. If you have any requests for me, feel free to speak of them. Tianxuan Kingdom may not be a powerful country, but we don't lack resources. As long as it's within our means, I will try my best to obtain it for you!"

Hearing the other party's words, the bizarre look on Zhang Xuan's face deepened.

Naturally, he could tell that Emperor Shen Zhui was trying to express his goodwill. Just that… as an ordinary teacher in the academy, why would an emperor express his goodwill toward him?

Besides, you should have heard of it… my reputation as a terrible teacher….

The personality of these fellows seemed to have changed all of the sudden, treating him so well.

In the past few days, Zhang Xuan had been disguising himself as Yang shi, and he hadn't appeared as Zhang laoshi at all!

Zhang Xuan was unable to comprehend the reason for their change in attitude.

However, this was good as well. He was still thinking that it would be hard to approach the three master teachers as Zhang Xuan, especially given their standing. But from the looks of it, it seemed like he was thinking too much into the matter….

He was truly curious to know how the name of Zhang Xuan suddenly became so prestigious in the few days he had disappeared.

Such that even the Emperor and master teachers would rush forward to fawn over him.

Zhang Xuan simply nodded his head and said nothing else. Seeing the calm on the young man's face, Emperor Shen Zhui was impressed.

As expected of someone the three master teachers had set their eyes upon, just his state of mind was exceptional.

If it were any other youngster, if the Emperor were to praise them and promise them such, they would definitely become gleeful and complacent, thinking that they were exceptional beings blessed by the heavens. Yet the other party only impassively nodded his head, completely unmoved by his words at all. Just his calm itself was worthy of respect.

However, Emperor Shen Zhui was oblivious to the fact that it wasn't calm but… deep in contemplation.

Besides, Zhang Xuan was already used to their presence after coming into contact with them as Yang shi the past few days. As such, he no longer felt any presence from them, and as a result, he didn't feel nervous at all.

Following behind the butler, they soon arrived at a vast hall.

The moment they walked in, the aroma of tea immediately assaulted their senses, and they immediately felt revitalized.

"Come, sit!"

An elder was seated in the direct center of the hall. In front of him was an exquisite tea set. Hot water, in the form of steam, was rising slowly from it. This was where the aroma of tea came from.

"Shen Zhui (Liu Ling, Zhuang Xian, Zheng Fei) pays respect to Elder Tian!"

The four of them stepped forward.

Zhang Xuan followed behind them and glanced at the elder.

Even though it was his ninetieth birthday, he looked like he was in his seventies. With a snow-white beard, from afar, his appearance was reminiscent of an enlightened saint.

"Yes, yes."

The elder casually waved his hands, not lifting his head at all.

Lifting up a teacup, he casually poured tea into it. Instantly, the light, refreshing fragrance of the tea leaves immediately surged out from within. It seemed that the tea set had a soul of their own. With just the slightest movement from Elder Tian, hot water poured into the teacup.

His movements were smooth and looked exceptionally beautiful. Even before tasting the tea, everyone was already full of compliments. All eyes were fixated onto every single movement of Elder Tian.

Just the sight of the preparation of the tea felt pleasurable.

"This is the Way of Tea? Incredible!"

Zhang Xuan was just thinking that the Way of Tea could not be compared to pill forging and that sort. However, after looking at the movements of the elder, he immediately realized that there wasn't a single job in the Nine Paths that was ordinary.


The elder beckoned. Several maids stepped forward and presented the teacups to Emperor Shen Zhui and the three master teachers.

There were a total of six cups. After presenting four cups to the others, there were still two left.

After handing out the teacups, the elder wiped his hands dry. Only then did he lift his head to look at the crowd and see Zhang Xuan. He was taken aback by the latter's presence.

"You are…"



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